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Nightmare Fuel / Family Guy

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WARNING: Nightmare Fuel subpages, being Moments subpages, are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned!
The wheels on the bus go round and round...
This show started out as sort of a Denser and Wackier take on The Simpsons, which of course already has enough regular Defanged Horrors. In recent years (especially after getting uncancelled for the second time in 2005), it's started going into South Park territory.

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  • Some of Stewie's murders. Hell, Stewie in general is scary now that you think about it. On the outside, he looks like your average, normal, everyday toddler when in reality, he's an evil genius who's plotting world domination and the murder of his own mother.
  • While Quagmire appears simply like a Loveable Sex Maniac most of the time, in later season he gears more and more into Nightmare Fuel territory with his sexual deviancy. While he's never shown (onscreen at least) to engage in violent rape, he's obviously committed date rape multiple times, he's been in incest encounters, one time with his own post-op transsexual father (though he clearly didn't enjoy it and only did it as part of a dare), joked about having sex with his own illegitimate daughter once she turns 18, bestiality, necrophilia (something even he's expressed shame about), and all manner of bizarre fetishes. "Fighting Irish" revolved around his 1000th sexual encounter being a cooked large mouth sea bass for God's sake.
    Quagmire: *while dragging a dead prostitute that Stewie shot into his house* God, what is wrong with me, am I just sick?!
    • Quagmire raping Marge and killing all the Simpson family is very disturbing, especially if you love The Simpsons more than Family Guy. It was so bad that Matt Groening was mad at Seth MacFarlane about it. They've since made up.
    • Harkening back to the date rape, he's got an RV equipped to force the person in the passenger seat into oral sex with nothing more than a few presses of the buttons on his dashboard.
    • His entire house is filled with similar designs, such as a couch that douses anyone who sits on it with sleeping gas, rips off their clothes, and flips them over with their ass in the air.
  • Meg's increasing and obvious Sanity Slippage. For example, she wishes she had softer voices in her head in the Christmas Episode "Road to the North Pole."
    • Or when she dated a corpse and pretended that it was still alive.
    • Or when she went Yandere on Brian a la Fatal Attraction and again with Joe. And again with a mall Santa.
    • Some episodes depict her dabbling into Self-Harm, probably as a result of all of the abuse.
  • All of the times Peter's gotten raped (by everyone from his own wife to hardened prisoners to animals and even the visible steam that comes from the old "Follow Your Nose" cartoon gag). It's quite disturbing.
  • Some of the collateral damage and injuries during Ernie the Giant Chicken fights. Which results in excessive collateral damage to both property and innocent bystanders. In Internal Affair shows Ernie, in this order: falling from a great height and getting strangled by a chain. Luckily for him, the chain breaks... Unluckily, it leads to the chicken falling and getting impaled by a giant metal spike, which then bursts out through his neck!
You'd think that be enough, but no. The spike bends, putting his body next to a rocket engine, which activates, essentially roasting him. Finally, in the aftermath, we see Ernie's impaled, cooked body floating through the ocean.... and his eyes open. At THIS point, the viewer actually feels sympathy for Ernie, because regardless of his feud with Peter, he didn't deserve what he just went through.
  • The one from Yug Ylimaf begins with Brian and Stewie looking at all the damage after the plane crashed, before the reverse fight.
Stewie: My God, look at all this devastation!
Brian: What the hell happened?
  • Brian is a canine who's been anthropomorphized and is overall sapient, but there have been instances where he's shown behaving like a normal dog of course. Few of these instances can seem out of character and may trigger one's fear of dogs.
  • Herbert is absolutely terrifying when you think about it. Yes, he's a pedophile, which obviously makes him a horrible person already, but some of his antics show he's not the harmless and feeble moron he makes himself out to be. His obsession with Chris is so strong that he's managed to figure out how to break into the Griffin house and sneak into Chris' room on at least two occasions (once to hide in his closet and another where he comes into his room in his underwear to pain a naked portrait of Chris). Then of course there's his attempts to lure children into his cellar with the promise of popsicles so he can have his way with them. He actually succeeded in getting them down there once, but slipped and broke his hip before he could get in the cellar himself. Stewie appears to be the only person who can see Herbert for what he is while the adults do nothing. One episode implies that Herbert gets away with it because he's friends with a judge who also happens to be a pedophile.
    • Even worse is that he's very athletic in spite of his advanced age, having no issue in keeping up with jogging children, hitching rides under school buses or running while carrying someone as heavy as Chris.
    • Chris briefly lived with him after running away, and only narrowly avoided getting molested through pure luck. There's also Herbert's movie collection, which consists entirely of illicit videos of children, including one titled "Lost Boys", and not The Lost Boys you might be thinking of.
    Herbert: Those are... different Lost Boys.
  • All in all, you'll be very hard-pressed to find a single character that isn't Chaotic Stupid, Chaotic Evil or straight up apathetic to the chaos around them. Quahog is not a town you'd want to live in.

    Pre-Cancellation (Seasons 1-3) 

    Seasons 4-6 
  • Being a parody of Poltergeist, the episode Petergeist had some genuinely disturbing moments, such as when Peter tears his face off and morphs into Hank Hill.
    Peter: (laugh) Propane.
    • The Monster Clown from the movie is now Ronald Mcdonald. It does not make his appearance less creepy AT ALL.
    Chris: I sure wish that scary clown at the foot of my bed would go away...
  • James Woods unstable Crazy Jealous Guy side which shows up in "Peters Got Woods".
    • The scene where Peter and Brian come home and see Woods waiting like a stood-up date.
  • In "Deep Throats", Cleveland wrecking Brian's cab with a baseball bat, then turning into a black panther, a reference to the panther dance from Michael Jackson's Black Or White.
  • Lois getting drenched in scalding hot cooking oil in "Petarded." After nearly 10 years, Alex Borstein's scream is still just as chilling.
  • Joan in "I Take Thee Quagmire": "I love you, Glenn." (insert Slasher Smile).
