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Momonga's success is actually due to his not being a PVP character
This Troper recently discovered the series and has seen many put forth the idea that Momonga/Ainz Ooal Gown would be far, far more powerful as a PVP min/maxed character, but this troper wants to put forth that this would have made his situation far, far worse on coming to the New World.

A Min-Maxed character is typically built to do one thing, and one thing only; in Momonga's case, that would have been dealing damage. This would have taken away a lot of his utility spells and left him more of a one trick pony, and the only point that needs to be made on why this would have been disastrous is one spell Ainz has; Perfect Warrior. That one spell has allowed him to learn much about the world, gain as much money as he needs, and keep a low profile as Momon. A spell that sacrifices hundreds of points of stats in your class to turn you into a horrible version of a different class would have never been anywhere near a min-maxed build, and while there are other examples, this is the big one.


And this is not even getting into the fact that he can already one-shot anything in his field of view that any extra damage he could inflict would just be even further wasted.

  • The novel does mention a spell he would never have found out about if he hadn't been a roleplayer.
  • More to the point, Momonga/Ainz is a very versatile spellcaster with an obscene number of spells, some of which are apparently very rare in the New World such as Divination and information denial spells. He basically has a tool for every job including force projection thanks to his necromancy rather than "hit the enemy hard" and "hit the enemy harder".

Lastborn was originally the Floor Guardian to the 8th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick
The Area Guardian of Cherry Blossom Sanctuary was the original 8th Floor Guardian. When the raid that almost destroyed Nazarick crushed the seven floors before it, the Supreme Beings replaced her with the Indy Ploy that was Victim. Because it proved an overwhelming success, Victim permanently replaced Lastborn and she was reassigned as an Area Guardian to maintain her Beef Gate functionalities.

The Area Guardian of Cherry Blossom Sanctuary will be another "love rival" to win Ainz
Assuming she's the last, unrevealed level 100 NPC of the Great Tomb, this places her on the same "power tier" as Shalltear and Albedo. Given she's also responsible for protecting the
Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown, she'll generate massive amounts of jealously from the others. It's also likely she became the staff's protector, because Ainz took away the original World Class item she was holding and gave it to Shalltear. That caused her to get sad and cry, so Ainz "traded" it with the guild weapon to appease her.
  • He gave her the guild weapon because she is situated on a very high floor, has teleportation abilities to escape if things go wrong, is constantly protected by high-level enemies that she can buff, and unlike most of the other high-level Guardians, who are occasionally required to come out of Nazarick on mission or to attend to Ainz during various events, never leaves her sanctuary because the entire Nazarick security system is riding on her. Makes perfect tactical sense, although the above thought is extremely cute.

Ainz showed Peter's party his real face, as a Human
In Episode 5 of the Anime, Ainz removes his helmet and shows Peter and his team an illusion of a Human head, to cover up the fact that he's a Lich. I think that he showed them his real face, back when he was playing Yggdrasil. It fits with what they say about him being the "same race as Nabe", and older than they expected, which makes sense as Ainz Ooal Gown required members to be function members of society, and have a job.
  • This is stated outright in the light novel. He uses an illusion of his original face as Satoru.

Demiurge knows
And does not care. His current plans are his attempts at grooming Momonga, who he already regards as worthy of ruling, into a better ruler.
  • Unlikely. As seen in many segments in the light novel told from his perspective, he really thinks Ainz is a great mastermind. It is partly because Ainz, due to being undead, has a really good pokerface, but mostly because Nazarick is a cult with Ainz being their god so to speak, so Demiurge twists every word of Ainz in his head to fit this lofty image.

The Overlord Class is Causing Momonga to Rule on Autopilot in a Manner befitting the title
This would explain why literally everyone he meets considers him composed in a way that befits an hero of legends. Even though Momon is considered surprisingly plain in looks no one has actually called his composure in question.His actions that he consciously takes are exempt from this though, but as long as he is panicking and has no idea what is going on, he will dominate every social/command situation he encounters.

