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Thank you, Professor. I love you.

Heartwarming Page for Little Witch Academia.

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  • The friendship between Akko, Lotte, and Sucy. All of them are radically different when it comes to personality, but they have such a tight-knit friendship the differences hardly matter at all.
  • In a weird way, the rivalry between Akko and Diana. They may have different views on magic and clash with one another, but they don't hate each other. On the contrary, they both respect each other in different ways. Akko admires Diana's magical ability and genuine desire to revitalize magic, and Diana admires Akko's complete honest nature, ability to leap into things without pause and desire to follow her dreams despite how others look down on her. They become friends once they have a moment to open up to each other.

    The First OVA 
  • Akko waving happily to Sucy and Lotte at the end when they both managed to escape the rubble caused by the dragon.
  • Diana saving Akko before she falls to the ground.

    Enchanted Parade OVA 
  • Jasminka offering some of her candy to Lotte.
  • It's quick, but Diana has a look of relief and content after Akko (with Sucy and Lotte) save the town from the monster.
  • Thomas's Crush Blush when he first meets Diana.

    The Series 
Episode 1
  • Even though they just met, Lotte offers Akko a ride to the school. It's especially heartwarming after the terrible day Akko had been having up until then, with Sucy, and several other witches being mean to her. Then finding out that if she doesn't get to school soon, she will be expelled before even attending a class. It's no wonder she was practically in tears by time Lotte showed up.

Episode 2

  • The flashback of Akko’s Fangirl days for Shiny Chariot trading cards. She gawked at every card she saw and memorized the flavor text like it was gospel. It really puts into perspective how worried she was in episode 1 when she dropped her favorite one.
  • Lotte gently asking Akko about her cards when she was disappointed about the disappearance of Shiny Chariot, and later on, she and Sucy play the card game with Akko to cheer her up. Even though they lose nine times in a row.

Episode 3

  • Ursula not-so-subtly turning over ownership of the Shiny Rod from Shiny Chariot to Akko.
    Akko: [Lotte] told me that I need to turn in any lost property I find, but I’m sure that holding on to this will eventually lead me to Chariot. I promise I’ll give it back once I find her!
    Ursula: You’re the one that it revealed itself to, which makes you the rightful owner. Fate and magic will surely guide you.
  • Diana saving Akko, though she passes it off as paying off the debt from last episode, and even worrying about her injuries. Also latter, despite winning the race Diana doesn't seem very happy, but when Ursula bring up Akko, Diana smiles and compliments Akko on being The Determinator.
  • Lotte's absolute ecstatic joy at seeing Akko actually flying a broom.
    Sucy: More like she chained herself to one.
    Lotte: (Star filled eyes) Who cares, it's still awesome, GO AKKO GO!

Episode 4

Episode 6

  • Akko spends the episode searching for the Fountain of Polaris in the vain hope that the Fountain will give her its power because she's secretly a strong witch with hidden potential. When she finally gets there, the Fountain just shows her Shiny Chariot's history with it before disappearing. Professor Ursula arrives and confirms what Akko knew all along; that she isn't "special" and if she wants to become a great witch like Shiny Chariot, she has to work for it. This kick-starts Akko's drive to really start taking her lessons more seriously.
  • Ursula really is a kind soul. She heads to Akko's room to help teach her and later saves her and Andrew's life. She also assures to Akko that she'll be there to help her to become a great witch and make her worthy for the Fountain of Polaris. Even better is that she is Akko's idol and she knows more than ever what she's going through.

Episode 7

  • Ursula standing up for Akko when Professor Finneran threatens to expel her from the school, including calling her out on the unfairness of constantly comparing Akko to the other students (who have grown up surrounded by magic their whole lives) instead of comparing her to how she was when she arrived at Luna Nova, and the utter ridiculousness of punishing a student for trying to do the right thing just because her grades aren't the best. It comes with a case of Reality Subtext regarding how unfairly many school systems treat their students that don't excel.

Episode 8

Episode 9

  • Akko and the girls help the corpse they resurrected complete his Unfinished Business: Apologize to his daughter Miranda aka the current Headmistress of Luna Nova for shipping her off to boarding school. Fortunately for him, Miranda never resented her father for his actions, and leads him to her mother's grave so they can be Together in Death.

