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    The Ever Realm lore 

The Ever Realm

Other Disney properties

Gerber is of the opinion that the stories that took place in fictitious settings took place in the Ever Realm.

According to Cinderella in "Once Upon a Princess", the Amulet of Avalor summons "all princesses that ever lived". (How does Cinderella know what the Amulet is? Who knows. Maybe the Fairy Godmother told her?)

Why Mulan, who is not a princess and never becomes one, was summoned by the Amulet is a Riddle for the Ages. Maybe she's a princess at heart? (Or maybe she'll be a Princess of Heart?)

Whether or not Frozen is in the Ever Realm is a bit of a gray area. Given how relatively close the events of the franchise are to modern day, there's no way that the magical aspects of the story (especially a queen who was famous in her time for having ice powers) aren't well-known by the present day. Olaf's Frozen Adventure suggests that Arendelle is a smaller kingdom within Norway.

  • Also worsened by the fact that Elsa got her powers because she was born 1,000 years after a certain alignment with Saturn. If Frozen takes place in the Ever Realm, then either this explanation is also more crazier because the origin of Elsa's powers has to do with an event in another universe and/or this feeds into a theory of mine... more on that later.
  • Craig Gerber seems to be of the opinion that Frozen does take place in the Ever Realm.
  • As Frozen and Tangled share the same universe, this also complicates where Tangled takes place. If Frozen takes place on "Earth", then so does Tangled, and you'd think that stuff like Rapunzel's hair, the Sundrop Flower and the Moondrop Opal, the Dark Kingdom, etc. would also be known in that world's present day.
  • In "The Curse of Princess Ivy", Amber is a fan of Rapunzel and is familiar with her story. However, in "Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle", Sofia has no idea who Olaf is and doesn't seem to be familiar with who Anna is. In addition, in "Winter's Gift", Winter mentions she's heard a story about a princess who could control ice is a well-known story in her village, but this (Winter doesn't know that this princess is probably Elsa and doesn't seem to know the specifics) and the fact that Sofia doesn't seem to know who she's talking about suggests that Frozen isn't very well known, at least to Sofia and Winter.
  • Frozen and Tangled also treat magic/oddities as uncommon. Magic does exist, but it isn't widely known or widely used. It seems miraculous/once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing. Meanwhile, in the Ever Realm, magic and other mystical things are very commonplace (at least in Enchancia/the Enchancian landmass? More on that later.).
  • In Tangled: The Series, there are six kingdoms that neighbor Corona. They are known as the Seven Kingdoms.
    • Kingdoms in Tangled: The Series are Quintonia ("What the Hair?!", might have been faked by Caine, but I have to check again), Equis ("In Like Flynn", it is also a neighbor of Corona), Pittsford ("Not In the Mood", has been in conflict with Corona until the episode), Dark Kingdom (apparently not very well known), Rochester (I must've missed this because I don't remember hearing this kingdom before).
  • I have two theories for this:
    • There are three different worlds involved. The Ever Realm world, the "real world" (i.e. the Earth where Tiana and the Darling siblings come from), and the Tangled/Frozen world.
    • The Earth and the Ever Realm are in the same universe this whole time. The second star to the right is a wormhole/portal, teleporting whoever goes through it to a distant part of the same universe. Nobody knows this because science/magic isn't advanced enough yet to know this.

Gerber was of the opinion that Beauty and the Beast took place in the Ever Realm, but it was pointed out to him on Twitter that Lumiere says they're in France ("After all, miss, this is France!").

Pocahontas never showed up in person because the crew couldn't come up with a story that satisfied the executives. I would guess that this is probably because Disney didn't want to reopen wounds of the controversial racial depiction of indigenous people in Pocahontas. However, she is referenced in the Secret Library boat ride.

Some version of The Nutcracker story happened due to the existence of the Sugar Plum Fairy.


In Elena and the Secret of Avalor, we learn that there are two main landmasses (three, if you count Antarctic-like landmass at the bottom of the map). Enchancia and Avalor are on two separate landmasses. Amber complains that the distance between Enchancia and Avalor is so far.

Judging by the interactions between the Enchancian and Avaloran officials in Elena and the Secret of Avalor, the two kingdoms are widely unaware of what's going on in each other's kingdoms. It would not be unreasonable to think that the same applies to their respective landmasses as well.

  • No one from Enchancia except for Sofia (who only knows because of Alacazar and the Amulet) knows the truth behind Shuriki's rule over Avalor.
    • Meanwhile, in "Prince Too Charming", King Juan Ramon of the neighboring kingdom of Cordoba says that he's heard about how Elena defeated Shuriki, which suggests that he was indeed aware of Shuriki's coup and totalitarian rule over Avalor.
    • The jaquins, being the guardians of Avalor, certainly knew the truth. Migs, Skylar, and Luna assume that Sofia and her family are allies of Shuriki and know about her dictatorship, which is why they're initially hostile to Sofia before she explains her mission.
  • Shuriki is surprised to learn from Roland that Enchancia is full of magic and magical creatures and starts considering invading it for its magic potential instead of negotiating a trade deal.

In Elena and the Secret of Avalor, Shuriki learns from that Roland that Enchancia is abundant in magic and magical creatures,

Enchancia's Landmass

As members of the Tri-Kingdom Area, Enchancia borders Khaldoun and Wei-Ling.

In "Pirated Away", the Cloudless Sea seems to be one of the Seventeen Seas. It is close enough to travel to from the Royal Palace.

To find the Golden Maiden of the Seventeen Seas: Cloudless Sea->Shark Isle->Sea of Swimming Swords (swordfish-infested seas)->Icy Sea->follow the Evening Star of Khaldoun->whirlpools->where the full moon is reflected.

Avalor's Landmass

In Elena of Avalor, the map in the council room only shows Avalor's landmass.

