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The world's longest-running current affairs documentary series, Panorama was launched on 11 November 1953 on BBC television and has aired continuously ever since. Focusing on investigative journalism, it has had many presenters. The original one, Pat Murphy, only lasted one episode after accidentally broadcasting a technical mishap. It is often confused by people with Horizon.


  • April Fools' Day: The (in)famous "spaghetti trees" episode.
  • Pedophile Priest: In 2006, covering an institution established by Pope John XXIII designed to instruct on how to cope with these allegations. Then in 2010, an edition titled "What The Pope Knew" dealt with Benedict XVI's alleged involvement in covering up sex abuse scandals and was broadcast just three days before the Pope's first UK visit in three decades.
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  • Streisand Effect: When the Church of Scientology uploaded footage to YouTube of a Panorama presenter losing his temper, the resulting publicity boosted that episode's ratings. Made worse a few years later when a follow-up episode showed that the presenter - along with former Church members - had been harassed by Scientologists.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: The producers were criticised rather harshly in the press when it came to light that they'd been considering making an episode on the sexual abuse allegations against Jimmy Saville but ultimately decided against it, for the admittedly quite good reason that they couldn't find any actual proof because none of his victims had come forward at the time.


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