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  • It's implied that it's not common for a Muggle to want to learn magic; but not unheard of or unlikely enough to reject an application. Learning magic makes certain beasties notice you more; hence having to be part of the magic community for general protection. This is enough of a problem that it is a deterrence to "dude, I can fly on a broom."
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  • In general, muggles get along fine with wizards and witches; but keep segregated for safety issues. If a child wants to become magic though; they attract notice to said supernatural forces anyways, and it's generally considered safest to train them.
Sucy will become Evil...
...heck, as a potion(and poison)-maker she's halfway there already. Note her reaction to the Minotaur's death...
  • Jossed, she remains a friend and ally to Akko.

Shiny Arc is specifically a dragon-slaying weapon.
  • Shiny Arc was used both times on dragons, with explosive results. The fact Shiny Arc can kill a dragon alone is special, considering every other form of magic, including potions and poisons, only make dragons stronger. Both times Shiny Arc slew a dragon it was by making the dragon swallow the arrow, after which the dragon swells up and pops spectacularly in a rain of magic. This seems to imply Shiny Arc slays dragons by overloading them with magic, making them ingest too much for them to handle. The signature weakness of Energy Absorption is often Phlebotinum Overload.
    • Jossed in the TV series, where it's also used to open a leyline tunnel and many other things.

Grand Trioskelion ain't the 'Grand Magic to revive witches' power to use magic'.
  • It is stated clearly from the beginning of the show that Arcturus Forest is a place where once you come in, you can't come out. After the episode 11 reveal, it makes much sense that Shiny Rod (AKA Claiomh Solais) can open a gate from there, but it also makes for a question: why would a spell so useful like that sealed in a place like this? Simple, because it wasn't a spell nor a decline that causes witches cannot use their magic outta the spiral-powered stone's range: it was deliberate setup to prevent world domination by the witches—-or more significantly, WHOEVER witch that is sealed inside the Forest. In this case, Ursula was used by the Professor to try and unlock the seal upon this said witch, but she failed to revive all Words (based on what we could see in the framed text, the other Words are clearly written but one at the top of the picture). Akko, being led by Ursula to revive the Words without knowing the meaning of the act will succeed in releasing the Big Bad and will defeat he/she/it while mimicking Chariot's acts.

The professor has a tragic backstory.
Shiny Chariot was considered nothing but a fraud among the magic community. Eventually, the criticisms against her just became too severe to handle, so she had to go into hiding for good. The seven lights in her staff faded along with her confidence in herself.
  • Maybe she was so good, and so many of her achievements happened out of the sight of others that everyone started assuming she was a fraud. This would be doubly so if (as we've seen) she built quite a celebrity and courted fame.

All of this takes place in the same universe of Tweeny Witches.

More precisely, it takes place ages after the Magical Girl Squad's adventures.

The guess is that after the end of Tweeny Witches, Arusu at some point came back to the Magical Realm, saved it once again and, in the process, she let the Human Realm discovering its existence. Arusu and her witch friends cooperated to make things work and in the end, both civilizations became one. For a time, magic becomes so prominent that humans stop developing technology, going back to a medieval-looking state. Then, at the decline of the Golden Age, we progressively return to how the world is nowadays. And here we have the setting of Little Witch Academia.


Arcturus Forest of LWA could be nothing else than the Magical Realm seen in TW, abandoned by its inhabitants, who transferred on Earth. Nature there then grown uncontrolled for centuries. Amanda O'Neil is (physically speaking only) an expy of Arusu. O'Neil family could directly descend from her. Wheter Amanda or any relative of hers knows it, I'm not sure.

Shiny Chariot too resembles alittle Arusu, with the short red hair and that Catch Phrase about the magic coming from "a believing heart" (Arusu's version was "anyone can use magic as long as they believe with all their heart!"). Since Arusu in the Little Witch Academia epoch would be a legendary figure, Shiny could have been inspired by tales about her and decided to make people happy with magic. The term "Grand Triskellion" could refer to Arusu, Sheila and Eva, the trio who made possible the merging of two worlds and the start of the Golden Age of Magic. The Shiny Rod's creation could have been their way to ensure that magic will never disappear, and avoiding The End of the World as We Know It as we (nearly) saw in TW. The Nine Olde Witches could have been their most talented students.