In "Prince Too Charming", Elena and Gabe travel from Avalor to Cordoba by boat. Elena intends to build a bridge between Avalor and Cordoba to make travelling easier, but spends the episode unsure where to put it until they find San Prado River, a river between the border of Avalor and Cordoba.

In "Royal Rivalry", Avalor and Paraiso are neighboring kingdoms. Victor, Carla, and Shuriki attempt to cross the border into Paraiso (there's a stream, but that's not a major geographical area of note).

Nueva Vista is on the west coast of Avalor. Therefore, Coronado is also located on the west coast of Avalor.

In "Snow Place Like Home", Victor, Carla, Cruz, and Vestia fly over the bridge into Cordoba. This seems to be where the Delgado household is.

In "The Jewel of Maru", the former capital of the lost Maru civilization is Tepet Muul.

In "The Gecko's Tale" (I think), the royal family goes to Ophidian Island, which Abuelo says is one of the best vacation spots in all of the Seventeen Seas.

In "Naomi Knows Best", Avalor and Cariza are close enough that you can sail between them in a couple of hours. Cariza is also probably close to Cordoba.


The Ever Realm has one sun and one moon.

In "Enchanted Science Fair", we're shown a solar system.

In Elena and the Secret of Avalor, we see a full globe and a different solar system in the topography room (I guess that's what it's called?). These maps are the first time we've seen them (IIRC).

"The Mystic Isles" is the first instance that "Ever Realm" is used.

In scenes at Isabel's school and "Class Act", we see a globe of the Earth, the constellations are similar to ours, and the solar system is ours (also seen in Sofia the First. Mars and Mercury seem to have gone the way of Pluto (jk).

Craig Gerber came up with the idea that Neverland and the Ever Realm take place in the same universe as the show went along.

Relation to the "real world"


Navidad is celebrated in Avalor. Buena Noche is also celebrated in Avalor. Navidad is named for Nativity, the birth of Jesus Christ. Now, I suppose it is possible that this is referring to the birth of someone else, because the term later became a regular word (i.e. "This is the place of my nativity.").

La Semana Santa (Holy Week, AKA the week leading up to Easter Sunday, otherwise known as the resurrection of Jesus Christ) is also celebrated in Avalor.

Gerber: [asked if Avalor celebrates La Semana Santa and if we will see it in the show] Avalor does but we won't be focusing on it in the show.

Dia de la Candelaria (Candlemas, which happens on February 2) is also celebrated in Avalor.

Gerber: [asked if Avalor celebrates Dia de la Candelaria and if there will be an episode about it] They [Avalor] celebrate it but there won't be an episode about it.

Naomi mentions in "The Way We Do Navidad" singing sequence in "Navidad" that she celebrates Christmas. We can assume from this that Christmas is a major holiday in Norberg.

Naomi: On Christmas, the boats all set sail.

Santa Claus doesn't exist in the Ever Realm.

Carnaval is celebrated in Avalor. This is based off of the Brazilian Carnival, which celebrates Ash Wednesday, AKA, the beginning of Lent (the forty-day period before Easter Sunday).

The river that creates the natural boundary between Avalor and Cordoba is called San Prado. "San" means "saint" in Spanish (ex. San Francisco is named for Saint Francis of Assisi, San Diego is named for Saint Didacus of Alcalá, San Antonio is named for Saint Anthony of Padua, etc.), so this river is presumably named for a saint.

As Latin America is predominantly Roman Catholic, it can be assumed that Avalor and its fellow Latin-based kingdoms are predominantly Catholic or something similar to it.

In Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent says she has "all the powers of Hell". In Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Christmas (never watched it so IDK), Forte also says "Hell".

Hanukkah is celebrated in the Ever Realm.

Sofia's First Christmas is not canon.


The Mystic Isles

In "The Mystic Isles", it's explained that all the magic in the Ever Realm originates from the Mystic Isles. All mystical creatures including dragons and mermaids originated here via themselves or their ancestors.

Types of Magic

Craig Gerber has stated that there's different kinds of magic.

Question: Is Shuriki a practitioner of dark magic?
Gerber: Yes, but not all dark magic is the same. She is not a malvago. She comes from a different magical background. There are many ways to use magic in the Ever Realm. The spells, powers and methods differ. On a side note, there are no color rules to malvago tamboritas.

Avaloran sorcery

In Elena of Avalor, we are introduced to Avaloran/Maruvian sorcery and malvagos.

You can only become a malvago if you are turned into one by another malvago. Other sorcerers (such as Shuriki) cannot turn people into malvagos. Shuriki was aware of this (knowingly lied to Victor and Carla) and Victor and Carla were not. Not sure if Fiero knew, need to go back and check.

Malvago tamboritas don't have color rules (black/dark magic, for ex.).

Craig Gerber has stated that tamboritas and wands have "somewhat different magic", but different spells.

Question: Do Enchancia witches use dark magic too?
Gerber: There are many types of witches and they use many types of magic. There aren't just two "flavors" of magic. In certain cases, some spells could be used for good or bad purposes depending on who is using it.

Enchanting magic

In "Beauty is the Beast", we're introduced to Zinessa, who turned Princess Charlotte into a beast for being a jerk to her friend, Morris the Goblin. The curse would only be lifted if she learned her lesson. The episode is a huge reference to Beauty and the Beast, where the Prince was cursed by an enchantress into becoming a beast for calling her old woman form ugly and the curse would only be lifted if he found true love before the magic rose lost all of its petals.

Gerber has clarified that Zinessa isn't a sorceress, but an enchantress. The difference is that enchantresses "are more fun at parties".

Genie magic

In "New Genie on the Block", the effects caused by genie magic can only be undone by the genie who caused it.