    • Peter convinces him to get a divorce using champagne and Lois's breasts, and when he tries to broach the subject she threatens to cut herself with a kitchen knife and then cut him.
  • Peter and Stewie's disastrous visit to Disney World in "The Courtship Of Stewie's Father", which turns out to be run on standards based on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. All the "puppets" in the Small World ride turns out to be kidnapped children that Disney staff have been grabbing when their parents turn their backs and forced into corporate slavery. After Peter frees the children, he has to fend off several angry security guards trying to kill him and Stewie, and is finally confronted outside by Michael Eisner, who is standing in for Mola Ram, including the heart-ripping thing. And like Ram, Eisner is devoured by crocodiles. Unlike Mola Ram who was Obviously Evil, there is something very unsettling about seeing a straight laced businessman like Eisner suddenly go wild eyed and begin a thugee chant while trying to tear someones heart out.
    Eisner: Kali Ma! KALI MA!! KALI MAAAA!!!
  • In the episode Patriot Games, Stewie demands money back from Brian after a loan. And by 'demands,' we mean violently brutal beatdowns. For god's sake, he even breaks one of Brian's legs the second time around and then kneecaps him (in both knees to boot) for good measure. The use of a flamethrower would be pure overkill if the issue wasn't resolved immediately afterward and Brian's injuries turning into mostly darkened fur rather than actual burns. And then Brian shoves Stewie into the grill of a moving bus at the episode end for this.
  • In "Whistle While Your Wife Works," Peter accidentally blows all his fingers off with fireworks while he has far more than enough time to throw it.
  • From "Barely Legal," Joe is training Peter, Glenn, and Cleveland to be cops. They are locked in a room together, Joe, who can see them through the window, says: "One of you is on PCP. In a few seconds, one of you will go completely insane." Quagmire calmly looks at his wrist, and says nonchalantly: "Ugh... How'd all this skin get on here?" and proceeds to rip his own skin off as Peter and Cleveland scream bloody murder.
  • Meg's extremely unhealthy obsession over Brian, which led to her kidnapping him and trying to rape him.
  • The ending of "Chick Cancer." Stewie sets Olivia and Victor's house on fire with them still in it, seemingly burning them both alive. While Olivia appears in "The Boys in the Band" completely unharmed, there's no indication that Victor made it out alive.
  • In "Padre de Familia" in a cutaway where Peter is hired as a Mary Poppins-esque nanny, only to crash into the room and smash the children into the floor, killing them. After realizing what he's done, he proceeds to jab them underneath the bed with his umbrella while vomiting and crying. Jarring, to say the least.
  • In "Stewie Kills Lois," Brian discovering Stewie's revelation.
    Stewie: You know, Meg has really flourished since Lois was murdered.
    Brian: What are you talking about? Lois's death was an accident.
    Stewie: Which is just what someone who pulled off the perfect murder would want you to think.
    Brian: What the hell are you... (suddenly agitated) Stewie, did you... did you kill Lois?
    Stewie: (as he speaks, his head slowly and creepily turns sideways) Of course I didn't, Brian. Remember what you said??? I'm all talk. I wouldn't possibly go through with it. I'll just poop and fall asleep!
  • "Lois Kills Stewie" has Stewie holding a gun and threatening to kill his own family. He even kills Cleveland, who was sent to heaven, before breaking into the CIA headquarters and taking control of the world's power grid. Fortunately, the episode was actually a vision.

    Seasons 7-9 
  • A minor one in "Road to Germany", where Brian and Stewie travelled back in time to find Mort and are attending the wedding of one of Mort's ancestors. As the (Jewish) music plays, the scene switches between happy wedding guests dancing with the couple, and the Nazis rolling out tanks and aircraft ready to begin attacking Poland. Then the bombing starts and the music stops, the dancers stop and look at the doors. It's just creepy...
  • A joke in "Ocean's Three and a Half" that shows the midsection of Seamus to be made out of wood.
    Peter: the hell are you alive?!
  • In "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven", while at a Star Trek convention, Peter decides to try on Geordi's visor, only to slip it on and see the vision of dozens of Klansmen glaring at him angrily while carrying torches and ready to attack or kill him. He then takes it off and screams out why would anyone want to see that. It's just as terrifying as it is unfunny.
    • Also, seeing Meg's swollen face due to being infected with the mumps (and the story behind how she got it, where Peter had her stand next to a mumps victim, thinking he was a cosplayer) is rather creepy.
    • Brian's Breaking Speech to Meg to snap her out of her religious fanaticism.
  • The ending to the Disney Universe sequence in "Road to the Multiverse". Mort, portrayed as a stereotypical Jewish man with a Star of David necklace, pays the Griffins a visit. Then, we get a POV of every character in the scene save for Stewie and Brian giving Mort a menacing look (the Tom Tucker bunny has a Slasher Smile) as they shout "JEW!". Meg than aims her tentacle right at the camera, pulling Mort right into their clutches and they start beating him. As Stewie and Brian watch helplessly, Mort loses some teeth and blood offscreen.
    • It doesn't end there. In "Family Goy", Mort says that being shot is how people say hello to him.
  • In the subplot of "Quagmire's Baby", Stewie creates a retarded clone of himself (dubbed Bitch-Stewie). Later, he creates a "Bitch-Brian" even more dumb than "Bitch-Stewie." At the end of the episode, both clones slowly begin to decay - Bitch-Brian loses his jaw, and his upper row of teeth - gums too. And Bitch-Stewie has an eyeball hanging out. Suddenly, Bitch-Brian melts extremely graphically, with his muscles and bones visible (the bones melt too). And Bitch-Stewie melts, too. Afterwards, Brian comments he has an urge to lick the bloody puddle of ex-clones.
  • In "Dog Gone", Brian unties a violent dog, who then viciously attacks and kills a smaller dog by biting it clean in half before being shot to death by cops. Not before biting one of the cops in the neck. The fact that there are dogs like that in Real Life just makes it worse.