All of the player characters who ended up in the New World were logged in when the game was shut down just like Satoru
The Greed kings are selfish to the point of being named for their greed, are noted to be much kinder to humans while hunting down demihuman and monstrous races, the same attitude held in YGGDRASIL by the Pkers, hell they are even the only players confirmed to have killed other players in the new world, both the last of the great gods and eachother sorted by guild membership]]For whatever reason, each guild was sent to a different time period in the New World's history. The reason Momonga is apparently the only one who appeared this time is because he was apparently the only member of his guild who was logged in when the game ended.

Renner isn't a yandere.
What I specifically mean is her comments about wanting to chain Climb up. Renner is a cold, calculating person, but she is not malicious. The reason she keeps Climb around (and the reason she acts the pure princess) is because she wants him to keep sincerely admiring her. Chaining him up like a dog and keeping him like a slave would ruin that.

However, note that when she said this, it was from another character's perspective, namely from his brother's who was considering her a monster to begin with and was inclined to take her words literally instead of metaphorically. Later she sends Climb on a fool's errand, and the narrator (once again, another character's perspective) immediately interprets her saying "if he dies, Lakyus resurrects him and I will take care of him" as "oh, that is when she will chain him up and turns him into a sex-slave". Considering how calculating Renner is, does that sound like something she would do?

My alternative interpretation is this: The whole "chaining up" thing was a metaphor that the people present took the bad way, and her sending Climb out into almost certain death was a great Xanatos Gambit on her part, where if he survives he would become a hero (this part of the plan foiled by just how incredibly stupid and loathsome the citizens were) or he would die, get resurrected, and Reneer would have the prefect excuse to spend time at his bedside without having to excuse herself and possibly sleep with him to her heart's content.She is still not nice, and she is still manipulative as all hell, but she is ultimately sane and not as much of a yandere as some might paint her as.

  • Some further things for consideration: The reason why Brain Unglaus could get away from his second confrontation with Shalltear was because she noticed that someone else was in his company. Previously the floor guardians were shown the image of a person they were not supposed to hurt during the operation. If we presume that Renner was already in contact with Nazarick, all the pieces fit together surprisingly well: She had a deal with Demiurge and co. similar in nature to the one which protected the lives of her allies during the battle where Ainz summoned the Dark Young. Climb was sent out in order to raise his fame, but his life was guaranteed by the deal. However, in order to justify exposing him to danger when asked by the prince, Renner came up with the whole resurrection excuse on the spot. In fact, it is likely that even the memetic slasher-smile toting faces she shows to him and Marquis Raeven are just as fake as her happy-go-lucky facade, and she uses it to manipulate her own allies.

Renner will jump off the slippery slope.
In volume 10 she is presented with an item that would, according to Albedo, one day allow her to become an Area Guardian. It is likely that her "area" in question will not be in Nazarick but the Kingdom itself. Still, to fulfill such a role she would need to become stronger, at least on par with the other Area Guardians of Nazarick. We have seen that there are items from YGGRASIL that can turn a human into another race (the Book of the Dead comes to mind), and considering that it is Albedo that delivers the item and that Reneer is always praised for her beauty, it is likely that she would turn into a succubus, which would probably require sacrifices and put her at odds with the Wide-Eyed Idealist Climb, with her possibly becoming a full-fledged villain in the process.

