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The following is a list of episode titles and summaries for the FOX sitcom, Family Guy, a Denser and Wackier companion to The Simpsons created by Seth MacFarlane. The Griffins are a New England family from Quahog, Rhode Island: bumbling, politically incorrect, pop culture-obsessed patriarch Peter Griffin; mostly sane former party girl, wife, and mother, Lois (formerly Lois Pewterschmidt, a member of one of Rhode Island's wealthiest families); slow-witted son Chris, social outcast and family punching bag, Meg; diabolical, Ambiguously Gay, inexplicably British note  baby son Stewie; and martini-slurping, Soapbox Sadie family dog, Brian.

Starting from Season 14, each season has exactly 20 episodes.

Important Note: Do not pothole to other work pages, main pages, and people pages on this particular page, because they will show up on the index. Thank you.

Warning: Episode pages contain unmarked spoilers. This being an ongoing series, expect some story summaries, titles, and episode orders to be changed. Episodes are listed by broadcast order, not based on production codes or how they're ordered on the DVD releases.

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    Season 1

January 31, 1999 - May 16, 1999 

  1. "Death Has a Shadow": Peter gets drunk at a stag party and loses his job when he comes to work hung over, so he applies for welfare — and becomes rich when the first welfare check he gets is for $150,000. Originally aired January 31, 1999.
  2. "I Never Met the Dead Man": Peter must learn to live without TV after he crashes the car into the town's cable satellite and pins the blame on Meg (who recently failed her driving test). Meanwhile, Stewie invents a weather-control machine so he can rid the world of broccoli. Originally aired April 11, 1999.
  3. "Chitty Chitty Death Bang": The Griffins prepare for Stewie's first birthday while Meg befriends a strange girl who's really part of a cult and Stewie prepares to fight back against the "man in white" who is looking to put him back in Lois's womb. Originally aired April 18, 1999.
  4. "Mind Over Murder": Peter is put under house arrest after punching a pregnant woman who looks like a man, so he starts his own bar in the basement — and becomes jealous when Lois's racy lounge singing is the star attraction. Originally aired April 25, 1999.
  5. "A Hero Sits Next Door": Peter searches for a way to be a hero after his family and friends begin fawning over new neighbor, Joe Swanson, a police officer confined to a wheelchair. Originally aired May 2, 1999.
  6. "The Son Also Draws": While on their way to New York City to renew Chris' membership in the Youth Scouts, the Griffins stop at an Indian casino (so Peter can use the bathroom) and Lois gambles away their money. Originally aired May 9, 1999.
  7. "Brian: Portrait of a Dog": Brian fights for his rights as a dog after refusing to help Peter win a dog show due to a degrading stunt and later getting arrested for drinking at a water fountain in the park. Originally aired May 16, 1999.