Keep also in mind that some of the current Studio Trigger's workers were previously employed in Studio 4°C, where Tweeny Witches was created. This could be another proof that the similarities between the series aren't a coincidence. All of the previous is just the guess of a fan, but objectively, they could have willingly recycled a plot that they thought it didn't get the recognition it deserved at the time.

The Shiny Rod is a very important artifact, meant to be wielded by a champion among witches.
  • The Shiny Rod can transform into many useful forms including the Dragon-slaying Shiny Arc and the Giant sealing Shiny Ballista. It can store enough magic to empower up to eight witches who are fighting a giant or doing crowd control when a regular wand runs out of juice within minutes. It very specifically picks it wielder as not everyone can use it, Ursula actually noted that the Shiny Rod had been inactive all this time. Basically its the Witching World's equivalent of Excalibur, its wielder is expected to do great things. The fact that Shiny Chariot basically used it to do parlor tricks is why she is so despised by the rest of the Witches. As evidenced by Akko being able to use it, the Shiny Rod might only be used by someone with a true love for magic.
    • Pretty much confirmed as the Shiny Rod (properly named the Claimh Solais) can only be activated by a wielder with the proper mindset and emotions, and is a key to unlock the Grand Triskelion. This is magic powerful enough to effect the entire world, and given the declining state of magic, will almost certainly be needed.

The Sorcerer's Stone is a concentrated mass of Spiral Power, and the Shiny Rod is a device similar to that of Lagann.
  • Let's see... A green source of energy? Check. Can be used to defeat monsters many times the user's size? Check. Powered by believing in yourself? Check. Both shows are made by Studio Trigger (Despite the fact that Studio Gainax created Gurren Lagann, it's common knowledge that most of the people who worked on TTGL are part of Trigger)? Check. The Sorcerer's Stone even LOOKS like it has a spiral design. The fact that Kill la Kill is often theorized to be a sequel to Gurren Lagann helps support this theory, seeing how it's been confirmed that both LWA and KLK take place in the same universe as of Space Patrol Luluco.
    • The WMG is not hurt at all by Magical Warrior Grand Charion!
For the television series..
  • As the television series premieres, each of the girls' magic styles will get much more defined, particularly for Akko, Amanda, and Diana:

    • Akko: The chosen successor to Shiny Rod, but is the least proficient in magic out of the three, the reason for her admission to Luna Nova will be revealed as her having vast magical reserves, not unlike Chariot in the past. She is the Unskilled, but Strong type.
    • Amanda: Her magical reserves are a bit below average, but she makes up for it with her unorthodox style of using spells. She is also not afraid to engage in a fistfight with her opponents. The opposite of Akko, she's the Weak, but Skilled type.
    • Diana: As The Ace, she wields magic spells with ease and proficiency. Her magic reserves are lower than Akko's, but higher than Amanda's. Uses a very traditional style of fighting, she is neither overly strong like Akko, but nor is she weaker than Amanda. She is the Jack-of-All-Stats among the three.

Lotte will go bad during the Television Series instead of Sucy at some point.
  • The basic idea is Akko screws up again because she's Akko, and ruins something even more meaningful than her family's sheet music, or unintentionally humiliates her and/or gets Lotte into big trouble. And once again Akko is unapologetic. Lotte snaps and attacks Akko, leading to her getting punished even more harshly. Out of anger she starts reading forbidden spell books looking for a nasty way to pay her back and is corrupted/possessed by the dark secrets within. And BAM! This series has a new Big Bad! Now Akko has to atone for her stupid actions by battling her close friend and pull her out of the darkness... or die trying.
    • Jossed

Akko will go bad instead of Sucy or Lotte
  • She'll get sick and tired of being the token muggle so she'll try anything to fit in with the other students, even if it means endangering the whole school; bonus points if she goes through a Sanity Slippage.
    • Jossed

Akko is related to Luluco somehow.
  • Look at their character designs, you could have sworn that they could be at least cousins.
    • Let's not forget that an LWA series was teased at the end of the latter show's Grand Finale by having this two high-fiving in mid-air.

