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Series / Till Death Us Do Part

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A rare moment of civility in this householdnote 
The classic Britcom that inspired All in the Family.

'Till Death Us Do Part is a British situation comedy created by Johnny Speight. The series centered on Alf Garnett (Warren Mitchell), a highly conservative, working-class man who espouses racist and anti-socialist views, and his family consisting of his long-suffering wife Else (Dandy Nichols), his more open-minded daughter Rita (Una Stubbs) and her lazy socialist husband Mike Rawlins (Anthony Booth). Alf and Mike regularly clashed over their opposing world-views, representing the generation gap between younger, more left-wing British citizens and older, right-wing citizens as well as addressing the increasingly prevalent political issues in British society.

The series aired on BBC1 from 22 July, 1965 to 16 December, 1975. Alf Garnett became an iconic figure in British culture and Mitchell would continue playing the character on stage and television until Spieght's death in 1998.


Tropes pertaining to 'Till Death Us Do Part

  • Straw Character: Much like Archie Bunker after him in the States, Alf Garnett was a racist, borderline anti-Semitic idiot whom the audience was meant to laugh at and disagree with. However it backfired, as he became an idol to people who seemed to miss that fact that he was created, scripted and acted by Jews.
  • Transatlantic Equivalent: This series inspired Norman Lear to create an American remake that would eventually become All in the Family.
  • Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: Alf is a bigoted, loudmouthed boor who constantly argues with his family and was clearly meant to be disliked by the viewers, yet also proved to be a great source of hilarity.