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As the title may imply, Question of Sport (known before 2021 as A Question of Sport) is a Panel Show about sport, made by The BBC.

The show started with a pilot episode, broadcast only in Northern England, in December 1968. It has been on "continuously"note  since going national on 5 January 1970 - the longest-running game show in Britain. As of its most recently completed series in 2022, it's aired 1,330 episodes. In December 2023, it was announced that the series had been shelved, but with the possibility of returning in the future.

Follows the format you'd expect of panel shows, with a host, two teams (consisting of two guests and a captain) and various quiz rounds.


The rounds generally played are:
  • Picture Board - Contestants pick a square from a numbered grid which will correspond to a photo of an obscured sports personality, of whom they have to guess the identity. In 2021, this round was altered, under the title "Starting Eleven".
  • Sports Action - Contestants are asked questions about a montage of sports clips.
  • What Happened Next? - Sporting footage is played and contestants will have to figure out what hilarity ensued. No longer played as of 2021.
  • Mystery Guest - A montage is shown of a sports star dressed in disguise, who has to be identified. This round can be quite funny, for example when former Rangers player Ally McCoist failed to recognise his own boss.
  • Observation Round - A montage of sporting action, followed by detail-based questions ("How many football players were seen wearing yellow shorts?").
  • Home Or Away - Standard quiz questions. Contestants can choose "Home" questions, which are easier (usually about their own sports) but worth less, or "Away" questions, which are harder but worth more.
  • Captain's Challenge - A newer round, where team captains engage in some sort of wacky challenge.
  • Sprint Finish - Played at the end of the episode, the captains have up to sixty seconds to act out up to ten sporting terms for the remaining members of the team to guess. Dropped in 2021.
  • On the Buzzer - The teams play head-to-head, answering as many sporting questions as possible in sixty seconds, answering after pressing their buzzer. Played at the end of the episode, this game used to alternate with Sprint Finish, but after the latter game was dropped in 2021, On the Buzzer is played as the final round in each episode.


  • Celebrity Star: This show has the honour of being the only quiz show where a member of the royal family, Princess Anne, appeared as a panelist.
  • Crossover: The series crossed over with its more raucous comedy counterpart, They Think It's All Over, in 2002 and 2004 for Sport Relief. Sue Barker captained the Question of Sport team for both specials, accompanied by Ally McCoist and John Parrott in 2002 and by Ally again and Frankie Dettori in 2004. Rounds imported from A Question of Sport for both specials included the Picture Board, "What Happened Next?", and the One-Minute Round.
  • Long Runner: It first aired in 1968 as a pilot, started its run in 1970, and after interruptions in 1973 and 1978 has been airing continuously since 1979. Despite its longevity, it has had four main presenters: David Vine (1970-1977), David Coleman (1979-1997), Sue Barker (1997-2021), and Paddy McGuinness (2021-present).
  • The Points Mean Nothing: Averted, with competitive sportsmen as panellists. Less of a thing as the show has got more comedic in recent years, but the Bill Beaumont / Ian Botham era was very competitive.