The show will never have a Big Bad
  • Jossed with the introduction of Croix. The more the episodes pass to more obvious.

The show takes place in the same universe as Kiki's Delivery Service.
  • Kiki's story happened 60 years before however (in the 1960s, instead of the 2010s)
  • related WMG: Kiki is Professor Nelson (the flight instructor) — they have the same voice actress.

Akko will become the new Shiny Chariot and even get to inherit all of her powers in the Grand Finale.
  • How's that for Earn Your Happy Ending?
    • Jossed. Akko learns and admits Chariot is Chariot, and I am me." - she'll do her own thing.

There will be a powerful Wham Episode at some point later on in the series.
  • Perhaps Ursula's identity will be exposed to the entire school.
  • Or maybe Diana messes up big time and falls from grace to where not even Hannah and Barbara are willing to defend her any longer, and now with Akko and her team's help, she'll get back to the top by pulling off the ultimate heroic deed.
  • What if one of the three main characters got Killed Off for Real?
    • There were definitely wham episodes, but none of these speculations were true.

Ursula will eventually suffer from Mentor Occupational Hazard
  • Bonus points if Akko learns she was Shiny Chariot just at that moment.
    • Jossed, and even Subverted.

Luna Nova has a rival school

At least one of the students is a Time Lady
  • It would make sense to teach witches about time travel, now wouldn't it?

Barbara would have won the Nightfall quiz show if Hannah hadn't stopped her

Ursula will turn out to be a Broken Ace
  • While the Shiny Rod is immensely powerful, so far Akko has been primarily reliant on it in order to achieve anything, with no study or development of any kind of skill on her part. It will be revealed that Ursula had the same problem; it's a crutch, and becoming too reliant on it will be revealed to have been part of the reason Shiny Chariot disappeared - it's powered by belief but that can only carry you so far, and that leads to a Heroic BSoD when belief wasn't enough. Now the rod has passed to someone else, Ursula is trying to make sure her successor doesn't fall into the same pitfalls, but with so far a limited success. Ursula's attempts at actually teaching Akko anything have also been obstructed, by klutziness, Akko's overabundance of zeal or Akko and her friends continued rule breaking. Akko has the 'believing heart' part down, but she's going to hit a wall eventually, and it will be partially her own fault.
    • Confirmed in Episodes 21-23

Akko will eventually be expelled
  • There is official art of her leaving the school with her belongings and in tears, and there is a song on one of the albums called "Akatsuki Departure".
    • Possibly, Diana did say she will get departed in the recent episode so something big will likely happen later. Plus it'll probably be similar to Episode 20 of Kill la Kill where Ryuko felt depressed over that she was a Life Fiber hybrid.
      • Jossed

The image and song above might actually be detailing the show's Grand Finale.
  • If getting expelled wasn't the reason for Akko leaving the school in tears, it might be because it's the end of the school year and she's grown so attached to her friends that the last thing she wanted to do was get separated from them, even if was until next Fall.

In the series, the country Britain's tensions are with are either France or Ireland.
  • Although the nature of the tensions is fueled by magic and the nation is The Nameless, they mention that it's a country close to Britain leaves France or Ireland as the main culprits, especially given the history of their existing conflicts with Britain.
    • Did they mention it was a close country? Seems like a magic ICBM should have been able to hit it's target earlier then. My money's on Argentina. That Falklands beef is still simmering.

night fall is a Strictly Formula book series
  • 365 books in only 120 years? That's a book every four months on average! Unless there is literally magic involved (and since the series is authored by a witch named Annabelle Creme, it very well could be), there's no way that each individual book is as compelling as Lotte makes it out to be.
    • Jossed, somewhat, in the fourth episode. It's actually the exact opposite of formulaic-plots; not only is the Annabel Creme Lotte meets actually the twelfth witch who assumes the title of author, each author does her own, sometimes wildly different, thing with the series, making night fall a combination of Depending on the Writer, Kudzu Plot, and Writing by the Seat of Your Pants. The episode also implies that magic is indeed involved the fountain pen writes fast, in the sky no less, at the end of the episode. It appears the pen allows to quickly materialize the inspiration and ideas of the author.
    • So basically "Annabel Creme" is a House Pseudonym like Carolyn Keene or Franklin W. Dixon?

