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  • In Memoriam: The December 2015 strips include a portrait of Ronald W. Schwartz, Eric Schwartz's father, who died that November.
  • Schedule Slip: While it really does update once a month (first day of the month) and is generally on-schedule, it originally featured about four strips with each update; nowadays, at least one is often a Filler Strip, or there may be as few as two, or both.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The strip wears its 90's origins pretty proudly, with early strips making reference to another Sabrina and nods to then current Transformers lines, not to mention the title character's Amiga fanaticism and dated tech. An infamous later series of strips from 2010 involves Imageboards and a canine Trollface. On the other hand, Amiga computers do still have a dedicated fanbase of retro enthusiasts and demosceners and the Warner Bros.-esque style is of high-enough quality that it's barely a concern a decade on.


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