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Family Guy has enjoyed a lengthy, successful run on television, and has a nuanced style of humor. As such, we've had to split more specific examples of the show's funny moments across multiple subpages.

And for the record, you can in fact call this page "Family Guy Funny Moments".

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  • Whenever Brian acts like an actual dog.
    • From "Back to the Woods", when Brian, who is tied up to the pole because James Woods, who has recently stolen Peter's identity (and everything he has), does not like the fact that Brian is snooping around:
      Brian: [tugging on rope] This is humiliating. I went to Brown, for God's sa—
      [spots squirrel running past, starts chasing and barking at it wildly until the rope snags him backward]
      Brian: [confused] What the hell? The rope was longer, now it's shorter! What kind of black magic is this?
    • From "12 and a Half Angry Men", when Quagmire harps on Brian, thinking that he knows how the judicial system works, when he can't even understand his relationship with the mailman.
      [zoomed out shot showing Brian coming out from behind the garage on all fours and chasing the mailman away]
      Brian: You motherfucker, get out of here or I'll kill you!! But come back tomorrow, same time, b-because I get sad on Sundays when you're not here.
    • In "New Kidney in Town", Peter complains that he didn't get any sleep because Brian and the neighbor dogs kept him up all night.
      Brian: [calling out from outside the window] Hello? Hello!
      Dog: Hello!
      Brian: Hey! Hey, are you a dog?
      Dog: Yeah, I am!
      Brian: I am also a dog!
      Dog: Yeah, we're both dogs!
    • From "Quagmire's Quagmire" we have Brian's reaction to firetrucks
      Brian: Oh my god! [runs from one side of the couch to the other] Ooowwwooooowwwwooooooo! I'm matching the sound! Awwwwooooouuuuwwoooo!! [runs back and forth frantically] Is what I'm doing helping?!
  • Peter Griffin's epic fights with Ernie the Giant Chicken. And in reverse!
    • The fact that Peter is always able to go right back to whatever he's doing afterwards, no matter how long and dragged out the fight was. Not to mention that the people he was talking to prior to the fight are just waiting for him to come back, and go right on with their conversations as if nothing happened.
  • Adam West. Cloud Cuckoo Lander taken to extremes.
    • All of his scenes in the episode about gay marriage.
      West: (seeing his own blood) Oh my God... I'm a tomato!
    • "Perhaps it was the Noid...who should have avoided ME."
    • "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I'm trying to get all the As out."
    • "So it's a shouting contest you want, is it? Well, game on, Quahog! AAAAH! AAAAH! AAAAH! AAA- I'm beating you!"
    • The Adam West song.
    • And let's not forget the cat launcher, which is a crossbow with cats. It's as awesome as it sounds.
    • Kebert Xela.
    • Adam West wanted all graves covered with concrete because he's afraid of zombies. "You'll thank me when no one eats our brains. You'll thank me." He later runs away screaming "zombie" after Quagmire comes out of his grave.
    • Adam West's disastrous press conference in "Twelve and a Half Angry Men."
      Child reporter for elementary school newspaper: Mayor West, are you afraid of the dark?
      West: I thought I'd made it clear to you that asking me about the dark was off limits! This press conference is OVER!
    • "Old people are wizards in the future."
    • Adam West giving a eulogy when Peter and his friends are lost at sea.
      Adam West: The Bible declares, "an eye for an eye", so let us now take our vengeance against this murderous ocean." (takes out a knife and stabs a beach several times). You won't be hurting anyone anymore".
    • Mayor Adam West was arguably even more surreal during the early episodes, when he was still happily providing permits in-between his insane conspiracy theories and exclusively tucking/rolling from his bathroom to his office.
  • The Running Gag, seen where Peter's latest contraption gashes a hole in Cleveland's house, making Cleveland, in his bathtub, come crashing to the ground.
    • And then after the premiere of The Cleveland Show, when the empty tub crashes down...
      Peter: Oh yeah, Cleveland moved...
