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  • Awesome Art: 2D-animated glory from Studio Gainax veterans with CG used mostly for background effects.
  • Awesome Music: "Chariot's Theme", from both OVA shorts and the series proper, is a grandiose orchestral piece that first plays at the Shiny Chariot show that gives Akko her dream, and it perfectly encapsulates the sheer epic wonder and awe that her performances brought to her audience.
  • Broken Base: Is Akko x Chariot a good Mentor Ship, or is it inappropriate given the age difference between the two? The series addition of Croix has also lead to some Ship-to-Ship Combat which took attention away from Akko x Chariot in favor of Chariot x Croix.
  • Cliché Storm: If you're at all familiar with Cute Witch archetypes, magi schools, or high school comedies, it's not going to surprise you. However, the stunning visuals, lighthearted atmosphere, and entertaining script make it work.
  • Crossover Ship: As per the Friendly Fandoms bit below, it's not uncommon to find people who ship Akko and Izuku Midoriya together given the similarities between them and their shows.
  • Epileptic Trees:
    • Many fans believe that Akko and Diana are actually in love but are merely hiding their desires to avoid awkwardness. There are subtle hints that could possibly be seen in the TV series, such as the lengths Akko goes to for Diana in Episode 19, how physically close they get in Episodes 20 and 25, and in Episode 23 Diana giving her card to Akko sounding much like a love confession.
    • Episode 8 brought up a metric ton of Alternate Character Interpretation for Sucy - the most common theory being that Sucy also has her fair share of romantic feelings for Akko. This is supported by not only the fact that Sucy meeting Akko seems to be one of Sucy's most treasured memories, and most fans also tend to think that the little Sucy with the mismatched Peek-a-Bangs and a bouquet of lilies represents the real Sucy's repressed feelings for Akko.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Amanda, whose first appearance to date was The Enchanted Parade OVA, is one of the more popular side characters and was the most well liked from the aforementioned short. It's likely the reason she gets several spotlight episodes in the series proper.
  • Friendly Fandoms:
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The series is more popular in America than it is in its native Japan. In reverse of this article, the American Kickstarter for The Enchanted Parade reached its goal of $150,000 in less than five hours. Overall, it earned over $600,000.
  • Het Is Ew: Any pairing involving Andrew or Frank given how immensely popular this series is for yuri fans.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Sucy, the monotone, Perky Goth poison-handling witch, became a large draw of the series, to the point that she was more popular than Akko or Lotte. Her popularity even led to an extended cameo in Space Patrol Luluco.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Akko has been shipped with Diana, Sucy, Lotte, Andrew, Amanda, and Ursula. These are just the popular ones.
  • LGBT Fanbase: The large number of female characters, particularly ones with masculine traits such as Amanda or Croix, have made the series popular with gay women.
  • Memetic Loser:
    • In canon, Akko is a very excitable if somewhat naive and inexperienced girl. But if you ask a good chunk of the fandom, she is a brain-damaged fangirl reject. It doesn't help that she's very impulsive, a bit of an idiot and often (but not always) has to be bailed out of her latest predicament by Diana. Pretty much her only saving grace is her sheer enthusiasm and determination (which genuinely does endear her to a large part of the fandom).
    • Andrew and Frank for just being boys in a series about witches, unless you like (het) shojo romances where they'll have their positive traits turned up while Akko and Lotte become the Memetic Loser to make their interactions cuter and funnier.
    • Anyone turns into this if Sucy gets an experiment on them.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Don't lose your Yay.
    • "It's anime Harry Potter!"
    • That one time Sucy gave Luluco those poisoned (but not deadly!) mushrooms.
    • Shoehorned characters and shoehorned romance.Explanation 
  • Memetic Psychopath: Sucy of course.
  • Moe: Pretty much every single student and teacher in Luna Nova Academy is this.
  • Narm: Despite the overall quality of the translation, the very Engrish "Shiny Rod" and its associated attacks is kept the same as the Japanese version.