Episode 10

  • Even after the love spell wears off, when all the other boys fall out of love with Lotte, Frank remains interested and asks her out on a date. Though Lotte turns him down, they decide to start as friends.

Episode 11

  • Akko sharing her doubts with Ursula and what she would ask Shiny Chariot if she had the chance to meet her face-to-face.
  • Akko shutting down Woodward’s Shapeshifter Guilt Trip, because it was fundamentally an Out-of-Character Alert.
  • Akko’s Secret Test of Character. It’s like the fountain episode 6, but instead of showing teenager!Shiny Chariot being a screwup, it shows Akko being like adult!Shiny Chariot via Deal with the Devil. And instead of getting Aesop Amnesia, Akko now understands that Shiny Chariot didn’t get to be the witch superstar automatically, and failure is a part of path to any worthwhile success.

Episode 12

  • Akko getting that shapeshifting spell down (mostly).
  • The Aesop of the episode is Be Yourself, and Akko spent half the day being Diana.
  • Akko's vision of Chariot practicing her shapeshifting magic becomes Heartwarming in Hindsight as it's clear that the POV memory Akko is watching is Croix's, showing just how much the two girls once cared for each other.
    • In addition, this scene chronologically occurs after Chariot has already received the Shiny Rod, indicating that despite Croix's bitterness at being rejected as its wielder, she and Chariot still remained close for quite a while afterwards.
  • To close the entire episode, Akko has a Eureka Moment. If we know Akko, she's going to do something reckless but what she's doing will be an amazing event.

Episode 13

  • Lotte and Sucy were in their room and began to think that Akko may be right about the whole sacrifice being stupid. Lotte wonders why Akko would do this with Sucy thinks that their friend is stubborn. However, Lotte praises that aspect of her. In the end, the two go aid Akko because they may get into trouble but at least they have fun with the person that believes in them more than anyone in this school.
  • Akko freeing Vajarois from her curse and reminding her of the times when she laughed with her friends, finally allowing her spirit to move on.
  • Akko finally earns her happy ending. Her dream on becoming Shiny Chariot is now closer than ever. She appreciates the audience and the alumni for congratulating her on the amazing feat she did but she wants to thank Lotte and Sucy for their help. During the credits, we see the trio hugging each other. They were friends before but now their bonds have been strengthened because of this event.
    • As for the alumni. Take into account that some of them may have been former sacrifices to Vajarois. To their surprise and happiness, Akko did something they couldn't do long ago and free Vajarois from her eternal suffering. They weren't just cheering at a winner for the Moonlight Witch but they were also cheering for their hero. Even if she didn't win, Akko will always be to them the girl that changes her destiny.
  • Diana, on finding out she's basically a shoe-in for being Moonlight Witch, immediately asks about whether Akko has a chance, and looks disappointed and almost angered when she finds out that because Akko broke from tradition, she was disqualified.

Episode 14

  • Akko's change of heart when she realizes the fairies are on strike basically for more food, she quickly joins them and becomes their strongest advocate.
    • Not only that when it seems that Diana was about to pressure the fairies to return to their duties, Akko stepped in to defend them and reassures to them that they were in the right for what they did. Touched by this, the fairies joined alongside their defender in reprimanding Diana for her insensitive comments.
    • What's even sweeter is that even after in rage mode and basically taking out their anger on the teachers and students for what they presumably did to their friend, they left Akko and her roommates unharmed.

Episode 15

  • The bond between Akko and Ursula is one of the most heartwarming things in the entire series.

Episode 17

  • Amanda apologizes to Akko for how she acted during their adventure. Akko forgave her friend and merely asks her to stay in Luna Nova which the latter agrees.
  • Louis's Sudden Humility towards Amanda once he'd been freed from the Animated Armor. Even standing up for her and Akko when his own father threatens them.

Episode 18

  • Akko wanting to help Constanze simply because she empathizes with her passion for the Wild Hunt.
  • Akko's efforts in aiding the workers pays off. The workers show no care about Constanze's frustrations about her work but they do care for Akko who properly and politely explains to them the ordeal. They love to contribute into the Wild Hunt and also it's the least they can do for the girl who stayed by their side when they needed help the most.
  • After Akko went through so much trouble to help Constanze with her Wild Hunt project, Constanze gives her a thank-you gift in the form of a broom that Akko can actually fly. It barely lifts off the ground and moves at a snail's pace, but Akko is so happy with it that Constanze can't help but smile adorably.

