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"No, Peetah."
"Peetah, no."


  • In "A Lot Going On Upstairs", Stewie and Brian come across Tom Tucker in the mindscape, and he ends his broadcast with "Coming up, a map with a hurricane on it and you don't know your states yet!" Sure, this is how Stewie imagines the weather forecasts, but what does the last bit mean? And why does Tucker's voice drop so evilly low when he says it?

PANAMA! (guitar riff) PAN-A-MA-HAAAA!!!!

  • At the beginning of this episode, Peter seems to be unfamiliar with what is arguably Van Halen's most successful album, 1984. Or at least unfamiliar with its biggest hit. How is this possible if Peter is a child/teen of the 80s? That song was EVERYWHERE. Also, glam metal seems to be one of Peter's favorite music genres. This would be like a Classical Music Maven not being aware of "Für Elise."
    • Maybe he didn't listen to Van Halen.

Brian's death

  • The big question here is... Who drove the car that killed Brian?
    • This was actually asked at SDCC 2014... Seth MacFarlane had admitted he didn't give much thought about if they should reveal the sonofabitch's identity but he supposedly jokingly claim that it was a sonofabitch who did it... JUSTIN BIEBER!
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    • I think it was Quagmire, who hates Brian.
      • If it was Quagmire, the car would have been his red Chevy Bel Air.
  • It seems like there was more interest in getting Brian knocked off then actually furnishing the event with thorough detail.

Roberta Tubbs in The Splendid Source

  • Why hasn't Roberta Tubbs appeared in any episodes that do a crossover with The Cleveland Show?
    • Actually, she was seen in one crossover episode, from behind for a split second.

Cleveland's House

  • How can Cleveland's house accommodate his whole family? Maybe Cleveland Jr. and Rallo share Junior's old room, and they moved Roberta into that room where Cleveland's uncle died.
    • Actually, he says in one episode that two of kids have to sleep in the car.
      • It's a Depending on the Writer thing. In some episodes, he has more than two rooms, while it others, it seems like he doesn't, though the episode where he mentioned two of the kids sleeping in the car, he implies that he keeps his clothes in the other rooms and that's why two of the kids sleep in the car.


Quagmire's Navy days

  • If Quagmire was in the Navy, how come he's not in uniform at the Naval Ball in "Quagmire's Dad"?
    • He may have actually said that to prank Peter and Joe
      • Except we actually see him in the Navy. He was on the ship that fished Peter out of the ocean in "Death Lives."
    • The writers just forgot, I would assume. They forget a lot of details from the earlier episodes or just throw them out on purpose.
    • He mentioned in episode that he was a pilot, though

Lois' Accent

  • Why does Lois have the thicker accent? Her parents sound English, but her accent is thicker than mud, whereas Peter's barely given an accent at all.
    • Lois' parents sound English to you? I'm English and I really hope I don't sound like them.
      • The bigger question is, "Why are Lois and Peter the only characters with a Rhode Island accent, when that's where the entire cast lives?"
    • Lois' parents are not English. Lois' parents have a New England accent, specifically an upper-class Ivy League accent; this is because they are millionaires who live in Newport. The fact that Lois herself has a very thick lower-class Rhode Island (-ish, the lady doing her sounds like she keeps mixing Long Island in there, but whatever) accent can probably be fanwanked to her being a rebellious kid who broke away from her parents' crowd and learned to talk like/live with/sleep with common people. Not unlike a lot of teenagers in the UK who put on a fake Cockney to be cool, after all. The non-fanwank real reason is probably that the original character concept for Peter and Lois was that they'd be a heavily stereotyped lower-class Rhode Island couple, and Lois' blue-blood origins were a plot point introduced later on in the process.
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    • Also, the range of accents across Peter's social group isn't that remarkable. Having actually lived in Rhode Island, I can tell you that the stereotypical blue-collar thick Rhode Island accent isn't something you hear all the time, it's something you tend to have to listen for. Just like everywhere else, there's a growing number of people of all classes and backgrounds whose regional accents have receded thanks to TV. (And while it's true Cleveland's accent isn't straight Rhode Island, it's a pretty good attempt at an exaggerated version of the mixture of Southern and Northeastern intonations you hear in African-American communities in New England.)
      • And we now know that Cleveland is a Virginia native, which explains why his accent isn't Rhode Island.
      • Though his voice actor, Mike Henry stated that the inspiration for Cleveland's voice was from a Marylander he knew. Speaking as a fellow native of Maryland (less than an hour from Baltimore) the accent exists, but in small doses (see John Waters's old movies like Hairspray for examples).
    • Probably at least partly because Peter's voice is based on a real person where Lois' isn't.
      • No, Lois' voice is based on one of the actresses' (Alex Borstein's) cousins.
  • I don't know what you mean by Peter barely having an accent. His accent is one of the most notable things about him.


Too Sexy for His Fat

  • In "He's Too Sexy For His Fat", Peter falls into a tank of lard and empties the whole tank to his stomach, yet, he is only his regular size in the end. How?

  • Also from "He's Too Sexy For His Fat", when Peter gets a liposuction, why does he still have a double chin?
    • It magically turned the unattractive fatty double chin into an attractive bony cleft chin, thanks to the magic of stylized simplistic art.
    • Remember, first came the liposuction (which didn't really affect his face much) - then came the extensive plastic surgery, butt implants, and stuff like that to turn him into a beautiful person.
      • And I'm pretty sure you can't get liposuction to your face.
      • Yes, you can.
    • Because those are his testicles, you see.
      • He got plastic surgery on the rest of his body but not his face.