Rubedo is the Lastborn of Pleiades.
We haven't seen both and Last born is described as one of the most feared NPC and is tasked with Guarding the staff, which if lost the guild would collapse, Lastborn also control teleportation in Nazareth to kept Invader form taking the staff she also had the power to completely dominate her opponent to a point People would rather go through the tomb the long and hard way by conquering each floor of a Dungeon famous for being unbeatable and incredible difficult one each floor than mass teleport and face one boss for a win require the lastborn to be stupidly powerful. The only being describe with that level of power is Rubedo, who she has not be described in any detail other than her power. On a side not on Lastborn being human, Lastborn is immortal which rubedo is in Alchemist terms the finals stage of the philosopher stone which would make sense as a name for a immortal human npc.
  • A Drama CD lends significant credence that Lastborn and Rubedo are different individuals. Lastborn is an immortal (does not age; not the invincible definition) human who's theme is based around Miko and the Shinto religion. She is active and unrestricted in performing her duties, but no events revealed in the novel or Drama CD series has taken place for the reader/listener to know more about her. However she is briefly teased whenever characters teleport in the Great Tomb. Her creator is unknown and an Easter Egg in a limited edition illustration hints she's the final unrevealed level 100 guardian (an area guardian specifically; by approximation shes "weaker" than Shalltear somehow, as Shalltear is the top one-on-one leveled npc). Lastborn is considered a sister by the other battle maids (in an adoptive sense; not biologically), and somehow shares a maid theme with them. Rubedo is a monster girl with "gap moe" themes, designed by Tabula Smaragdina. She is restricted/sealed/imprisoned somehow, though the specific details of how and why are currently unknown. She is considered/programmed as a sister to Albedo and Nigredo. Like Gargantua, Rubedo does not follow the normal level npc mechanics that everyone else in the Great Tomb does, and as a result is more powerful than the min-max design of Shalltear. Indeed Rubedo is claimed to be the single most powerful being in the Great Tomb, and could defeat an army of level 100 characters in the original Yggdrasil game. For some reason Ainz is rather apprehensive of using Rubedo (and Nigredo also has a few reservations about her): it takes a bit of convincing from Albedo to let Ainz give access her sister.
  • Now jossed. "Lastborn" is Aureole Omega, aka the guardian of Cherry Blossom Sanctuary.

The Horn of the Goblin General was meant to help beginners out in YGGDRASIL.
Enri has an effective character level of 6, which is low by any MMO's standards. At this point, a player would most likely still be learning the ropes and would have a good chance of accidentally wandering into areas beyond their capabilities especially in a game like YGGDRASIL that rewards exploration (see also the Welcome Bear in World of Warcraft). Therefore the three conditions to activate the Horn would be related to bailing a newbie out of an impossible situation, which would be especially useful in a game with a death penalty. If MMO players 100+ years from now are anything like they are today, they would have either ignored the item (which experienced players did), avoided high level areas, or considered it Too Awesome to Use, which means that no one would have ever bothered to test out its true capabilities until they were too strong to make use of them.
  • Other possible conditions may include having the General class (which Enri does gain over her time leading the goblins) and having a high standing with a Goblin faction (which would have limited the Horn's possibilities even more, as heteromorphic races were usually frowned upon).

The King of the Elves is a PvP player from Yggdrasil.
The Elven King seems obsessed with finding worthy opponents for him to fight and considers his subjects to be worthless trash. Maybe he is a Player like Momonga, only specialized for PvP. The Elven King may be the first truly dangerous opponent Momonga faces in the new world.

When Momonga finally finds another player from Yggdrasil he'll discover that they've heard of him and that they hate his guts and/or are horrified of him because of all the things he's done.
He'll probably not take it very well, nor will the Area Guardians.
  • Maybe not: if they reincarnate as their avatars, they might have the instincts and alignment that go with it, and thus not care much for humans.

The reason Platinum Dragon lord hasn't made a move against Ainz yet...
Is because he's still looking for the World Item which altered the order of magic in the New World. Once he finds something similar,(perhaps something that allows the undoing of a World Item's effect?) He'll use it to erase the Tier Magic from the New World and restore Wild Magic back to its original glory once more, essentially rendering Ainz powerless (as his Character build is dependent on one-hit KO tier magic spells.) Being patient, he's fine with Ainz's world conquest until this item is found, but once he finds it...
  • To be fair that might still leave him with the physical damage dealers such as Albedo, Cocytus, Sebas, Rubedo etc. to deal with (assuming they remain willing to follow a powerless Ainz), though it would indeed make his job a lot easier, especially if melee special abilities in YGGDRASIL work in the same system as Tier Magic (they're explicitly distinct from Martial Arts).

Another Ainz Ooal Gown guild member will appear in the New World... and it will just so happen to be Tabula Smaragdina.
Why Tabula specifically? Because it would set an interesting conflict for Albedo between her loyalty for her creator and her love for Momonga, and might throw one hell of a wrench into her plan of assassinating any Supreme Beings she comes across.

