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Headscratchers / Lupin III Part 6

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The Mind Screw episode "Darwin's Bird" raises several questions. Beware of unmarked spoilers! You Have Been Warned.

  • So it's implied that the archangel Michael, working on behalf of God, has hired Lupin's gangnote  to steal Lucifer's fossilized body. Why does the creator of the universe require the help of any mortal, let alone a group of notorious sinners like Lupin and company? As Captain Kirk once put it, "What does God need with a starship?"
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  • Michael is weird and off-putting from the beginning, and Lupin later learns that the mansion he was using was deserted all along. Is he just bad at blending in with ordinary humans and covering his tracks, or does he want Lupin and Fujiko to discover his true nature?
  • After an Imagine Spot and/or mystical experience where she goes through with the job, Fujiko turns it down because she's an atheist. Wouldn't meeting a literal angel cause her to re-evaluate her beliefs (or lack thereof)?
  • How will Lupin and Fujiko explain all this to Jigen and Goemon? "Oh yeah, the archangel Michael tried to get us to steal Satan's corpse because God wanted us to, but we noped out. Just another day at the office!"