There are 204 rules that genies must follow. In Aladdin, there were three rules (although they seemed to have been established by Genie):

  1. Genie won't kill anyone.
  2. Genie won't make anyone fall in love.
  3. Genie won't bring anyone back from the dead. (He gestures like a zombie and says that doing this rule "[is] not a pretty picture", so he could break this rule, but they would Came Back Wrong.)

Fairy magic

In "The Mystic Isles: Undercover Fairies", on the Isle of Fairies, a Pixie Cup is held and whoever wins it gets a fairy wand. Young fairies must pass this test in order to get their magic wands from the Pixie Cup when it opens. If someone steals all the magic from the Pixie Cup, no fairy will ever get a magic wand again and the beautiful magical things that fairies do will vanish forever. This competition is held in the Fairy Forest.

  • Dream fairies (like Snoozle) have dreams that always come true because they predict the future.
  • Fairies can have babies and children.
  • Chrysta is seen as different and bad from other fairies, because she is not gentle (because she wanted to be a Protector). She failed the Pixie Cup because of this.
  • Etheria is an air fairy from Upper Breezia.
  • Flurry is a frost fairy.
  • Bridget is a brownie, AKA, a wingless fairy.
  • Sofia's cover story is that she's an exchange fairy from the Ever Realm.

This episode also introduces the Sugar Plum Fairy, the fairy in The Nutcracker play.

In the Disney Fairies book "Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand", there are Great Wanded fairies and Lesser Wanded fairies. The queen of Great Wanded fairies is Queen Tutupia, the tallest of the Great Wanded fairies.

In "Royal School Fair", Merryweather says that she thought about becoming a tooth fairy. This means that there are multiple tooth fairies and some probably go/reside in the "real world".

The Fairy Godmother and Tizzy are fairy godmothers.

Orizaba is a moth fairy.

So let's see what fairy species there are:

  • Mystic Isles Fairies
    • "Talents" (or some other name, like attributes or elements or something)
      • Dream (Snoozle)
      • Frost (Flurry)
      • Air (Etheria)
      • Crystal (Chrysta)
    • Brownies (wingless fairies) (Bridget)
    • The Sugar Plum Fairy
  • Neverland Fairies
    • Pixie Hollow Fairies
      • Talentsnote 
    • Wanded Fairies
      • Great Wanded Fairies
      • Lesser Wanded Fairies
  • Fairy Godmothers
    • Cindrella's Fairy Godmother
    • Tizzy
  • The Three Good Fairies
    • Miss Nettle
    • Maleficent (an evil fairy)
  • Tooth fairies
  • The Blue Fairy
  • Moth fairy

Avaloran creatures

Charoca and Charica are Rocadors, based off of the Chilean myth of Cherufe.

Amulet of Avalor mechanics

In "Winter's Gift", when Tiana is summoned, she says that she knew ahead of time that she'd be summoned to help Sofia because of Mama Odie. Most of the princesses were told ahead of time about being summoned by the Amulet.

In "Beauty is the Beast", Sofia is summoned to help Princess Charlotte when Charlotte was in possession of the Amulet in the past.

In "Day of the Sorcerers", it is revealed that the Amulet was created centuries ago by the ancient Maruvians using magic from the Codex Maru.

In "The Secret Library", the Amulet can act as a compass to the Secret Library while the holder is holding the book that is the key to the Secret Library. It will glow blue, unlike its other abilities, where it glows purple instead.

After Elena is freed from the Amulet, the Amulet turns from purple to red.

Trapped in the Amulet of Avalor

Gerber has stated that Elena has magic in her that can be channeled through her Scepter of Light and "maybe other ways TBD". But no Amulet powers or powers like Sofia.

Gerber has stated that Elena could direct the Amulet's powers while in it and call for help (i.e. summon) but she wouldn’t know who would come.

Gerber has stated that while Elena could control the Amulet's magic, she couldn't release herself because Shuriki's spell is "part of" why she's there.

The amulet has a magic crystal.

Shuriki's spell on Elena was stronger than Sofia inadvertently wishing herself into the Amulet and being dragged in by Vor, which is why Sofia and Prisma only needed a spell to escape whereas Elena needed something stronger.

In the Amulet, the people inside are not flesh-and-blood, but magical spirits. They could have flown if they wanted to. It's not the same as in the real world.

Hexley Hall

Cedric attended Hexley Hall as his alma mater.

Greylock the Grand also went to Hexley Hall.

Wendell Fidget attends Hexley Hall, but he is frequently suspended for bad behavior.

Gerber: Wendell attends Hexley Hall, when he is not suspended for bad behavior.

Hexley Halls spans from prep school years to finishing school years.


Alacazar is not dead, but his "being" is "obviously" separated from his body and is bound to the book. This may be returned to in the future?

"The Lost Pyramid" introduces Princess Cassandra, who is also an archaemagicalogist — she studies magical objects from ancient times.

Fliegels are different from witches.



Wormwood has considered leaving Cedric before.

Gerber: 1) Wormwood has thought about leaving Cedric before. Fed up w/ incompetence and insufficient wickedness.
2) After "Hexley Hall", Wormwood could speak to anyone he likes. Beforehand, only Sofia and other animals.


Elena and the Secret of Avalor happens before all the episodes where the Amulet is "ruby pink".

Gerber: The events of Elena & Secret of Avalor occur before all the eps where the amulet is "ruby pink". Some eps aired b4 movie.

In Season 4, "Hexley Hall" is the only majorly important episode that definitely takes place after Elena and the Secret of Avalor.

Gerber: Hexley Hell is the only key ep that really needed to air after Secret of Avalor.

Cedric's birthday is in January and he is a Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19/20).

Gerber has confirmed Cedric is in his late thirties. Roland is a year older than him and also in his late thirties.

Sofia the First takes place in 2-3 years.

Elena of Avalor is supposed to take place over the span of five years according to Gerber.