Lois' and Brian's Marriage

  • The episode where Peter returns from being stranded on a deserted island and comes back home to find Lois is married to Brian (Perfect Castaway). Even if you ignore the fact that somehow, Lois was allowed to marry a dog, there must be some strange law in Quahog that states that even when your dead husband proves not to be dead... Well, there may be a few things.
    • Lois' marriage to Brian is not annulled when Peter returns. Lois and Brian remained married and Peter was...
      • Well, what exactly? If he's not dead, he should still be married to Lois. If not, then how can Lois remain married to Brian without divorcing Peter? And, at the end of the show, it appeared as though Lois and Brian simply "broke up" rather than getting a divorce and Peter and Lois were back together without having to get remarried. And, yes, I know it's a cartoon, but that episode drives me nuts!
      • Think of it in terms of the paper work. Peter and Lois marry, say something until "death does them part". A marriage certificate is filed. Years later, Peter is presumed dead, a death certificate is filed, the marriage certificate has a stamp put on it that says "death did them part". Lois marries Brian. New marriage certificate. Peter comes back so he can go have a stamp put on his death certificate that says "whoops" but when it comes to the marriage certificates Peter just can't have a stamp that says "whoops" on those by himself. They need Lois (since she is in both certificates) to say "I want the old certificate re-issued and the new marriage annulled." Note - annulled, not divorced because I could imagine having your old husband come back from the dead may be ground for an annulment rather than a divorce. Of course, all these bits of paper don't determine what the people (and dog) involved actually do. Lois can start having freaky dressed-up-as-Grimace-and-The-Hamburglar-sex with Peter in the bedroom and send Brian to the kennel whenever she likes, since she owns the house.
      • Doesn't Peter technically own the house (if the ending of Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater was anything to go by)?
      • Since Peter wasn't dead, he and Lois are still married and Lois' marriage to Brian was invalid. Simple as that.
      • Being declared legally dead is as good as being actually dead with regards to paperwork, otherwise there'd be absolutely no reason to ever declare someone legally dead in their absence, instead of just waiting to see if they turn up. Peter and Lois' marriage ended when Peter died. Lois remarried, as she was legally a widow. When Peter turned up again, it was up to Lois what she would do; she could either stay married to Brian without any complications, or she can have the marriage annulled or divorce Brian. Whether she then has to remarry Peter depends on whether she went for a divorce or annulment.
      • People remarrying after a spouse is presumed dead is stuff that can and does happen in real life.
      • Annulment would have been simple. They never consecrated the marriage. Had it gone on one more day though...
    • Speaking of that episode, who was the third person in Lois and Brian's hotel room? It was too fat to be Quagmire. Cleveland?

The Tank

  • Whatever happened to the tank?
    • It was Blitzwing. Let's just leave it at that.
      • Well, they do live in the same Universe as Transformers...

Family Goy

  • In the episode where Peter meets Jesus, Jesus tells him the true religion is a mixture of voodoo and Methodist. What would that even be?
    • Awesome.
      • No that was The Simpsons. Jesus said all religions were pretty much crap anyways, at least during Family Goy.
      • How would Jesus know the truth about non-abrahamic religions?
      • Because he's Jesus?
      • If that's the case, how could He say his religion(s) are crap? Doesn't His existence disprove this, or was Jesus a Highlander all along.
      • It could possibly be that the Religions themselves have devolved from His original message, and therefore He doesn't support them anymore.

Airport '07

  • In the "Airport '07" episode, two things get me: 1) When Quahog News 5 airs the tape of Peter's call for help, it's accompanied by a picture of him. Unless Peter's been in trouble that often, how did they know it was Peter's voice? 2) Hugh Hefner knows who Glenn Quagmire is?? They weren't introduced but Hef says "...and Glenn Quagmire is the best pilot I've ever known."
    • For problem 1, look back to "Peter Griffin, Husband, Father... Brother?" For problem 2, Hugh Hefner is magic.
    • Sigh, you kids. Hugh Hefner's speech is a parody of the movie Airplane! Complete with the music.
      • Also, the whole scene was a tribute/parody of the many other movies (Ed Wood and DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story come to mind) where a discouraged protagonist just happens to run into an idol, who gives them an inspiring pep-talk that leads them to go back and win the big game/the girl. Who better than the king of the Playboys to give an inspiring speech to a player sex maniac like Quagmire?
      • The Wedding Singer one with Billy Idol actually happens on an airplane.
    • Glenn isn't much younger than Hugh. Glenn's been on the prowl since the 50's. It's safe to assume he and Hugh have crossed paths before. As for Peter, yes, he is in trouble that much. Besides, he's acquaintances or friends with every character with a name or moniker.
    • By the way, I know it was all Peter's fault for getting him fired, but are we really supposed to feel sorry for Quagmire? Especially since in the same episode he's shown to be dealing in human trafficking?
      • A Million is a Statistic. Quagmire is an established character, those were a bunch of random girls who were never seen before or since.
      • Mr. Vice Guy: Quagmire's a disgusting pervert, but other than that he's usually a nicish guy. 'sides, maybe it's not what it looks like and those girls are in trafficking porn.
      • This Troper took it more as a joke that Quagmire sees them more like pets than regular people. Like how people microchip their dogs and cats so if they run away they can still be returned. Probably naive, but still probable.
    • Another thing - why in the hell is Quagmire fired and blacklisted over Peter stealing fuel? If anything, wouldn't it be the people who were supposed to be filling the plane and those in charge of security who would be punished?
      • Because it is a pilot's responsibility to personally inspect their aircraft before take off to ensure that everything is in order. That means checking that it has fuel, all necessary maintenance has been performed, it is loaded properly, all the equipment in the cockpit works properly, etc. Quagmire taking off without checking that there was fuel in the plane is a sign of gross negligence on his part.
      • It's likely, though, that Quagmire had checked all that, and Peter just stole the fuel afterwards.
      • That isn't really as likely as you think. If you remember, Peter stole the fuel that was supposed to be going into the airplane while it was pumping. The two guys in charge left, he pulled the hose out and put it in his truck while the fuel that was meant for the plane was still running. If Quagmire checked before he took off, he would have noticed that the plane wasn't all the way filled due to being interrupted during the fueling process and we see that Peter never stuck the hose back in so the fuel gauge probably would have read the tank as being nearly empty. So Quagmire didn't check before flying.
      • It could be more of a 'you brought the bad guy here' association sort of blacklisting.
      • Because telling your boss that your idiot friend siphoned jet fuel to make his truck fly sounds just about as credible as "my dog ate my homework".

Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story

  • In the Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story three-parter, Peter gets a job doing a complaint segment on the news. After that, Stewie has his near-death experience and decides to start being nice, which leads to him becoming drunk and crashing the car through the Drunken Clam, which results in Peter being fired. Then at the end, Stewie does some time-traveling and eventually prevents his aforementioned near-death experience from ever happening. So that now means he never got in his drunk driving accident, and therefore Peter should still be working for the news. Am I the only one who has realized that plot hole?
    • Perhaps Peter ended up losing his job in some equally bad way? That happening wouldn't surprise me.
    • Yeah, but the three-parters meant to be a film made by the Griffin family in later years, according to the prologue and epilogue: ergo, nothing in it happened within the show's continuity with the possible exception of the events covered in the aforementioned intro-outro segments.
    • Don't forget, Status Quo Is God

Meg telling everyone

  • If Meg can go around town telling everyone that Brian is a Atheist in "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven" then why doesn't she do the same method to expose her family for constantly abusing her?
    • Quahog is a craphole town. Given that Joe, a policeman, knows to tell Lois "not Meg" when telling her to hold onto him like one of her children, she might know that all she made was an idle threat.
      • Not to mention the last time Meg tried showing everyone how screwed up her family was, they were made the stars of their own reality show ("Fifteen Minutes of Shame"). So making a spectacle of it again would probably just make it even worse.

The timeline

  • In Welcome Back Carter Lois' parents are shown to have met and dated seemingly during the late forties/early fifties. If so, did they wait 15-20 years before they had children? Also, if they were in their twenties, then they should be older than they are in the show.
    • Family Guy premiered in 1999 and *no one* has aged in all that time. So let's say they were 20 and they met in 1950. 2000-1930 = 70 and this is about how old they appear. That is, in the 70-80 range. Not everyone turns into a mummy the moment they hit 50! Additionally, Quagmire is canonically 61 years old as of 'FOX-y Lady' but he doesn't look any older than the rest of the friend group.
      • The timeline and how it applies depends on the episode and that episode's plot, though most of it made sense in the earlier eps. However, with the decades of smoking, you'd think Carter would look way~ older.

Carol's Son

  • Carol, Lois's sister, had a baby in "Emission Impossible"...and then we never saw it again. Where did it go?
    • Carol's married and broken up with a lot of husbands/boyfriends since then. It's likely one of them has it.

Quamire's Mom

  • In "Quagmire's Mom", Quagmire gets put on trial for sex with an teenage girl. Yet said girl lied about being an adult, and had sex with Quagmire knowing she was really too young for him. Why does nobody call her out on it when she's the one that claimed to be an adult and chose on her own to have sex with Quagmire without any signs of regret or reluctance? Double Standard and Karma Houdini don't even begin to describe this situation.
    • The law presumes that the girl in this situation is not mature enough to make good decisions about her sex life, and therefore should not be held accountable for getting into a situation that she finds out is much more than she can handle. Seventeen is not terribly young when it comes to having knowledge or experience in sex (and the fact that the girl ends up being seventeen instead of thirteen, for example, could be commentary on how arbitrarily the age is set), but they can still be naive about a lot of areas that adults understand better because they have had more experience. Even so, not all seventeen-year-olds are alike when it comes to maturity, so the episode provides a rather borderline situation for Quagmire to be embroiled in and still come out looking sympathetic to the audience.
    • Sadly, this is a case of Truth in Television.
      • Oh, and the girl's mother (and pretty much everyone else, but that's beside the point) treats Quagmire like he did it all on purpose. Never mind that her daughter was the one that impersonated an adult and Quagmire didn't have a single damn clue that she was underage until she conveniently let slip "I'll just take the school bus." after they had sex. Gee, maybe if you watched your identity-forging bitch of a kid more closely to make sure she didn't go around sleeping with older men, maybe this wouldn't have happened, you dumb broad?!
      • Some parents just don't like admitting that they failed as parents sometimes, so to take the blame off of themselves, they will sink into denial and make up certain things to make the other parties come off as more guilty as their kids are.
      • This is still truth in television. Unfortunately it's really hard to prove you didn't know as it's pretty much her word versus his or vice versa. There are plenty of cases where a (for example) seventeen year old boy has sex with a fifteen year old girl but the parents find out and proceed to court. And whether it was consensual or not is rarely important to the parents. Some people even end up lying about giving consent and sent innocent partners to jail/register them as sex offenders because they didn't want daddy to be mad at 'her'. The laws are the way they are for a reason, but it's very easy to take advantage of how vague they are.
      • On a related note, who could have sent in the anonymous tip? Did the girl do it? Does she get off on having sex with men and getting them sent to jail?
      • Assuming she has a group of friends from her school, she probably told at least one of them that she planned on sneaking into an adults-only party. Said friend probably had to confess to knowing where she was when the parents realized she was gone (considering that it was a school night, and she was a minor, as well as the fact that her parents seemed to have reasonable concern for her safety/well-being). The parents would have probably called the police, who'd have to work out where she might be... Given all of that, it's conceivable that at least somebody put two and two together and saw it right to tip them off to Quagmire's home. That being said, her motives are still up in the air, especially since she just disappears after Quagmire is arrested (which is rather appropriately lampshaded during the court scene).
    • Maybe sending him to jail was her intention in one episode when Glen goes to a school he sees a bunch of his bastard children and in another he purposely doesn't put on a condom despite being asked to before hand maybe the girl heard about all those shitty things and wanted to stop him
    • The Unfair Sex?
    • Given his history, most wouldn't take Quagmire's side.
    • The inference is, no matter the circumstances, they wouldn't have taken his side anyway; the whole point of the episode is that people are getting sick of Quagmire, his perversions and his general attitude. It's telling that not even his close friends attempt to stand up for him (their defenses are half-hearted at best). Double Standard it may be, but at least they're rid of him for a good long while.
      • While that may be a good point, the fact they pin this particular incident on Quagmire and ignore the wrongs the girl made still makes the characters look like A: morons that have no idea how the law works (though considering this show's track record, that wouldn't be surprising), and B: extremely petty people that will stoop to any low and look for any excuse to shun Quagmire (even when there are far worse things he's done on purpose). Also, it makes Peter Griffin look like a complete hypocrite; He'll defend Quagmire with his dying breath when the guy is caught deliberately stalking his wife, but he won't raise a finger to help his own friend when he's tricked into doing something that gets him in trouble when it's not even remotely his fault?
      • Peter did try but he was terrible at it. Now, in terms of why Quagmire got in trouble even though the girl lied, well, to my understanding, in most cases, the prosecution is going to ignore the fact that the girl lied because the crime is still sleeping with a minor, whether said minor lied or not, however, that would beg a question as to how Peter didn't get in trouble for the girl being at the party, too, given that there was alcohol being served at the party. The semantics are complex but that's usually how that goes, especially, since it's hard to prove that one didn't know that they were a minor (and there are numerous cases where this happens), however, more often than not, this tends to be more the case, if the couple has been intimate, as opposed to just dating (doing nothing beyond kissing/hugging).
    • Another answer to this is that Quagmire has done sex crimes before (with one episode having him recite Megan's Law—so he's an SO) but probably got off or got a lighter punishment because of a technicality (statute of limitations expired, different jurisdiction, or no concrete proof——Whatever is a "technicality" in the FG universe) and this instance with Kiera (the girl he slept with) was one of those times where there was proof that he actually did something illegal. On another note, in cases like his, I think the prosecution is probably going off a form of due diligence, which is to say, in the eyes of the law/prosecution, the offender shouldn't have gone off the word of the victim (legally-speaking) and should have done more to make sure the victim WASN'T underaged.

