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Nightmare Fuel / Overlord (2012)

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Overlord has no shortage of Nightmarish moments but unfortunately, most of those gruesome moments have to be read instead of seen due to the Anime cutting it short.

In fact, the scenes that the anime decided to adapt leave out quite a lot of the spicy gore that the Light Novel treads itself on, and as such you'll always get a kick out of reading the horrible fates of those who go against the Supreme One, Ainz Ooal Gown (or those unfortunate souls who cross his loyal followers, whom are tormented endlessly without anyone caring)!


Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

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  • The sheer idea of having your human emotions forcibly suppressed is somewhat chilling, and it's exactly what happens to Momonga. Imagine being in a body that is slowly draining every shred of your empathy and humanity and you can do absolutely nothing to prevent it. Momonga at first is deeply shocked by this, but most likely either grew used to it or simply lost that much empathy already.
  • As the story progresses, Momonga is slowly losing his humanity and becoming a monster.
  • Shalltear's true form. Vampires are associated with bats, right? WRONG. Try a lamprey from the darkest depths of hell. The first scene in which she uses this ability would not look out of place in a horror movie.
    Shalltear: MAIN DISH!
  • Demiurge serves as a deconstruction of the Card-Carrying Villain, showing just how terrifying someone like that would be in real life. The most heinous things he does are Offstage Villainy heard only in passing such as forcing his human "livestock" to choose between killing and eating children (that he doesn't force them to eat their own children is considered "mercy" by his subordinate) or starvation, which somehow makes them seem even worse.
  • While none of their creators expected their creations to go around and act according to their backstories, what kind of twisted mind comes up with these monsters?
  • Just the concept of the plot of Overlord from the other side is Nightmare Fuel, Everything is normal in your fantasy world, sure monsters exist, but, the most legendary creature around is a giant hamster that is about RPG level 30, then, one day this huge tomb appears out of nowhere, and it is occupied by a host of creatures who, to the last one, qualifies as a Humanoid Abomination in terms of sheer power, and they are led by an Elder Lich, who not only holds absolute control over the rest, but is regarded in terms of power to be almost a Physical God, not only that but said Lich averts the Squishy Wizard routine, not because he isn't squishy, but because nobody in your world is physically strong enough to do more than Scratch Damage, because in RPG terms a legendary creature/warrior is level 30-40 in your world, but the Elder Lich is level 100.

    Volume 2 
  • The poster girl for this trope Clementine and her long awaited death at the hands of Momon (Ainz). Clementine (who has more than enough power to kill any other human male adventurer with relative ease) finally meets a man who not only proves to be completely immune to her attacks, but also refuses to take her seriously in the fight. Naturally, this pisses her off that she dishes out some impressive moves and believes Momon is human and tries to go for an instant kill, only to fall for his trap and ends up getting squeezed by him. He then reveals to her that he's not even human in the first place, at which point she attempts to escape his grasp but is helpless to do so since he's.... well a monster. The next few pages describe her slow and agonizing torture as her spine gets crushed and the access to her lungs become clogged, making it harder to breathe. She then suffers a massive freak out and does anything to try and escape since she realizes she's about to die (clawing at his face with her nails and biting Ainz's head with her teeth!). Finally, Ainz grasps her with both of her hands and Clementine sports the face posted above before Ainz finishes the job and her spine pops out of her mouth. God damn... Ainz is ruthless.
  • Ninya's Cruel and Unusual Death at the hands of Clementine left her body in a grisly state. She suffered a particularly gruesome case of Eye Scream as well, with one of her crushed eyes leaking out like a tear. Ainz's decision to give Clementine the Cruel and Unusual Death described above was in response to what Clementine did to Ninya.

    Volume 3 
  • Solution Epsilon, a shapeshifting Blob Monster. She deliberately plays the part of a Shameless Fanservice Girl to lure her foes closer before absorbing them whole. Just ask Zach, eaten by breasts.
  • Demiurge's solution to providing Nazarick with parchment is to flay humans alive and heal them (normally severed body parts disappear when healing magic is used, but apparently this only applies to major wounds).