    • Made even FUNNIER than, in an episode, a missile launched by Mayor West STILL manages to land and hit Cleveland's house in his own show!
      Cleveland: No, no, no, no, no, no, nooooooo! (falls)
      Tim the Bear: (walks in screen) ...I don't get it.
    • And then the gag manages to be incorporated into "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side", when Cleveland as R2D2 falls into the Dagobah swamp.
    • On The Cleveland Show, Cleveland's ex is in the tub and crashes with it, only she dies.
  • The famous hurt knee.
    • In "FOX-y Lady", Lois' version appears in which she hurt her breast.
    • And in Something, Something Dark Side, happens to an AT-AT.
    • In "Viewer Mail 2", a variation of this appears, again with Peter, in the "Chap of the Manor" segment:
      Peter: (deep breath in) Bugger. (deep breath in) Bugger. (deep breath in) Bugger.
  • The "sounds of the rain forest" cutaway (where Peter buys a "Sounds of the Rainforest" CD to help him sleep, only it also includes sounds of loggers cutting down the trees and talking about how Sting — who advocates rainforest preservation — sucks) certainly qualifies.
    • Not to mention the "Sounds of the Studio Audience" commercial.
  • And now here's Ollie Williams, with the BlaccuWeather forecast. Ollie?
    Ollie: IT'S GON' RAIN!
    • Thanks, Ollie.
    • Also, Ollie's bit in the one with the hurricane:
      Tom: Do you have an umbrella, Ollie?
      Ollie: HAD ONE!
      Tom: Where is it?
      Tom" Well, can we get you anything?
      Ollie: BRING ME SOME SOUP!
      Tom: What Kind?
      Ollie: CHUNKY!
    • EGGO!
    • When Quahog is in the grip of a massive heatwave:
      Tom: How are you beating the heat, Ollie?
      Ollie: (swings by on a tire swing) SWIMMIN' HOLE!
    • And in "420", when everyone gets stoned:
      Tom: How does the weather look, Ollie?
      Ollie: (calmly) Not too bad.
      Tom: Right on.
    • HE GON' GET IT!
    • In the movie:
      Tom: I can't figure out how to check my e-mail from home.
      Ollie: (from offscreen) DID YOU CHECK YOUR TCP/IP SETTINGS?!
      Tom: Yes I did, Ollie.
      Ollie: ENABLE COOKIES?!
      Tom: Yes, Ollie.
      Ollie: D'YOU WANT THIS DOG?!
      Tom: No thank you, Ollie.
  • The Kix cereal cutaway.
  • Any time Joe yells.
    Joe: "This is stupid. I wanna talk about VAGINAS!"
    Joe: "You're getting SLACKS!"
    Joe: 'You're starting to PISS ME OFF!!!"
    Joe: "Oh man, if I was a woman I'd press my bare boobs up against the glass in public, just for the SEXUAL THRILL! THE SEXUAL THRILL!!!"
  • Meg abuse jokes at times are hilarious.
    Meg: Hi, da-(gets shot)
  • Consuela
  • The DVD commentary tracks had some good bits:
    • Seth curses as Peter (keep in mind, this is before strong language was commonplace in the show, so at the time, it was hilarious hearing Peter say the F word)
      Peter: Lois, get the fuck off my back. I swear, one of these days, I'm gonna backhand ya! Jesus Christ.
    • In the commentary for "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story", during the Ferris Bueller's Day Off parody, Seth mentions how he always found it annoying that Ferris was falling from his jump in slow motion while everyone else was regular speed. It's funny 'cause it's true.
  • In the later seasons, we have the repeated Take That!'s aimed at Florida, such as Peter mistaking the University of Florida for a Down's syndrome summer camp, the state being fingered as a haven for sex offenders, and a taunt song performed in duet by Peter and Quagmire.
  • The very fact that quite a few entries are on both the Nightmare Fuel page and this one, really says a lot about the show.
  • The show's merciless lampooning of the Tea Party/GOP.
  • Any time Peter acts like a three-year-old.
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