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  • On Adventure Time, Marceline the Vampire Queen can drink blood, but actually only needs to eat the color red (which she can suck out of anything, leaving it gray). This does not necessarily make her a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, however — she seems to like the title characters, but once mad, she transforms into a horrific bat-monster and tries to kill you really fast. She is in a permanent state of levitation, and even floats above her bed while sleeping. Also, she can apparently enter houses without being invited and has extra powers like necromancy and invisibility, though sunlight still hurts her. It should be noted that Marceline is the only vampire so far seen in the show, and it is possible that some of her odder powers and features may be because of her complex origin as a half-demon Half-Human Hybrid who then got turned into a vampire.
    • For that matter, each of the vampires she got her powers from are pretty different. For instance, the Vampire King himself is actually a lion rather than a humanoid.
  • The following exchange from Aqua Teen Hunger Force involves Master Shake making one up while receiving an ominous phone call from inside a school bus:
    Frylock (using his scanning device): The call is coming from inside that school bus!
    Shake: Inside the bus? It is the bus! The bus of the undead! Vampires!
    Frylock: I'm not detecting any vampiritic activity. Besides, it's 2 o' clock in the afternoon.
    Shake: It's... it's a reverse vampire! They crave the sun! Love it. They love to get tans.
    Frylock: Really? And where do they come from?
    Shake: Uh... Tansylvania?
    Frylock: Oh, no. No, no, no way in the world!
    Shake: See the wheels? Those are the markings.
    Frylock: Where do you get this stuff?
    • Assisted Living Dracula, a reality show Shake watches, is mentioned in the same episode. They later go to Dracula's grave to prove to Shake that vampires aren't real. In this case, Dracula was apparently not vulnerable to sunlight, but died of old age in an assisted living facility.
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    • Another episode involves recurring character MC Pee Pants coming back to life as an old man under the recording name Little Brittle. He gets bit by a vampire fan. This was actually exactly his goal. They both die almost immediately due to sunlight.
    • A true example is Marcula, the Aqua Teens' landlord. He's not killed by sunlight, can talk to spiders, and is hunchbacked with green skin and uncontrollable body hair. He disintegrates when Carl spills garlic juice on him, but later shows up as a flying head with arms.
  • Archie's Weird Mysteries gave vampires a three episode arc ("Scarlet Night", "I Was A Teenage Vampire", "Halloween of Horror"). Transformation is immediate and results in Transhuman Treachery level morality shift. Transformation also results in pale white skin, red eyes, and the usual fangs. The condition can be cured by killing the victim's sire within an hour or the head vampire at any time. They have the abilities of flight, super strength, and changing into mist. Minions can walk in sunlight if they use sunblock. There's also a mystic amulet that can destroy them with a laser beam, but it must be used by "the chosen one".
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  • In an episode of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!, a vampiric tomato was going to suck blood from someone's neck until the local censor said that sucking blood wasn't "nice" enough, and suggested that he try kissing instead. He does, but that turns her into a vampire anyway, and starts a race of vampires who are obsessed with smooching their victims instead of drinking their blood. Also, the transformation comes with a costume change and adopting a Transylvanian accent.
  • The Batman vs. Dracula has a version of Dracula who drains blood from people and makes them into "Lost Ones" who are minion vampires but can be turned back to human by scientific means. It's stated that he can kill people by draining their blood but it never happens, this being a cartoon where Nobody Can Die. Minion vampires always look like pale monstrous creatures, but Dracula himself can look human when he feeds enough. It should be noted that among his minions is a vampire Joker, and this continuity's version of the Joker is a feral gorilla-like prop comic, build like the original Beast and with lime green dreds. He robs a blood bank—which consists of a dramatically-lit warehouse lined with eighty-foot shelves of glass jars of blood. The Batman captures him and uses him as the experimental rat as he tries to cure vampirism.
  • Ben 10 has several exemples of those:
    • Though they never appeared in the show, some promotional materials state the Ben 10 universe once had a species of vampire-like aliens called Vladats, who used to share the planet of Anur Transyl with the Transylians. They were apparently exterminated by the Transylians before the story started, though.
    • Michael Morningstar (AKA Darkstar), one of the villains from Ben 10: Alien Force, possess characteristics similar to a vampire.