    Volume 5 
  • Tsuare shows just how awful the whole Disposable Sex Worker trope really is. When Sebas first encountered her, she was being thrown out like garbage in a sack and on the brink of death. The chapter illustration and the description in the novel don't pull any punches either. The injuries inflicted on her were so awful that she was barely recognizable as a human. Even worse than the rest of the examples on this page because this was done by ordinary humans.
  • Princess Renner's and Climb's backstories count as well. Born a girl, as the third child of the Re-Estize Kingdom, everyone expected that she'd be a Brainless Beauty and act like it. As an innocent child, she had no way of knowing this, so when she showed exceptionally sharp intellect, every last person in the castle and among the nobility, without exception, treated her like an absolute monster, with overwhelming fear and contempt, until she became one. Climb, on the other hand, a commoner orphan, living in the slums had a childhood so horrific, he didn't know what "horrific" means, as he had no basis for comparison. Not a night went by that he didn't go to bed hungry. He had no stable means of income, or support. When he built a proper house with his own two hands, to provide shelter from the elements (an incredible feat at the age of 5), a group of adults came along and completely smashed it, for fun! The only reason Climb's alive today? Princess Renner found him, in the same slums, hiding under a makeshift roof of rags to try and keep himself dry, and took him in because he's the first person, ever, who looked upon her and her intellect with genuine admiration as opposed to the fear and contempt she was used to. Even as an adult, both of them are still treated with abuse by those near to them. Renner is either feared as an abject monster, or regarded as a total fool, and Climb is constantly bullied by the "noble" knights of the kingdom, and the commoners don't have any respect for him either, despite being the bodyguard of the "beloved" Princess Renner.

    Volume 6 
  • Just imagine yourself among the city guard, defending your city from an invasion, at the direct orders of your king and princess. The invaders are demons and their hell beasts of all shapes and sizes. As if the fact that they can tear through your mightiest barriers like paper, and your resistance is, at best, merely an annoyance, wasn't enough to bring despair, imagine a giant toad ... thing ... that chases after anyone who runs in terror, swallows him whole, and then has his terrified face appear on his skin! What's worse, if this particular demon feels threatened, it unleashes some kind of hellish wail.
  • Solution's fellow Pleiades Entoma looks like a beautiful maid at first glance, just like the others. She's really a bunch of insects mimicking a human girl—her face is a bug, her larynx is another bug (which produces a voice using stolen vocal chords), and the main body is also a giant insect that summons other insects in battle. Like Solution, her lovely guise belies her true nature as a monster that relishes human flesh.
  • The fate of the Eight Fingers' leadership. They are bad people for sure, but the absolute nonchalance with which Mare and Aura condemn them to a fate worse than death (which likely also involves the flesh-eating cockroaches mentioned below, plus liberal application of healing and resurrection magic) is really unsettling.

    Volume 7 
  • The entire Volume itself is basically one big nightmare for the unlucky workers that signed up to explore Nazarick. As you can probably imagine, it doesn't end well for any of them.
  • To go into more elaborate details (which this series loves doing), four worker groups were hired by a noble to investigate a large tomb and salvage any treasures. The fate of these four groups are as followed:
    • The group called Green Leaf (who was planning on letting the other groups take the risk of getting slaughtered and if they came back with riches, probably rob them blind. However, they were attacked by the combat maids and were easily killed by a bunch of mooks (by Nazarick's standards).
    • Heavy Masher gets cornered and exhausted after fending off wave after wave of undead skeletons and finally calls it quits, when they go up against a bunch of elder liches. Unfortunately for them, they were already caught in a trap and ended up being transported to the lair of a giant cockroach who released a tsunami of smaller cockroaches towards them. Just reading about how the cockroaches ended up entering the workers mouths and ears all while being eaten alive will send shivers down anyone's spine. Then, one of the workers wakes up and is chained up in a torture room and has a massive Oh crap moment when he meets a deformed tentacle monster that proceeds to put him through the worst pain he'll ever experience and plans on having fun with them for as long as he/she can.
    • Tenmu, led by an arrogant swordsman and his elf slaves end up meeting a group of Lizardmen and Hamsuke (A giant cute hamster) and ends up getting challenged to a duel by said hamster. He then proceeds to get stomped on by this badass hamster and is basically half dead. Guess what happens when his elf slaves see him in this condition? Kick the crap out of his corpse with everything they have and spit on it for good measure. Not a single tear was shed for this man by his elves and from the way it was implied that he had abused them severely, the bastard had it coming.
    • And finally, the final worker group Foresight have it the worst as they are transported to a giant forest with a Colosseum and meet the master of the tomb, Ainz himself. As Hekkeran (the leader) realizes that it would be best not to go up against him, he tries to bluff his way out of the situation that almost seems to work until he (understandably) screws up and Ainz sees through the bluff and ends up royally pissed. After a little skirmish and Foresight believes they might have a chance at winning, Ainz takes off a ring that conceals his true power which causes one of the girls, Arche (who can measure magic power levels) to vomit all over herself in sheer terror over how ridiculously powerful Ainz truly is. It all goes down hill from there as Foresight tries to buy time for Arche to escape but fail completely as they're all knocked out one by one, with Hekkaran and Imina condemned to being "nests" for one of Nazarick's servants and Arche ends up cornered by Shalltear who reveals her true form and scares the poor girl so much that she passes out. She then proceeds to get killed while unconscious. That was the merciful fate requested by her comrades.
      • In the anime, Arche gets a fright upon seeing Shalltear.
      • The reason Arche was so horrified when she felt Ainz' power? She saw a gigantic pillar of blue flames engulfing his skeletal body like a Super Saiyan Blue.
      • And the reason Ainz got so angry and slaughtered the group? Hekkeran dared to say he came in the name of a Supreme Being. And when he said they told him to give Ainz their regards, instead of Momonga or Satoru, Ainz was so enraged even his body's emotion suppression couldn't keep up, he opens his mouth and he starts screaming in fury as his power flares up, wreathing him in black and purple energy. Needless to say, he killed Hekkeran first.
    Ainz: You... You pieces of shit! The place where I— That my friends and I together—! The Nazarick that we created! You trample in our home with your dirty shoes! On top of that! My friends! You try and lie in the name of my most valuable comrades! YOU PIECES OF SHIT!! AAAARRGH! AAAAAAAAHHHH!!
  • If this volume has taught us anything, it's that unless you're someone Ainz respects enough to watch out for (like Gazef), personally invited by Ainz (like Nfirea and Enri), strong enough to fight the monsters inside or able to escape from the tomb before getting trapped and cornered, invading Nazarick is the same as signing your own death warrant.

