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"I'll tell you a story,
About Jack a Nory,
And now my story's begun,
I'll tell you another,
Of Jack and his brother,
And now my story is done."

Long-running BBC show, originally broadcast from 1965-1996, in which a famous person would read a well-known children's book, typically in 15-minute chunks over the course of a week. The stories ranged widely, with Fairy Tales, Roald Dahl, Winnie the Pooh, The Land of Green Ginger and The Moomins amongst many others. The storyteller would be in a location reflecting the story, and illustrations would appear.

The show was relaunched in 2007, with John Sessions reading Muddle Earth and Sir Ben Kingsley reading The Magician Of Samarkand. These had more of a dramatisation aspect to them than the originals, especially Muddle Earth. This did not lead to a further season, although Jackanory Junior was launched, reading picture books on CBeebies.

This show contains examples of:

Alternative Title(s): Jackanory Playhouse