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Awesome Music / Little Witch Academia

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With a soundtrack composed by the same composer behind Full Metal Alchemist 2003, it's safe to say much of it is absolutely magical.

In general
  • "Chariot's Theme", from both short films and the series proper, is a grandiose orchestral piece that first plays at the Shiny Chariot show that gives Akko her dream, and it encapsulates the sheer epic wonder and awe that her performances brought to her audience.

The short films

The TV series

  • The opening themes by YURiKA are both great, with the first, Shiny Ray, being fittingly upbeat and magical sounding and the second, Mind Conductor, being an energetic rock anthem.
  • Sucy's theme. A very mischievous sounding theme perfect for a very mischievous witch.
  • Dead Heat is an energetic rock piece that plays in "Don't Stop Me Now" during Akko's attempt to ride on the Shooting Star, with the theme doing a good job fitting her determination at the moment.
  • Woodward's theme is a very peaceful and suitably mystical sounding piece with a slight mysterious vibe to it. Ideal for someone like Woodward.
  • Croix's theme, Modern Magic, is a very mechanical and sinister sounding theme that suits Croix's own sinister nature very well.

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