Although Avalor is post-colonial Latin America in design and culture, there was no historical colonizing.In Sleeping Beauty, Philip says that it takes place in the 14th century (something along the lines of "But father, this is the 14th century!"). Gerber is of the opinion that the Three Good Fairies flew from some land in the Ever Realm to Enchancia to start Royal Prep, and the heavy fantastical elements of Sleeping Beauty are probably not going to be in the "real world". The 14th century is also 1300 years after something. Could be Anno Domini or Common Era (Common Era was invented as a term to replace Anno Domini) or some other event in the Ever Realm.

Frozen: Main story takes place at the end of July in 1839. link. This also means Tangled took place sometime before that due to their cameos in the movie (we don't know if this is post-Tangled, post-Ever After, or post-series, but I think this at least takes place after the series because:

  • Obviously, Rapunzel's hair is short at the end of Tangled until "What the Hair?!" and probably at the end of the series to Ever After and beyond.
  • Assuming that the series ends with Eugene successfully proposing to Rapunzel, it makes more sense for a princess to go out and attend royal duties with her reformed fiancee/husband and also turned out to be a prince of a hidden kingdom than her recent ex-criminal boyfriend that she met relatively recently.
  • Shows Rapunzel's Character Development into a mature young woman who can represent her kingdom at other royal celebrations without incident.
  • You'd think Rapunzel and Eugene would make a bigger deal out of a queen turning out to have magical ice powers, because maybe she has something to do with the Sundrop/Moondrop/cosmic stuff if this happened during the series.

Birthdays follow zodiac personalities?

JMRollie's timeline

A very long time ago:

  • "Forever Royal"
    • Vor was the first villain in the Ever Realm. She was defeated by the Protectors, sealed into a locket (the Locket of Vor), and her magic ring was separated and put into nine objects (the Wicked Nine) that were spread out throughout the Ever Realm (and apparently the "real world") that would eventually fall into some of history's most devious villains (Maleficent, Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine, Ursula, Jafar, Shan Yu, Mor'du, Mother Gothel, Dr. Facilier).
      • The Sundrop Flower is one of the Wicked Nine.

A very long time ago:

  • A cosmic event causes a single drop of sunlight and a single drop of moonlight to "fall from the heavens", creating the Sundrop Flower and the Moondrop Opal/Moonstone. They long to be reunited.

Centuries ago:

  • Lord Demanitus conducts research on the Sundrop and the Moondrop.

Centuries ago:

  • "The Lost Pyramid"
    • Ancient Khaldoun used hieroglyphs.
    • Hizzan steals the Oasis Stone, turning Khaldoun from a lush valley into a desert.
    • Hizzan creates the five Lost Pyramids of Khaldoun, builds them in a hand pattern, and hides his treasures in them. He hides the Oasis Stone in the fifth pyramid.

A long time ago:

  • The three fairies found Royal Prep after the events of Sleeping Beauty. This was before Roland II started attending Royal Prep.

A long time ago:

  • I forgot which episode, it's the one about Rapunzel getting a portrait
    • Robin XI was ruler of Corona. He was the only Robin of a long line of Corona monarchs.
      • We don't know if he was before or after King Herz Der Sonne.

A long time ago:

  • "Under Raps"
    • For years, Corona (led by King Herz Der Sonne) and Saporia (led by General Shampanier) were at war with each other. The war ended with Saporia being absorbed into Corona and King Herz Der Sonne and General Shampanier marrying each other.
      • We don't know if this was before or after Robin XI.

1000+ years ago (around 900 AD)

  • The Never Beast

100 years ago or something BS:

  • "Princess Jade"
    • Jade's great great aunt (great grandparents' generation), Frederika, was the architect for the Enchancia Royal Castle.

January or earlier, 39-36 BS:

  • Roland II is born (is a year older than Cedric).

January 1-19/20, 38-35 BS:

  • Cedric is born.

About 34-31 BS:

  • Roland II probably starts attending Royal Prep.

33-30 BS:

  • Cedric probably starts attending Hexley Hall.

Around/during 30-29 BS:

  • "The Secret Library"
    • Tilly is the current owner of the Amulet and the current Storykeeper of the Secret Library. Tilly describes herself as a little princess during this time (so Sofia's age (8-10/11)?).
    • This happened around 30 years ago.

29-25 BS:

  • Miranda is born.
    • I seem to remember reading that Miranda is in her late twenties but I might be wrong.
    • Might be 29-26 BS to prevent implications of underage sex and pregnancy (so the youngest she'd be when she had Sofia is if Miranda were born in 26 BS (18 years old)).

20-15 BS:

  • Ivy is born.
    • The Disney Princesses are 14-19 (Snow White to Tiana/Cinderella). Ivy looks older than Snow White, so removing her changes the age range to 15-19. I might just take this out, though.

Sofia and Oona are too young to understand, Emmaline was around, "years ago":

  • "The Floating Palace"
    • A ship goes into Merroway Cove and the sailors try to catch some merpeople. Many merpeople are hurt and they stop going up to the surface to prevent being seen by humans and aboveworlders.
    • Emmaline was around during this time and dismisses Sofia and Oona as being too young to understand this tragedy or how evil humans are.

During Emperor Quon's rule with Wu-Chang as his royal sorcerer, "years ago":

  • "Princesses to the Rescue!"
    • The Jade Jaguar steals people's gold and jewels. Quon and Wu-Chang negotiate with him to get him to stay in his cave.

At least nine months before Amber and James' births (November-December?), 10 BS:

  • Roland II uses the Wishing Well to wish for him and Lorelei to have children.

August 1-22, 9 BS:

  • Amber and James are born as twins. Amber is older than James by seven minutes.
  • After giving birth, Lorelei passes away.
  • August is their birth month and they are Leos.

October 6, 8 BS:

4 BS:

  • I forgot which episode
    • Sofia knew how to sail at the age of four. Presumably, Birk taught her (implied by Gerber).