Brian's Atheism

  • How is Brian still in atheist even though he's met and seen Jesus on multiple occasions. Hell in the episode " If I'm Dying, I'm Lying" he fully acknowledges that God is the one that is sending plagues to teach peter a lesson.
    • "Jesus lived with us for, like, a week. What else do you need?"
    • Brian hasn't seen concrete evidence of God doing truly God-like things, nor Jesus do Jesus things like resurrect. Being an atheist doesn't prevent you from believing in things like magic, which is who he'd have to rationalize Jesus and God. As for previous mentions of believing in God, maybe he was an agnostic/deist who gave up? The real question is why Death doesn't tip him off, seeing he's been shown bonafide proof he proves some Powers That Be exist.
    • Death isn't tied to any religion the way God and Jesus are, so an atheist who believes in the supernatural wouldn't necessarily have a problem believing in Death.
    • After he saves Stewie in "Yug Ylimaf", Brian says "thank God!" but it's more of a rhetorical statement than an expression of belief in theism.
    • He's just that damn stubborn.
      • Well, he's a dog, so....

Yug Ylimaf

  • In "Yug Ylimaf," Brian has sex with a girl who he later found out to be in high school, he then offers her a Barnes & Noble gift card to silence her. But shouldn't the girl be the one in trouble for having sex with a dog?
    • Actually for some odd, weird, disturbing reason Bestiality isn't frowned upon in this world and seems to be a normal thing... that and Brian somehow has a human son from this.
    • Kind of like Quagmire's situation in “Quagmire's Mom", she wouldn't get in trouble but Brian is, legally, considered an adult, so the prosecution will ignore that.
      • Perhaps human laws don't apply to animals?
    • Underage Peter seems to confirm with the new drinking laws and Brian's age making him technically of age.

Peterotica Lawsuit

  • So in "Peterotica," Carter is sued and his assets are promptly seized on the spot. Couldn't he have hired one of the best lawyers in the world to defend himself against the lawsuit? Surely he was rich enough. (at the time)
    • Maybe he did and it fell through

Chris' Blond Hair

  • How come Chris has blond hair? Neither his parents nor grandparents ever had blond hair, and given how much he looks like Peter it's unlikely he's the product of an affair
    • Two things. One, it's a Call-Back to the pilot where Lois had blonde hair and, two, it could be possible that blond is a recessive gene that hasn't showed up in generations.
    • It's Like there's a spectrum of haircolor dominance, where blonde hair is dominant over red hair, brown hair is dominant over blonde hair, and so on. Chris can't have Lois' red hair because Peter's brown hair dominates over it, pulling Chris's position on the haircolor spectrum back in the other direction.The blonde hair is a medium which serves as an example of Truth in Television.

Quagmire's Age

  • If Glenn is 61, why does his dad-mom Ida look younger than him?
    • Actually, that may have been retconned. In that note, you may have people who are one age and just happen to look younger.
    • Some minor sexualization to emphasize the fact that Ida is trans now.

The arm thing

  • Why is it that whenever someone dies/falls unconscious/has an accident, they fall on the ground with one arm behind their back and one leg bent outwards at a right angle? Why this exact position? I've never understood why this happens.
    • It's just how the style of the show is. The artists probably does that for comedy.
    • Also it seems like landing in that position is part of the on-going joke.

Can they understand Stewie?