  • Older Than They Think: The anime, released in 2013, is the story of a human girl who loves magic so much she wants to become a witch. Her beliefs about magic and being a witch go heavily against what "real" sorcerers had held as a tradition for centuries, so naturally, she becomes the black sheep among the magic community. In her misadventures, she's always accompanied by two apprentice witches who befriended her despite even them barely sharing her enthusiasm. What many people may not know is that this exact premise had already been used back in 2004, in Studio 4°C's Tweeny Witches. Even earlier, it parallels The Worst Witch, written in the 1960s.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: Though it's likely unintentional, it's practically an anime adaptation of The Worst Witch. Coincidentally enough, an adaptation of that series premiered on Netflix at almost the same time as Little Witch Academia.
  • The Woobie:
    • Akko, who is usually humiliated, taunted by the snooty witches and beaten down by the series' Slapstick tendencies; whether or not she brings the chaos upon herself, she could use a hug. After the Wham Episode, this, Genki Girl finally breaks down, and it is heartwrenching.
    • Lotte, namely when Akko accidentally ended up ripping her sheet in The Enchanted Parade or when she was almost gonna miss the Night Fall event in Episode 4.
    • Diana lost her mother at a young age, but grew up hearing stories about the Grand Triskellion, as told by her mother. She even encouraged Diana to seek the Words, so she could restore the golden age of magic, but instead of Diana, that responsibility fell to Akko when she ended up being the one chosen by the Shiny Rod. She is then forced to depart Luna Nova prematurely to inherit her position as the head of the Cavendish family to prevent her aunt from squandering the family fortune and heirlooms.

    The Series 
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Was Croix being honest when she said she'd accept Chariot being The Chosen One and support her, only turning on her when she didn't handle her responsibilities the way Croix would've wanted or was she secretly always jealous and power hungry, planning to undermine Chariot from the start? Further complicating the matter is that despite just after tricking Chariot into a morally questionable act and cutting ties with her, Croix still tries to cover for her when Chariot loses control in her last show. And then a decade later, Croix herself claims to be now messing with Chariot's pupil simply out of spite, yet at the same time, she gets visibly distressed when she thinks Chariot is actually about to die. And despite all that abusiveness, Chariot herself still sees Croix as a friend who she needs to make ammends to for "stealing" her dream, even if she knows she also has to stop her. So is Croix a selfish Manipulative Bastard, or a conflicted Big Bad Friend who isn't fully commited to her own cause? Or a Psycho Ex-Girlfriend, if you take the shipper's angle.
    • Why didn't Ursula go after Akko or even tell Diana that Croix was the more immediate threat? Did she think she had failed Akko as a teacher and that Diana was the better choice for comforting her, or does it look like she's going after Croix alone as atonement knowing she's at a disadvantage? Furthermore, her words before leaving "Please take care of (Akko) for me" almost sound like she's saying her goodbyes.
    • Woodward reappear before Chariot and Croix and shows a very disappointed look. Woodward could only be showing this to Croix but since she left with the Grand Triskellion and didn't bother to free Chariot, she might be upset at both of them.
    • Episode 8 brought a metric ton of this for Sucy. Most notably, the little Sucy with the mismatched bangs and a bouquet of lillies seems to have a lot of theories associated with her - the most popular ones being that she either represents Sucy's repressed romantic feelings for Akko, or, on a darker note, equally repressed homicidal urges. Amusingly enough, it's the bouquet of lillies that a lot of fans bring up the most often whenever proposing any theories on the matter.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: A non-video game example. Many fans consider the fight against Croix and the Dark Rod this. Croix gets beaten and abused pretty quickly by Chariot and Woodward and the Dark Rod's robot form consumed with negative emotion gets one shot by Akko with the seven words of the Shiny Rod. This is justified as the ending reveals the True Final Boss being an ICBM made out of Croix's Magitek which most certainly isn't this.
  • Author's Saving Throw: A lot of fans didn't like the "forced" romance plot as it went against the series' premise about cute witches. This got the director to scrap their plans for it, even if it still meant no yuri.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Diana's prominence in the series as a more rational counterpart to Akko. A lot of fans that didn't like her in the OVA continuity find her as unlikable as ever. On the other hand, you'll find many who enjoy her presence, liking that the series has toned down her Alpha Bitch traits.