    Stewie: I think that's why it was tied up.
    • The dog who ground its own paws to bony stumps.
  • Stewie's head injury in Brian Griffin's House of Payne. He is unconscious, his brain is visible, starts to rot, even a raccoon starts mauling it.
  • "The Splendid Source", since it was based off a short story, is pretty dark and unusual. One moment that stands out is when the gang is caught by The Men in Black and have burlap sacks put over their heads while The Men in Black whack them unconscious with their guns.
    • Also, when Peter stabs Cleveland with a pencil (and Cleveland returning the favor a bit later).
  • "April In Quahog" has its moments:
    Peter: Let 'er go!
  • A bull raping Peter in "Dial Meg For Murder."
  • Brian & Stewie has Brian and Stewie getting drunk on scotch. Then Stewie asks Brian to pierce his left ear. However, Brian's not too careful with it and causes the ear to bleed. Then Brian says that it's too thick to go all the way through and yanks it out. Stewie's ear is open and bleeding profusely.
    Brian: Oh, wow! Oh, [bleep].
    Stewie: Wha-wha-wha-what is it?
    Brian: There's so much blood.
    Stewie: Ew!
    • This line in particular, when Brian is looking at Stewie's left ear and we see a close-up of it, with the bottom cut open:
    Brian: I don't think it's gonna close.
    • Stewie accidentally firing the gun Brian kept in his safebox, trapping the two of them under the table as the bullet richochets almost endlessly against the metal walls.
  • The fact that Stewie makes Brian 'eat his own diaper just to see how low he's willing to stoop for others!
  • "And Then There Were Fewer". After Lois figured out it was Diane Simmons who did it, the scene where Lois' eyes go wide and then Diane slowly tilts her head, could send shivers down anyone's spine.
    • Some of the deaths in the special were rather unnerving, especially Priscilla's.
    • Just the episode in general. Going to a mysterious mansion under the guise of being honored, only for it to turn into a twisted murder mystery initiated by someone who was once considered an acquaintance is very unnerving.
    • Herbert fears that he will die soon and instructs Chris to burn his house down because of the "strange things" in his basement. Knowing Herbert, it's not hard to guess what those "things" are.
  • In "Trading Places", Peter is prepared to go to high school armed with a gun for a parody of Columbine-style shootings. When Lois tells him to go to school as a regular kid, Peter calls a guy to tell him the shooting's off. But then we heard guns going off and people screaming on the other end. The joke is even more depressing thanks to what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary in December 2012.
    • Chris screaming in pain from the pain in his stomach (in reality he was experiencing the signs of a heart attack), its just unnerving to hear someone like Chris scream in that type of pain.
  • Santa, the deformed elves, and the carnivorous reindeer from "Road to the North Pole."
    • In that same episode the worries that takes place when Stewie and Brian while trying to be Santa Clause, break into a house, kill a dad who was trying to call the police on them after discovering them in his kitchen, then brutally knock out the mother with the same bat in front of their daughter to cover their tracks. They then proceed to tie up the sobbing daughter and spend over an hour cleaning up all the blood, before they realize they're in the wrong house as the police arrive. Even Stewie of all people seemed horrified by their actions.
    • One elf is simply dead from the neck up with a vacant stare, standing unblinking out in the cold. He doesn't even notice Stewie slowly cutting his arm off!
    Brian: We're just leaving like this, what about not wanting to ruin Christmas?
    Stewie: It's already ruined, this was one house, we've been here for an hour and a half! An hour and a-uh-First of all, we're not even Santa anymore, this has been a home invasion. But an hour and a half, Brian! It's going to be light in six hours and we have to deliver to the whole rest of the world! There's two apartment buildings on this block alone!
  • Deidre in "Baby, You Knock Me Out", murdered three of her opponents in the ring and planned to make Lois her fourth victim. And to make it matter worse, some boxers have murdered some of their opponents in the ring in real life, and somehow went on their lives knowing they can take a life with just a few, skilled punches.
    Brian: Her fists are so dangerous, she's not allowed to be a lesbian!
  • Evil Stewie, full stop. His actions are probably some of the most violent and graphic scenes in the history of Western Animation and make regular Stewie's crimes look like Dennis the Menace.
  • In "The Hand that Rocks the Wheelchair", Meg jumps in front of Joe's car as he's driving so she could be "just like him." Seriously, that girl is messed up. All it takes is for her to feel some kind of affection, even if it is simple appreciation (in this case, for being Joe's temporary personal care assistant), for her to go full-blown yandere.

    Seasons 10-11 
  • The part of "Seahorse Seashell Party" when Brian is hallucinating from mushrooms contains the most horrible, grotesque and terrifying scenes in the show. Among them, Stewie becoming a kind of snake-demon. After that, comes something even worse: Brian is transported to a hallucinogenic trip where everything is dark and horrible, and there he observes Peter naked, tortured and roasted by monsters and demons while singing "The Wheels on the Bus" (the page image, so draw your own conclusions), as well as Lois twisting the head and leaving two snakes for eyes. The laughter the Stewie devil makes while Brian falls into a bottomless pit in hell is very disturbing too. Bosch would be so proud.
  • "Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q": Everything about the episode was just frightening and depressing, as it's Family Guy actually trying to show that Domestic Abuse isn't funny.
    • The worst part for many, was watching Jeff Fecalman (Brenda's abusive boyfriend) absolutely pummel Quagmire in a completely one-sided fight, and strangling Quagmire to death. Fortunately, Quagmire survives because of all the times he practiced auto-erotic asphyxiation, and kills Jeff with his car.
    • Jeff's death is gruesome even by Family Guy's standards of graphic violence, to the point that we don't even get to see his mangled corpse. What we do see, however, is his body explode on impact between the car and the tree trunk, covering everything in a six-foot radius in blood. You can't say he didn't deserve it, but even so, the violence is genuinely shocking from a show that is usually a comedy.
