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He came from suburban Cleveland, a pop culture geek who had already written several articles for fanzines such as Ugly Things and Animation Planet. One day, thanks to a mention at The Agony Booth, he discovered the greatest web site ever. It was called, and he knew he had to be a part of it. Join him, won't you?

Mark Lungo created and wrote the initial entry for these tropes, in chronological order. He will act as a Page Guardian for them if it ever proves necessary.


Mark is also the creator of the RPG Crimestrikers, which he wrote the entry for himself. (Hey, it's allowed as long as you're objective!)

Pages Mark didn't start, but added to substantially:

  • The World of Vicki Fox: Greatly expanded this page, including adding most of the tropes so far.
  • National Lampoon: Wrote a brief essay about the history of the franchise and its enduring influence on pop culture.

He has also done substantial rewrites of the entries for The Outer Limits (1963), Blood+, Music.The Monkees and The Beatles' Revolver, added a section to Music.The Beatles about their film and TV work, remade Franchise.The Beatles into an index of Fab Four-related articles on This Very Wiki, contributed information about individual titles in The New Universe, added the section on Emperor Charles to the Code Geass Britainnians Character Sheet, wrote the text for Hitoshi Demegawa's entry in Death Note – Side Characters, added Umphrey Bridgeport to the Echo Chamber character sheet, wrote all the character descriptions at the Beavis And Butthead character sheet, added Scat Cat's gang to the character page for The Aristocats, added Bunny and Claude to Looney Tunes character sheet, added an index of series to the UPN page, added Bob Annderson to the Brooklyn Nine-Nine character sheet, added almost every trope (so far) that's on the Professor Amazing and the Incredible Golden Fox page, added all the pics and character descriptions to Characters.Son Of Zorn, added Willow to Characters.Tangled, added Lauren Ipsum to The Fuzzy Princess, and has added examples to countless other entries. He has also added images to so many pages, and moved the namespaces of so many works, that he's lost count. Oh, and he's finally gotten around to joining SPOON.

* After I started these tropes, they were both rewritten. My version of Laconic Time Stands Still: "Read the title, Einstein". My version of Laconic Fish People: "People who look like fish". I have to admit, both the rewrites were improvements.