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  • Akko's Butt-Monkey status. She usually gets an injury from whatever shenanigan that lands onto her.

    The OVA's 
  • In the first short, when it looks like the girls are unable to defeat the minotaur, Sucy comes in, places a drop of her potion inside the minotaur's mouth, and steps aside as it melts through the floor.
    Sucy: (chuckles, bearing a Slasher Smile) I guess it was a little too strong!
  • Just before blowing up, the dragon looks at the camera and give a very clear Oh, Crap! face.
  • In the beginning of Enchanted Parade, Akko, Sucy, and Lotte are hauled before the headmistress, who asks them rhetorically how many times she's had to see them since day one. Akko, Comically Missing the Point, tries to work out precisely how many times it's been.

    The Game 
  • At one point, Akko turns into Diana in order to trick Hannah and Barbara. While they fall for it, Akko then immediately runs into the actual Diana... Who just looks at her sternly until she drops the disguise.

The Series


  • Any shot of the Principal's office. Look at the hat in the background. It's Rita Repulsa's.

Season 1

     Episode 1: Starting Over  

     Episode 2: Papiliodia  

  • In the beginning, Akko wakes up to and checks if the first episode really wasn't just a dream, even though she's already moved into her school dorm. She then shows the Shiny Rod to Lotte.
    Akko: Check it out!
    Lotte: [still getting up and groggy] The Shiny Rod, right?
    Akko: That's right!
    Sucy: You only told us about it a hundred times last night.
    Akko: [ignoring Sucy] It's Shiny Chariot's magic staff!
  • Lotte lists off the first classes of the day (magic linguistics, magic pharmaceutics, and magic numerology), which just sound like regular college courses with 'magic' at the beginning. Reed Richards' Hogwarts, this is not.
  • The first in a series of Gilligan Cuts.
    Akko: I can't wait to see what magic lessons are like! It's so thrilling and exciting!
    First class's professor: [gesturing to the Wall of Text of Wingdinglish on the chalkboard] Is anybody able to read what I have written on the board?
    Akko: [This Is Gonna Suck face]
  • Sucy turning Akko's hair into a plant. Turns into a Funny Background Event when the plant grows a little in each subsequent scene.


     Episode 3: Don't Stop Me Now  

  • We see Diana showing off during the broom flying class by flying around at high speed, when she stops her broom emits the sound of screeching tyres.
  • Akko trying and failing to fly with a broom in her own time. Made funnier by doing it literally in the middle of school. Made even more funny when she bribes, argues with, and begs to her broom, specifically in that order.
  • Sucy continues to be a top-class snarker.
    Sucy: It was only a hunch before, but now I'm sure that Akko is a moron.
  • Pretty much all of Akko's attempts to quickly learn how to fly after Sucy is motivated to help.
  • The Shooting Star curb-stomping anybody that touches it. It also takes Akko to a tour around the world, including underwater and above the clouds.
  • Sucy casts a spell on Akko's broom to make it "frog hop" across platforms she's meant to fly over - Akko actually seems to find it fun:
    Akko: (cheerfully singing) Ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit, quack quack quack!

     Episode 4: Night Fall  

     Episode 5: Pact of the Dragon  

  • Apparently Luna Nova's toilet runs on magic. So when Sorcerer's Stone gets stolen, a student stares in horror when she can't flush it...
  • When the dragon dismisses the thought of eating Akko, in the subbed version she screams, "How dare you?! I taste great!"
  • The Reveal. Luna Nova owes money to an economic-savvy dragon who repossesses the school's Sorcerer's Stone when the faculty ignored his threat and didn't pay their loan in the past year. The deadpan expressions on Akko, Amanda, and their friends when they find this out is hilarious.

     Episode 6: The Fountain  

  • When Andrew enters the room, every single one of the young witches starts fawning over how handsome he looks, while Diana's uncharacteristically bored look basically says: "I've already seen this play out countless times".
  • A mishap while practicing transformation magic results in Akko spending much of the episode with bunny ears, a pink nose and an all white body. She also gives Andrew donkey ears and a tail trying to use it further.
  • When Akko and Andrew have found the door to the Fountain of Polaris and Andrew is reading the warning.
    Andrew: "Visitors should take head and abide by these words. Do not disturb the slumber of Arcas. Those who encroach upon the fountain beware it's wrath." Well, I would say the wisest choice is to keep our distance.
    Akko: ATTACK! (shoulder smashes down the door)
    (Andrew stands there with an annoyed look on his face)