  • Does anyone understand Stewie's incredibly erudite rants about wanting to slay Lois and take over the world? My suspicion is that all the adults hear is the incoherent tantrum of an eighteen-month-old who, to their ears, hasn't developed language skills yet. All they get is a squalling angry kid just making noise? Perhaps a sort of mirror-reflection of the adult world in Charley Brown, a background rumble of bass-level slowed down white noise. Maybe all kids of Stewie's age are screaming rage and blue murder, and we simply don't notice....
    • If I'm not mistaken, Word of God says it kind of flip-flops as to whether they do and ignore it or whether or not they just interpret it differently.
  • So can Peter and Lois understand what Stewie is saying? Brian mostly seems to be the one to understand what Stewie is saying and so does Chris and Meg. Hell, even most of the adults Stewie interacts with understands him. So why can't Peter and Lois?
    • Rule of Funny, that and Word of God says it depends on the episode as to whether or not they can/can't, in which case, if they can, they might interpret it differently (as seen best in the earliest episodes) or they ignore it.
    • Seth once gave his take on it, saying that everyone can understand Stewie, they just don't take anything he says seriously. He likens it to "a two year old telling you to go fuck yourself"—you just laugh it off because the kid is too young to understand what that means.

Stewie's Money

  • Why didn't Brian just pay Stewie in "Patriot Games"? He suffered TWO brutal beatdowns that could've been prevented if he's just given Stewie the $50.
    • Brian probably believed it wasn't really important and assumed Stewie would just eventually forget about it and move on. But judging from the looks of things, Stewie had been asking Brian for quite some time, and Brian HAD the money to pay him, but he kept putting it off and tried to weasel out of it by paying $2.99 for a fake mustache.
      • Uhhh, no, that is not how it happened. What happened was, Stewie went up to Brian right after the day the fight they bet on was held, and said to him that he "have the money by tomorrow, and there won't be any problems", and when Brian didn't have it, he beat the shit out of him. At that point, Brian's attitude seems to be that he didn't have the money right then and there (such as he'd have a bit of cash to take the $50 from soon enough, and that'd be it), and if Stewie was willing to be patient, he'd have it. He could've been trying to weasel out of it then, or just not been big on getting it to him right away, but considering he still says "Stewie, listen, you've just gotta give me more time" during the second beating (and right before Stewie shoots him in his knees), instead of say something else, I believe him at least. The first beating, understandably at least to me, freaked Brian out enough he tried to avoid Stewie for the most part, for what seemed to be a week or two that his wounds had to heal and after, and hoped he could do so until he got the money, which is what the mustache was for in the first place. The second beatdown, specifically getting set on fire, convinced him to just have Stewie take him to the bank and presumably get a loan or something, or withdraw from his savings. How I see it is, and as part of the joke, was that Brian was treating this like a normal "we're friends, so Stewie won't mind if I take this casually. I'll have the money by next Friday or so, and it isn't like it's a big deal...", because of course it isn't, while Stewie goes at this like he's a loan shark, and that Brian either has to pay now or get a harsh "lesson". Disproportionate Retribution on Stewie's part is the name of the game here, when this is literally just a casual bet between friends.

Suing Angela

  • Why didn't Peter think of simply suing the company for his boss harassing him in "Peter-assment"?
    • Considering how dumb he is, the idea probably didn't occur to him.
      • That, or because the company makes his favorite beer, Pawtucket Patriot, it would go bust from being sued, and therefore would be unable to produce anymore beer.
      • To top it off, it's hard to make a sexual harassment case if the genders are reversed, as was rather demonstrated by everyone else's reactions to when Peter told them about Angela's harassment. Had he harassed Angela, she, most likely, would have won the case, whereas, in this case, if he tried to sue, he'd probably be rebuffed or he'd lose for some other reason.
      • Have you the slightest idea how torturous it would be for Peter, a working-class person, to sue a huge company like Pawtucket Patriot? PR agencies are their bodyguards.

Sibling Rivalry

  • In "Sibling Rivalry", isn't Peter also aware that he himself is fat while belittling Lois when she gained weight?
    • She did call him out on it. His response was "Lois, men are not fat. Only fat women are fat."
    • That makes no sense.
      • That's the joke.
    • The point is that it's an example of Double Standards. Seth McFarlane loves taking on pretty much every subject there is to be offended by in a lot of different ways. This was one of them. Especially because he married a "thin hottie" and she married him fat so clearly he was attractive to her while she was not to him.


  • Why is Peter jealous of Jerome in "Jerome Is The New Black"?
    • Because he found out that Jerome was one of Lois's old boyfriends, and he feared that Jerome would try to steal Lois away from him.
    • That and the whole Teeny Weenie thing.

Stewie's future body-type.

  • Its shown that all the Griffin men are on the husky size; however its shown that Stewie grows up to be tall and thin. What's up with that?
    • It's possible that he got the genes for his build from the Pewterschmidt side of the family.

The peanut butter

  • In the episode "Chick Cancer", when Peter is trying to direct blocking for a scene, he tells Joe to get out of his wheelchair but he obviously can't, and after his protests annoy Peter, they cattle-prod him. After this, Peter wants to get peanut butter so they can make it look like Joe is talking. HUH? I've heard a joke like this a couple of times since that episode but I still have no idea what it's supposed to mean??
    • In the old tv show Mister Ed about a talking horse, the horse had peanut butter smeared on its teeth before shots so that as it tried to lick it off it would look like it was talking.

Deirdre Jackson

  • Why is Deirdre Jackson not in prison for murder/manslaughter? Or at least banned from boxing? I'll grant that accidents happen, especially during a dangerous sport like boxing, but if you kill 3 people in the ring, that might be a red flag of some kind. And the fact that she outright told Lois that she was gonna be her 4th victim kinda gives away that she intended to kill those 3 boxers.
    • Like in RL cases, perhaps her opponents didn't die directly because she beat 'em to death, rather, they probably died as a side-effect of previous strain/injuries on their bodies(IDK an'thing about boxing besides that that boxers do sustain a lot of injuries and damage thereof) further complicated by her blows, however, if it's been three casualties, then she likely, legally-speaking, wouldn't be allowed to fight anymore (IDK how fight licenses work). Now, the premeditation to killing Lois on national TV would have had her arrested. Another answer is that Deirdre served time for those deaths offscreen and was out by the time this episode happened.