    • Believe it or not, Malware from Omniverse is the Mechomorph equivalent of a vampire, draining his fellow Mechomorphs into lifeless husks.
    • The Vladats finally get an appearance in the Galactic Monster story arc, where Zs'Skayr resurrects their leader, Lord Transyl. Apparently, they were lean, pale-skinned humanoid beings with fangs who could fly and fed on others' life force. Their signature ability apparently was Mind Control, which they could do by spitting smaller bat-like creatures called Corrupturas who grafted themselves on people, enslaving them in the process (And said enslaved people remained concious while being controlled). While sunlight could hurt them, it apparently wasn't lethal.
  • The ABC Weekend Special Bunnicula the Vampire Rabbit.
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command has a robotic vampire called NOS-4-A2 who drains the energy of robots and other machinery as opposed to drinking blood. He also has mind control abilities over said machinery. In combination with radiation from a certain moon, it also can turn humans into feral mechanical "wire-wolves".
  • Castlevania of course has vampires in abundance, they look mostly humanoid except with pointed ears and fangs, but possess supernatural strength, speed, have a healing powers, can fly and at least one vampire is shown turning into mist. Dracula even among the other vampires stands out being able to wander around daylight, teleport across country, manifest as a giant fire spirit/a horde of bats and when he's severely pissed create a giant burning ball of magma (dark inferno). Vampire's weaknesses still apparent and it's shown you can kill them without holy weapons or magic if you dismember them hard enough, Dracula however still no sells almost everything that's thrown at him except a stake through the heart and even then it took further decapitation and fire to truly get rid of him. Alucard Dracula's Dhampir son, much like Blade has the pros of being a vampire while lacking the cons. He can withstand sunlight but has fangs, healing powers enhanced strength especially speed as well the ability to turn into a wolf/bats. However in the Final Battle Alucard was heartily knocked around by Dracula and other vampires to lesser extent, plus his vampire powers were distinctively matched thus necessitating Alucard getting aid from Trevor and Sypha, which shows that being half human isn't necessarily an advantage.
    • The Netflix show also subverts the traditional vampire's For the Evulz attitude as it's mused by Dracula and other characters that most vampire don't truly hate humans, more that they merely apathetically see them as a food source or "livestock" similar to cattle. Also in spite of this notion Dracula himself shows both love and friendship to two particular humans (Lisa and Issac), even the particularly blood thirsty vampire God Brand compliments the bravery of the "livestock" he faces. Averted with Carmila whose traditionally callous and labeling Dracula and Lisa's love and marriage as the former "keeping a pet".
  • The CatDog episode "CatDogula" featured the city of Nearburg being attacked by Peruvian vampire ticks who succeed in turning everyone but Cat into a vampire. In the end, Cat cures everyone of their vampirism by dousing them in garlic juice, including the Peruvian vampire ticks.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door features the villain Count Spankulot who, well, spanks children. Doing so without his gloves will transform the victim into a spanking vampire himself, with the only way to cure the victim is for him to spank the Count. (He only does this to kids who really make him angry, as he did to Numbuh One in retaliation for sending him to jail.) However, he still has the traditional weakness to garlic. (But not to sunlight.)
  • In Count Duckula, a vampire who has been killed can be brought back by a once-a-century secret ritual. In the most recent ritual, tomato ketchup was accidentally used instead of blood, resulting in the title character becoming a vegetarian. And he's a duck, which is pretty different all on its own.
  • In the Darkwing Duck episode "Night of the Living Spud", the vampire is a huge potato. Talk about different. It seems to mostly be a roaring beast, and when it captures its victims and does whatever it does offscreen, the result is a character with an intense desire for potato-based foods, Mind-Control Eyes, no will other than to sit around and watch TV (a couch potato), and sprouts coming out of their heads. Its weakness is someone saying "potato backwards" (literally, "potato backwards", not "otatop") while shaking out the pollen of a lycium nycanthropus, the particular plant that its creator, Bushroot, happens to be. (Incidentally, on his way into the forest, he runs into some hicks who perform some... interesting vampahr tests on him note .)
  • In the Halloween Episode of DuckTales (1987), "Ducky Horror Picture Show", Scrooge unknowingly allows a bunch of monsters into his new community center, and his home, one of which being a vampire. It is discovered when Huey, Dewey, and Louie bring him apples, that he eats those and does not bite people or animals. They keep his teeth shiny, you know.