The Eight Greed Kings were the player killers that attacked Momonga
The Greed kings are selfish to the point of being named for there greed, are noted to be much kinder to humans while hunting down demihuman and monstrous races, the same attitude held in YGGDRASIL by the Pkers, hell they are even the only players confirmed to have killed other players in the new world, both the last of the great gods and each other.
  • In the anime, the player killers are five men and two women, while the greed kings were seven men and one woman. Though, if true, it would not be the first time minor details were changed between versions.
    • It is also possible one of them was male but with a female avatar, but once they had to live life in that body they "crossdressed" and presented as their true gender.

The five human players who repeatedly appear in Ainz's early YGGDRASIL flashbacks are the five human members of the Six Gods.
Namely, the seven players who assault Nazarick in the Cold Open of the anime were all human, with five of those seven being the exact same players who attempted to PK Momonga in the past for being a "damned inhuman," before he was rescued by Touch Me. This aligns their mentality perfectly with the human-supremacy agenda of the Theocracy that worships the Six Gods, and also fits the Dragon's accounts of five of the Six Gods being human.

Rubedo is a Frankenstein's Monster and counts as a World Item
Tabula Smaragdina was nicknamed "The Great Alchemist", named himself after the Emerald Tablet, and named his three primary creations after the stages of a Philosopher's Stone, with Rubedo being the completed one. By looting the Seven Hidden Mines, the guild created the Caloric Stone World Item by accident and Momonga got into a fight with Tabula about using it for something without a vote. Moving Rubedo is more difficult than just getting permission to unleash a dangerous NPC, and requires some procedure to wake her. She was probably a homunculus or Frankenstein's monster made from the Caloric Stone(s).

Demiurge is just as lost as Ainz
And lives in constant terror that his lord, master and god will one day expose him for his constant (ab)use of the Indy Ploy in front of all the other guardians or letting them find out he's nowhere near as good a planner as Demiurge makes himself out to be. He thinks that Ainz is either training him to be a better strategist by always asking him to explain his plans, or that he already knows and is sadistically forcing Demiurge to spout logical-sounding BS (as befitting so evil a Supreme Being). Thus they're currently engaged in an infinite feedback loop of Demiurge making up on-the-spot explanations for Ainz's plans and Ainz needing Demiurge to explain so he can pretend he thought of it.

Aura will eventually be shipped with Ainz
Demiurge ships Sebas x Tsuare because he wants to see how their offspring compares to either parent's species. Zesshi is (going by author comments) the most powerful being of the New World and a half-elf, so Demiurge is undoubtedly going to want to see how strong Ainz' half-elf child is.

Albedo has a third sister
Albedo, Rubedo, and Nigredo are all named after stages in The Magnum Opus but Citrinitas is missing, if they simply did not make her yet it would seem weird that they skipped to the next step rather then do them in order, so its a pretty simple conclusion that somewhere in the tomb is a 4th sister

The story will end with Ainz' abrupt and anticlimactic death
Most likely he encounters another player like him or a weak NPC in the game manages to beat him due to insane RNG, either way Ainz is very quickly and unceremoniously killed off. The series then ends with Ainz' servants mourning over his corpse. To further add to the humor, some major plot threads will be purposely left unfulfilled.

Someone will Exploit the game mechanics
Despite no longer being in a game Ainz still can not wield a sword do to class restrictions and needs his magic armor to bypass this restriction, so it seems he(and presumably the NPCs)are still bound by game rules even if they dont apply to the new world, as such the first major threat of the new world will not be another player, a dragon lord, or anything like that, but simply someone who threw research of previous players or pure luck will figure out an exploit in how the game worked, perhaps fall damage is calculated as a percentage of max hp in yggdrasil, and thus if he is robbed of flight/feather fall all it would take to kill Ainz nomatter what other defenses and buffs he might have or how high his hp , is to push him out of a tall tree,

Ainz will be resurrected
Perhaps someone expecting Revive Kills Zombies to be the only way to kill someone so powerful, it fails instead reviving him as a human, and will loose his racial levels, bringing him down quite a bit, aswell as restoring his humanity causing some mental issues from suddenly having morals again, on the plus side Albedo can finally have her heirs

The Evil Dietys were just the npcs of previous players
Once there leaders fell they all simply spread out to cause there own havoc , its possible that Evil Eye or someone else will find a way to defeat, or at least harm Ainz with a world iteam, but realize it would be a horrible idea as slaying him would unleash all his npcs, and with few exceptions are all extremely evil and far far stronger, with there loyalty to Ainz being the only reason they havent razed the world to the ground by now