Quagmire's Ancestry

  • Quagmire is revealed to be Half Japanese but father/mother Dan/Ida and mom Crystal both look Caucasian. Considering how many men Crystal's been with, is Dan/Ida possibly not the real father?
    • If you are talking about the Halloween episode where Quagmire claimed to be half Japanese, he was lying to screw with Joe and Peter. He says so when he pulls out of the Kamikaze dive
    Quagmire: "Pranks' on you *bleep*s. I'm not Japanese. ... That was for making me have sex with Joe you sons of bitches."

Lois' and Peter's marriage

  • This is something I've had a problem with in both this and The Simpsons. I know it's just Rule of Funny but still, why the hell is Lois with Peter at all? Yes, occasionally they are as bad as each other, but, seriously, the guy is clearly off his rocker beyond having mental disability.
    • Lois clearly has a thing for crazy guys and unpredictable guys. She gets exasperated at times, but she's just as quick to get turned on by his antics too when she is in the mood. Clearly, for her, the exasperation is worth putting up with for the thrill he gives her.
    • There is this interaction in 'The Giggity Wife.'
Stewie: You should know that Mom has emotionally let you go. It won't be long before she takes a lover.
Peter: [not listening] Owww, my head!
Stewie: She already has two cell phones.
  • Because, despite it all, they do love each other, they're just lousy at showing it.

Herpes, the Love Sore

  • In Herpes the love sore, the majority of the fandom got upset for what Brian did to Stewie and Chris but why does almost no one focus on the fact that herpes can't be contracted through blood?
    • In all fairness, this is a show that will get things wrong for comedy, thus, it's handwaved for the sake of the plot, after all there is a reason Acceptable Breaks from Reality trope, along with Artistic License – Biology and Artistic License – Medicine tropes exist. However, in much the same fairness, not many do know that herpes can't be contracted through blood and some will assume that it can be. However, likewise, dogs can contract herpes (it's called the canine herpes simplex virus) but they can't contract it from nor give it to humans and not too many know that. Either way, if they went with accuracy, it would probably break the plot and the humor of the episode.

Peter's father

  • In Peter's Two Dads, they go out of the way to note that Francis Griffin isn't Peter's biological father, but instead it's Mickey Mcfinnegan —a man likely with very strong Irish roots and probably rarely left the area. That said, after finding Mickey, Peter still talks about his bloodline of Griffin relatives. I understand that Peter can still be proud of the...erm, accomplishments of these people, but it seems odd he would continue to phrase the stories like he's biologically related to them. Since I'm doubting Thelma's maiden name was also Griffin and FG has a medium awareness of continuity, it seems like a weird detail to overlook...unless they found out Francis was indeed Peter's biological father off screen.
    • Francis was most likely Peter's legal father. Especially if he and Thelma were married before Peter was born. That would make the Griffins his family regardless of blood. He had also lived forty years knowing his Griffin family and barely knows Mickey. Even if, say, Francis never took Peter as his legal son the Griffins would still be his family through his mother's marriage to him. The real question would likely be why his ancestors looked and talked like him but when you remember that Nate Griffin married Lois Laura Bush Lynne Cheney Pewterschmidt and had kids with her... That Lois Pewterschmidt looking exactly like our Lois... you get the idea that their appearances are rather meaningless.

The cardboard house.

  • How exactly did Olivia Fuller survive being in a burning cardboard house?
    • Probably because it's cardboard, and not that hard to break out of.
    • It either burned up around them or someone noticed the flames and put it out quickly enough.

Road to the Pilot.

  • In "Road to the Pilot", Brian and Stewie stand outside the house while the first act of "Death Has a Shadow" is being played out inside. Problem is, there's a joke in the actual pilot where two guys from the neighborhood pop in when Peter asks who touched the thermostat. These two guys don't appear in "Road to the Pilot", even before Brian and Stewie affect the space-time continuum. Where were they?
    • They do show up

Miles Standish.

  • What is the truth of Miles Standish and the Talking Clam? We eventually learn that Quahog wasn't found by Miles and the Clam, but by Griffin Peterson, who was Peter in an old life. So where did the story of Miles come from? Was he real at all? Was the clam real? If neither are real, what's the point of carrying on that tradition? And if Miles wasn't real, how come everyone acts like he was until the episode that says "No, Quahog was founded by Griffin Peterson"?
    • I always thought of this scene as a parody of the Plymouth Rock story. Which is a story that some 121 years after the first arrival of the Pilgrims a man named Thomas Faunce recounted, saying he had once heard from his father who, in turn, had learned it from another person. Yet this story has become the absolute truth of the Mayflower's arrival, despite there being no reliable evidence of it.
    • It was probably just a town legend. Many cities have them.