    • Hannah and Barbara; several fans were fond of the clever Shout-Out Theme Naming and enjoyed the Character Development they got in episode 4. Others, however, see them as nothing more than a couple of annoying alpha brats.
    • Lotte. As the Token Good Teammate to Akko and Sucy who's very upfront about her lack of standout traits, fans either find her likable or boring for the same reason; she's the only sane witch in a school of eccentric girls and teachers. Her reactions are very subdued and tends to be dragged along with her friends' schemes. This either makes her an uninspired goodie-goodie that lacks personality or a pleasant, sweet girl who prefers to let her friends stay in the spotlight. Interestingly, her dullness is lampshaded in episode 13 by one of Diana's tag-along friends, who calls Lotte "the girl with a presence as invisible as air." This seems to bother her quite a bit.
    • Akko either makes or breaks the TV series for quite a few fans. While she isn't as callous and oblivious as her Enchanted Parade appearance, many a complaint lobbied her way talks about how dense she seems and how obnoxious she is, and dislike how she seems to take large roles in other characters' focus episodes. Others are fine with her, but are split between liking her development and earnestness, or feeling that she's great as a character, just not in a full protagonist position.
    • Andrew is this in a nutshell. He has a few supporters who like his character, development, and ships him with Akko, Diana, or both at once as part of the typical One True Threesome solution. Others, especially yuri fans, feel like he's a poorly developed pretty boy that Trigger created to "force" a romance plot with her.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • Episode 10: Despite having trouble with the Metamorphie Faciesse spell in the episodes surrounding it, Akko manages to perfectly cast it and turn a tiny squirrel into a towering 100-foot version of itself. Despite the fact that the squirrel is ostensibly rampaging around the Hanbridge estate, it's never seen or mentioned again.
    • Episode 16 has a part where Akko is pestering a yeti to forge an ingredient for a magic potion, which is already weird in itself. However, at one point, the yeti is seen using his cellphone and receiving insulting messages. Then Akko takes the phone, throws it away and manages to convince the yeti not to pay attention to trolls, upon which he feels good again and makes a perfect ingredient. The whole scene is most likely another metaphor for the animator's job (Akko even asks the yeti for "a retake") and whoever has to deal with online trolls, but it adds nothing to an already cluttered plot and feels out of place even in what almost was a Bizarro Episode of sorts.
    • In episode 18, when Constanze wants to eject Akko from her secret underground lab, she pulls a gun. Not her wand, or a sci-fi shotgun like she had in episode 5, but a straight-up, realistically depicted submachine gun—in a country where they are illegal to own, no less—and walks Akko to the lift at gunpoint. The gun then disappears between frames and neither it nor the fact that she threatened to riddle her classmate with bullets is spoken of or acknowledged again.
    • The final episode shows several places all over the world. When it's Japan's turn, the first thing that is seen is a street with a huge billboard featuring two Yaoi Guys on it. Not an image you'd expect for a show notorious with yuri fans, but its hardly brought up.
  • Broken Base:
    • Just like with Studio Trigger's earlier work Kill la Kill, fans are divided on whether the first half or the second half of the series better suits the setting and characters. Some argue that the episodic slice-of-life nature of the early episodes is more charming and apt for something that is reminiscent of a Saturday Morning Cartoon, with "cute witches doing cute things"; others say that early plotless episodes were a waste of time and it would have been better to introduce earlier Professor Croix's character and put more emphasis on the Seven Words subplot, because high stakes action and flashy battles is what Trigger does best.
    • The series being set in an Alternate Continuity from the two OVAs, along with some Characterization Marches On for characters like Akko, Sucy, and Diana. One camp wished the old continuity would have remained, while the other felt starting from scratch gave it a better flowing narrative.
    • The revelations in episodes 22 and 23 Shiny Chariot drained her shows' audiences of their magic potential to refuel her own magic power, on Croix's suggestion are similarly dividing. Some are disappointed that Trigger took the easy way out and didn't make Chariot a more complex and morally gray character, while others are happy that Chariot stayed pure at heart and only acted that way because she trusted her Big Bad Friend above everyone.