4-3 BS:

  • Birk probably died during this time.

3 BS:

  • "Dads and Daughters Day"
    • Birk is probably gone by this point. Sofia doesn't know what to say about either of her fathers when she was five years old.

0 YS (first year):

  • Once Upon a Princess
    • Sofia is gifted the Amulet of Avalor by Roland II.
    • Sofia is 8 during this time.

???, 0 YS:

  • "Just One of the Princes" (A: 101; P: 101)
    • Sofia joins the Flying Derby team for Royal Prep.
    • Minimus debut.

???, 0 YS:

  • "The Big Sleepover" (A: 102; P: 102)
    • Sofia's first Royal Slumber Party

???, 0 YS:

  • "Let the Good Times Troll" (A: 103; P: 103)

???, 0 YS:

  • "Cedric's Apprentice" (A: 104; P: 104)
    • Sofia's first sorcery class

???, 0 YS:

  • "A Royal Mess" (A: 105; P: 105)

???, 0 YS:

  • "The Shy Princess" (A: 106; P: 106)
    • Princess Vivian, Crackle, and Queen Cecily debut
    • Three days

???, 0 YS:

  • "Blue Ribbon Bunny" (A: 107; P: 108)
    • A village fair
      • The next day is a Pet Contest

???, 0 YS:

  • "The Princess Test" (A: 108; P: 110)

???, 0 YS:

  • "Baileywick's Day Off" (A: 109; P: 107)
    • Baileywick's birthday

???, 0 YS:

  • "Tri-Kingdom Picnic" (A: 110; P: 109)
    • Annual Tri-Kingdom Picnic

???, 0 YS:

  • "The Little Witch" (A: 111; P: 111)
    • Lucinda has been in Sofia's village for some time now, ever since "a few months" after Sofia left in Once Upon a Princess

???, 0 YS:

  • "Two to Tangu" (A: 112; P: 112)

???, 0 YS:

  • "Finding Clover" (A: 113; P: 113)

???, 0 YS:

  • "The Amulet of Avalor" (A: 114; P: 114)

???, 0 YS:

  • "The Buttercups" (A: 115; P: 115)
    • Two days

???, 0 YS:

  • "Make Way for Miss Nettle" (A: 116; P: 116)
    • Debut of Miss Nettle

???, 0 YS:

  • "The Amulet and the Anthem" (A: 117; P: 117)
    • Annual Harvest Festival
    • Two days
    • Sofia learns that the Amulet punishes the wearer for bad things.

???, 0 YS:

  • "Tea for Too Many" (A: 118); P: 118)
    • Royal Prep Tea Party
    • Two days

October (31), 0 YS:

  • "Princess Butterfly" (A: 119; P: 119)
    • All Hallows Eve/Halloween
      • All Hallows Eve Costume Ball
      • Amber has won the ball the previous two years. She wore a pixie costume last year.
  • Episode continues the next day.

???, 0 YS:

  • "Great Aunt-Venture" (A: 120; P: 120)
    • Sofia goes to the carnival for the first time.
    • Sofia meets Aunt Tilly for the first time.

???, 0 YS:

  • "The Baker King" (A: 121; P: 121)
    • Villager's Ball

Summer, 0 YS:

  • "The Floating Palace" (A: 122; P: 122, 123)
    • Summer vacation

December, 0 YS:

  • "Holiday in Enchancia" (A: 123; P: 124)
    • Wassailia

???, 0 YS:

  • "Four's a Crowd" (A: 124; P: 125)

August 1-22, 0 YS:

  • "Two Princesses and a Baby" (A: 201; P: 202)
    • Amber and James's birthdays.

Second Sunday in May, 0 YS:

  • "Mom's the Word"
    • Mother's Day


  • "Enchanted Science Fair":
    • Enchanted Science Fair
      • Science fairs are usually in the spring (apparently, March).


  • "Baileywhoops"
    • Enchancia Royal Jubilee (the kingdom's birthday)
    • Greylock mentions he hasn't seen Cedric since the big school reunion (referring to Hexley Hall).
    • King Magnus states that when his kingdom, Rudistan, had a royal jubilee (presumably the most recent one and apparently Enchancia wasn't invited) that lasted for a month.
    • King Magnus gifted Enchancia a statue of him for last year's Royal Jubilee too.

December, 1 YS:

  • "Winter's Gift"
    • Wassailia
    • Tiana hasn't celebrated Christmas yet (she says that she plans to cook a nice meal for her loved ones).
      • Tiana celebrates Christmas according to The Princess and the Frog tie-in books.

???, 1 YS:

  • "The Leafsong Festival":

???, 1 YS:

  • "Minding the Manor" (A: 305; P: 305)

???, 1 YS:

  • "The Secret Library" (A: 306; P: 310)
    • Tilly shows the Secret Library to Sofia.
    • About thirty years after Tilly's time as the Storykeeper as a little girl with the Amulet.
    • Though it is a sequel to "Minding the Manor", it does not take place right after it.

January to late February, 1 YS:

  • "The Secret Library: Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle" (A: 314; P: 318)
    • Real life snowdrop flowers tend to bloom during Jan. to late Feb. (i.e. winter to early spring)


  • "Gone with the Wand" (A: 315; P: 314)
    • Calista and Cordelia debut. Sofia meets Calista.
    • Sofia won a competition at school, so takes place during the school year.


  • "Dads and Daughters Day"
    • Dads and Daughters Day
      • During the school year (Sofia, Amber, and their classmates).