  • The cutaway gag of James Woods' resurrection in "Tom Tucker: The Man And His Dream", where doctors transfusing a life force out of a 17-year old girl to him.
    • And apparently, Chris doesn't take bad news very well.
  • "Killer Queen" has Chris being strangled to near death. And it's not Patrick! But an obese eating champion who is envious of Chris.
    • Plus the flashback shots of Patrick strangling fat people and his entrance to Lois and the others.
    • Those who were strangled at the fat camp have discolored skin, veins popping out of their necks, and their are mouths wide open (probably with looks of horror). The thing is they all had similar features like Chris, mainly blond hair.
    • Stewie notices the Uncanny Valley that is Queen's News of the World (Queen) robot.
    • That goddamn Jump Scare with the scratch-off card.
    • Then the robot's appearance near the end (think of the ending to Fun and Fancy Free).
  • Peter getting mauled by a puma in You Can't Do That On Television, Peter.
  • A mob of children encounter Lois at a Costco and harass her, claiming her to be Saggy-Naggy. Lois politely chastises them before they brutally assault her.
  • "Leggo My Meg-O". It's not surprising if you're familiar with the film it's based on.
  • Some parts of the climactic fight between Stewie and Penelope in "Mr. and Mrs. Stewie", including where Stewie stabs Penelope right through the arm. See the entire fight here.
    • Penelope giving a kid who pushed Stewie a piece of candy laced with glue, causing him to graphically choke to death on it (complete with the sight of the kid clawing at his own throat).
    Stewie: Don't push.
  • "Amish Guy" has Peter doing the really old cartoon gag where the steam coming off a freshly baked pie forms beckoning fingers and tries to go up Peter's nose, which is supposed to draw Peter into eating the pie. When Peter refuses, the steam somehow starts ripping off Peter's clothes so it can rape him. We then see the steam is also holding Quagmire's eyes open, forcing him to watch.
    Quagmire: Peter, it's making me watch!
  • Family Guy Viewer Mail 2:
    • The ending of the "Fatman and Robin" sketch in Family Guy Viewer Mail #2. We have a twist on the classic Midas Touch story. After made angry by a Robin Williams roast, he shouts to God that he wishes everyone was Robin Williams. He's struck by lightning, and when he wakes up in the hospital, discovers he has the power to turn whoever he touches into Robin Williams. He starts out having fun, turning his kids, Tom Tucker, various patrons at the Drunken Clam, Joe's legs, and several others into Robin Williams. Then he wakes up, and discovers that Lois has been turned into Robin Williams. He comes down to Brian for help, shaking him in panic, turning him into Robin Williams. A tea kettle he picks up gets the face of Robin Williams.. He tries to blow his brains out, the revolver turns into Robin Williams. He runs out the door (which turns into Robin Williams) running with all the Robin Williams' around, jumps in front of a car to kill himself, the car turns into Robin Williams and he's fine. He's chased by a mob of Robin Williams' to a cliff, and they're all telling jokes. He jumps and notices the large rock below him, closing his eyes and smiling, as he'll be released from this nightmare. The rock turns into Mrs. Doubtfire and he's unscathed. After convincing all but 5 Robins to leave Quahog, we cut to the Griffin's kitchen, with the Robin's dressed as Peter's family members (Stewie actually wasn't turned since he disguised himself, but Peter didn't know that) with Peter, who's hair and clothes are a mess, with a disturbed looking grin on his face.. Brian Robin asks for coffee, which Peter passes him, revealing that he chopped off his own hands, leaving still-bleeding stumps. Now THAT's messed up.
    Brian!Robin: Hey Peter, can you pass the coffee?
    Peter: (disturbingly calm) Sure, Brian the Dog. Anything for my family.
    • In the "Point of Stew" segment. Brian chases a squirrel down with his car on the road. When he kills it, we see the squirrel squished and smeared all over his car tire. Just...ugh.
    Stewie: He can't hurt you anymore. (closes the squirrel's eyes)
    • And Meg offering Stewie one of her favorite rings, saying it's "really important." For those not in the know, giving away prized personal belongings is a warning sign for suicide.
    Stewie: Red flag! Red flag!
    • While Stewie's hitching a ride beneath Brian's car, the vehicle stops at a light. Stewie looks to the left and sure enough, Herbert is hitching a ride beneath a school bus.
    Stewie: Stay the hell away from my brother's butt!
  • The cutaway gag involving Peter's Mexican gas in Stewie Goes For a Drive:
  • Back to the Pilot, anyone? The CG sequence in particular. Surreal animation and Frogmire getting blown apart by a terminator-like Joe, in particular...
  • Peter ripping a man's face off in "Grumpy Old Man".
    • Also Stewie getting his ears impaled with knitting needless after a car crash.
    • Bill the Albino. Peter says that he creeps him out and it's easy to see why when it's revealed he was standing right next to him almost invisible in the snow except for his red bloodshot eyes. Also, it's implied he's just casually standing there naked.
  • In "Quagmire and Meg", the girls going crazy at the Teen Choice Awards(I.E. smashing their heads on the stage, ripping out their eyeballs) and then Wilford Brimley going on a shooting rampage with a shotgun. One pregnant fangirl gives birth on the spot and swings her baby around by the cord like a lasso.
  • A Cutaway Gag from "The Old Man and the Big 'C'" where four women madly eat each other. See here.
    • For those too afraid to look, it starts out with the four of them laughing at a bad joke about dessert, which quickly follows into Laughing Mad as their laughter becomes shriller and their eyes slightly unfocused, and then they just start taking large bites out of each other's faces without stopping their laughter. The waiter and patrons just look on in horror.