    • The addition of the romance plot and Andrew and Frank in the process. While the two guys got a few supporters/ who felt like the romance was a welcome addition, hardcore fans from the OVAs felt that they were forced and unnecessary for a Cute Witch series, even the OVA fans not into yuri. Fans speculated that another reason was due to the series being too favorable for the said yuri fandom.
  • Die for Our Ship: Andrew got this before he was even introduced and was just a guy in the OP, after his introduction, he was hit hard for having the bare minimum of Ship Tease with Akko, and even less with Diana. His friend Frank also got this for the same reason, but less so as Lotte's only other real pairing is with Akko which is a much smaller ship.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Constanze cemented herself as an unsung fan favorite with her Magitek in episode 5, which solved every single physical problem.
    • The Expy of Chumlee from Pawn Stars from episode 3 widely amused fans of the latter. Including Chumlee himself.
    • Croix quickly became this the moment she appeared in the series' second half for being a Magitek user who many consider to have an awesome character design.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: There are a couple:
    • Thanks to the OVAs, Akko/Diana was extremely popular even before the show began airing and has only grown since, especially after episodes 19, 20, 23, and 25.
    • Sucy/Akko also seems to have gained quite a bit of popularity as well, mostly due to the rather odd but charming character dynamic between the two and due to quite a bit of ship tease between them in Episode 8, especially due to how Sucy meeting Akko seems to be one of former's most treasured memories and to the fact that Akko almost kissed Sucy twice in that particular episode.
    • After they took a shower together in episode 14, Hanna/Barbara shipping intensified.
    • After the revelation, that Ursula/Chariot du Nord/Shiny Chariot and Croix Meridies were classmates, there has been quite a bit of Ursula/Croix shipping, with fans theorizing that Croix's quest for power tore them apart, while others go with a one-sided Foe Yay. The former theory turned out to be closer to the truth. The pairing gained more steam with Chariot desperately fighting to save Croix's life in the penultimate episode, and Croix departing in the epilogue promising to return with a way to restore Chariot's ability to fly.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Akko's difficulties with magic and her inability to fly a broom were sometimes played for laughs. They are not so funny anymore after the revelations of episode 22 that indicate Akko's magic abilities were crippled by her idol Shiny Chariot.
  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • While Akko's magic did improve over the series, why did she have so much difficult with it? Because her magic was crippled when she was young, and she had no way of knowing that.
    • If Akko and Diana's magic was both crippled, why is Diana so powerful. Because unlike Akko, Diana could see for herself that she lost her magic for some reason due to her family being a magic family. As a result, Diana had far more time to work on magic before attending Luna Nova.
    • In episode 7, Diana read a fortune that Akko would leave Luna Nova. It never said it was because she was expelled. According to the preview of episode 23, Akko will leave Luna Nova after crossing the Despair Event Horizon after finding out her idol more or less betrayed her and all her fans with her magic show.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight:
    • Every witch, including her best friend, believes that Chariot and her shows will fail and be forgotten and all her fans would never become a witch. A decade later, cue Akko, who is not only inspired by Shiny Chariot, she even defended her when the former idol get criticized. Imagine the reaction Chariot/Ursula had when she saw this, must have been touched that her efforts were never in vain. In Episode 25, Chariot must have been the proudest witch in existence.
    • Both Erica Mendez and Laura Post reprising their roles as Akko and Diana in the television series. Considering that in a previous anime they work together on, they played the estranged mother and daughter. Now, its just Diana, the mother looking out for Akko, the daughter.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • At one point, Ursula is seen wearing a red tracksuit. This makes her look like another teacher from an anime airing around the same time as Little Witch Academia: Sakie Satou from Interviews with Monster Girls. They are both shy, nervous, bespectacled twenty-something teachers with a supernatural side (Satou is a succubus), who for different reasons stay usually alone and isolated from others.
    • In the Chilean Spanish dub of the series, many fans wanted Jhonny Torres, the Venezuelan voice actor who voiced Chumlee, to voice his Expy in TV series, since his Japanese voice actor did the same. Not only he was unable to do it, Torres ended up voicing Genos in the Mexican Spanish dub of One-Punch Man instead, which also debuted with the TV series at the same day in the Netflix's Latin American feed.note  It also could overlap with the below trope, taking into account how the Chilean dub of the TV series (and the whole franchise) was negatively compared with the Mexican dub of One-Punch Man.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Ursula's reaction when learning Akko attended one of her shows is confirmed to be a My God, What Have I Done? moment and all this time, she has made her mission to help the girl regain back what she has lost.
