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Series / Przygody Psa Cywila

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Przygody psa Cywila ("The adventures of Cywil the dog") is a Polish seven-episode series made in 1968-70 (yes, Heroic Pet Story meets Buddy Cop Show is Older than You Think), optimistic, idealistic and nice (despite the protagonists working for MO).

A Training Facility for Militia Dogs has a new litter of puppies - unfortunately, there's seven of them, which means one has to be put down (who came up with these rules?). Seven proves to be a lucky number, though, as sergeant Walczak, who has a soft spot for Precious Puppies, steals the surplus one to raise it himself. Named Cywil translation , the puppy grows up to invert Dogs Are Dumb spectacularily - so spectacularily he does, in the end, get to be a police dog.

And so they go on to thwart criminals!


Look at the tropes Cywil found:

  • Accidental Kidnapping: Wounded Cywil is found by a guy who (obviously) has no idea it's a police dog.
  • All Dogs Are Purebred: German shepherds. Justified in that, well, it's a popular breed for police dogs.
  • Bomb Disposal: In the last episode two kids go to play with some unexploded bombs. Frantic search ensues.
  • Canine Companion: Police dogs. Goes with the job.


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