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Showing these housewives are not only desperate, but decadent.

"Fox. Nothing like it."

Ways in which fur garments have shown wealth, status, and glamor in TV shows.

  • 2 Broke Girls: In one episode the girls break into Caroline's old town house, and decide to swipe some clothes. Max immediately goes for the fur coats. It sets off an alarm, so the girls have to grab as many as they can.
  • Adam Adamant Lives!: Jones wears a white fox stole when she infiltrates an evil escort service in "Death By Appointment Only".
  • Sydney in Alias has worn some furs when going undercover as a Socialite, including a white fox jacket where she tells the concierge at a hotel not to touch her fur... all right he could touch it once.
  • In Ashes to Ashes (2008) Alex wears a fox coat as part of her call girl outfit.
  • The All in the Family episode "Edith Gets a Mink".
  • Are You Being Served?: A few times a fur was a minor plot point. One was when a lady comes in to buy a fur, and Hilarity Ensues when Mrs. Slocombe and Mr. Humphries compete for the commission.
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  • In the first episode of the short-lived US version of As If, Nikki asks Jamie to get her white fur jacket for her as she leaves the club. As she puts it on she brags of the type of fur, but Jamie thinks she's giving a term of affection, so calls her "Honey Bunny".
  • Emma Peel of The Avengers (1960s) wore a few furs, as well as some other ladies.
  • Banacek: The girl Banacek brings back to his house at the start of "Horse Of A Slightly Different Color" is wearing a fur coat, which she takes off as she she drapes herself seductively in front of the fireplace.
  • In season 10 of Bridezillas, Roxy Morris (a former contestant on Survivor) wore a white rabbit fur jacket with her Fairytale Wedding Dress.
  • The opening of Cagney & Lacey ends with both ladies walking in the station, and Cagney is wearing a coyote fur jacket.
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  • In an episode of Call the Midwife Princess Margaret makes an appearance at the hospital, to help raise awareness for it, and she's wearing a mink wrap.
  • 1954's Casino Royale adaptation in "Climax!" has Valerie Mathis wear a particularly big mink coat.
  • A few characters in Castle wear fur.
    • When Richard imagines the back story of a mobster's moll and the guy she ran off with, Richard casts himself and Kate in those parts. When "Kate" first appears, she's wearing a huge white fox wrap.
    • Martha goes on a shopping spree, including a fur coat, but she assures him its fake.
    • When Richard's ex, Meredith, shows up a second time, she's wearing a lynx fur jacket.
  • The girls in Charlie's Angels would sometimes go undercover as models or Socialites, which would often involve wearing very fancy furs.
  • One of Phoebe's outfits in Charmed was a white sweater with the sleeves covered in white fur.
  • In the final season of China Beach, when we meet K.C. twenty years later as a successful businesswoman, she is wearing an enormous fur coat— matching her hair color.
  • A poster for The Client List showed the main character lying on a bed with a leopard print coat covering her body.
  • Dallas has many, especially if it was thick and fluffy, like fox, lynx, or sable.
  • Decoy: Casey wears a fur coat when she goes undercover as a socialite in "Necklace of Glass."
  • Designing Women had a number of furs (and even on that dealt with the anti-fur movement, although Suzanne still wore furs after that).
  • Desperate Housewives has a few, like the sable coat Bree wore to seduce her estranged husband.
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show: Laura wears several mink wraps to parties and events.
  • A Different World: Whitley wears a number of furs, with her most common being her full length blank mink coat.
  • Juliet in Dirty Sexy Money wears furs to some events, including a mink jacket and a chinchilla coat.
  • Nyssa, one of the companions in Doctor Who, had a few outfits, and one of them included a fur-trimmed jacket with Giant Poofy Sleeves and a fur muff.
    • Tegan spends much of "The Five Doctors" in a fur coat; worn over a short, summer dress and high heels.
  • Dynasty (1981): The rich Carrington women have plenty of furs, especially Alexis.
    • One scene involved Sammy Jo Carrington trying to buy a mink at a salon, and the snobby sales lady thinks Sammy is just good enough for a cheap fox.
    • The Colbys: Added to its spin-off parent Dynasty in terms of fluffy coats.
  • In Elizabeth I (2005) the eponymous queen in one scene wears a gown trimmed with ermine and an ermine muff.
  • In the first episode (before Elizabeth becomes queen) of Elizabeth R, the princess's "finest gown" includes ermine sleeves.
  • In the E True Hollywood Story episode of Tonya Harding, one of her friends mentioned that Tonya wanted a fur coat, like all the other girls she skated with, and her dad eventually saved up and bought her a little rabbit fur coat. While her friend talked about it, there was then a reenactment clip showing a girl lacing her skates while wearing a white rabbit jacket.
  • A case in Father Dowling Mysteries involved a victim who had a lynx coat. Sister Stephanie can't resist trying it on, just for a moment.
  • In the Four Weddings episode "And a Shark Tank", Celeste wears a white rabbit wrap (with two puffballs) over her Fairytale Wedding Dress.