    • Episode 4 shares some details about the Night Fall novels, mostly weird plot twists, like the MC catching a nuke with her bare hands. Episode 24 ends with a Magitek nuke, the result of an ICBM being possessed by Croix's Noir Fuel Spirit.
    • Akko accusing Diana of being a spoiled aristocrat who's never known what hard work is rings a lot harsher when it's revealed that Diana was orphaned from a young age with her living relatives actively ruining her family, that she had to work harder than any normal witch would because of her magic being stolen, and that she in general had the exact opposite of an easy childhood.
    • Lotte is described by Diana's cronies as "the girl with a presence as invisible as air". Come the second half of the series, and she pretty much becomes a background character, having mostly nothing to do, even in her own spotlight episode.
  • Idiot Plot:
    • The second half of the series introduces an arc that heavily relies on Ursula having Poor Communication Kills.
    • The fairies working at Luna Nova don't realize that they have a fake fairy in their ranks, who even Lotte, who has a special talent in understanding fairies, finds strange after seeing it briefly. Once Lotte sees it up close, she comments out loud, while Akko and Sucy are right next to her, that the fairy infront of them feels unnatural to her, but it isn't touched further than that once the situation is over and no one ever figures out exactly why it was unnatural or where it came from.
    • Ursula doesn't bother to tell anyone about what Croix is capable of once she shows up at school, even after she kidnaps Akko, and not even after she tries to get her killed (it has to come out on its own). By the time any of the heroes try to do anything competent, it's far too late, and the villain essentially defeats herself.
    • Ursula also decides to keep Akko away from a dangerous location in exactly the way that she should know would only encourage Akko, even though it's eventually revealed the only reason she knew about that location is because it didn't have anything to do with the word that was the only reason she told Akko about it to begin with.
  • Les Yay: Since the main setting is a witch school and a majority of the cast is female, this is to be expected:
    • Episode 8 indicates that Sucy might have a crush on Akko since she considers her meeting Akko to be her most treasured memory.
    • Episode 14 featured Hannah and Barbara taking a shower together. In addition, they seem to always hold each other's hands and cling to one another.
    • Episodes 19 and 20 heavily focused on Akko and Diana starting with Akko going out her of her way to convince Diana to come back to the school. The two even get close enough that their noses touch when Akko is convincing Diana to try to be both the head of her family and attend Luna Nova; this exact still would subsequently be used for the back cover of the relevant Blu-ray volume.
    • Official artwork posted on the series' Twitter account following the airing of episode 20 has Diana blushing while Akko is hugging her from behind as they ride the broom back to Luna Nova.
    • The smile they give each other before holding hands to destroy the monster in episode 25.
    • In a meta manner, Megumi Han says that if Akko needs romantic development, "she already has Diana and Ursula anyway". Han said this after Yoh Yoshinari remarked that that the current relationship between Akko and Andrew is a "sort of a playful guy-guy relationship" by the end of the series after the initial plan of having them end up together was scrapped by Yoshinari.
    • Yoshinari had previously drawn art of Diana x Akko in a very risqué situation as well.
    • Seeing as Chariot and Croix's relationship serves as a narrative Foil to Akko and Diana's, it's no surprise that the two women have no shortage of subtext between them, with many of their interactions coming off as ex-lovers:
      • They were best friends in the past who worked together to find six of the seven words before their falling out, which in itself is rather reminiscent of a bad breakup. Such glimpses of their past shown include Chariot performing her Samhain Festival routine for Croix alone at night under the stars, Croix comforting Chariot through her failures and giving her what would become her famous "a believing heart is your magic" catchphrase, and at one point, Chariot cries into Croix's shoulder while they share an intimate hug.
      • Just after claiming she wants nothing more than to ruin her last hope for her dream, Croix loses her cool for the first time when Chariot nearly falls to her death at Wagandea and saves her life by frantically calling out to her. The event seems to shake her up badly enough that she ceases interfering with Chariot's attempts to save Akko for the rest of the episode.