  • Probably the most prominent headscratcher of all: Why the hell does everyone hate Meg? She clearly hasn't done anything seriously wrong, yet she's been subject to a lot of undeserving torment by even her FAMILY for what, 15 seasons
    • Don't even use the "lightning rod" excuse from "Seashell Seahorse Party" which explains why the whole family abuses Meg... even non-Griffins abuse Meg... EVEN JOE! AND HE'S A FUCKING COP! It's a miracle Joe hasn't even arrested the family once he finds out about the abuse the family gives Meg.
      • Joe is actually rather civil to Meg. Also, most of what the endures is verbal abuse and not physical so the family wouldn't be arrested. If this wasn't an ongoing gag I would imagine that, best case scenario, Meg could emancipate.
    • That's the joke. Seriously, that is why the joke works, at least in the early seasons before it got overplayed, there was no reason. An essential part of the joke was that there was no reason.
  • Okay, not trying to complain, but why was it so portrayed as wrong for Meg to want to be popular in school in the old seasons? Isn't it normal for teenagers to crave acceptance? Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure that if someone was given the choice to be either popular and loved or unpopular and bullied, he/she would choose the former in a heartbeat.
    • Meg was originally written as a Hate Sink so we'd have more sympathy for everyone else. Unfortunately everybody has been so mean to her that we feel sorry for her and hate everybody who hurts her.
  • What I've never understood is Meg's supposed unattractiveness? She looks similar to her mom Lois and her girth also pales in comparison to her father and brother.
    • Values Dissonance. Women are simply held to a higher standard in terms of attractiveness. Peter and Chris are obviously not attractive either, but since they're guys it's not as expected of them to be as it would be for Meg. Keep in mind that Meg's unattractiveness is limited by the amount of artistic detail of the show (only so much can be shown for Meg's acne etc) that make her more unattractive in universe than out. Ultimately, though, it's just emphasized more on Meg than Peter and Chris simply because in real life, society places a higher premium on attractiveness for women than men a lot of the time. If Meg was a guy it probably wouldn't be an issue as much.
    • At the beginning of the show, it seemed more like Meg just saw herself as ugly rather than she was actually ugly, as teenage girls are notoriously self-conscious about their looks. She was supposed to look like an average teenager as opposed to the model-thin, jaw-droppingly gorgeous girls who play the "average" teen in other TV shows. And for someone who is supposedly that ugly, she has managed to snag a few boyfriends.
    • It's also somewhat Truth in Television. A lot of girls who are considered unpopular are also considered homely even if they are of standard looks. It's also something used to make them feel worse about themselves as demeaning the unpopular kids and making them upset is a fan favourite in American society.
  • Is Peter Meg's real dad?! According to Peter in "Screw the Pooch", a guy name Stan Thompson is her biological father? Another headscratcher is, why have a gag like that and not touch on it?
    • THANK YOU! Perhaps Peter might have changed his name to Stan Thompson and conceived Meg during that time and changed his name back... he was a Justin once.
      • That does seem something Peter would do. And since they have the same hairstyle, I'm inclined to believe Meg is Peter's kid.
    • The meta reason is simply that this was a throwaway line.

How to pronounce "harassment"

  • Why can't any characters on the show pronounce "harassment" the right way?
    • The same reason why Stewie didn't pronounce "cool whip" correctly and how Meg intentionally mispronounced "while." It's done intentionally as a joke.
    • That and "harassment" has more than one way to say it.

Spirit of Mass.

  • Okay, so in "Play It Again, Brian", during the Spirit of Massachusetts number, Peter looks at a bunch of trilobites and picks one up. What's this a reference to?
    • "The Spirit of Massachusetts" is their rendition of a 1987 tourism commercial. During it, there's a couple going fishing, and one of them snags something with a net. That's likely what Peter picking up the horseshoe crab (not a trilobite, since those are extinct) was referencing.

Stewie paying the rent

  • In "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)," why was Brian hiding the fact that Stewie was paying for his half of the rent of the apartment? Furthermore, why does he not reveal to Jillian that he couldn't afford the rent to begin with? If he was indeed reluctant to move in with her, he could have simply told her that he had no money for it.
    • Brian said earlier in that episode that he didn't want a committed relationship with Jillian, which led to Lois accusing him of stringing her along. Brian then only agreed to move in with Jillian just so he could to prove to Lois that he had what it takes.

Jasper being Put on a Bus.

  • What kind of message are we to take away from Jasper disappearing after the episode on same-sex marriage, Half-assed acceptance?
    • Not quite, if I remember right, some fans found him annoying, along with him not being a major character, so it's not like he appeared in too many episodes before that (I think he appeared in a cutaway before that episode). In terms of why else he disappears after that, him and his partner(can't remember his name) moved away from Quahog or they didn't really live there but were having some sort of destination wedding (where you travel to another place to hold a wedding).
    • He was only a recurring character, not a mainstay.

The Opening.

  • Is the opening theme supposed to be Hypocritical Humor? Because it complains about how all you see is "Violence in Movies"...yet a good amount of the humor in Family Guy revolves around rather extreme violence (At least, in comparison to something like The Simpsons).
    • Yes, Don't Explain The Joke
    • It supposed to be a ref to All In the Family where they say "Those were the days" in their song.

Red Six in Blue Harvest

  • Why is it that in Blue Harvest, Red Six is portrayed as a generic Rebel pilot during the "All wings report in!" part of the Battle of Yavin scene, only to have Porkins (AKA the real Red Six) show up a couple minutes later?
    • Peter was retelling the saga, so given that he's not bright, he wouldn't remember that.

Brian's status as a Griffin

  • You know how it says on the YMMV page that Brian, Stewie and Carter shouldn't be on the jury for Adam West's murder because they're related to him? That raises a question. We know the Griffins' name is extended to Brian as a courtesy, but has he legally been named as Peter's brother, or what? Whatever the case, the family certainly did cast him out of the house quickly.
    • He's most likely considered a member of the family in the sense that a pet would be and some people give their pets the family last name. He's the family dog and, thus, he'd share their surname.

Brian's Origins

  • In the episode where Brian participates in a dog show against his will, he reminiscences of the day he went to live with the Griffins. Brian was an adult, homeless dog begging in the driveway; Peter had pity on him and took him along. However, in the episode where Peter introduces a younger dog to the family, Brian gets jealous and shows videos of him as a puppy, celebrating Christmas with them. How could the Griffins have Brian as a puppy, if he was already an adult when he and Peter first met?
    • Negative Continuity. See, the episode where we have Brian as a stray was earlier in the show (I'm thinking before Mila Kunis but after Lacy Chabert), while the one where we see him as puppy was later in the show.