    Volume 8 

    Volume 9 
  • Ainz serves as this for the Emperor of Baharuth, for good reason. Through cunning, guile, money, more than a little charm, and rarely, the strategic use of force, Jircniv has always got what he wanted once he became emperor. Starting with Aura and Mare coming to his castle fielding a complaint from Ainz due to the events in Volume 7, this has been completely turned on its head. Aura and Mare alone were enough to completely eliminate his elite guard and the strongest warrior of the empire without even trying, but when Jircniv meets Ainz personally, everything he's used to gain power, and keep it, proves completely worthless. Ainz can't be bought—the most common and mundane objects in Nazarick easily eclipse the Empire's entire treasury. Ainz can't be blackmailed or lured into a Honey Trap—not only are the Pleiades maids far more beautiful than anyone the Empire has to offer, even including Elven slaves, but as a lich Overlord, Ainz cannot be seduced. Lastly, Ainz can create a near-infinite supply of Death Knights, one of which can easily destroy a country all by itself, and which even the mightiest mages in the empire cannot subjugate or control. The entirety of the first chapter is the emperor Jircniv desperately racking his brains trying to determine Ainz's end goal, with each scenario being more terrifying than the last. The scariest part about the whole thing? Ainz had no end goal, he was completely "winging it" during the entire negotiations.
  • Ainz shows up at the battlefield accompanied only by a little "girl". The Imperials wonder what's going on, then Ainz reassures them that he did bring an army. He opens a portal, and the Imperials get to see Ainz' reinforcements: half a thousand Death Knights, a single one of which is a match for an army. And it's even worse in the novel, where they're mounted on Soul Eaters (three of which managed to kill over 100,000 beastmen).
  • Ainz casting the Super-Tier magic "Ia Shub Niggurath" against the Royal Army. The resulting massacre horrifies everyone present including Ainz's "allies" from the Empire: first when the initial spell kills 70,000 people on the opposite side, then when it turns out is was just fuel for the summoning. The Imperials find themselves desperately whispering for the Royals to run instead of fighting. The worst part is Ainz's reaction to the carnage he unleashed: Childish glee over breaking the record for summoning Dark Young. The deaths of hundreds of thousands means absolutely nothing to him. At this point it's safe to say whatever empathy he once had as Satoru is long gone.
    • Even worse: One of the Dark Young returns from the front, causing the Imperials to trample themselves as they try to get away... all for nothing, because the thing was only there to serve as Ainz' mount. And when it's all done, Mare gets the terrified Imperials to keep shouting "Hail Ainz Ooal Gown" over and over.
      Satoru: A lot of people are about to die... but I feel nothing.
    • The Dark Young themselves are played for the horror that they are. A Dark Young is a Kaiju sized lump of tentacles, with several gnashing huge mouths and the hooves and voice of goats (hence Ainz calling them "adorable Baby Goats") and they are level 90 creatures, just one could have easily curb stomped the Kingdom's army; Ainz manages to summon five.

    Volume 10 
  • Emperor Jircniv really has it tough this volume. He can feel Ainz watching over him, but can not prove it because Ainz knows many counter-counter intelligence spells that even Jircniv's elite wizards (barring the possible exception of Fluder who can no longer be trusted) do not even know exists. Then, to add even more Paranoia Fuel to the mix, he proves that he can and will show up anywhere at any time by challenging The Empire's mightiest adventurer in the Imperial Arena, and briefly floating up to say "hi" to the Emperor and his Slane Theocracy contacts in the process.
  • Due to the Dark Youngs' goat-like bleating, one surviving Imperial soldier stands at attention and shouts "Hail Ainz Ooal Gown" while crying and pissing himself whenever he hears a goat's bleat. None of his fellow soldiers mock him for it.