      • Chariot puts herself at significant risk of death and injury to protect Croix from her out-of-control cube dragon monster, especially given that she's unable to use magic at the time. Croix, initially shown to be fearful of dying to her creation, promptly demonstrates that she'd much prefer that outcome than have Chariot put herself in harm's way for her sake, and repeatedly tells Chariot to just leave and save herself. Chariot, of course, refuses, and they spend much of the scene calling out to each other in anguish.
      • Finally, when about to separate in the epilogue, they have a rather emotional farewell, in which Croix promises to return with a cure to Wagandea's pollen, and Chariot calls out that she will wait for her.
    • A couple Blu-ray covers get in a bit of yay. For example, Vol. 7 shows Diana picking out clothes from her closet for Akko, while Vol. 8 has Croix and Chariot cozied up together underneath a tree.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Akko's hardcore support of the strike in episode 14 set off a wave of "Communist Akko" memes, sometimes nicknamed "Akkommunism".
    • Ursula and Croix are Bayonetta and Jeanne.Explanation 
    • "I love hamburgers."Explanation 
    • Akko's two moms.Explanation 
  • Moe: All the main characters are pretty cute, but Sad!Akko with her Puppy-Dog Eyes and quivering lips have had many a fan desire to bully her just to see it again.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Croix skates right up next to it in episode 21. Willing to destroy Akko's future, and possibly kill her, with no other reasons than to spite Chariot. For some fans, that sent her past it. For others, her willingness to save Ursula/Chariot from certain death mitigates it somewhat. For fans who mitigated it the fact that Croix manipulated Chariot long ago to steal the emotional energy of three year old girls for magical energy sends her right there anyway.
    • Aware or not, Woodward crosses this for leaving Chariot and Croix to die by the Noir Rod.
  • Narm: Episode 24 is full of either this or Narm Charm. Highlights include: the Grand Triskelion looking like the Stick of Truth and spewing streamers, confetti, stars, bubbles, and rainbows all over the place; Akko's "Chariot is Chariot and I am me" Captain Obvious statement; the appearance of Holbrooke and Finneran just to do absolutely nothing.
  • No Yay: Episode 15 has Croix taking an interest in Akko and the Shiny Rod, and with her way of handling Akko, plus Ursula's reaction when she hears that Akko went with Croix can make the whole scene go very creepy. Considering it's another series from Trigger, it was compared to the purification scene from Kill la Kill.
  • One-Scene Wonder: The wizards that appear in the final episode.
  • One True Threesome:
    • Shipping of the three women teams the little witches are grouped into is popular. The game even makes explicit mention of one such instance.
    • Some fans like to ship Akko with both Diana and Andrew, her two most popular ships.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Ursula/Chariot has been hit hard by this as of episode 22, when it's revealed that she is directly responsible for Akko's lack of magical ability. She is presumably also responsible for why Diana did so badly at magic at a younger age. The episode itself did make it clear that it was not her intention in the end, and that she withdrew from the public eye after the show in question because of the guilt it caused her, but apparently that doesn't stop some fans from viewing her as badly as Croix, if not worse, despite the latter obviously doing it intentionally.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Although Diana x Akko is the most popular ship in the fandom, Andrew x Akko being a distant second, there is quite a bit of bickering between the two sides since Akko has a major amount of subtext with both of them even though the showrunners have denied ships becoming canon. In general, unless you are certain you are surrounded by like-minded fans, do not mention Andrew or Frank and that you ship them with the witches. It will not go well for you.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Fans who don't like Barbara or Hannah love it whenever they take the roles of the Butt Monkeys.
  • The Scrappy: Downplayed. Woodward is neither hated nor liked by a majority of the fans for how disposable her character is. It doesn't help that her callous treatment on Croix, Chariot and Akko has received the fans' ire.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • A common complaint is that Lotte and Sucy become utterly superfluous to the narrative after Cerebus Syndrome hits. Several fans complain about the fact that anyone not named Akko, Diana, Chariot, or Croix is ultimately not relevant in the grand scheme of things.
    • Some fans are disappointed about how Jasminka didn't receive any Hidden Depths or spotlight episodes compared to her friends Amanda and Constanze.