Episode 19

  • The opening of the episode begins with Diana's flashback of talking with her mother.
  • A subtle one, but when Akko first appears (from wherever she was coming from), she sees Barbara and Hannah crying. Now, these two girls have been nothing but jerks to Akko since they first met, making condescending remarks about her non-magical lineage, and laughing at her mistakes. And by all accounts, Akko has every right not to care why their upset. Even so, judging by the way Hannah and Barbara were positioned, it can be presumed it was Akko engaged them first to ask what was wrong. The girl has a heart of gold.
  • The fact that Andrew gave Akko a ride to Diana's family home. And if their conversation in the car is any indication, Andrew did it with no questions about Akko's circumstances and reasons. Things were rocky from the start, but it seems like the two of them have more or less become friends now.
    • And during the ride, Andrew's father makes disparaging comment about Akko being "the witch who ruined his party". Andrew retorts to saying that it was Akko who made the party memorable in the first part.
  • After her aunt dismisses Akko as a wannabe witch and a muggle, Diana makes it known that she is having none of that.
    Diana: (jumping in front of Akko) She is as much of a witch as I am! I will not tolerate such a disrespectful tone towards my guest!
    • The line above is partially a mistranslation, Diana says "Kanojo wa rippa na majo desu!" basically calling Akko a decent witch. Loses a bit of impact but more in line with Diana's character.
      • Considering how Diana starts out, being called a decent witch is the greatest compliment she has ever given to someone especially her would be rival.
      • It's still nonetheless a far cry from how Diana was in the beginning of the series (and if fact as recently as the middle of episode 13), where she flat out tells Akko to her face that she has no place learning at Luna Nova.
  • Diana letting Akko stay the night after learning that she traveled all the way from Luna Nova to get her back. Even though she finds her annoying, has no intention of returning, and is in the middle of dealing with stressful family drama, Diana still makes Akko's well being a priority.
    • By the same token, the fact that despite all of their conflicts and disagreements, Akko still goes hugely out of her way to follow Diana and try to bring her back. She might not understand the whole situation, but she clearly wants Diana to be happy.
  • One of Diana's maids, Anna, shows her Undying Loyalty to Diana: Informing about her aunt's deeds and defending her from Akko's assumptions of Diana not being kind.
  • Sucy, Lotte, and Ursula understanding Akko's intent on bringing Diana back to Luna Nova and supporting her all the way.
  • In a sense, Barbara and Hannah crying over Diana's decision to leave Luna Nova. Most of the audience thought the only reason they hung around her was because of her lineage. Their devastated reactions proves the same audience wrong. They genuinely and truly valued Diana as a friend from the start.

Episode 20

  • When Anna tells Akko of a terrible fate that will befall those who interfere with the Cavendish Family ritual, Akko responds by immediately trying to shove the door open.
    • Andrew helping Akko saving Diana. And when Akko tells him to stay behind, he simply lets her, understanding that this is something only she can do.
  • Diana giving up her chance of completing the ritual in order to save Akko's life after she was poisoned.
    • And after Akko wakes up, Diana states that whenever she thinks she's finally understanding Akko, the witch continues to surprise her again.
  • After hearing about Cavendish family's altruistic legacy, Akko and Diana share a heartfelt moment where Akko convinces Diana that they can still get to the ritual in time, also encouraging her to Take a Third Option and become both the head of the family and come back to Luna Nova. Diana is uncertain, but Akko tells her that if anyone can do it, it would be Diana. They end up awaking the fifth word of Arcturus and as Diana is preparing to take off, this time, she asks Akko to come with her.
  • Diana had this look as if she had a Eureka Moment. She did. Diana realizes that Beatrix, her ancestors and her mother didn't help everyone out of duty. They did it out of love for their family.
  • Diana once again choosing to save someone else's life over something else important she has to do, in this case being her aunt and cousins. She truly is a worthy heir to the Cavendish Family.
    • And it seems like Daryl herself acknowledges this, if her appearing at Diana's departure is any indication.
  • Anna convincing Diana to return to Luna Nova and promising that she and the other staff members remaining will protect the Cavendish home. And she also gives Diana the box containing the Shiny Chariot card. Needless, a grateful Diana is nearly drive to tears.
  • While returning home in his limo, Andrew thinks fondly of Akko when he notices she accidentally left her witch hat in his car.
  • By the end of their adventure together, Akko and Diana have truly become friends. More or less...