  • The Extreme Ghostbusters dealt with clown vampires, only these vampires fed on laughter instead of blood. They still used the traditional method of passing their vampirism into new victims, as Eduardo painfully found out.
  • Gravedale High has Vinny Stoker, the bohemian womenizer vampire and kind of Fonziesque looking.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy has not one, not two, but three examples:
    • From the Christmas Episode, there's Baron von Ghoulish, the head vampire voiced by Malcolm McDowell. He seems a lot like a classic vampire, except he's a neat freak and lives in the North Pole. But what's more, there's also a Head Head Vampire, who is actually Mrs. Claus; in fact, she's actually the one who turned Santa into a vampire in the first place.
    • The show's version of Dracula is an old man, and is a Shout-Out to both Redd Foxx and Blacula. Despite being black, he looks more like Novel!Dracula than most other Draculas, and he doesn't burn when exposed to sunlight (except for a brief moment in his first two appearances). His method of drinking blood is not by sucking but rather making cuts with his fangs and licking them, like a vampire bat. Also, his grandson is also an example, which brings us to...
    • Irwin. Not only is he the grandson of Dracula, thus making him a Dhampyr, but his mother is a Mummy, making him a Hybrid Monster. At first glance, his monster heritage isn't too apparent, but Underfist reveals that he has a monster form that kind of looks like some gothic superhero. Along with this, he has dark powers that include (but are not limited to) Voluntary Shapeshifting and Flight.
  • In Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater, Kitty, My Melody, Chip the Seal, and Sam the Penguin encounter the wicked Countess Catula (played by Catnip).
  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi featured a trio of vampire rock musicians known as the Talent Suckers (individually known as Vladimir, Nicolai, and Mitch). As their band name suggested, they sucked the talent of other rock musicians rather than blood, though the end of their debut episode does imply that they managed to turn Kaz.
  • Johnny Test: in "Fangs a Lot, Johnny", Susan and Mary transform into vampires in order to impress Gil. They wear gothic black dresses, their eyes turn a cat-like green, and they glitter in the sunlight. This was due to the fact that the episode was a Take That! against the Twilight saga. They still had their thirst for blood, and tried to bite Gil, turn him into a vampire, and have him for the rest of eternity.
  • The Looney Tunes cartoon Transylvania 6-5000 features Count Bloodcount. He tries various times to kill Bugs Bunny, only to fall victim to the rabbit saying both "Abracadabra" and "Hocus Pocus", which transforms the vampire into and out of the form of a bat at inopportune moments. Bugs catches on to what is happening and uses these magic words to ultimately defeat the Count.
    Count Bloodcount: I am a vampire!
    Bugs: Oh, yeah? Well, abracadabra! (umpire outfit appears on him) I'm an umpire!
    Count Bloodcount: Hocus pocus! (turns into a bat) I'm a bat!
    Bugs: Okay, I'm a bat, too. Abracadabra! (turns into a baseball bat)
    Count Bloodcount: (puts on a pair of glasses) You wouldn't hit a bat with glasses on, would you?
    (Bugs as a baseball bat hits the-Count-turned-bat on the head, knocking it out)
  • Major Lazer features two different vampire sects. The ancient race of Vampire Vampires are a theatrical, cape-wearing, European-accented bunch, while the young, sexy Vampire acts like scene/rave kids. The two sects have been fighting since the beginning of Vampire Times.
  • An episode of Mighty Max, "Fly By Night", took Our Vampires Are Different to its natural extreme by featuring a female vampire, Countess Musca, who ignored almost all of these vampire tropes (aside from the obvious blood-drinking). To top it all off, instead of a bat, she turned into a giant horsefly.
  • An episode of Moville Mysteries had the main characters believing an exterminator was a vampire... and he was, sort of. He was actually the "adopted son" of a group of vampiric mosquitoes led by a human-sized, repulsive queen who just happened to sleep in a coffin. The exterminator's Game Face had him adopt insect-like traits and he winds up being ripped apart and eaten by a swarm of hungry frogs. The queen and her spawn are destroyed by a giant, makeshift bug zapper.