  • The entire "Yug Ylimaf" episode. Brian's shenanigans with Stewie's time machine forces the flow of time to go in reverse, meaning everything that happened in the past is now going to happen once more but from the end to the beginning. At first it starts off funny, such as showing the infamous Peter VS The Giant Chicken fights and the bathtub gags with Cleveland going in reverse and the one scene where Peter, Chris, Stewie, and Brian wind up reverse vomiting. Later, Stewie goes through his painful experiences of body development once again, which are teething (reversed so now he loses his teeth) and walking (he loses his body strength to stand up so he can no longer walk). Stewie then gets stuffed back into Lois' body as his birth scene goes backwards.
  • Sheldon the Turtle from "Lois Comes Out of Her Shell", who messes with the family's lives before trying to kill Stewie at all costs. One of the things he does is replacing Peter's glasses with forks.
  • Meg's heart in "Friends Without Benefits". It's on her head, which is the reason why she wears a hat all the time — though Meg has gone hatless before, and that heart was not there. What's worse is that Dr. Hartman doesn't bother doing anything about it nor does Lois beg Dr. Hartman to do something about it.
  • "Brian's Play" has a meth-addict Big Bird.
    • Also, we see a couple of other writers committing suicide, one of which shoot himself through the mouth - complete with brain splatter.
  • Ben Fishman's dead, frozen body in "Into Fat Air," followed by the Griffins eating him.
  • "Ratings Guy" has Chris spraying Peter with a fire hose on full force, leaving behind nothing but his skull.
    • And the fire shooting the fireman before killing himself.
  • "Joe's Revenge" has Peter doing making a "scalding hot asphalt angel" in Mexico, which causes his back to burn and leave only muscle and backbone.
    Peter: Second-degree burns, first-degree fun!
  • The ending to "Twelve and a Half Angry Men". Stewie says that since Mayor West was found not guilty of the murder, he says that there's a maniac still on the loose cutting peoples' power and killing them, with two of the murders happening on Spooner Street that very week. Then the lights go off.
    Stewie: Annnnnnnnd we're dead.
  • Chris getting his face removed at the end of "Save the Clam."
    • This one requires a bit of elaboration. Meg gets a job at a local morgue, but Chris steals one of the bodies she's preparing for a funeral so he can use it to get into R-rated movies. After she finds out that he accidentally ruined the body by going swimming with it, Meg forces Chris to stand in for the body during the funeral, only for the deceased's wife to tell her that the man was an organ donor and he'll be donating his face to a woman who had hers torn off in a chimpanzee attack.
    Faceless!Chris: Meg, though you cannot tell, I am frowning.

    Season 12 
  • Let's face it. All of Season 12 is Nightmare Fuel in and of itself. Nearly every episode has something excessively gory and disturbing in it, which is one of many reasons why it's now considered the worst season by fans.
  • "Vestigial Peter". Just the idea that Peter not only had a vestigial twin, but there's also the fact that it was fully developed and that it could talk is somehow disturbing.
    • Nightmare Retardant is, mercifully, in full-effect here. Since the twin, Chip, gets a tiny new body and has a Mickey Mouse-esque voice and a selfless, boundlessly optimistic personality that wins over the rest of the family.
    • Sears has turned into a post-apocalyptic nightmare after decades of low business, complete with roaming Mad Max-style gangs. Complete with Lord Humungus look-alike.
  • Sonja from "Quagmire's Quagmire" is Nightmare Fuel at best. An Ax-Crazy, Yandere, sexual maniac woman completely obsessed with Quagmire. Her most disturbing moment is when she tortures Glen with brass knuckles and whips before kidnapping him.
  • Arguably, Brian after he shaves himself in "A Fistful Of Meg", although to some he comes across as Ugly Cute (he looks a little like a real life naked mole rat).
    • A petition to have Meg commit suicide on Facebook reaches 2,000 signatures.
    • Chris clawing out his own eyeballs after seeing the aforementioned hairless Brian.
    • Michael "Mental Mike" Pulaski in general. A screaming psychopath clearly capable of killing somebody whose Hair-Trigger Temper is treated dead seriously by the rest of the cast. He's basically Jeff Fecalman 2.0!
      • Plus the scene where Meg sends four tough guys to beat him up. Next time we see them, they're all blood-riddled corpses, and Meg sees the words "YOU'RE NEXT, MEG!" written on the wall in their blood.
      • Mike melting after he sees Meg's boobs.
    • When Chris gives Meg "her back".
    • Meg tries to avoid Pulaski by uploading a sex tape of herself online. Which backfires when it gets zero views.
    • Peter cutting his own penis, then gives it to Brian in a package, and then appearing and laughing while bleeding in his lower parts because of the mutilation.
  • "Boopa-Dee Boppa-Dee". When Peter announces that the family is staying in Italy forever, Stewie decides to do what Italians go and murder their brothers. Stewie then puts a garrote around Chris' neck as blood comes out.
    • Peter and Lois apparently play a game called "Mysterious Intruder." At first it looks like it's a rape roleplay between the two, until the scene widens to reveal a completely random woman who kept exclaiming her name's not Lois. At which point we see Lois sitting in a dark corner, telling Peter to do it again. Peter apparently rapes women while Lois watches.
      Peter: Did you like that game of "mysterious intruder," Lois?
      Woman: I told you, I don't know who you are! And my name isn't Lois!
      Lois: Mine is. Do it again.
  • Everything involving Brian's death was this before he was brought back.
    • The DVD scene of Vinny taking a bloodbath (If it offers some consolation, it's not actually blood, it's tomato juice).
  • In "Into Harmony's Way", the opening theme with Vinny is just jarring. It's something straight out of Creepypasta and makes Brian's death so much more real until he was saved a week later.
    Kermy Jr: Kill me! I'm in constant pain!
    • At the end of the episode, Peter goes inside a bus and shoots himself.
  • In "Christmas Guy", the line where Stewie talks about throwing up to maintain his figure. That's right, a one year old having bulimia. Just think about how terrible that is.