Episode 21

  • Despite all their previous bullying, Hannah and Barbara took their time to thank Akko for bringing Diana back.
  • Ursula can be seen staring wistfully at a photograph of Croix and herself as students, which she's evidently kept all these years despite their falling out. It's the only photograph we see of a young Croix where she's actually smiling.
  • Akko's remorse at not believing Ursula, and Ursula's warm forgiveness provides another example that the bond between Akko and Ursula is the most heartwarming thing in the entire series.
    • After watching Episode 23, having lost her best friend, the Rod, her career and thousands of her fans, Akko was the only one that remained and never forget the person who inspired her to become a witch in the first place. The love from one young girl basically revived the fiery spirit inside Ursula. Hence, Ursula more than cares for Akko, she LOVES Akko and she'll be damned before she let some outside force ever harm her student's potential again
    • When they woke up, Ursula's first thought is wondering if her student was safe.
  • Croix's genuine fear when she sees Ursula/Chariot has been knocked unconscious and is falling to her death. She calls out to her desperately as she falls, which is just enough to wake her up before she hits the ground. Despite everything Croix is doing to try and ruin her former best friend's life, she draws the line at putting her in legitimate danger.
    • Even though we don't see it explicitly, the shot by shot parallels between Akko and Chariot falling in the same place and Croix's voice calling after Chariot in the background heavily imply that this was not the first time Croix has saved Chariot from falling to her death at Wagandea.
  • Even knowing that it all eventually goes south, its revealed that Croix had, at one point, been willing to accept that Chariot was chosen to wield the Shiny Rod over her. Specifically, she does so when she sees Chariot crying, convinced that Croix ought to have received it over her, and rather than agreeing, Croix instead chooses to hug and assure Chariot that she was worthy of her given role. This gesture of kindness causes Chariot to unlock the meaning of the sixth word, of which can only be learned when the wielder understands who it is that deserves their most sincere gratitude.
    • Ursula regards Lyonne as being one of the most important of the seven words. Given that this is the only word that we see her learn in the past, its clear that the memory remains deeply significant to her even after all that has occurred between her and her once best friend.

Episode 22

  • While Akko apologizes to Ursula for getting her hurt, Ursula lovingly places her hand on her student's head and assures to her that she holds no responsibility for what happened at Wagandea.
  • Despite all the tears that come from this episode, there is something that stands out as happy: Andrew's relationship and thoughts on Akko have improved considerably seeing as he no longer mocks her, actively tries to help her achieve her goals and the look on his face as Akko exclaims how magic should be used to make people happy can only be described as "loving."

Episode 23

  • Diana is basically this personified in this episode.
    • She assures Lotte and Sucy that she'll find Akko.
    • Although Diana is upset that Chariot stole her magic as a child, she shows greater concern over Akko's well being. She tells Ursula/Chariot off for leaving Akko when Akko needed her most. She stated she is more disappointed in what Ursula/Chariot did today than in the past indicating she is willing to forgive Ursula/Chariot for crippling her magic.
    • After finding Akko, Diana opens up about her childhood, specifically her admiration about Shiny Chariot. Imagine. Diana of all people opening up about something she once considered too embarrassing and taboo to tell others that she even hid away her only Chariot card. But to help Akko, she takes the card from its "seal" to give her and tells her about personal moments in her childhood she has never told anyone, all in order to say she's not alone.
    • "I believe in your believing heart."
  • This is also a Tear Jerker. Right after Diana leaves, a heart-broken Chariot drops her glasses and pleads the former to take care of Akko. She may have lost the right to be Akko's beloved idol and she also doesn't care about the Grand Triskellion but all Chariot wants is Akko's happiness and safety to be first priority Diana and Akko's friends must do.
  • When the rest of Akko's friends finally find her.
    • Lotte sprints up and tackle-hugs her while begging her not to leave Luna Nova.
      • Akko never did say that she was going to leave Luna Nova. It's implied that even though she was traumatized by the previous ordeal with her idol, Akko after getting her act together was willing to stay out of loyalty to her friends.
    • Sucy pokes her in the back and silently smiles while handing her the Shiny Rod.
    • After Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka arrive, everyone playfully teases Akko like nothing changed.
  • The magic shop owner giving the girls warm drinks "on the house."
  • While Ursula's recounting of her past as Shiny Chariot and ultimate downfall is mostly quite tragic, it reveals that her famous catchphrase came from none other than Croix of all people, to cheer her up when she was feeling downtrodden by her poor academic performance.
    Croix: You gotta believe. A believing heart is your magic.
    • Despite having just declared to Chariot that their friendship was over not too long ago, when Chariot unintentionally overpowers her spell and scars the moon, Croix's immediate response is to cover for her by wiping the memories of all those who witnessed the event.

