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Newsround, Newsnight,
iPlayer website,
Toni Arthur, Brian Cant,
Spooks and Adam Adamant,
Postman Pat, Blackadder,
Hancock and Yes, Minister,
Later... with Jools Holland, Pride,
And Prejudice, Hitch-Hiker's Guide,
World Service, Stewart Lee,
Mr. Benn, Casualty,
6 Music, Glastonbury,
Horrible Histories,
Dennis Potter, CBeebies,
Quatermass and Two Ronnies,
The Thick of It, Radio 3,
Open University,
Kermode and Mayo,
Round the Horne, The Goon Show,
Blake's 7, Dick & Dom,
Last Night Of the Proms,
Gardeners' Question Time,
Last of the Summer Wine,
Steptoe and Son,
Clangers and The Young Ones,
Edge of Darkness, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,
Letter From America, The Mighty Boosh, and QI,
Panorama and Bagpuss,
I, Claudius, Absolutely Fabulous.

I'm proud of The BBC,
It's part of you and it's part of me,
It's just this and lousy weather,
That holds us together.
I'm proud of The BBC,
It's not too slick, but it was never supposed to be,
It's comfort and inspiration,
For the nation.

John Motson, Red Dwarf,
Our Friends in the North,
Culture Show, Woman's Hour,
Charlie and Lola,
Alan Partridge, Sherlock,
News At Six O'Clock,
Live Aid, Likely Lads,
Michael Palin, no ads,
This Life, That's Life,
Life On Earth, The Good Life,
Captain Pugwash, Tony Hart,
Till Death Us Do Part,
Ken Bruce, News Quiz,
Keeping Up Appearances,
Outnumbered, Miranda,
Who Do You Think You Are?,
Kirsty Wark, Paxman,
Parkinson and Wogan,
Tripods, Fireman Sam,
The Ascent Of Man,
One Foot in the Grave,
Ben and Xander, Rob and Dave,
Antiques Roadshow,
David Attenborough,
Bruce Forsyth with The League of Gentlemen,
Hairy Bikers Being Human In the Night Garden...,
Have I Got News for You,
You And Me, Me And You,
Monty Python, Doctor Who!

I'm proud of The BBC,
It's part of you and it's part of me,
We're not just listeners and viewers,
It belongs to us.
I'm proud of The BBC,
And at least it doesn't pretend to be free,
And it's nothing to what we'll pay,
If it goes away.

Top Gear, Merlin,
Ivor the Engine,
Watchdog, Wimbledon,
Springwatch, Formula One,
Blue Peter, Swap Shop,
Five Live, Top of the Pops,
Trumpton and The Archers,
That Was the Week That Was,
Goodies and Songs of Praise,
World At One, The Day Today,
Sorry I Haven't A Clue,
Not the Nine O'Clock News,
Nationwide, Mr Men,
Doctor Who again,
Bottom, Gary Lineker.
Radio 1, Radio 2,
Did I mention Doctor Who?
Ripping Yarns, Johnny Ball,
Test Match Special,
Bergerac, "Perfect Day",
Radio Active, Howards Way,
Jeremy Hardy, Final Score,
Everything on BBC Four,
Only Fools, Sky At Night, and Shooting Stars,
Pete and Dud, Teletubbies and Life On Mars,
Radcliffe and Maconie,
Jackanory, Bit Of Fry And Laurie,
Children in Need appeal,
Douglas Adams, John Peel!

I'm proud of The BBC,
Like everybody has the right to be.
As British as midsummer showers,
And it's ours.
I'm proud of The BBC
If we let it go then it's gone perpetually,
And even if you don't always choose it,
You'll know what you had if you lose it,
And it wouldn't be the same without it,
No doubt about it.

I see The Wombles, I see The Office,
I see Nigella on The BBC,
I see Rolf Harris, I see Sue Barker,
And Bob the Builder on The BBC,
I hear The Now Show, and Brian Matthew,
And Steve Lamacq on The BBC,
I see Gavin, I see Stacey,
Eric and Ernie on The BBC,
I hear Bob Harris, and Ask Elvis,
And Just a Minute on The BBC,
I see Doctors and Fawlty Towers,
Gordon the Gopher on The BBC,
I see Z Cars, I see Grange Hill,
And Graham Norton on The BBC,
I see Mary, I see Mungo,
I see Midge on The BBC.

"This is the BBC." [sound of falling shell followed by explosion]
"It used to be so popular."
Wallace Greenslade and Peter Sellers, The Goon Show (beginning of various episodes)