  • In Frasier, it's mentioned that Maris has an ermine lap robe, and her sister wore an ermine muff that she used to smuggle a chihuahua into an opera (neither is shown, because both characters were never on screen).
  • Phoebe on Friends even gave into this trope for a short while. When she gets a mink coat as a present, she's horrified at first... until she notices how she looks in it.
    "I mean, you really think this looks good? (Sees herself in the mirror.) 'Cause I do."
    • When Phoebe and Mike get married, Mike's mother wears a white fur coat to the wedding.
  • Fresno: Couldn't properly spoof shows like Dallas and Dynasty without 'em. In one scene, Kane's wife walks out on him, gabbing lynx coat as he complains that she'll catch cold.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Due to the very cold weather, a majority of the Northerners wear fur coats. This works well with both House Stark and House Mormont, whose respective Animal Motif are the wolf and the bear. In a behind the scenes special, some of the stars are taking a moment to make obvious Sarcasm Mode comments about how "unattractive" actors Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) and Richard Madden (Robb Stark) are. Lena Headey, who plays Cersei, includes this line:
    Lena: Yeah. And then putting fur around them just makes it worse.
    • Sansa Stark wears furs in her wedding to Ramsay Bolton and during Battle of Bastards she wears a fur-lined cloak.
    • In Season 7 Daenerys rides North beyond the wall on dragon back and dresses to the nines to do so in a smoky silver fur overcoat that could perhaps be made from the Hrakkar white lion pelt that Drogo gave her in the books; especially when we see the tail cloak looks to be a type of tiger pelt.
  • Margo in The Good Life had a white fox wrap.
  • In an episode of Gossip Girl, Serena attends a family picture wearing a black dress and a white faux fur wrap.
  • In the second episode of Happy Families, Cassie wore a white fur wrap for an autograph signing.
  • Jennifer in Hart to Hart had a number of furs, from fox wraps, to lynx coats, to mink coats.
  • Hotel even starts an episode with a fur fashion show.
  • In I Love Lucy Lucy and Ethel constantly ask their husbands for mink stoles and coats of various fur types.
  • In a skit in the TV version of The Jack Benny Program Jack went on a failed date with a girl who wore a fox fur wrap.
  • The Jeffersons: A few furs showed up, including Tom buying Helen a red fox jacket after taking a stock tip from George.
  • The Jerry Springer Show: In a "Too Hot for TV" special involving porn stars, one showed up wearing a full length fur coat. When Jerry asked why, she said she "I heard it was cold in Chicago. Wore my fur". It also allowed her to do a bit of teasing to the audience before fully revealing herself.
  • Kids Incorporated: During their cover of "You're a Friend of Mine" in the episode "The Gift". One girl tried on a white fur coat, and another tried on a white fur stole.
  • Since most of the different Law & Order series take place in New York city, high society ladies often show up wearing furs.
    • In Law & Order: Criminal Intent a witness identifies a lady's connection to a con man by the Russian sable coat she often wore to meet him.
  • The characters in Leverage would often hold their jobs at events where fur wraps were worn by the rich ladies attending.
    • Sophie spent much of one season away due to the actress's pregnancy. The scenes she appeared in put her in clothes to hide the baby bump, such as a long white fur coat.
  • One skit in Love, American Style was "Love and the Fur Coat", where a guy tried to get his mistress a fur coat, but his wife ends up getting it instead.
  • Several of the ladies in Mad Men either buy furs themselves or are given them by their husbands.
  • Lady Morgana from Merlin wore a mink stole in several episodes, and Princess Mithian turns up in a long white fur coat.
  • Mike Hammer: Several ladies in the 1980s series.
  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Phryne Fisher has a fondness for fur wraps and fur-trimmed coats.
    "Fox. Nothing like it."
  • Mission: Impossible: Casey wears a mink coat over an extremely low-cut cocktail dress while playing The Vamp in order to get close to the main bad guy in "The Lions".
  • Maddie of Moonlighting wore quite a few furs, mostly foxes.
  • Some fur show up in Murder, She Wrote.
    • A long mink coat is worn by an heiress who's lover mysteriously dies on a plane.
    • A lady in a sable coat shows up at her estranged parents house. She later drunkenly goes skinny dipping, puts the fur over her naked body, and then flashes everyone in the room.
  • In a MythBusters episode exploring James Bond myths, Kari put on an evening gown with a fur wrap, just to get that classic Bond Girl look.
  • An episode of My Wife and Kids was Mike and Jay At the Opera Tonight, and in their booth they met a rich old man and his Gold Digger girlfriend who is wearing a black fur wrap.
  • The Naked Truth: Nora had a white fur coat for a Christmas episode.
  • The New Avengers: Purdey dons a fur coat when she poses as a gangster's moll in "Faces".
  • Newhart: Stephanie wears a couple mink coats.
  • In the flashbacks in Once Upon a Time, some of the noble and royal ladies wear furs in winter.