  • Mixels: While not actually vampires as some of the Mixels thought, The Glowkies (Globert, Vampos, and Boogly) have some pretty strange and fascinating features that count. This includes their glowing eyes, large jaws, and multiple limbs. The biggest example is their Max, which includes Globert's giant eye, Boogly's feelers act as arms. Both Globert's and Vampos's wings, and Vampos's large set of fangs. And they also live on the moon.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: In the episode "Bats!", the characters have to deal with vampire fruit bats that are preying on Applejack's apple crop. Their plan to hypnotize the bats into not feeding on the apples succeeds, only for their lust to transfer to Fluttershy, turning her into an apple-sucking vampire as well. When it looks like they've cured her vampirism at the end of the episode, it's implied they've only suppressed it.
  • Several episodes of The Real Ghostbusters:
    • In "No One Comes to Lupusville" the ghostbusters deal with a village of vampires. The ghostbusters themselves are hired by the head vampire and turn out werewolves were the original owners of the village, therefore the name, and they were taken prisoners by the vampires.
    • In "Transylvanian Homesick Blues" they visit Boldavia hired by Count Vostak who turns out to be not only a vampire but the Last of His Kind harrass by the vampire hunter Van Helding. Curiously though, the ghostbusters side with him and protect him of Van Helding. They also mention that he is the first vampire they encounter (disregarding completely the Lupusville episode).
    • "My Left Fang" have a vampire-ghost... as in a ghost that drinks the ectoplasm of other ghosts. The ghostbusters were hired this time for the people of a German town that depends on ghosts as a tourist attraction to actually help the ghosts get rid of the vampire.
  • Vampires in Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends are aliens like every other mythological creature in the show. Instead of being associated with bats they are far more snake-like, having a long tail instead of legs and having a long neck. Their human appearance is actually accomplished via a sophisticated hologram, and being exposed to sunlight causes the vampires to burst into flames.
  • Scooby-Doo, when the vampires aren't a villain in disguise:
    • In Scooby-Doo! and the Reluctant Werewolf, the Big Bad is Count Dracula. However, he is comically inept at his goal of making Shaggy lose the Monster Car Road race. He did find a way to counter the sun weakness, by wearing sunscreen.
    • Likewise with his partner (wife?) Vanna-pira. Unlike the green-skinned Dracula, you could mistake her for human. It's only her yellow eyes and grown out nails that peg her as a vampire.
    • Not to mention his teenage daughter Sybella, from Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School, who has purple skin (and hair) instead of pale white, and seems to be immune to sunlight. She's simply "fang-tastic"!
  • An episode of Spider-Woman featured Dracula, Wolfman, and Frankenstein's monster, all using laser eyes to turn people into new monsters. Well except the monster, which shot them from the bolts in his neck. Defeating the trio turned all the infected back to normal.
  • In The Super Mario Bros Super Show!, one of the many parodies King Koopa played was Count Koopula, a tomato sauce-sucking vampire.
  • Superfriends:
    • Ironic as it seems, in an episode called "Attack of the Vampires", the vampires didn't bite, but shot laser beams from their eyes to make vampires in numberous amounts! How did the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder escape from joining them? They had visited a cave filled with normal bats by accident searching for the vampires!
    • The Superfriends also faced Vampiress, the Voodoo Vampire. She shot transforming beams from her fangs. Broadcast Standards and Practices doesn't like vampires being shown biting lest young cartoon fans try acting it out on the playground (which is why the Spider-Man: The Animated Series version of Morbius had a sort of Face Palm Of Doom).
  • Turbo FAST had an episode where Turbo and Whiplash are invited to the home of Count Tickula, who Whiplash is convinced wants to suck Turbo's blood. As it turns out, he's a dog tick and is only interested in dog blood; he called Turbo because he wanted his help in repairing the Count's relationship with his emo son.
  • Parodied in The Venture Bros. with Jefferson Twilight, a Blade Expy who hunts black vampires. As in, vampires made from people of African descent. That’s pretty much the only kind of vampire he hunts; he legitimately has no idea how to handle vampires of different ethnicities. Amusingly, it’s implied he does this so white vampire hunters don’t get Mistaken for Racist.
    ”They haven’t been taken by blaculas. Though I’m not prepared to rule out Caucasian vampires.”


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