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Miraculous Ladybug

Has a lot of potential, but squanders it in favor of prioritizing merch over creativity/storytelling and bad anime tropes — particularly, the excessive focus on shoujo-esque romance and playing them straight for comedy, ignoring that these can be unhealthy if done badly. Marinette's obsessive behavior towards Adrien and constantly placing him on a pedestal is never something to be developed out of (and she has no reason to, because whenever Adrien notices she's up to something, he doesn't think much of it) and is always used as a joke to move the plot, and makes her a designated hero at times.

As for the toyetic>storytelling priority, it does seem like it's something they're making up along the way if the Pearls/Stones being scrapped for the Magic Macarons is any indication. It also feels at times that they're only introducing new Miraculous users for the sake of it rather than to move the story, even if it does expand the lore.

The show also has a bad problem with scheduling — like normal shows, it would've made more sense to release the episodes in order while the season is done or finishing up production. Releasing episodes out of order whenever they're ready feels unprofessional and rushed.

Star Wars Rebels

Season 1>Season 3>Season 4>Season 2

First of all, animation is not a respected medium, especially not in the Star Wars fandom. If you don't like cartoons, then generally, you're not going to like a Star Wars cartoon. Generally, I encourage anyone to watch them and enjoy them.

That said, Star Wars Rebels greatly suffers from being in the shadow of The Clone Wars and used to propel other stories in a way that takes away from Rebels' own identity.

While Season 1 is seen as the worst season for being the least connected to the greater Star Wars story, I believe this is actually part of why it's the best season in the show by miles.

The rest of the show is encumbered by guest stars, most egregiously with Season 2, where we add The Clone Wars fan-favorites Ahsoka, Rex (and Wolffe and Gregor), Hondo, Vader, and Maul to the cast.

Except... Ahsoka and Vader aren't really there for anything other than the inevitable fight fans have waited years for — Ahsoka doesn't do anything except one cool fight scene, the Vader fight, and then a setup for a post-OT story, presumably the Ahsoka show. Neither does Vader, who mysteriously disappears from the show after the fight with Ahsoka, even though Kanan and Ezra are still out there helping foster the Rebellion and that he'll have to pick up on the Jedi-hunting work now that the Inquisitors are apparently gone.

Speaking of the Inquisitors, Maul also hijacks the status of the personal Dark Side archnemesis for Ezra and Kanan from the Inquisitors. "Twin Suns" is an excellent to end to Obi-Wan/Maul's intertwined arc, at the cost of a proper conclusion to Ezra's arc. According to behind-the-scenes information, scenes about Ezra and the Ghost crew musing upon Ezra (and the absent Sabine) growing up and becoming independent from them were cut, and instead we got Ezra having the very simplistic "Oh no! I should've listened instead of not listening." lesson.

While I enjoy that the messages of Ezra and Sabine's stories are allowing others to the take reins because saving the world isn't their true purpose, I think the show fumbles this up by having the Sabine/Mandalore arc serve as a backdoor to The Mandalorian and using Ezra's arc to tie up two unrelated characters' arc.

Kanan's blindness is also subpar in terms of representation. There are touching scenes like Kanan being able to see Ezra and Hera through the Force in special circumstances and the occasional "Remember? Kanan can't see how cool that is because he's blind.", but Kanan handling his disability and his crippling depression from the end of the Season 2 is resolved in the Season 3 premiere because... the Force. It's not explained much beyond that, and so we get the occasional blunder like Kanan being able to use the Ghost's cannons during dogfights.

Along with overshadowed stories, the show also has a huge problem with Aborted Arcs and suddenly introducing new plot points out of thin air.

  • "By the light of Lothal's moons." would've been a Wham Line about Kallus being Fulcrum... if were ever told about it.

I firmly believe that Greg Weisman's exit from the show after Season 1 is what kneecapped it. Simon Kinberg is okay, and I think Rebels really did show that Dave Filoni didn't/doesn't know how to write economically. From Season 1, it's clear that Weisman had a different storyline for Zeb and Kallus in mind, wanted to do something with the ion disruptors, Zare, Dhara, and Jai's stories to be told onscreen, and so on.


Star Wars Resistance

Season 1 starts a little rough, but it does a really fun job of building up the anticipation to the events of The Force Awakens, with the First Order gradually tightening its grip while everything dissolves into chaos and the characters are caught in the middle of it.

I will agree with the popular sentiment that Season 2 is weaker than Season 1, I think it lost some momentum in returning to the usual Saturday morning cartoon-style episodes in about the first half of the season. Not that they aren't fun, but I think they don't develop the characters as well as they do in other parts of the show.

If anything, I think the show would've benefitted greatly from a Season 3. It really feels like with Season 1 and 2, we were only seeing the beginning of their journey, and it does feel like they were setting up for things that would've eventually been addressed in a longer show (Nena being the Sixth Ranger Traitor who could've had a Heel–Face Turn later, for instance).

As for wasted plots, I think the biggest miss is Kaz not having grief about his homeworld being destroyed and that his family was somehow offworld when it happened. It would've been nice if he could connect that with Leia, especially if the popular fan theory is that his dad was in cahoots with the First Order is true (leading to parallels between Vader and Senator Xiono). I also think that Tam's arc in Season 2 had some misses, like not having Rucklin's friend join them, Tam not having a reaction to learning Hosnian Prime was blown up, and Tierny using Tam as a tool to track down the Colossus ultimately doesn't build up to some master scheme.

Not sure where the complaints about the artstyle are coming from, because as far as cel-shaded CG animation goes, Resistance is really one of the best I've ever seen and is one of Polygon Pictures' best in that field. The art is gorgeous and the character designs are probably the most creative and fun in any Star Wars media.

Part of why Resistance is lambasted is because, like Rebels Season 1, it's not that connected to the greater galaxy. It's very standalone and self-contained. But like my thoughts on Rebels Season 1, that's what makes it stronger because it's able to standalone without needing outside material to understand it.

(The complaint that Resistance is kiddy is the same explanation I'll give for any "kiddy" show; that's... the point. It's a children show and not every children's show is going to be as dark as The Clone Wars. If you don't like cartoons, then you're not going to like Star Wars cartoons in general.)

While being careful not too go aboard with the references, I would've liked more explicit connections to other Star Wars media, like a guest star appearances from Vi Moradi, Captain Cardinal, Kix, and so on, and building up Episode IX. Sadly, I think this is more blame on Disney/Lucasfilm for their poor handling of the Sequel Trilogy's story and lore and the Resistance crew not wanting or not being allowed to Overtook the Manga. Given that The Cavalry in The Rise of Skywalker was supposed to be a message about Badass Bystander and that Resistance was about civilians becoming the Resistance ("We are the Resistance now."), this would've been a great way to end the show.

TL;DR: Most of the cons come from Resistance being too short.

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