There will be a Bizarro Episode, possibly with a guest animator.

A new student will arrive in Luna Nova and prove to be even more mischievous than any other student.
  • Confirmed. Said "New Student(s)" are Akko, Lotte, and Sucy!

DianAkko will end up becoming canon by the end of the series.

Constanze is probably crazy enough to go and modify the entire school castle so that it could turn into a Humongous Mecha, perhaps even an Eva unit.
  • Sorta confirmed. Constance did make something convert to a Humongous Mecha, but it was only her ghost-hunter ship.

Ursula's "The Reason You Suck" Speech at Finneran is fueled not only by Akko's poor treatment but the treatment she received while at Luna Nova
  • It's made clear in episode 6 that Ursula struggled at school initially too, and she and Akko are Not So Different. In addition, Ursula is near relentlessly bullied and chastised by Professor Finneran, so it's not too difficult to make the assumption that Ursula faced similar problems at school, being constantly compared to other students than on her own merit and punished for doing the right thing just because it affected her grades or reputation, but didn't have anyone to defend her like she could defend Akko, so in tearing down Finneran's unpleasant behaviour she's being the hero she never had.

Sucy is Nui Harime.
  • Tattun on 4chan stated that Sucy's design should never show one of her eyes at all times for unknown reasons. Nui Harime always had an eyepatch because she got stabbed by Matoi Isshin. Life Fibers have been shown to regenerate themselves pretty quickly which is why she didn't die when she cut off her head (As we see with Ragyo in Episode 18), Nui can shapeshift and Space Patrol Luluco confirmed that Little Witch Academia takes place in the same universe as Kill la Kill.
    • Is it always the same eye that's covered though? You'd think if Nui was capable of regenerating her eye, she would have done so as soon as Isshin Matoi was dead.
    • It was because Nui got hit by the Scissor Blades. They stop Life Fibers from regenerating.

Teams Blue (Diana, Hannah, and Barbara) and Green (Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka) will get their own "A Day in the Limelight" episodes.

Akko is not truly a "muggle", just a natural-born, untrained witch
  • With the fading of magic, the reason why witches are dwindling in number is fewer new witches can even be identified outside of existing bloodline families. New witches are being born but without ambient magic, they just end up with normal, mundane existances. Akko happens to be one of those 'new' witches who would never have known about it if not for her obsession with Chariot's show.
    • Sort of confirmed: had her magic not been crippled at the Shiny Chariot show, she would have been a very skilled witch but might have lacked the drive to even attempt magic.

Diana is being set up for a fall
  • Diana is well-liked among her fellow students and greatly respected by the staff to the point that she is given access to resources not normally available to students, and allowed a measure of authority. She has the skills to back up her reputation as well, and in the latest episode, she seems to have an inkling of what may be going on in the series Myth Arc. With her skills and the autonomy granted her, it seems likely that she would attempt to resolve the situation herself. However, as we all know, Akko is basically The Chosen One, and also has the help of the faculty member with the best idea of what's happening. Moreover, she has been repeatedly shocked by Akko's actions and in Episode 5 her attempt to keep Akko and Amanda out of action only angers and motivates them further. Counting for this and the above, Diana has shades of Wrong Genre Savvy.
  • Conclusion? Diana will push herself too far into the action without a clear understanding of what's going on, and suffer a debilitation of some kind—possibly even requiring rescue by Akko.
    • Sorta confirmed, sorta Jossed. Diana was set up for failure in ep 19-20 and was rescued by Akko, but it only allowed Diana to return to Luna Nova.