Ainz may be playing with dangerous forces
Reading and watching the story something got stuck in my head. This is a world of real magic, not a game. While the "rules" of magic got changed it is not wholly bound to the rules of Yggdrasil. The spell cast and artifices used have real effects being bund to real entities. (for example goblins that are not just dumb NPC)

Now for someone who has read a lot of Lovecraft one spell stuck out to me. The one Ainz uses to decimate the Re Estize army. The one that uses human sacrifice to call forth Dark Yung. For those of you not familiar with the Cthulhu Myth.Dark Young are the children of Shub-Niggurath. The spell call upon am Outer God. You think Cthulhu is bad? He is just a Great Old One. The Outer Gods play in a completely different ballpark. They are not just dangerous, they are "Everyone out of the Universe" dangerous.

And Ainz casually calls upon such without ever losing a thought about it, that now that magic is real and not a game, there may be more to it than just a prescripted NPC.

Whoever Bellriver handed the dirt on the megacorporations off to will show up
Their biography ends with them getting the information that they were killed over to someone before they died. It is a really conspicuous hook.

In the end, the New World will turn out to be just as virtual as Yggdrasil always was.
Because the alternative would be having to find a good explanation for how an entire imaginary dungeon that only ever existed as code on a server could suddenly find itself turned into legitimate physical reality in another real world that seems to be just as ignorant of Earth (where the game was running in the first place) as vice versa and where magic and all actually exist — a recreation that would also have to account for creating sapient life out of nowhere (all the Nazarick NPCs) and endowing the suddenly-real inhabitants of said imaginary dungeon with both genuine real-life counterparts to the various powers they previously only had in the game and instant mastery of the same and so would ultimately imply pretty much godlike power (leagues above that of even Ainz since that would have to be where his own power comes from in the first place — it's not like he was ever a master necromancer IRL, that's all his game character!) on the part of whatever unknown entity it was that made this all happen. Conversely, Nazarick just being transplanted and integrated into a new virtual setting pretty much as-is? That would be orders of magnitude easier to achieve (a small group of suitably skilled and dedicated humans or in a pinch perhaps even a single one could do it) and only leave the question of why whoever pulled that stunt did so.

Players from YGGDRASIL are summoned by an entity obsessed with logic and rules to destroy Wild Magic
Something brought stuff from the DMMO YGGDRASIL into this New World. With the players came Ranked Magic. Wild Magic is the magic that did not come from the video game, and it breaks the rules of the magic that does. Wild Magic seems to hate rules, and erodes when Ranked Magic from the video game (made of pure rules and data) comes into contact with it. The primary theory of how Ranked Magic first spread is that the Six Gods used the World Item "Five Elements Overcoming" to make this happen. A formerly virtual item, that needs Rank Magic itself to work, went from sending an email to the game developers to changing a world so that what allowed it to exist in the first place was everywhere. That implies whatever sent the Six Gods there could have sent more than the first Guild Dungeon to the New World on its own, but did not.

New World!Ainz isn't who he thinks he is.
Specifically, he's not actually Satoru Suzuki suddenly transplanted into a new world — he's just what happens when whatever process it was that brought the Nazarick NPCs to 'life' gets to act on a player character proper. This would make "Ainz" essentially 'just' a copy based on all the information YGGDRASIL had stored away about him over the course of his game career who's nonetheless operating under the illusion of still being the same person (but was never actually human to begin with, which averts any need to explain how a player's actual consciousness even would get extracted from the squishy grey matter we may assume it still occupied even while they were logged into the game and can serve as a more subtle reason for his Lack of Empathy than merely his undead status), whereas the real Satoru presumably logged out and went on with his life none the wiser when the servers shut down and hasn't actually been seen since.