    • Episode 18 has these badass ghost-hunting wizards that ride flying wolves and help fuel the Grand Charion with their magic energy. Who are they? What are they? Nothing is really explained and, as cool as they are, they don't appear again not even in the final episode, where pretty much every other character can be seen.
    • Aside from Ursula, the rest of the faculty pretty much vanish after Croix's introduction. Finnelan might get it the worst, since her Appeal to Tradition has her be one character who is not immediately taken in by Croix's plot, but after an implication she's suspicious, she doesn't do anything until a short-lived, subverted Big Damn Heroes moment, and then sits the rest of the plot out.
    • Combined with They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot, despite both being Magitech users at a school that frowns on the practice, Constanze and Croix never interact or are even acknowledged as having similar styles of magic. While it's justified with Croix, as she is laser-focused on her Evil Plan, one has to wonder what Constanze thought of having a professor who uses the same kind of magic that she does.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Minor but amusing example. In episode 16, Akko is in Finland and has to interact with a yeti. Not only is the yeti not a creature from the Finnish folklore at all, but in its subplot, it has to deal with online trolls. This means that putting a mythical troll in its place would've been not only thematically appropriate, but also far more amusing... an actual troll getting upset by online trolls.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?:
    • It starts off as a Slice of Life series that features the girls having fun with no story in place. Even after episode 15 when Croix appears and reveals her true nature by sending her minions out at Chariot and doing Mind Rape on Akko, the series still has its kid friendly moments such as episodes 16 and 17. However, the series counts as this by episodes 19 and 20 and goes full force in episode 21 and especially episode 22. References to death appear in episodes 19 and 20, as there's a tragedy revealed for Diana. In episode 21, Croix attempts to murder Akko and is revealed to want start a war by harvesting negative emotions which will drain the users' magic. It's then revealed that Chariot did the same thing in her shows which resulted in Akko's magical ability being crippled, including her ability to fly as Akko hits a Heroic BSoD. The series was given a TV-Y7 on Netflix.
    • Many originally questioned that it aired on Otaku O'Clock when it first started. However, it starts pulling out of the darkness in episode 23, though given it's heading toward the finale by then, it doesn't have time to fully return to the previous cheeriness.
    • The dub actually retains Amanda's swearing, yet Netflix keeps the show's rating as Y7, which sadly also means some Animation Age Ghetto is also afoot, which is strange as Netflix tends to avoid this.
  • Woolseyism: This video shows a couple of Akko's scenes dubbed in 9 different languages back-to-back. In the scene with the jumping broom, almost every dubbing has Akko imitating a frog and making other meaningless noises, but in the Italian one she starts to recite a well-known nursery rhyme. Also, according to the comments, the German dubbing of the scene where Akko is going to her first lesson has her saying "I just cut my fingernails, so everything's fine" because she appears to be looking at her hand. She was saying nothing of the sort in the original Japanese and other languages.

    The OVAs 

    The Manga 
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: In one chapter, Akko acts as a servant girl to Diana for just a few pages before the plot quickly shifts to her trying to give Sucy a birthday surprise.

    The Video Game 
  • Enjoy the Story, Skip the Game: A common point made in reviews. They almost invariably agree that the presentation is excellent and perfectly matches the show, while their opinions on both the overworld exploration and the underworld dungeon crawling range from "functional yet unremarkable" to "buggy, laggy, unplayably broken mess".
  • Memetic Mutation: INT 2.Explanation 
  • Most Annoying Sound: Your characters cast a spell by screaming out its name. Every single time. Battles quickly degenerate into non-stop sound clip spam, to the point where you'll wish you can make a Constanze-only party simply because she never, ever speaks.
  • Uncanny Valley: The conversation subsystem borrows the aesthetics of a Visual Novel, with each character having a set number of fixed poses that the model instantly jumps between. However it also has Idle Animations for each of those poses. As a result, characters cut from one idle animation to another without any skeletal blending in a very jerky and off-putting way.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Initial reactions have compared its visuals favorably to Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-, having a 2.5D, cell-shaded aesthetic that looks exactly like a playable version of the series.


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