Ursula is going to die.
  • The parallels between Akko and Ursula/Chariot is uncanny, from their struggle to master magic, the way they act among their peers, and the fact that they both had professors that they looked up to. Professor Ursula is to Akko what Woodward was to Ursula when she was a student at Luna Nova, and that bond is felt in both the relationship between Ursula and Akko and Ursula and Woodward, especially in the latter as that bond is shown to transcend the living and dead.
  • It is abundantly clear that the bond between Akko and Ursula is also very deep and like Woodward, she will look after Akko even after her death. With Akko's odyssey to be like Chariot, she hasn't faced that challenge that will push her to be the witch that she believes she can be, and with the hero's journey inevitably comes the hardship of death, and the closest person to Akko is Ursula (even earlier when she was Shiny Chariot). Thus, it can be concluded that Ursula might die to complete Akko's journey, and with it, she will come to her own as a witch and be in Ursula's position in her future. Also, given the way that Episode 11 and the second cour was presented, and that Ursula will fight in this cour it feels like it would be possible for a death to happen.
    • Jossed!!

Akko will be the savior of her world
For some reason (either because the Nine Olde Witches made some kind of mistake during their sealing of the Grand Triskelion within Arcturus or some not yet revealed Big Bad throttling the flow of magic into the world to get the witches to unseal the Great Triskelion, which the Big Bad would then want to use for him/herself to rule the world), magic is fading away and at some point, the witches discover, that it'll spell doom for the world in general, magical and muggle alike. So Akko will revive the rest of the seven words, unseal the Grand Triskelion (and crush the Big Bad with it, if there is one), save the world and revive magic to levels not even seen during the Gold Age of the Witches: Magitek will turn the human world into a near utopia and let humanity start to spread among the stars. But it will come at a price: A pure and righteous hero would have to sacrifice him/herself for the Grand Ttriskelion to serve the purpose it was made for. Akko is ready to do it, but Ursula / Shiny Chariot, as mentioned in the WMG above, will make the sacrifice in her stead, fulfilling the prophecy but allowing her dear student Akko to lead witchkind and humankind to greatness.
  • At least the part with a villain (Professor Croix Meridies, which is likely to be the Big Bad of the show) wanting to get her paws on the Grand Triskelion has been confirmed.

The Nine Olde Witches will be replaced with Nine Little Witches
  • Akko, Lotte, Sucy, Amanda, Constanze, Jasminka and Diana are obvious. Hannah and Barbara don't so the last two would be Ursula/Chariot and Wangari.
    • Confirmed, except a redeemed Croix is the 9th Witch, not Wangari.

Sucy has a crush on Akko.
  • When Akko was in Sucy's mind was about to give her mouth-to-mouth, the dragonified Sucy got hearts in her eyes. But when the "kiss" didn't happen, the dragon got all teary-eyed. It's possible that Sucy actually represents Sucy's hidden crush on Akko which she keeps buried under all the malicious stuff she does to her. (it would also add another meaning to that Sucy giving Akko flowers when they first meet)

Akko WILL become the Moonlit Witch at some point, or maybe a position similar to such
  • It just wouldn't be fair to let such a noble girl who worked so hard to just have her dreams taken way like that! maybe Diana decides to resign and give the title to her or she'll be promoted to something among the lines of a Moonlit Knight.....and no, I promise I didn't make up that theory just to end it with that Incredibly Lame Pun.

The show will have a Sudden Downer Ending or a Bittersweet Ending.
  • The show has lots of surprises and twists, who knows? even the most lighthearted shows have been known to take a dark turn.
    • Confirmed and Jossed: The show went very dark in eps 21-22, but pulled back from it.

The Shooting Star broom will return in the end.
  • Since episode 3, every time a newspaper is shown there is mention of the out-of-control magic broom being sighted all over the world. It could be just a funny Running Gag, but the countries mentioned show that it is making a somewhat plausible trip around the globe, so at this pace, it could possibly return to England in time for the final episode. And this time Akko could even be able to ride it on her own.
    • Confirmed! It shows up just in time to rescue a falling Akko and Diana.