  • adding to this the only reason Ainz believes himself to be Satoru is because Satoru put so much of himself into the game, and thus his avatar became a carbon copy, other then the morality change from his in game alignment and suppressed emotions from his undead state, where as other players would have less of there real life personalities, which may cause issues if he ever does meet his fellow guildmates, as for example, ulberts avatar would become a complete monster do to roleplaying the villain, likely having little regard for the denizens of nazarick where the real ulbert played up the "Evil" but still had a sincere side, which may lead to a truly enraged Ainz, angered both that someone would harm the denizens of nazarick and that this thing that clearly wasent his friend would disgrace his image, or alternately it might lead to a rather sad moment of Touch Mes avatar fighting nazarick to defend the innocent, and Ainz begging him to stop but realizing the real touch me would likely not approve of his actions either.

Other guildmates DID make it to the new world, but not to the same time
its mentioned only 3 members were still actually apart of the guild, perhaps in the last moments a former guild member logged in but do to not being a guildmember anymore spawned elsewhere and couldn't make it to nazarick in time to reunite with Momonga, and so was transported separately, Ainz will at some point find relics of them and perhaps a message left behind as the guildmate figured out that players were arriving at a different time, and so intentionally preserved a message or gift for there old friends.

A new player will arrive(or come out of hiding) at some point
and they will be Ainzes opposite in nearly every way, where Ainz is a Noble demon whose amorality still ultimately serves to create a utopia they will intentionally take on the roll of hero but be a glory hound, who mindlessly slaughters any monstrous races assuming Always Chaotic Evil is in effect, and what would piss off Ainz the most is being willing to sacrifice there allies to achieve victory, they would likely be from Seraphim, being a guild that only accepted angel types as a perfect mirror to Nazaricks Demons.
  • It's been pretty heavily implied/foreshadowed that there will be other players, especially with Albedo creating the team looking for them with the hidden intent of killing them. The only real question is WHO it is going to be, and it feels like by far the most likely candidate is Touch Me. Momonga absolutely idolized him, and it's pretty clear from everything that we know about Touch Me that he would be absolutely disgusted by Momonga's actions.

at least one of the players of the 13 heroes were survivors of the 8 greed king
they were so low level do to the repeated revival penalties, they were either the last two survivors who mutually agreed to call of the feud either out of legitimate regret for there actions or simply realizing that if they continued they would both die, and the leader killing the other was because they went back to there old ways, or there was only survivor and went into hiding since they were weak and the other was legitimatley form the next "wave" of players, and the greed king attempted to kill the new player to eliminate a threat to there quest to regain power.

Tuare will request to be made into a true Pleiades
As far as we are aware Tuare is the only "true" human in Nazarick, and the weakest being in Nazarick, her time in Nazarick she will be around all these impossibly beautiful and powerful women, given Demiurges experiments, Tuare may request to be remade into something to be more of "use" to Sebas, possibly a frankenstein style creature like or possible be sired by Shalltear, but with her own free will.

all the mentioned previous "players" were not all that strong in comparison to Nazarick
They were people who got sucked into the new world randomly, Ainz thought it was because of Yggdrasil shutdown, but that was just coincidental timing, it actually happened a lot, and was actually the reason for the shutdown, the reason the previous players were so powerful was because several hundred years ago in the new world, most people/creatures in the new world were barely level 10-15, even the adventurers, and the players were level 30 maybe, Ainz however is the first and only (because of the shutdown) level 100 player to ever enter the new world.

Ulbert murdered Touch Me in real life
It's mentioned that in real life Touch Me is rich and successful and considering that the real world in Overlord is a cyberpunk dystopia ruled by powerful Mega-corporations it seems likely that the only people who could be considered rich and successful are people high up in the Mega corps Touch Me might have even been a CEO in one of them, in Warrior Takemikazuchi's character profile it's mentioned something tragic happened that resulted in Touch Me no longer being in the game most likely he died, in Bellriver's character profile it's mentioned that he learned something really bad about the Mega corps and was subsequently silenced but he told someone the things he learned before he died, it's possible Touch Me learned that he knew this information because they were in the same guild and Touch Me had him killed, and then in Ulbert's profile it's mentioned that he confronted someone in real life with both of them being evil maybe Touch Me being the evil CEO who killed one of their friends and Ulbert being the evil murderer who killed him as revenge, so the reason neither of them were around anymore in the guild is that Touch Me is dead and Ulbert is either in jail or was executed