     Episode 7: Orange Submariner  

  • When Professor Lukić is describing the Cool And Unusual Punishments for using magic illegally in magic law class (and visibly terrifying the students in the process), Akko interrupts her by asking if 'this will be on the test?'
    Lukić: [Beat] That it will.
    • In the English dub, Lukić responds with "...Probably?"
  • The first half of the episode is a celebration of all the things Akko is terrible at, and hilariously so.
    • She tries to levitate a teapot. She ends up throwing everything on her desk at Professor Finnelan.
    • Ursula asks Akko to open a window. It takes her all night.
    • Her next exam is White Magic.note  She un-bends a spoon offscreen.
    • Her broom exam comes up. She hasn't gotten better since episode 3.
    • She tries to kick-start a Hard-Work Montage for an all-night study session. A millisecond later, it Gilligan Cuts to her falling asleep.
    • She tries to make an apple taste better. Cue Waterfall Puke.
    • She tries to transform... something. We don't even have the chance to see it ourselves before she blows it up.
  • Akko's shock when Lotte explains that she's attending school to get a magic tool maintenance licence.
    Lotte: It's a national qualification. Didn't you know? You need the right qualifications to get a job in handling magic tools.
    Akko: Job?
  • There's a culinary magic class, separate from the magic pharmaceutics class.
  • Constanze's Transforming Mecha makes a familiar sound effect.
  • The thing that pulls Akko out of her spiral of despair is not the she would never be like Shiny Chariot, not that she would never become a witch period, but the notion that Diana would be right about her leaving Luna Nova.
  • Akko, desperate for a good grade in at least one subject, tries to bribe her magical philosophy teacher, Professor Pisces, who is literally a fish in a bowl. She tries to give Pisces "fancy water that celebrities drink", and when it turns out that mineral water is really bad for Pisces, Akko panics and starts running around with her, culminating when Pisces slips out of her hands and goes down the drain of a nearby sink.
  • Later, when Akko and her roommates are trying to find Pisces by turning themselves into fish, Akko only manages to get about halfway, making herself look like a Zora.
  • Akko asks that Ursula cover for her while she, Lotte and Sucy go to the sewers to find Professor Pisces. Cue Ursula having a mild panic as students come towards the exam room before tossing a fish lure into Professor Pisces' bowl and hiding under her desk.
    • Even better when Professor Nelson (the flight instructor) walks into the room, looks at the fishing lure which is very obviously NOT Pisces, and asks (completely seriously) if she's changed her look.
      • Which turns into uproarious laughter when Ursula attempts to talk as Professor Pisces with 'Paku Paku!' (Bubble, Bubble) and this only compounds the problem.
  • Akko finding out that her elective class, Magic Philosophy, is actually an advanced class that can only be taken by witches who are fluent in fish language because of Professor Pisces. And she finds all this out the lecture before her final exam.


     Episode 8: Akko's Adventure in Sucyworld  

  • Sucy brewing a potion with intent to awaken all her magical potential, and is set to drink it when she stops herself in case she botched it. She decides to then test it on her 'guinea pig' Akko, before realising that if it worked, it would awaken all of Akko's magical potential, and that would be boring as hell, and drinks the potion herself.
  • Akko wakes up the next morning with the funnel that Sucy put in the night before still stuck in her mouth. When she realizes that they'll be late for class, she throws off her pajamas and changes clothes before finally spitting out the funnel. Yes, this means Akko changed clothes with a funnel still jammed in her mouth.
  • The spell Lotte uses to send Akko into Sucy's mind essentially turns Lotte's wand into a bat, which Lotte bashes Akko in the head with.
  • Several different Sucys are shown in her inner mind, all representing different sides of her. One of them is in the form of an alpaca to show how much she wants to spit on people.
    • Another is the "Easily Manipulated Sucy"... Who looks like a Jedi.
  • At the movie theater, we learn Sucy's vision of Akko is a cartoonish goofball. On top of that, there's a Funny Background Event where Akko decries the cartoon and declares that it doesn't look anything like her only for her film counterpart to mimic her gestures at the exact same time.

     Episode 9: Undead Travelogue  

  • When Akko accidentally revives a dead body, the first thing the body does is introduce himself... except that he realizes that he has Identity Amnesia mid-sentence. He does remember important things though, like he has to take Revenge on somebody and that he left his hat in his coffin.
  • When they catch the dead guy in a bust marketplace and start to make a scene, Akko tries to play it off as All Part of the Show. And pulls it off like a champ, judging by how much money she got when she passed the hat around.
  • The dead guy then tries to look in a garbage bin for his revenge target, because according to him, that's where trash is supposed to be. This attracts the attention of the police, and Lotte has to make up the excuse that the dead guy is her grandfather, that he's a pirate, and pirates have to look in every chest they find in search for treasure. They buy it.
  • In the end, the skeleton reunites with his daughter in front of her mother's grave. They have a touching conversation, before he fades away. The leaves around his wife's rise up, and they form the figure of a man and a woman embracing. The onlookers are all wowed by the sight, and then:

     Episode 10: Bee Affection  

     Episode 11: Blue Moon 

  • Sucy only gets one joke for this episode, and she makes it count.
    Sucy: Wow, Akko's in low spirits? Is an apparition going to come to life next?note 
  • Ursula's attempts to keep up her Clark Kenting, even though it's common knowledge that she and Shiny Chariot are the same age, went to the same school, and have the same eye color. At one point, Akko even points out that Ursula forgot to put on her glasses.
    Akko: Have you ever met Shiny Chariot? Or maybe you were even classmates?
    Ursula: Yes...
    Akko: Really?! Classmates?!
    Ursula: [Overfills her teacup without looking] P-perhaps we were...
    Akko: I can't believe it was true! Wow! What kind of person was Chariot? Did she stand out in class?
    Ursula: I-I suppose...
    Akko: She must've been so pretty!
    Ursula: Some might've agreed...
    Akko: Why did Chariot disappear? Where is she now, and what is she doing?
    Ursula: I can't say...
    Akko: [Beat] I see.

     Episode 12: What You Will  

  • Vajarois the Wailing's And I Must Scream scenario is as bad as any; but nobody, not even in-universe, can take it seriously. She's a giant marshmallow with antlers, for crying out loud.
  • Akko, shapeshifted into Diana, getting humorous revenge on Hannah and Barbara by making them stand outside all night painted up like two KISS members with their hands on their head. The two have long deserved such silliness.

     Episode 13: Samhain Magic Festival  

Season 2

     Episode 14: New Age Magic  

     Episode 15: Chariot of Fire  

  • Ursula's face when she realizes she may have said too much about knowing Croix.

     Episode 16: Pohjola's Ordeal  

  • Akko accidentally knocks Lotte's father, when he's been rendered into a moss statue by the Greenman disease, into the neighbor that he had been talking to at the time the infection took hold of both of them. Their statues end up looking like they're kissing. At which point, Lotte's mother who has come under the same infection somehow moves out of the house solely to smack her husband away.
  • The first ingredient for the Greenman Disease cure is a snowflake that falls from the pine woods. Unfortunately for Akko and Lotte, the snowflake must fall naturally, or else it won't count. After awkwardly waiting for the snow to fall for a good 10 seconds, Akko grows impatient and opts to just kick the tree.
    Akko (kicking the tree): Oops.
  • When retrieving the second ingredient, a berry leaf blown off by the wind, Lotte sternly tells Akko to let it fall naturally this time... and then Akko accidentally sneezes the leaves and berries away.
    Lotte: What did I say?!
    Akko: I couldn't help it!

     Episode 17: Amanda O'Neill and the Holy Grail  

  • Amanda transforms herself into a bifauxen to go undercover at a boys school. Ako transforms herself into a mouse. It's not clear if she did this on purpose or not, because no one comments on it.

     Episode 18: Stanship Take Off!  

  • When all of Akko's attempts to help out end in unmitigated disasters, a very fed up Constanze locks her in a giant cage.
  • After Constanze activates the ship's Humongous Mecha form, Akko delivers a passionate introductory speech a la Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The response from the rest of their friends is as follows.
    Sucy: ...What is that?
    Amanda: Those guys are such morons.
    Jasminka: So cool!
  • The mecha then immediately stops working because all the power got used up by the transformation.

     Episode 19: Cavendish  

  • Akko's "Hitch-HIKE!" scene.
    • And subsequently being squished between Andrew and his father in the backseat of their car.
  • Diana's maid pulls out an old dress for Akko to wear while she stays at the Cavendish mansion. As she despairs at having to let Akko wear it while straightening out her hair, she notes it was specially prepared by Diana's mother... for Diana's eleventh birthday.
    Akko: ELEVENTH?! [Stands up promptly, taking a moment to inspect herself in the dress] ...I don't want to admit it, but it's a perfect fit...
  • The dinner scene. Akko, having no experience with upper class dinner mannerisms, tries to copy Diana at first. By the end she gives up and start shoving bread into her face with her bare hands. Cue an exasperated glance from Diana.

     Episode 20: Intellect and Sensibility  

  • Akko: "you call that poison? Its got nothing on Sucy!"
  • Diana being very tsundere about thanking Akko on the way back to Luna Nova, especially when Akko starts prodding her further.
    Akko: Just one more time!
    Diana: I will absolutely not say it!
    Akko: Don't be so bashful.
    Diana: I'll drop you!

     Episode 21: Discipline  

     Episode 22: Things We Said Today  

  • Another Sucy one-liner:
    Sucy: Diana's looking for Akko? She must be plotting something.
    Lotte: (in a hushed voice) Come on, Sucy!

     Episode 23: Yesterday  

     Episode 24: A Road to Arcturus  

  • Croix's reaction to the Grand Triskellion - a stick making childish bubbles, stars, and confetti - feels like Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Also doubles as Heartwarming Moments. After she finally unlocks the Grand Triskelion, everyone runs up to Akko and dogpiles her before tipping over and falling on the ground.
    • Diana couldn't jump in on the group hug because of said fall, but her expression can be taken as one of amusement at the others' goofiness.

     Episode 25: Changing at the Edge of the World  


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