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Heartwarming / Little Witch Academia

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Heartwarming Page for Little Witch Academia.

  • For moments specific to the 2017 anime, see this page.

    In general 
  • The friendship between Akko, Lotte, and Sucy. All of them are radically different when it comes to personality, but they have such a tight-knit friendship the differences hardly matter at all.
  • In a weird way, the rivalry between Akko and Diana. They may have different views on magic and clash with one another, but they don't hate each other. On the contrary, they both respect each other in different ways. Akko admires Diana's magical ability and genuine desire to revitalize magic, and Diana admires Akko's complete honest nature, ability to leap into things without pause and desire to follow her dreams despite how others look down on her. They become friends once they have a moment to open up to each other.
  • Meta example. during and after the series ended, members of 4chan's /a/ board created 2 art collages full of nothing but thank you fanart as a way to thank Studio Trigger for both visiting the site and for the TV series, the first one done after Trigger's Q&A on the board and the second one done after the show ended. Notably Trigger has actually included the first one in one of the series' artbooks, making it all the more heartwarming. You can view both here.

    Keisuke Satō's manga 

Chapter 11

  • When her friends were on the verge of getting expelled from Luna Nova by Finnelan despite being innocent, Amanda comes out and takes full responsibility for everything to save her friends and be the one to get expelled instad. While Amanda doesn't get expelled for precisely this reason and just gets punished instead (as Finnelan admires the act of maturity), the fact that she did so truly shows how loyal she is to her friends.

Chapter 17

  • After Diana rescues Akko from Mirage, the first thing Akko does is worry if she's okay (since she's been very ill prior), showing that in spite of her very vitriolic relationship with Diana at the time, she still cares for her and her well being. Akko especially begins to worry once she finds out that Sucy is the one that cured Diana, which crosses into Funny Moments.
  • Diana's speech towards Mirage about Akko and how passionate and determined she is in spite of her flaws and to not underestimate her in the same chapter is also heartwarming in of itself. Especially coming from Diana.

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