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"Oooh God... if there IS one, save my soul... if I HAVE one."

Allah, perchance, the secret word might spell;
If Allah be, He keeps His secret well;
What He hath hidden, who shall hope to find?
Shall God His secret to a maggot tell?
The Koran! well, come put me to the test—
Lovely old book in hideous error drest—
Believe me, I can quote the Koran too,
The unbeliever knows his Koran best.
And do you think that unto such as you,
A maggot-minded, starved, fanatic crew,
God gave the secret, and denied it me?—
Well, well, what matters it! believe that too.
Omar Khayyám

"Fence-sitting, intellectual cowardice."
Richard Dawkins on agnostics

"Well, let me put it this, I'm not going to try to be clever. I really don't know. I just don't know."
Stan Lee, when asked in 2002 about his belief in God

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