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Trivia / Radar Records

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  • What Could Have Been: While Radar Records dealt with several prominent bands, there were several other notable acts that they almost signed.
    • Joy Division recorded a demo for Genetic Records, a Radar sublabel owned by producer Martin Rushent, before deciding to stick with Factory Records. However, the band's back catalog would eventually wind up distributed by Warner Music Group on both sides of The Pond, along with the band's later incarnation, New Order.
    • Siouxsie and the Banshees negotiated with Radar before ultimately signing with Polydor Records.
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    • The Undertones were rejected by Radar (as well as Stiff and Chiswick) before Sire Records signed them.
    • Radar actually released a single by Robyn Hitchcock's early band The Soft Boys. However, when the group finished their debut album A Can of Bees, the label rejected it and gave it back to them. They eventually released it on their own label.