  • "Beauty is the Beast" present day


  • "Cauldronation Day"
    • Lucinda's Cauldronation Day

Beginning of Royal Prep's summer break (0 BE):

  • Elena and the Secret of Avalor


  • "Camp Wilderwood"


  • "Royal Vacation"


  • "Hexley Hall"
    • Probably takes place after school starts again in the fall (late August to September), because Cedric's excuse of helping Sofia with her alchemy class homework can only work if she should obviously be back in school during her visit to Hexley Hall. If it were summer homework, Cedric probably would've said that?
    • Sofia says she's been noticing her Amulet has been acting differently and decides to check it out now.
    • The only major episode that has to take place after Elena and the Secret of Avalor (references to Elena and the Maruvians).


  • "Day of the Sorcerers"
    • Conjurers' Conference


  • "Through the Looking Back Glass" present day (A: 409;


  • "Princess Jade" (A: 410;
    • School Swap Day between Royal Prep and Dunwiddie School. Jade is selected.

???, 2 YS:

  • "Ivy's True Colors" (A: 411; P: 417)

October 6, 2 YS:

  • "The Birthday Wish" (A: 417; P: 408)

October 31, 2 YS:

  • "Too Cute to Spook" (A: 412; P: 411)
    • Halloween
    • Should take place after "Through the Looking Back Glass" because Cordelia and Calista live in the palace now.

???, 2 YS:

  • "Pirated Away" (A: 413; P: 418)
    • Minotaur Meteor Showers every year.
    • Captain Quivers and his crew have been looking for the Golden Maiden for 15 years.

???, 2 YS:

  • "The Mystic Isles: The Falcon's Eyes" (A: 414; P: 416)
    • Start of the Wicked Nine arc.

???, 2 YS:

  • "The Mystic Isles: The Great Pretender" (A: 415; P: 419)
    • Part 2 of the Wicked Nine arc.
    • During the school year.
    • Merlin says that the school year is entering its final semester. Sofia's class will be doing Advanced Alchemy for the rest of the year.
      • This is probably in January/early February.
    • After announcing this, the first project is due tomorrow and we see this.
    • Archimedes debut.

December, 2 YS:

  • "The Mystic Isles: A Very Mystic Wassailia" (A: 416; P: 415)
    • A few days before Wassailia.
    • Last Protectors' meeting of the year.

???, 2 YS:

  • "In Cedric We Trust" (A: 418; P: 421)
    • Part 3 of the Wicked 9 arc.
    • Dunwiddie Museum opening.
    • Wormwood betrays Cedric.

???, 2 YS:

  • "The Mystic Isles: Undercover Fairies" (A: 420; P: 425)
    • Pixie Cup is a flower that blooms every year
      • Probably in spring because that's when flowers bloom. So March, April, May.


  • "A Royal Wedding" (A: 421; P: 420)
    • Tilly and Bartleby get married.
    • Roland learns that Amber is his heir.
    • James decides to be a knight, now that he won't be heir/king.


  • "The Royal School Fair" (A: 422; P: 423)
    • Amber and Sofia (and someone else) plan on going to the Ever Realm Academy after Royal Prep.
    • Hildegard and Kalid plan on going to the School of Royal Fashions.
    • Clio and Vivian plan on going to the Performing Arts Academy.
    • Zandar, Jun, and Desmond plan on going to the Institute of Science and Alchemy.
    • James (and two others) plan on going to the Chivalry Hall.
    • Zooey and Frederick plan on going to the School for Adventure.
      • Therefore, this must take place after "A Royal Wedding".


  • "The Lost Pyramid" (A: 423; P: 426)
    • A Princess Adventure meeting: Zooey says that next week, they will present their discoveries on the Scroll of Discoveries.
    • The fifth Lost Pyramid is discovered. The Oasis Stone is also found and returned.


  • "Return to Merroway Cove" (A: 424; P: 422)
    • The Royal Family visit Merroway Cove.
      • Spring Break? Probably not Mid-Winter Break, because it'd be too cold to want to go to the beach. So February to April?
    • Part 4 of the Wicked 9 arc.


  • "The Elf Situation" (A: 425; P: 427)
    • Takes place after "The Royal School Fair".
      • The kids are going to go to their new schools soon. This is April, May, or June?


  • "Forever Royal" (A: 426; P: 428, 429, 430)

Elena of Avalor timeline

BE means how many years before Elena and the Secret of Avalor. YE means how many years after.

"Centuries ago"

  • At some point, the Maruvians created the Amulet using a magic crystal from the Mystic Isles and magic from the Codex Maru.
  • At some point, a Maruvian wizard sealed Orizaba into the Spirit World before she could use the Eye of Midnight.
  • Amalay, the last Royal Wizard of the Maru, created the Scepter of Light.
  • At some point, the Scepter of Night was created.
  • The Maruvians disappeared into the Spirit World after using the Jewel of Maru to drive back shadow spirits that attacked them. This was a mystery until Amalay revealed this to Elena in "The Jewel of Maru".

100-ish BE (IDK if that's the right number):

  • Luisa is a little girl during this time.
  • Luisa's parents own and operate a chocolate shop.

About 59-57 BE (before Elena's birth):

  • Esteban is born.
    • It is stated in the press release that Esteban is Elena's older cousin (although they could have been mistaken and meant that he's older than her post-coup, but he was originally her younger cousin).
      • It is stated that Esteban is in his fifties. In order for him to be Elena's older cousin but still be in his fifties by the beginning of Elena of Avalor, he had to have been born in this time range.

About 57 BE:

  • Elena is born.

About 51 BE:

  • Isabel is born.

About 50-48 BE:

  • Esteban's parents are lost at sea while traveling by ship through a storm near the Northern Seas. After this, Luisa and Francisco take in Esteban and move into the Royal Palace.

42 BE:

  • Elena and the Secret of Avalor prologue:
    • Elena celebrates her 15th birthday and is given the Amulet of Avalor by Queen Lucia.