Episode 24

  • Can also count as Tearjerker. Croix telling Chariot to leave her to escape the rage dragon formed from Croix's cubes, to which Chariot responds by absolutely refusing and defends Croix as best she can. Croix is driven to tears watching Chariot still so determined to fight on her behalf and looks utterly devastated when Chariot gets eaten by the dragon while protecting her. Despite what came between of them, neither of them ever stopped caring about each other.
  • Akko finally properly meeting Chariot and telling her all the things she wanted to tell her. And then asking her to keep being her professor. And the hug they share. Manly Tears were shed by many viewers.
    Akko: Thank you, Professor. I love you.
    • Chariot's reaction to Akko's passionate declaration of love. The woman was driven to tears of joy as she realized her most loyal fan and student has returned to her and forgave her on the mess she made. Akko gets to meet Chariot but Chariot has her Akko back.
  • Also counts as Funny Moments. After Akko finally unlocks the Grand Triskelion, everyone (sans Diana) dogpiles on top of her, eventually tipping over and falling to the ground.
    • Diana's expression when the group falls down is a mixture of endearment and amusement at the others' goofy antics.

Episode 25

  • Chariot and Croix casting a spell together to give their students magical protective outfits before they set off after the missile.
  • Akko swooping in on the Legendary Broom to catch Diana from falling to her death, in a direct Call-Back to Episode 3 as well as the very first OVA. This is right after Diana thought Akko had died. Cue the Last Episode Theme Reprise and waterworks...
  • The smile Akko and Diana share just before taking down the missile.
    • Heck, the fact that these two girls are the ones taking down the missile at all, after both once having their magic crippled by their childhood hero. And now they save the world using that same hero's iconic Shiny Rod, and they both joyfully yell Chariot's signature "SHINY ARC!" which is functionally unnecessary after reciting the actually magical Words of Arcturus. They're fans of Chariot to the very end.
  • The destruction of the missile results in a gigantic energy explosion in the shape of a smiley face, which gives off a joyful giggle before dissipating into shooting stars that rain down butterflies over the world's population.
  • Lord Hanbridge admitting that he was wrong about magic being useless and opening himself up to hearing Andrew's opinions instead of trying to dictate them.
  • After hacking all the screens in the world to display Diana and Akko in their fight against the missile monster, Croix gives Chariot her wand and asks her to speak to the people to rally their support. The gentle smile she has while doing so is likely the first genuine one she's given to Chariot for over a decade.
    • In another sense, the fact the preparations and lead up to the Final Battle not only make use of every one of the witches and their different capabilities, but there's the fact that this final moment between Croix and Chariot proved that in a way, they were right: both the former's science and the latter's showmanship were necessary to restore faith in magic so that Akko and Diana could win and restore Yggdrasil.
  • Chariot and Croix watching magic return to the world together, finally able to witness their decade old dream becoming a reality. Unbeknownst to them, Woodward watches over them from behind with smile of pride and approval.
    • Croix comes full circle from being the first person to espouse the importance of believing in one's magic to being reminded firsthand of why that simple sentiment was actually correct all along. There's no bitterness in her expression as she comes to realize this, only a calm smile of acceptance. For all her lament over being The Unchosen One, she will always have played a crucial role in returning magic to the world.
  • Croix promising to find a cure for the Wagandia pollen the next time she comes to Luna Nova. Ursula calls out that she will wait for her as she leaves. After a decade of bitterness and hostility, their relationship is finally beginning to mend.
    • According to Word of God, their reunion comes a lot sooner than that too. Post-series, Chariot visits Croix in prison and bakes cakes for her.
  • At the end, Akko finally flies on her own. Manly Tears were shed.
  • Finneran finally letting go of her grudge against Akko.
  • Woodward silently thanks Akko and Diana for saving the world.

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