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Trivia / Overlord (2012)

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  • Acting for Two: In the Japanese version, Kei Shindō not only voices Entoma, but she also does the voice of Arche. Justified as Entoma now has Arche's voice halfway through Season 3.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Played straight in the English dub where Nphirea Balear is voiced by Morgan Berry, but averted in the original Japanese version where he is voiced by Ayumu Murase.
  • Fan Nickname: "Papa Bones" or "Bone Daddy" for Momonga/Ainz.
  • Playing Against Type: Quite a few in the Japanese version:
  • Old Shame: According to some sources, Maruyama disliked letting fans vote on if Arche would survive the Workers exploration of the Tomb of Nazarick in the original Web Novel. As a result, when adapting the series into a Light Novel, Arche was flat out killed instead.
  • The Other Darrin: In the English dub:
    • Due to Ed Blaylock succumbing to cancer on April 19, 2017, Sebas is voiced by Bill Jenkins from Season 2 onwards.
    • Entoma Vasilissa Zeta switches voice actresses halfway through Season 3, from Tia Ballard to Corinne Sudberg, due to Entoma getting a new voice box from the remains of an adventurer named Arche. This something unique to the english dub as the original Japanese averted this by having both Entoma and Arche be portrayed by the same voice actress as a way to avoid having to change VA mid season.
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  • Overtook the Manga: The anime's second season had already ended and the third season announced while the manga still has yet to reach the second season's final arc Ainz sparing Tuare, the raid on Eight Fingers, and the first appearance of Jaldabaoth. Thankfully, the light novel still has plenty of material.
  • Similarly Named Works: Not to be confused with that *other* Overlord with a Villain Protagonist, or Overlord, a horror movie set in World War II. Or indeed, Overlord (1975), a drama also set in W.W.2.
  • What Could Have Been: Arche was originally supposed to die at the hands of Shalltear during the Workers exploration of the Tomb of Nazarick in the Web Novel. However, Maruyama was concerned that killing off a developed and heroic character like Arche, who was also rather young, would be controversial and so instead posed the question via a poll about her fate. Arche ended up being voted to survive, something Maruyama hated but stuck to. This is why in all other adaptations, Arche is just killed by Shalltear instead; Maruyama hated letting her live.
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  • The Wiki Rule: Ainz Ooal Gown invites you to his wiki here.
  • Word of Gay: Maruyama cited in a tweet that Brain secretly had feelings for Gazef and disliked working alongside women.


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