41 BE:

  • Elena and the Secret of Avalor prologue:
    • Elena is 16?
    • Around this time, Esteban (and Victor) makes a deal with Shuriki.
      • It would be logical to assume that they made the deal shortly before she attacked Avalor.
    • After these events, Shuriki kills King Raul and Queen Lucia. Alacazar seals Isabel, Francisco, and Luisa into a magical painting while Elena confronts Shuriki and is sealed away in her Amulet. A little bit later, Alacazar retrieves the Amulet and flees the castle and begins a journey to free Elena.

After 41 BE (post-coup):

  • The Amulet falls into possession of Princess Charlotte, Grand Mum(?), Matilda/Tilly, and possibly Ivy for a brief time when she was very young somewhere along the lines (ask Alacazar).

Before 16-20 BE (Marisa and Marzel's births):

  • "Song of the Sirenas" flashback:
    • Camila almost drowns, but is saved by Pescoro.
    • Sometime later, Camila and Pescoro marry.

About 16-20 BE:

  • "Song of the Sirenas" flashback:
    • Marzel is born.
    • Marisa is born.

19/18 BE:

16 BE:

  • Mateo is born.
    • Promotional material states that he is sixteen (at the beginning of the show). Says so in his Funko Pop description.
      Sixteen-year-old Mateo, as the grandson of Alacazar, and a wizard-in-training, is very interested in all things magical, be they spells, creatures or items. He is constantly seen trying to perfect his spells, yet sometimes his self-doubt and overly cautious nature can keep him from doing so. Yet if Elena and friends need him to, he will put all his fears aside and protect them with his magic, whether they want him to or not.

16/15 BE:

  • "My Fair Naomi":
    • Naomi is born.
      • In "My Fair Naomi", she celebrates her birthday between "King of the Carnaval" (Feb/Mar) and "Realm of the Jaquins" (at least first half of summer). So her birthday is between Feb/Mar to June/start of July.
      • Would guess she's an Aries (last half of March to first half of April) due to personality.

Summer, 0 YE:

  • Elena and the Secret of Avalor
    • 41 years since the coup

???, 0 YE:

???, 0 YE:

  • "Model Sister" (A: 102; A: 102)

???, 0 YE:

  • "All Heated Up" (A: 103; P: 103)

???, 0 YE:

  • "Island of Youth" (A: 104; P: 104):
    • Esteban's birthday. Starts in the morning/noon, ends in the afternoon/sunset.

???, 0 YE:

  • "Spellbound" (A: 105; A: 105)
    • Official ceremony to induct Mateo as the new Royal Sorcerer.

???, 0 YE:

  • "Prince Too Charming" (A: 106; P: 107)

???, 0 YE;

  • "Finders Leapers" (A: 107; P: 106)

Summer (towards the end of summer (July/Aug to Sept)), 0 YE:

  • "Royal Retreat" (A: 108; P: 108):
    • Royal Retreat.
      • Seems counter-intuitive to have a vacation groupie after the summer.

October 31, 0 YE:

  • "A Day to Remember" (A: 109; P: 109):
    • Dia de Los Muertos. Starts in the morning, ends at sunset.

???, 0 YE:

  • "The Scepter of Light" (A: 110; P: 110)
    • The eclipse happens every two or three hundred years.

December 23, 0 YE:

  • "Navidad" (A: 111; P: 111):
    • Day 1 of Navidad preparations. Begins in the morning, ends noon. Elena suggests that the entire city celebrates Navidad in the park together.

December 24, 0 YE:

  • "Navidad":
    • Noche Buena.
    • Day 2 of Navidad preparations. Begins in the morning/noon, preparations end in the noon/afternoon, the paranda happens at night.

???, 0 YE:

???, 0 YE:

  • "Flight of the Jaquins" (A: 113; P: 115)

???, 0 YE:

  • "Crystal in the Rough" (A: 114; P: 112)

???, 0 YE:

  • "The Princess Knight" (A: 115; P: 113)

???, 0 YE:

  • "Captain Turner Returns" (A: 116; P: 117)

February/March, 0 YE:

  • "King of the Carnaval" (A: 117; P: 116):
    • Carnaval in Avalor.
    • Probably takes place in February/March because Carnival happens when Ash Wednesday does, which is in February or March.

???, 0 YE:

  • "My Fair Naomi" (A: 118; P: 119):
    • Naomi's 16th birthday happens on a Saturday this year. This is revealed at least two days before her birthday.
      • We don't know the exact number of days because we don't know how long the "Brightest Light of the Ball" sequence took place.
    • Naomi is staying at the Avalor Palace for a week because her parents are out of town. They were supposed to miss her birthday, but came back just in time.

???, 0 YE:

  • "Spirit Monkey Business" (A: 119; P: 118)

???, 0 YE:

  • "Wizard-in-Training" (A: 120; P: 122)

Summer, 1 YE, exactly a year after Elena and the Secret of Avalor:

???, Summer, 1 YE

  • "The Gecko's Tale" (A: 122; P: 123):
    • Takes place during vacation. Presumably summer vacation?


  • "Party of a Lifetime" (A: 123; P: 125)


  • "Blockheads" (A: 124; P: 126)


  • "Masks of Magic" (A: 125; P: 124)

October 31, 1 YE:

  • "The Jewel of Maru" (A: 201; P: 201):
    • Dia de Los Muertos.

December 25, 1 YE:

???, 1 YE:

  • "Royal Rivalry" (A: 202; P: 202)

???, 1 YE:

  • "The Curse of El Guapo" (A: 203; P: 203)

???, 1 YE:

  • "Three Jaquins and a Princess" (A: 204; P: 204) :
    • Annual Avalor Bake-Off
    • Birth of Migs and Dulce's triplets.
    • Isabel is eleven years, three months, and two days old.