    • Glinda has a white jacket with a white fur collar, and Zeldana has a black one.
    • Ingrid, the Snow Queen, wore a coat and cape each trimmed with white fur.
    • When Emma is sent to an alternate reality where she grew up a princess, she wears a few dresses and capes trimmed with ermine.
  • Katja, an ill-fated character in Orphan Black, wears a light brown fur jacket.
  • Popular takes place in a school for rich kids, so it has a fair number of furs, such as coats worn by by Mary Cherry (including a lynx coat) and her mother (including a chinchilla coat).
    • One of the students has younger sisters who are twins. The twins ask Nichole and Mary Cherry to teach them how to be Alpha Bitches. When Nick and Mary meet the twins at their home, the twins are wearing matching black mink jackets.
  • In the Quantum Leap episode "Goodbye Norma Jean", Sam leaps into Marilyn Monroe's chauffeur, and Marilyn of course wears some furs. Her first scene is her wearing a white fox wrap. In the finale, she shows up at the studio wearing a white mink jacket. Her assistant (who is trying to use Marilyn to boost her career) goes Naked in Mink in Marilyn's white fox coat while she's alone at the house.
  • In winter episodes of Road to Avonlea, some furs were likely to be worn, mostly collars, hats, and muffs. In one episode, two ladies recall how jealous one was when the other got a white fur muff as a girl (the first girl even though it was ermine when it was a less expensive fur).
  • Russell's mother in Rules of Engagement wears a chinchilla wrap when she takes him out to dinner.
  • In Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Halloween is treated just like Christmas, so in the first season episode, "A Halloween Story", the Spellman's attend a party held by Aunt Marigold, and everyone is dressed like it's a Christmas party, with Marigold wearing a cocktail dress with a fur neckline. Meanwhile on Earth, Harvey is throwing a regular Halloween party, and one of the guest is dressed as a 50s prom queen, topped with a white rabbit fur shoulder wrap.
  • Saturday Night Live has fur show up in appropriate skits, from spoofing classic movies to Socialites showing their wealth.
  • Schitt's Creek: Moira owns multiple fur and fur-trimmed garments but is rarely seen wearing them because the show usually takes place during the summer. She does wear a fur coat and hat during the Christmas Episode, during which Johnny reminds her she had once worn a fur coat to a Christmas PETA benefit. Moira's response:
    Moira: I heard Peter benefit. Bogdonavich loved a mink.
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl, in an episode where she wears a short white rabbit cape.
  • Selfie: Eliza wears quite a few fur vests and jackets as part of her Costume Porn.
  • Sex and the City: So many furs are worn by the main characters. And in keeping with the "Everything's Better With" spirit of this trope, the furs are some of the few outfits worn more than once.
  • Silver Spoons: Kate wore a few furs, like a mink cape and silver fox coat.
  • Six Feet Under: Celeste wears a full length lynx coat.
  • Suits: Jessica wore a silver fox fur wrap to a date.
  • Tales from the Darkside: The episode "The Old Soft Shoe" starts with a lady in a blue fox coat showing up at a motel, and a guy tries to hit on her (after he assured his wife on the phone was just getting his car towed). The lady in the fur brushes him off, and she lives through the episode unlike that guy.
    • Another episode starts with a gal in a bus stop wearing a white and brown rabbit fur jacket.
  • The characters in Taxi sometimes pick up rich ladies wearing furs.
  • The Twilight Zone (1959): Some furs are worn in some episodes, such as "Twenty-Two", and especially in "A Nice Plact to Visit" to show the supposed grand nature of the place.
  • The Twilight Zone (1985): In "Night of the Meek", Mr. Dundee had a fur coat custom made for his wife for Christmas. He is furious when a junior salesman accidentally sells it. Henry Corwin later pulls the coat out of his magic Santa sack and gives it to Dundee.
  • With all the high fashion in Ugly Betty, furs are of course worn, particularly Wilhemina who once went Naked in Mink with a sable jacket, and offered a lady any one of her furs for an important favor.
  • In the revival of Upstairs Downstairs Agnes wears a number of furs, including a fur-trimmed jacket when she sails to London in the first episode.
  • Among the Costume Porn in the Victorias Secret Fashion Show includes some fur trim. One outfit Tyra Banks wore was a white bikini with a white fox wrap and a Showgirl Skirt trimmed with white fox.
  • Lagertha in Vikings makes an occasional appearance wearing a snow-white wolf fur on her shoulders, which reminds of her ascension from a humble farmer to high social position.
  • Jennifer Marlowe of WKRP in Cincinnati has some furs that she gets from giving rich men company (but not really sleeping with them, just being a dear friend). She has at least a black mink coat, a stole, and a white mink coat.
  • Karen in Will & Grace loves to wear furs. Even her first scene has her wearing a mink coat.
  • Diana wore a fur or two in Wonder Woman, like a thick fur jacket in the episode "The Boy Who Knew Her Secret".


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