    Volume 11 
  • The Quagoa leader seeing Shalltear and Aura slaughtering his people, specifically telling him they will be cutting their population down to 10,000 (from 80,000). Realizing his species just became endangered, about to be enslaved and having his goals of having the quagoa thrive being killed by the dozen before his eyes, he breaks down and cries before his underlings. What brought this on? Not submitting immediately when given an ultimatum from a kingdom he's never heard of.
  • The Frost Dragons ruled with almost no contest until the arrival of the Sorcerer King. His first action is to kill their patriarch; now they're left with two choices, submit or die. They were especially terrified when they witnessed another dragon attack him with all its might, with it doing absolutely no good and resulting in the death of another dragon.

    Volume 12 
  • The horrible conditions the captives of Jaldabaoth's Army go through.
    • Humans were starved, tortured, used as shields, and in the case of food shortages, eaten.
    • They could be considered the lucky ones. Some underwent experiments by the demons. This included: being skinned alive, having limbs cut off and replaced by limbs from other people or creatures, the replacement of organs and blood, etc.
    • Humans weren't the only ones to enjoy Jaldabaoth's "hospitality". Orcs, who didn't join of their own free will, were tortured so badly, that even trying to ask them what had happened to them would cause most to start crying or vomiting.
  • At the end of volume 12, Ainz has a conversation with a doppelganger (a creature that can mimic other beings perfectly in both appearance and abilities if they are developed enough) in which it's revealed that they have infiltrated the Holy Kingdom's Liberation Army. The doppelganger also apologized to Ainz for their rudeness which implies that the doppelganger has replaced one of the people Ainz has been interacting with throughout the story. While it's never explicitly stated who the doppelganger replaced, there is a decent amount of evidence to imply that it was Remedios Custodio as this is the only character who has interacted with Ainz that was overtly rude to him. More than that, there were many instances where people commented that Remedios' behavior was different since the battle with Jaldabaoth which would most likely be when she died. Even if Remedios wasn't the one replaced, every person that Ainz interacted with personally was a high ranking officer in a command position. Now imagine how terrifying it would be if you were a member of the liberation army and you found out that not only was one of the army commanders killed but then they were replaced by someone from the enemy's forces. That not only has your country been decimated, but everyone left who's still fighting is actually under the enemy's control without realizing it.

    Volume 13 
  • The Holy Queen's fate, used as a bludgeon against her own troops, the narration describing the utter destruction of her body in excruciating detail. At least Clementine up there still HAS a face. By the time Jaldabaoth shows up again the top half of her corpse has rotted away.
  • Remedios' sister doesn't fare much better: her head is taken by a monster that can cast spells its victims knew.
  • In the second part of the Paladin Arc it seems even worse than fans had initially predicted about the doppleganger acting as a mole situation in the Holy Kingdom. It turns out that the prince and brother of the previous ruler Calca was the one replaced by Demiurge after being eliminated with an instant death spell so there would be no obvious signs of death. The prince Caspond's body was then wrapped in a magical item to keep the body perfectly preserved in statis for a later use. In the meantime, Dopple-Caspond's orders are to help the Kingdom rebuild and make it prosperous but also cause unrest in the people and ruling nobility to cause a civil war between the northern and southern parts of the Holy Kingdom. After which, the Sorcerer Kingdom will swoop in, quell the unrest, and annex the Holy Kingdom to the Sorcerous Kingdom. Demiurge also plans to use Neia Baraja, whom Ainz saved and is absolutely loyal to Ainz, to cause further unrest and gain a large enough following of people who venerate the Sorcerer King as their "Savior who defeated Jaldabaoth" to make the process of taking over even easier. After, the doppleganger looks on over the people celebrating the end of the Demihuman war and chuckles that they should enjoy the taste of happiness while it lasts. Things aren't looking great for the people of the Holy Kingdom in the near future.

    Volume 14 
  • An entire volume centering on the Sorcerer Kingdom not only conquering the Re-Estize Kingdom but them massacring every last being that thrived there.
    • If Blue Roses leaves the kingdom without so much a second thought, you know right now how utterly screwed you are for messing with the denizens of Nazarick.
  • To protect his "defenseless princess", Climb faces off against Ainz Ooal Gown. "From Bad to Worse" indeed.
  • Albedo's punishments towards those close to Philip is clearly not to be dismissed. She had them Impaled with Extreme Prejudice and not just that, she sent forth her weapons right up their targets' buttocks and out from the mouth.
    • She also had Philip's associates' heads lobbed off. Given the contorted faces they gave when Philip sees them, the process was extremely painful.
    • But none of them cannot compare to Philip's fate. Albedo informs him that she'll personally punish him and make sure it would be the most agonizing experience he'll ever endure as per request from Philip's late father who wants his son to suffer like he and the other villagers had endured.

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