  • "Peter Problems": Remember that urban legend where the babysitter gets high on LSD and cooks the baby in the oven instead of dinner? Peter invokes this to a horrifying degree — he is seen talking to his kids about cooking them a Cornish game hen dinner, only to find out he's wound up cooking his children and seating the game hens for dinner, instead of the other way around. Him pulling a completely roasted Chris out of the oven as well as views of a frozen Stewie and Meg's severed head exploding in the stove is what invokes the Nightmare Fuel, (though they appear later on, alive and well, eating at the table without any explanation given). if only for the fact that it makes him look more dangerously psychotic than incompetent.
    • An earlier scene from the same episode, where Peter tries to push a whale back into the ocean using a forklift. He ends up impaling him and tearing him apart in the process. This scene is sure to especially horrify animal lovers.
  • "Grimm Job": The "Little Red Riding Hood" segment has the woodsman (Peter) splitting the wolf (Brian) and the grandma (Barbara Pewterschmidt) open with a chainsaw. Worse, Stewie pointed out the woodsman wasn't saving him but was in fact just a psycho out murdering people, as he almost immediately went to another house and did the same thing to someone else.
    • The end of the episode is pretty jarring. When Peter says good night to Chris, Herbert appears as soon as Peter closes the door. Worse yet, when Peter says good night to Meg, the camera pans to show that she had apparently hung herself! Seriously, what is with Season 12's obsession with death?
  • Peter's hairless twin in "Fresh Heir." A pale, scabby twin almost straight out of The Brothers Grunt. Who he keeps locked in his shed, feeding him with eggshells and coffee grounds. Later in the episode, we hear Peter arguing with him offscreen, a gunshot, then his twin reemerging wearing his clothes and holding a shotgun. He then kindly invites the family to eat all the garbage they want.
  • The effects of tobacco on Peter's appearance in "Secondhand Spoke".
  • Stewie getting herpes in "Herpe the Love Sore" by taking a "blood pact" with Brian to cement their friendship. He wakes up with his lip stuck to his pillow.
    Kindergarten Teacher: Your face looks like the underside of a boat!
    • And Brian has herpes covering his entire body beneath his fur!
    Stewie: You're more herpes than dog!
    Lois: Peter, would you like a glass of—OH MY GOD!!! I TOLD YOU NOT TO PLAY GOD WITH THOSE ANTS!!!'
  • Peter being in possession of apparent child pornography in "He's Bla-ack!". Yes, you read that right.
    Peter: ...women will always band together to stop an offensive art exhibit from coming to town, so I've arranged for all my photos of baby wieners to be put on display.
    Peter: What? Why? It's to get our wives back together!
    Cleveland: Peter, these are HUNDREDS of naked babies in SUGGESTIVE situations! And they're time stamped as far back as 1998, which is way before we had this idea!
    Peter: *breaks down crying* I need help!
    • This would be brought up once again in a somewhat more implied manner with "The 2,000 Year Old Virgin".
    Joe: (Suspicious about one particular picture) Peter, how old is that girl?
    Peter: (Nervous about the picture) Excuse me.
    (Peter runs out of the house, drives off to a pier, and throws his laptop in the sea before being picked up by Seamus alongside a cargo-load of laptops.)
    Seamus: Yarrrrr, there be a lot of scumbags out there today.
  • Stewie's tantrum in Chap Stewie, during which he turns completely red, sheds Berserker Tears, and violently attacks anyone who approaches him. He bites Lois on the thumb and feigns wanting a hug from Meg...only so he can brutally headbutt her and break her nose.

    Season 13 
  • In general, Season 13 is just as bad as Season 12. Every episode has something just downright disturbing in it. Brian's death and near-immediate resurrection are the only things it doesn't have, and why it seems to be somewhat better received.
  • Bart teaches Stewie about prank calls. Stewie's prank call to Moe? "Your sister's being raped." Bart is too appalled for words.
  • Then there's Stewie binding and gagging Nelson in a long, horror-filled sequence that ends with him literally eating his shorts.
  • "The Simpsons Guy": Peter and Homer's chicken fight, which ends with both men's faces graphically contorting from punishing each other (including Homer's eye falling out of its socket).
    • The moment where a nuclear-powered Peter and nuclear-powered Homer clash, causing an atomic explosion that fries all the nearest bystanders, men, women, and children, alike, to unrecognizably charred skeletons. And all the burnt up corpses are stuck in the poses of the victims' last moments trying to shield themselves to no avail as they died in agony. A scene so atrociously cruel that you wonder if the animators and storyboarders are batshit insane.
    • The whole fight is easily the most graphic thing the Simpsons have ever been involved in, even making the more gorey episodes of Treehouse of Horror look tame. Right after the close-up there's a scene where Peter crushes Homer's hand with a boulder. Seeing Homer screaming in agony is disturbing to watch, especially if you're a long time fan who's grown up watching the character since the beginning. Likewise Homer chomping down on Peter's balls is unsettling as Peter wails and collapses frothing at the mouth.
  • Brian looking anorexic after he becomes obsessed with jogging in "The Book of Joe," especially the scene with all of his nipples showing. Brian also breaks his leg while jogging, complete with the bone going through his leg.
    • Brian looks anorexic and sleep-deprived from his extreme training.
  • "Brian the Closer" has a scene where Peter tries to get out of doing something boring by giving himself a sticking a pair of scissors up his nostrils. Slowly. Bleeding everywhere. And this happened twice!
    • Peter causing the accident that disfigured Brian. It's not just because of the end result (Brian losing all of his teeth and having his nose completely smashed), but the fact that this is animal abuse Played for Laughs. Worse yet, Lois' refusal to pay to treat Brian because he's not a human and laughing it off as if it was a joke, even though it was Peter's fault this happened? Dear God! How would you like to be deformed after an accident, be in need of medical help, and have your loved ones do that to you?! It's also a Tear Jerker in that regard.
      • During the same scene of Brian's accident, Peter kills a child, and doesn't care.
  • Joe's foot somehow getting pregnant in "This Little Piggy".
