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Touch and Go Records is one of the most important labels in the Hardcore Punk, Post-Punk and Noise Rock genres.

The imprint began as a Michigan-based punk fanzine that was started in 1979 by Tesco Vee (of The Meatmen) and Dave Stimson. In 1981, T&G evolved into a record label that was co-run by Vee and Necros bassist Corey Rusk. In 1983, Vee moved to Washington, D.C. and gave ownership of the label to Rusk, who eventually moved T&G to Chicago and has run the company ever since. Under Rusk's leadership, T&G signed such leading underground acts as Big Black, Butthole Surfers, The Jesus Lizard, Killdozer, and Slint, among others. While Touch and Go has curtailed its activities over the last few years, the label still exists, albeit mostly through reissues.

Touch and Go Records performers with TV Tropes pages:

Other noteworthy Touch and Go bands:

  • Arcwelder
  • Arsenal
  • Bedhead
  • The Black Heart Procession
  • Didjits
  • Dirty Three
  • Don Caballero
  • Killdozer
  • Die Kreuzen
  • Laughing Hyenas
  • Necros
  • Rapeman
  • Urge Overkill