  • In the episode "Quagmire's Dad" after Dan's sex change operation, Dr. Hartman says, "Whew. That thing was ON THERE." But later in the episode, Ida says that all the doctor did was turn the penis inside out to simulate a vagina. So...what was "ON THERE"?
    • I think the joke is that since he's a Quagmire, his penis probably put up a fight. It's been shown Glenn's seems to have a mind of its own, so that could've been the case as well here.
      • What I mean is, the procedure apparently didn't involve the REMOVAL of the penis; instead, the INVERSION of the penis. So it doesn't make sense that his penis being "on there" would be a problem.
  • Another Rule of Funny aside, if Quagmire was born in 1948 why does his dad look like she's in her late 50s/early 60s? It was also mentioned his father fought in Vietnam.
    • It could be that Quagmire's father also knows the secret to looking young for a very long time carrots, so she could also be a lot older than she looks. As for fighting in Vietnam, most likely she felt a call to the war effort and signed up. Back then, the military wasn't so stringent with their age-checking of soldiers (the youngest soldiers killed in Vietnam got as young as 14), and besides, are you going to turn away a young-looking, healthy, willing soldier?
    • Be this as noted, much of the ones that either signed up or were caught in the draft were also able-bodied, so age might not have really been a factor (some of the ones that did serve were in their forties or so). It wouldn't have been unreasonable to assume that Ida (then "Dan") was able-bodied enough.

Fridge Logic

  • Rule of Funny aside, in the episode where Brian dates a blind girl and Peter falls down the stairs, why the hell would Peter make a nest UPSTAIRS? He could've made one downstairs and never have to worry about falling down them again.
    • Simple. He's Peter.
    • He did think about never falling down again. He just decided to do both nests (giggity giggity) one at a time.

  • If Peter's father is a religious fundamentalist, why is he seen at Brian's gay cousin's wedding?
    • Not all Christians hates gays.
      • In this show?
      • Yeah, but Peter's father is shown to think pretty much everything is a sin, he doesn't seem like a very open-minded person.
    • Forget gays, doesn't Christianity frown on interspecies relationships?
    • Not all Christians hate interspecies romances.
      • "Bestiality is a sin. I don't remember how that came up exactly..."
    • To heckle Jasper of course.
      • That sounds like something Francis would do.

  • It's been proven that in this series humans can breed with animals... how exactly does this work and I know the results are Dylan (Brian's human son) and Quagmire having a giraffe that looks like him and Seabreeze's litter being fathered by Ted Turner and Quagmire in the video game. I hope they don't do a Mythbusters episode involving humans breeding with animals and seeing what the results are.
    • Somehow, I doubt they would make a 6-month episode, and besides, that's kind of illegal. Also, where is the fridge logic here?
      • Actually, the fridge logic here is that I just want to know how does this even work and how is it legal in Family Guy's world?
      • Well, if the animal is sentient, maybe it qualifies as a "human" for purposes of Family Guy logic. No explanation re: Seabreeze/Ted Turner and Quagmire's giraffe, though.
      • Well, there is also the fact that a transwoman, a foot, a washing machine, and a sock got pregnant and, like the animal thing, those should be impossible (this was lampshaded with the washer machine). So, apparently, the concept runs on Insane Troll Logic ("human sperm can get anything pregnant without fail") and Rule of Funny.

  • If Quagmire was in the navy, how come he's not in uniform at the Naval Ball in "Quagmire's Dad?"
    • I believe he had been dishonorably discharged at some point.
    • Maybe his role in the Navy didn't have a uniform

  • In "I Dream of Jesus" Peter's "Surfin' Bird" record is destroyed, and Brian and Stewie go around town buying all the records to prevent Peter from buying a new one. Why couldn't Peter just download it to an MP3 player or listened to it on YouTube?
    • Cause downloading it would be a pain to pay for it (unless it's from iTunes) and YouTube would clamp down hard on anyone who would put it on that website.
      • It's already been established Peter is a complete moron.
  • Why has Joe not arrested Quagmire yet? He's shown to be a very by-the-book cop with few exceptions (The family shown in "Thanksgiving"), who by no means should tolerate Quagmire's rampant sexual actions, which according to the show would qualify knowingly spreading every STD that exists and numerous counts of rape (also, a psychic who was not played as a fraud called Quagmire out for being Jack the Ripper in a past life, but that's not technically a crime) in addition to having God knows how many illegitimate children. If not for the fact that Family Guy is an out and out Sadist Show, Quagmire would be buried in child support debt and likely in prison for life, if not on death row.
    • Has Quagmire ever committed rape? There's no evidence he has; "being a pervert", whilst creepy, is not quite illegal. And knowingly spreading STDs is not even a crime.
      • Molesting Meg in her sleep, kidnapping multiple Asian women and keeping them in his trunk, underage girls including a 12 year old crossing guard, and also Peter blatantly telling him that he didn't get his own spin-off because he's a rapist. Among probably dozens of other examples. And people have been arrested for knowingly spreading deadly diseases like HIV and AIDS.
      • Depending on what disease (and he has said he has them all), yes, I believe knowingly spreading it is illegal in Rhode Island.
    • To my knowledge, doing it with someone under false pretenses is considered rape (as in "they didn't know, therefore it's not true consent") in some jurisdictions and Quagmire has done it with women under false pretenses. Doing it with someone without telling them that you have HIV would fly under much the same charge.
    • In April In Quahog, Quagmire tricked Joe into allowing him to have sex with Bonnie. Joe's only response was to say: "Who else but Quagmire?"
    • Bonnie could have said "No" to that, just saying
      • Because he's Joe's friend, and Joe's a Dirty Cop who'd pull some favors.
    • Joe is only a cop when the plot needs him to be one.

  • How does Quagmire even get all these women besides drugging them?
    • It was shown in one episode or another that Quagmire is a master of seduction.

The name game

  • In one episode, Stewie goes back in time and falls in love with a female baby, but then throws up when he learns her name is Lois, believing her to be Lois-Lois. But surely there's more than one redhead named Lois in the world?
    • That's the joke, tho.
      • No, the joke is that he did kiss his mother. But she might not have been his mother.
    • Stewie probably saw a picture of Lois as a baby at some point and wouldn't have known that was her until he saw her hairstyle, after Carter said her name.