  • The entirety of "Encyclopedia Griffin." Chris's imaginary girlfriend is just creepy.
  • Stewie giving birth in "Stewie Is Enceinte". That is all to say.
    • The idea of a toddler-aged boy getting pregnant is nightmare fuel itself. Even worse is that he did it to himself through genetic tampering. If that wasn't horrific enough, there's the large, glossy vanity photographs of himself posing while pregnant with Brian. Posted all over his room. What the fuck were the writers thinking?!
    • Brian and Stewie's messed-up dog/human hybrid babies. Only one of them doesn't look horrifically deformed.
    • One of the babies drowns at the park due to its blindness. One has a saggy, concave HEAD.
    • Brian and Stewie disposing of the babies at an animal shelter, with the very obvious implication that they're not going to be adopted, so they're all going to get euthanized and neither Brian or Stewie seem to care.
      • They actually get adopted by Bruce in a deleted scene.
      • Proven in that earlier, one of the babies had died simply because he could not hear the lawnmower. Oh.
    • In the same episode, Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland and Joe are trying to make a viral video. One of Peter's attempts was taking a picture of himself smiling in the mirror every day for a year and making a slideshow out of it. Towards the end, Toshio from The Grudge begins appearing in the background, getting closer with each picture until he comes face to face with Peter and scaring the absolute hell out of him. After that, Peter goes from smiling to being a nervous wreck, with his eyes going bloodshot, stubble appearing all over his face and sweat stains all over his shirt, implying he's too frightened to sleep. It then cuts back to the Clam with Peter looking like he did in the slideshow.
    Peter: [Nervously] Yeah so, we're uh...thinking about selling the house...
    [Toshio appears behind Peter]
  • In "Once Bitten", the fear of dogs may be triggered when watching Brian bite Peter's arm, similar to what happened in "Brian Sings and Swings". Unlike that instance, however, this one's treated more grimly in graphic details and closeup. Added that it happens twice in this episode, and Brian initially isn't even remorseful the first time it happens. And when he bites, he does so not only out of anger but apparently of pure savage animalistic instincts.

    Seasons 14-16 
  • Tiny Tom Cruise in "Papa Has a Rollin' Son".
    Tom: If you think you're getting away from me, you got a crazy laugh comin', friend! AHAHAAHAHAH!
  • Peter, Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland murdering a (seemingly) innocent man in "Peternormal Activity". The reason? They were writing a horror movie script in an old abandoned asylum for inspiration, and accidentally killed the caretaker whom they mistook for the urban legend serial killer with the hook hand. Unsurprisingly, they all descend into paranoia afterwards, and start thinking of different ways to shift the blame on to each other. Eventually, they end up in a Mexican standoff on the custodian's grave. The situation is only alleviated at the end when it turns out the man was actually a Klan leader who stole war medals.
    • The custodian rising from the grave in the end. Somewhat mitigated by the fact that his car immediately does the exact same thing.
  • Stewie being abused by his robot "friend" in "Guy Robot", which is played like a school bully picking on a kid trying to impress him.
  • Lois beating the hell out of Peter with a magazine in "A Shot In The Dark" can be straight up disturbing to some; to others it can be incredibly satisfying.
  • Peter's sister Karen's bullying of him in "Peter's Sister", which goes from humorous to not, including choking him until he passes out. It directly draws parallels to Peters treatment of Meg, but even Peters abuse isn't usually THAT bad, at least not outside cutaways.
    • Also, Karen, a professional wrestler, apparently DIES at the end from the injuries she sustained when Meg hit her with a chair when she saved Peter during a match with Karen. And Peter, for obvious reasons, refuses to donate blood to her.
    • In a moment of hypnosis by Quagmire to try to make Peter face his fears, he brings his mind to a young point - that promptly makes Peter go all demonic with physical flames in his hands. Is Peter a demon, was he one in a past life, or what the Hell?
      "I see the six stations of the Lord's order, and they will all BURN!"
  • "Hot-Pocket Dial" has the ending dialogue, where Lois talks about all the random impulsive thoughts most people deal with throughout the day, both violent and sexual. The scary part? Joe brings up how he doesn't disagree how North Korean dictator Kim-Jong is doing things. At the end, when Lois summarizes the moral, she even points out that Joe is actually worse than the rest.
    • Hell, just her moral at the end, that we should all live in a state of bland compromise so we don't rock the boat of our relationships, isn't exactly bright either. Apparently the only choices in our lives is to choose between indulging in every cruel, violent impulse we have, or live in a meaningless, grey fog.
  • From "The Peanut Butter Kid": Peter assures he will always provide for his family even if he has to shoot their dinner. Cut away to Peter with a shotgun chasing a giant anthropomorphic pizza screaming in terror and then to Peter sitting in a trophy room with the pizza stuffed and mounted like it's about to attack.
  • Basically, the entirety of "A Lot Going On Upstairs". The main plot is that Stewie can't stop having nightmares, with each one being plagued by the same shadowy monster figure. Not wanting to have another nightmare, Stewie vows to stay awake forever, only to eventually fall asleep and another nightmare occurs. It takes Brian going into Stewie's dreams to help him, with the shadow monster chasing them through various dreams based on Stewie's conscious fears until Brian finally defeats it once and for all.
    • The subplot isn't much better. Peter and the guys make Peter's attic their new hangout after Peter is forced to sleep in there one night after Stewie sleeps in his room to cope with the nightmares. When Lois has had enough of their antics and they refuse to leave, Lois locks them in and leaves them there, eventually causing them to overheat and lose their grip on reality.
  • When Peter gets stuck on a kiddie train overnight in "The New Adventures of Old Tom". Needless the say, the end result is not a pretty sight.
    Peter: The wind on my skin is like knives...
  • The drink Carter made in "Carter And Tricia" makes you vomit, poop, and orgasm all at once. And guess who decided to be the victim of drinking it? Peter himself (Carter didn't even mean to have it be him this time).