The patron of the Black Scripture is a player
In volume 14 Azuth mentions how apparently the patron of the Black Scripture is undead which makes the entire Scripture incredibly upset which means it's likely true, but why would a human supremacist nation have an undead in such a high position of power with barely anyone knowing, well quite a few volumes back it's mentioned that one of the Six Gods was the God of death and he was an undead, a lot of people assumed he got killed by the Greed Kings but its very possible he survived and thanks to his immortality, being an undead, he could still be around leading the Theocracy from the shadows, and he might even be one of the very few people who can understand Ainz given that presumably he also used to be a human who lost his emotions upon becoming undead.
  • It is also possible that he was just so powerful that they had to overlook his undead status, and/or they just wrote it off as being divine, not a non-human.

Peroroncina was bi and had a Crush on Momonga.
Albedos amorous behaviours can be excused by her character sheet being altered by Momonga, but, Shalltear doesn't have that excuse. Momonga mentions early on that it seems the NPCs gaps in personalities were filled in with traits from their creators, note that while the other female NPCs express attraction to Momonga, only Shalltear and Albedo actually act on it, So without any input from Momonga, Shalltear might have gotten her attraction to Momonga through Peroroncina, who may have been hiding a crush on Momonga, it is also noted that he and Momonga were quite close before Real Life made him step down form the game.

Albedo knows the "real" reason (just not the actual circumstances) of why Ainz was the only "Supreme Being" to stay.(most of the other NPCs feel this way too)
All of the NPCs act as though they were all "alive" during YGGDRASIL, such as Mare and Aura mentioning they are both think they are 76 years old, and having flashbacks to conversations the Players had as though they were aware of them (Shalltear has a flashback to Peroroncina and Momonga talking about Bukubukuchagama, for instance). This gives rise to the idea that Albedo must be aware that the other "Supreme Beings" didn't just die or Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence, but simply left, hence why she wants to kill them all if they appear, in her mind, they abandoned Nazarick, they abandoned their creations, and also abandoned Momonga, it is partially due to Momonga altering her behaviour, but also a sense of Parental Abandonment, she doesn't know the whys. The only NPC to act as though they would betray Momonga if their creator appeared is Sebas, this is actually due to him being the Token Good Teammate of the bunch, Albedo doesn't know it, but it will eventually be revealed that pretty much all of the other NPCs feel mostly the same, maybe not as extreme, but they will side with Momonga over anyone else, because he didn't "Abandon" them, which will lead to...
... Momonga will give up on trying to find the other members of Ainz Ooal Gown.
It is noted by Momonga that the NPCs have been filled with the gaps of their personalities with traits of their creators, being that most, if not all, of them are immortal, Momonga will spend more time with them than he actually did with the other "Supreme Beings" eventually he will see the NPCs as his True Companions completely, and lose interest in reconnecting with the others, it is implied Momonga didn't have much of a life outside of work and YGGDRASIL, to the point he was still playing it when most of them had long since left, with only 4 of them (including Momonga and Hero Hero) still active until before the shutdown, With that he realises that while he enjoyed their company and friendship, they didn't feel the same bond strong enough to keep playing otherwise they might have ended up with him, a contributing factor in this would be him learning more about the previous Players that had entered the New World and collapsed.

The 41 Supreme Beings actually reincarnated to familiar faces
This theory gives the idea that we already have seen the 41 Supreme Beings(other than flashbacks) and the real story is that they didn't leave Ainz and the NPCs but they have actually died and reincarnated into anime characters from Isekai anime we already know.
  • Tanya is Ulbert due to their evil personalities. This makes Tanya and Demiurge's interaction in Isekai Quartet very heartwarming since Demiurge is Ulbert's son.
  • Kumoko is Bukubukuchagama. She actually reincarnated as a spider but due to "divine" interference, she has new memories but retains her old personality.

The final story arc will have Touch Me as the Hero Antagonist
Touch Me is the guild member whom Ainz looks up to the most and he was noted for playing an incredibly heroic character when everyone else was playing villains. He also had a life outside of YGGDRASIL with a wife he was happily married too, so he'd have a very good reason to want to escape the New World. This makes him an interesting foil to Ainz and a fitting final opponent for him.

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