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Tear Jerker / Little Witch Academia

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Tear Jerker page for Little Witch Academia.

The 2017 anime has its own page.

Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You have been warned!

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  • Whatever the reason that Ursula stopped being Shiny Chariot. Every time it is brought up, she shows a face of regret and pain. Doesn't help that most of the magical community (sans Akko) considers Shiny a joke.
  • The tragic falling out of Chariot and Croix, two witches who had once been utterly inseparable and resolved to work together to return magic to the world. In the present, all of their interactions are tinged with bitterness (and from Croix's side, downright resentment). Yet despite everything, its implied that neither have been able to completely let go of the bond they once shared. By the end of the show though, it's left without a doubt that in spite of all the hurt they caused each other, they ultimately still love each other to the point of being willing to sacrifice their lives to protect the other. Thankfully, the finale indicates that their relationship is beginning to mend.
  • A lot of the characters have some pretty sad backstories.
    • Though she wasn't aware of it, it's still really sad how Akko had her magic crippled at the Chariot show. If that didn't happen, she probably wouldn't be the laughing stock of Luna Nova she is today.
    • Diana lost her parents at a young age and was forced to grow up quickly due to being the only legitimate Cavendish heir. It also didn't help that she had her magic drained from the Dream Fuel Spirit and had to restart from scratch to become the skilled and powerful witch she is today. It's also implied that she was ostracized by her nonmagical peers for being a witch.
    • Lotte was bullied for being half-witch and was generally treated like a freak by the other kids.
    • Sucy was abandoned as a baby in front of an orphanage with nothing but a bottle of poison as a hint of whom her parents are. She has also kept said bottle of poison to this day and is trying to trace its origins at Luna Nova in order to find her birth parents.note 
    • Amanda was sent to Luna Nova to learn fortune telling in order to ensure her family's massive, wealthy business empire prospers. Obviously, she's not happy at being treated like that by her family, and this is why she's so rebellious and constantly trying to get kicked out of Luna Nova.note 
    • Jasminka is possessed by a gluttony demon that will escape her body and destroy everything if she does not constantly eat to keep it satiated.note 

    Teri Terio's Manga 
Chapter 2
  • Akko's attachment to her golem, Lemmy. Despite the fact that maintaining his existence was draining Akko of magical energy to dangerous levels and her friends (including Diana) attempts to dissuade her, she still refuses to destroy him due to the love and care she put in creating him.
  • Akko destroying Lemmy when he goes on a rampage and attempts to bring harm to Diana, Hannah and Barbara. It is later implied that Lemmy was sentient enough to recognise his master's dilemma and purposely went berserk to force Akko's hand.
    Akko: "LEMMY YOU DUMMY!!"
  • The scene of Akko bawling her eyes out after looking at the picture Lemmy drew for her following his destruction.

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