  • "Cop and a Half Wit" saw Peter and Joe preparing to break down to door to a perp's hideout, only it turns out they're inside the Space Shuttle. Both men quickly float out into space, freeze solid, then the frozen corpses shatter. All onscreen.
  • "Dearly Deported" ended with the entire family murdered by mongooses, including Chris.
    • Not helped by the recorder the mongeese used with Lois's voice being left on long after they fled scene.
    Recorder (of Lois's voice): We're having Sloppy Joe... We're having Sloppy Joe... We're having Sloppy Joe...
  • Peter casually narrating about how he joined a cult and was the sole survivor of its mass suicide in "Hot Shots."
  • "Emmy-Winning Episode" has the end of the Breaking Bad parody where Peter and Lois embrace in the desert and prepare to walk off into the sunset... only to be confronted by the Night King from Game of Thrones. They run away, screaming in terror, only for a dragon to rise from a ravine and attack. Cue credits (of that segment).
  • "The Woof of Wall Street" has Stewie and Brian going down 20,000 feet in the ocean trying to pants James Cameron while he is excavating the Titanic, but ending up flat out ripping his body in half instead. Then sharks come eat him. Even Stewie and Brian are shocked!
  • Peter accidentally destroying the internet thinking it was a bathroom in "HTTPete" and the utter chaos that ensues afterwards.
  • Just Stewie getting a concussion in "Cop and a Half-Wit" is absolutely terrifying. The show has never really done Concussions Get You High, but this is the first time they’ve ever done realistic consequences to getting such a massive head injury. Remember, Stewie is only a year old. Getting dog piled by many older children in a football game. Just the swollen pupil in his right eye afterwards is particularly unnerving…

    Seasons 17-19 
  • Jess seemingly choking to death in "Married... With Cancer". Even if she didn't really die, her choking is surprisingly realistic, complete with her shaking Brian, begging him to help her.
  • Brian almost getting euthanized by Jess in "Dead Dog Walking".
  • Stewie nearly choking to death in "Stand By Meg" and Meg's reaction.
  • Herbert exploding after finding out Chris's friend is actually his dad in "Con Heiress".
  • Peter's fight with Donald Trump in the episode, "Trump Guy" wasn't pretty. Along with the self-aware jokes in it.
  • A satanic Jesus burning down a church with people inside in "You Can't Handle The Booth!".
  • In "Throw It Away", Lois becomes very deranged by getting rid of everything in her house, including her family.
  • Meg's rotten feet from her Type 2 Diabetes in "Girl, Internetted", along with Peter killing Cleveland with an axe with Chris screaming in a black background. And they're not just rotten, either. They're completely black.
  • Brian and Quagmire almost getting killed by a steeping bus that is on a cliff in "Adam West High", luckily, the two get saved by Mayor West, but turns out to be a branch.
  • "Yacht Rocky": During a cruise, Meg meets a boy who actually returns her affection, only for him to get horrifically decapitated by an oar when the ship capsises. That's not the worst part though, Meg refuses to accept this, and drags around both his head and his headless corpse, introducing him as her new boyfriend. And this is like the third time Meg has pretended a corpse was her boyfriend!
  • "Christmas Is Coming" is surprisingly this. Especially when Stewie is used as a way for Meg to get sexual pleasure and seems to have a panic attack. For context, Meg accidentally has her first orgasm while sitting on Santa's lap with Stewie, because he got too scared to do it himself. Her orgasm smile is incredibly disturbing and freaks Stewie out so badly he ends up being traumatized by it. It doesn't help that the smile makes Meg looks extremely similar to the Creepypasta character Momo. Google at your own risk.
    • The creepy sex dream Meg had about Santa is extra disturbing. It was a little too graphic.
  • In "Rich Old Stewie", Stewie has a fantasy about murdering his whole family, not just Lois. He also makes Brian unable to die with a pill, and when the rest of the family dies, Brian is still alive but in extreme pain and Stewie refuses to let him die. Sure, they tried tricking him into giving them his fortune by faking Peter's death, but getting the whole house to explode was a bit much. Usually, Brian is the only one in the family, besides Chris, that Stewie actually cares about.
  • "Baby Stewie": It's low-key, but it's definitely disturbing the way Stewie accidentally strips himself of his intelligence after Brian makes him think he's doomed to regress into idiocy due to his Griffin DNA. His attempt at correcting this turns him into a normal baby, which is essentially a case of Death of Personality.
    • Seeing a normally erudite and calculating like Stewie revert to the mental age of, well, an infant, is incredibly jarring in and of itself.
    • Brian's attempts to fix Stewie aren't so pretty either, they eventually result in him. Turning into a Gremlin and he's as terrifying as you'd expect; destroying his room and almost killing Brian. It got so bad the only way Brian could save his friend is to go back in time!
  • Brian killing the squirrel in "Boys And Squirrels". While Brian's hatred of squirrels has been shown before (and dogs chasing and attacking squirrels is Truth in Television), it's usually Played for Laughs. Here, it's depicted in a hauntingly realistic manner, made worse by Chris and Stewie (who have been raising the squirrel after its parents died) being unable to do anything but watch in pure horror. The Soundtrack Dissonance does not help, either. You'll never hear "I Love L.A." the same way again.
  • "Meg's Wedding": A cutaway gag after Lois says that she has never seen Meg smile for such a long time, except in the music video of "Black Hole Sun". The gag shows Meg smiling the biggest smile ever, and her eyes grow so large that it's creepy! One of the creepiest cutaway gags ever!
    • Peter's arms being ripped off at the Cherry Poppin' Daddies concert.
  • "And Then There's Fraud" has Stewie getting Botox surgery to look younger. Unfortunately, it all falls apart during Stewie's Picture Day, and the end result is not pretty at all.
  • "LASIK Instinct" shows the result of Lois' botched LASIK surgery via Dr. Hartman's cat clawing out her eyes. Not simply scratching them out, but tugging them out of the sockets!

"We're an unusual family."