???, 1 YE:

  • "A Spy in the Palace" (A: 205; P: 205)
    • Jaquin Festival

Two days before the Avalor Science Fair, 1 YE:

  • "Science Unfair" (A: 206; P: 206)
    • Isabel presents her project at her school. Senorita Marisol has her represent the school at the Avalor Science Fair in two days.

About a week after "A Spy in the Palace", 1 YE:

  • "Science Unfair":
    • Avalor Science Fair.
      • In real life, science fairs are usually held in late winter/early spring (apparently March). This places this episode about Jan/Feb/Mar/April.
      • Assuming "Class Act" happens at the end of March/beginning of April, this probably eliminates the end/late half of March and the entirety of April from when "Science Unfair" happens. Therefore, this is probably Jan/Feb/early March. There's also a "weeks"-long Time Skip between "Science Unfair" and "Rise of the Sorceress".
    • Carla reports to Shuriki. Shuriki is unpleased that she's seemingly accomplished nothing in the past week.

"Weeks" since "Science Unfair", 1 YE:

  • "Rise of the Sorceress" (A: 207; P: 207)
    • Starts in the morning, ends at sunset.
    • Sunflower Festival
      • In real life, sunflowers typically bloom in the summer and fall. But this is late winter/early spring, so this episode cannot take place in the summer and fall.
    • Shuriki says that it's been weeks since Carla last reported in back in "Science Unfair".

Shortly after "Rise of the Sorceress", 1 YE:

  • "Shapeshifters" (A: 208; P: 208)
    • Luna's birthday.

???, 1 YE:

  • "The Scepter of Night" (A: 209; P: 209)

???, 1 YE:

  • "The Race for the Realm" (A: 210; P: 210)

???, 1 YE:

  • "A Tale of Two Scepters" (A: 211; P: 211)

End of March/Beginning of April, 1 YE:

  • "Class Act" (A: 212; P: 212)
    • Isabel starts taking a class at the Science Academy.
      • Assuming the Science Academy uses quarters and not semesters, this probably means she started in spring quarter. In my experience, spring quarter starts late March/early April. It would be too late for her to be taking spring semester and she doesn't appear to be taking summer semester because she spends her summer at Nueva Vista.
    • Gizmo Gwen is at least 18 if she's taking college at the Science Academy, assuming she wasn't allowed early entry like Javier and Isabel.

???, 1 YE:

  • "All Kingdoms Fair" (A: 213; P: 213)
    • Esteban is of the opinion that it only took Armando two years to become a good chief of staff. This means Armando was hired by Shuriki some months (this year plus the previous year) to a year (2 years ago to the events of this episode; i.e. so far this year plus the previous year plus part of the year before that) before Elena and the Secret of Avalor (because it hasn't been exactly 2 years since EATSOA yet).

???, 1 YE:

  • "A Lava Story" (A: 214; P: 214)
    • Completion of the Bienvenido Bridge from "Prince Too Charming"

Summer, 2 YE, months since "Rise of the Sorceress":

  • "Song of the Sirenas" (A: 215; P: 216, 217)
    • 43 years since the coup. 2 years since Elena returned.
    • Esteban states that it's been months since they've learned Shuriki is alive.
    • Elena is 18.

Summer, 2 YE, the day after the end of "Song of the Sirenas":

  • "The Tides of Change" (A: 216; P: 218)
    • Starts in the morning.
    • Takes place like the day after "Song of the Sirenas".

Summer, 2 YE:

  • "Two Left Fins" (A: 220; P: ???, probably 219)
    • Royal Retreat
      • Although this aired after "The Return of El Capitan", this is chronologically before this because the Royal Retreat happens before Dia de Los Muertos judging by the placement of "Royal Retreat" and "A Day to Remember". Also confirmed to be in this order according to Gerber.

October 31, 2 YE:

  • "The Return of El Capitan" (A: 217; P: 222)
    • Dia de Los Muertos
      • Starts in the morning, ends at sunset.
    • Although this aired before "Two Left Fins", this is chronologically after that because the Royal Retreat happens before Dia de Los Muertos judging by the placement of "Royal Retreat" and "A Day to Remember". Also confirmed to be in this order according to Gerber.

???, 2 YE:

  • "Finding Zuzo" (A: 218; P: 215)
    • Gabe asks for permission from Elena to look for Victor and Carla.
    • Although the production number is before "Song of the Sirenas", this obviously takes place after that.

???, 2 YE:

  • "Movin' On Up" (A: 221; P: 220)
    • Mateo moves into the Avalor Palace.
    • It would make sense that this takes place before "Snow Place Like Home", because in "Snow Place Like Home", Mateo makes a deal out of possibly missing celebrating Noche Buena with his mother at their house. It would be more urgent because Mateo is visiting his mom rather than returning home.

December 24, 2 YE:

  • "Snow Place Like Home" (A: 219; P: 221):
    • Noche Buena
      • Starts in the morning/noon, ends at afternoon/night.
    • It would make sense that Mateo has already moved into the Avalor Palace (so after "Movin' On Up"), because Mateo makes a deal out of possibly missing celebrating Noche Buena with his mother at their house. It would be more urgent because Mateo is visiting his mom rather than returning home.

Post-December 25 to somewhere in January, 2 YE:

  • "Not Without My Magic" (A: 222; P: 223):
    • The Delgados are beginning to readjust to life with each other.
      • It's possible that the Delgados' scenes take place closer to right after "Snow Place Like Home" while Elena's side takes place later (ex. the Delgados' scenes could be a couple of days after "Snow Place Like Home", Elena's side could take place a month later). There is nothing in the episode that suggests these plots took place at the same time.

???, 2 YE:

  • "Luna's Big Leap" (A: 223; P: 224)
    • Luna leaves the group to join the Royal Guard.

???, 2 YE:

  • "Naomi Knows Best" (A: 224; P: 225)
    • Elena and co. are able to travel by ship to and from Avalor and Cariza within one day.

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