Diana has that one Shiny Chariot premium card Akko never managed to find.

The Harry Potter comparisons will be referenced at some point.
  • Jossed.

Constanze isn't mute.
She just doesn't have a good grasp on English, probably speaking with a heavy German accent. Constanze defines herself on being a Gadgeteer Genius, and would not want to risk sounding unintelligent to her peers in any way.
  • Confirmed! She speaks at the very, very end of the final episode.

Jasminka well get an OOC-moment like Constanze
She will see or do something that'll make her lose her smile and her appetite and her friends and the main character trio will spend the episode to cheer her up.

The events of episode #19 and #20 were all engineered by the magical artifact possessed by Beatrix, one of the Nine Olde Witches and founder of the Cavendish magical family/clan
The artifact possessed by Beatrix saw how Diana's aunt is ruining the Cavendish estate and wanted also to see, if Diana would be really worthy of being the head of the family, so she delayed Diana and lured aunt Daryl and her nasty daughters into danger. Diana did pass the character test: She did rather save her aunt and her daughters than complete the ritual and through this experience, her aunt and her daughters had a Heel–Face Turn and started to care about the Cavendish estate.

Why "Shiny" Chariot du Nord resp. Ursula doesn't have the Shiny Rod anymore
After she started stealing magic energy from the audience of her show using the "Dream Fuel Spirit" method, the Shiny Rod resp. Claiomh Solais judged her unworthy of being its wielder and arranged Akko to come into its possession to help her rectify the damage done to her by Chariot du Nord.
  • Croix (du Sud) wasn't even considered for being its wielder, as Claiomh Solais sensed her readiness to do vile things such as tricking Chariot into using the "Dream Fuel Spirit" method. Chariot isn't without guilt, as she used it in her last show despite knowing about its effects and also didn't take a closer look at this too-good-to-be-true magic Croix gave her in her quest to make people laugh.
    • Given the Grand Triskellion makes Narmy child-like effects (stars, rainbows, bubbles) someone with a child-like wonder of magic was always going to be the right wielder.

The guy who runs the magic shop will end up being the true villain of the series.
Because this is WMG and I wanted to throw out the most unlikely possible guess just so I could say I was right in the one in a million chance that it actually happens.

Any future expansions on the franchise will be shorter
Making a TV anime takes time and money, and Trigger may not want to throw all of that at over twenty more episodes of the show. But half the number of the initial season? It could be done. Another OVA (set in the same continuity as the proper series)? Maybe they might consider that.

The reason why Akko, Sucy and Lotte were not given the punishment for necromancy, a fate hundred times worse than death
They not only did "resurrect" Headmistress Holbrooke's father on accident, but they also did only a feeble version of actual necromancy, as the flesh didn't reform and the animated corpse dissipated on sunrise. A full resurrection requires a Human Sacrifice; a ritual that is very painful for the victim, both before and afterward (the soul of the sacrifice is in great pain as long as the resurrected lives). That is the reason why the punishment for necromancy is so severe, as the victim wouldn't even find immediate solace in death.

"A believing heart is your magic" doesn't mean "Your believing heart is your magic"
This is why Chariot failed where Akko succeeded: the believing heart cannot be your own, it must be someone else believing in you, hence why Akko gave the meaning of "connecting with other people" versus what Chariot apparently understood, which became her catchphrase and led nowhere. And since Croix was upset at Chariot being the chosen one, Chariot couldn't go past the sixth word even by accident, as she lacked a heart believing in her. However, Akko had Diana say to her that she believes in her believing heart, and Lotte, Sucy, Amanda, Jasna and Constanze showed it through their actions, and that was what led to the seventh word and the unsealing of the Grand Triskelion. note 

How Croix will manage to have her sentence commuted to being put on probation
She will release the specs to her magitech to the school, which will use it for good (any kinda Fuel Spirit methods will be strictly prohibited under the pain of a very painful punishment). Constanze will be the best in the magitch classes, obviously.

The reason for Jasminka's gluttony
Her magic is similar to the family techniques of the Akamichi clan from Naruto: They convert calories into super-strength using magic!

The Shooting Star's story
The broom can fly without a Sorcerer's Stone because it gets it's magic energy directly from the Grand Triskellion unhindered by the Nine Olde Witches' sealing of it and it is controlled by the same entity that controls the Claiomh Solais resp. Shiny Rod (it may be the spirits of the Nine Olde Witches, magic itself or something entirely different) and was created to assist the wielder of the Shiny Rod in her mission. When it's off-mission it exhibits this weird behavior that led people to shackle it.

Episode 11 is more than just setting up the Grand Triskellion arc, its the actual conclusion to the OVA series
Before Akko shut down her Deal with the Devil, the spirit of the Blue Moon showed a life where Akko became Shiny Chariot. What if that wasn't an illusion but an actual event taking place. That wasn't just an adult Akko, that was Akko from the OVA series, all grown up and living the dream she wanted.

After the events of the Enchanted Parade, OVA Akko continued her studies and eventually, wowed her classmates with her brilliance in magic. Akko decided to follow the dream she always wanted, to make the world a better place. She traveled the world and inspired countless young girls to become Witches themselves. At some point, her next show, she wanted it to be grander than the previous ones. Therefore, she decides to make the show a love letter to Shiny Chariot, her idol which is why she's wearing the attire Akko saw.

In LWA, the witches made certain decisions that changed the course of history for both witch kind and mankind, making the situation for magic better in the LWA-verse (and if the crossover theory with Kiki's Delivery Service further above on this page is added into the mix, then the world, in general, is likely to be better off, as well, having been spared from the World War II and all its many horrors).

  • The witches didn't go underground
  • The witches were somehow able to sustain a fair-sized population unlike in the Izetta's world, where she's the last (clones don't count)
  • The witches tracked down and destroyed all Magic Stones and any information about them, so that the production of Hexenium, the crystallized form of magic energy used to power Germania's magic missiles, MagiNukes and so on wouldn't be possible anymore
  • The sealing of the Grand Triskelion in the Arctus Forrest wasn't done for shits and giggles, either: The witches were concerned that some traces of either the Magic Stones themselves or information about them escaped their purge or that someone would re-invent them on their own, so they used the Grand Triskelion to alter the fabric of magic itself so that Magic Stones wouldn't work anymore even if somewhere found, no-one would be able to make new ones and that no witch could kill all magic all by herself.

Croix Vapes
  • You read that right. That new age bringing technology obsessed Millennial probably has some excessive semi-magic vape rig that Luna Nova didn't let her use on campus.

What Are We Going To Do About Lotte and Sucy?
  • If the series gets a second season, the main trio will have founded their own performing group. Lotte is earning her magical equipment license and Sucy is experienced with chemical pyrotechnics, making them perfect roadies for the magically-stunted Akko. Diana and Amanda will have rival performance magic groups, culminating in a giant "battle of the bands" type thing that somehow turns into a world-threatening battle for the future of magic....somehow. Not only would this carry on from the ending of the first season, but it would also make Lotte and Sucy relevant to the plot again. Professor Finnelan will be the Dean Bitterman telling the kids to cut out that annoying racket and focus on respectable careers.

Chariot and Croix are French
  • Their names are French, and Luna Nova has students from all around the world, so it makes sense that they'd have international teachers too.
    • Confirmed for Chariot, but Jossed for Croix: she's Italian according to the LWA Chronicle book.

On Amanda's ancestry
The O'Neills are said to be descendants of the Irish high king, Niall of the Nine Hostages. According to legend, he was granted rulership after kissing/sleeping with an old crone who was actually a Celtic goddess.So it seems her family's magic goes ALL the way back!

Amanda is of more noble blood than Diana
See above. The Cavendishes are just cut and dry albeit magic English nobility, regular Downton Abbey people. O'Neill comes from High Kings of Ireland and godesses.

Akko has a crap ear for accents.
Just listing the commonly held idea that the reason everyone has an American accent is because Akko can't tell them apart.

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