    Season 2

September 23, 1999 - August 2, 2000 

  1. "Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater": When Lois' deceased aunt gives the Griffin family her summer home in Newport, Peter (with help from Brian) decides to become a proper gentleman after embarrassing Lois with his crude antics. Originally aired September 23, 1999.
  2. "Holy Crap": Peter's religious father stays at the house and drives the family crazy with his Bible thumping. Originally aired September 30, 1999.
  3. "Da Boom": The Griffins are some of the few survivors left after the world becomes a wasteland following the Y2K computer disaster. Originally aired December 26, 1999.
  4. "Brian in Love": Brian goes to therapy to find the cause of his urinary problems. Originally aired March 7, 2000. Produced in 1999.
  5. "Love Thy Trophy": The Griffins and the Swansons collaborate on an award-winning float for a parade, but fight over who gets the trophy. Meanwhile, Meg gets a job as a diner waitress after telling patrons that she's a single mother with a crack baby (Stewie). Originally aired March 14, 2000. Produced in 1999.
  6. "Death Is A Bitch": After Peter survives a cancer scare, he is stuck with the hospital bill. To avoid paying it, Peter writes that he's dead on the bill — and inadvertently conjures Death (voiced by former Saturday Night Live cast member Norm Macdonald). Originally aired March 21, 2000. Produced in 1999.
  7. "The King is Dead": Lois is chosen to direct a local production of The King and I and makes Peter the producer, who uses his position to turn The King and I into a mash-up of what he thinks is entertaining. Originally aired March 28, 2000. Produced in 1999.
  8. "I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar": Peter is sent to women's sensitivity training after getting in trouble for cracking sexist jokes at work, but his newfound feminine side begins creeping everyone out. Originally aired March 28, 2000. Produced in 1999.
  9. "If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin'": Peter pretends that Chris is dying of a terminal illness to save his favorite crime show from cancellation. Things get worse when Peter explains away Chris' being cured as proof that he has divine powers. Originally aired April 4, 2000. Produced in 1999.
  10. "Running Mates": Peter and Lois run against each other for head of the school board. Originally aired April 11, 2000. Produced in 1999.
  11. "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bucks": The Griffins go to New York City after Chris's painting that Peter uses to cover up a broken car window is discovered by an art dealer who wants to make Chris the next big thing. Originally aired April 18, 2000. Produced in 1999.
  12. "Fifteen Minutes of Shame": After her family embarrasses her during a sleepover, Meg brings them on Diane Simmons' daytime talk show to expose their antics — and ends up making them reality TV show stars. Originally aired April 25, 2000. Produced in 1999.
  13. "Road to Rhode Island": Brian flies to Florida to pick up Stewie — and the two end up on a road trip that leads them to Brian's farm home in Texas. Meanwhile, Lois buys videos made to help couples strengthen their relationship — but Peter ends up liking them for their secret pornographic content. Originally aired May 30, 2000.
  14. "Let's Go to the Hop:" Peter poses as a high school student to stop teenagers from being addicted to licking toads — and ends up on a date with Alpha Bitch Connie D'Amico. Originally aired June 6, 2000. Produced in 1999.
  15. "Dammit Janet!": Stewie falls in love with a preschool girl who only likes him because he has cookies while Lois takes a job as a flight attendant (which Peter only wants after Quagmire tells him that a flight attendant's husband can fly anywhere in the world for free). Originally aired June 13, 2000. Produced in 1999.
  16. "There's Something About Paulie": Peter makes friends with a mobster's son and accidentally calls for a hit on his wife. Originally aired June 27, 2000. Produced in 1999.
  17. "He's Too Sexy for His Fat": After being humiliated by his weight during a hotel stay, Chris looks to Peter to help him drop the pounds, but Peter looks to liposuction as the easy way out, while Stewie begins eating all the good food that Chris has to give up for his diet and ends up morbidly obese. Originally aired June 27, 2000.
  18. "E. Peterbus Unum": After a repairman tells Peter he can't build a pool on his property, Peter discovers that the Spooner Street maps in Quahog don't have the Griffin's house listed and forms his own country, where he invades American soil (Joe's backyard pool). Originally aired July 12, 2000.
  19. "The Story on Page One": Meg joins the school newspaper so she can have an extracurricular activity for college, but Peter nearly ruins her chances when her exposé on Mayor West wasting taxpayer money on a water-draining conspiracy is replaced with an article on Luke Perry's alleged homosexuality. Originally aired July 19, 2000.
  20. "Wasted Talent": After Peter wins a chance to visit the Pawtucket Patriot brewery (and gets banned for tasting an experimental beer), Lois discovers that Peter is a piano virtuoso when he's drunk, but must choose between Peter's health and one-upping her rival. Originally aired July 26, 2000.
  21. "Fore, Father:" After disappointing his father during a camping trip, Chris takes a job as a golf ball caddy, but Peter becomes more attached to Cleveland's son (Cleveland Jr) when Cleveland Jr. exhibits extraordinary golfing talent. Originally aired August 2, 2000.

    Season 3

July 11, 2001 - September 9, 2003 (produced 2000 - 2001) 

  1. "The Thin White Line": Bored with his life, Brian decides to join the police force as a drug dog — and ends up a cocaine addict. Meanwhile, Peter wins a cruise vacation, but has to give it up when Brian is forced to enter rehab. Originally aired July 11, 2001. Produced in 2000.
  2. "Brian Does Hollywood": Continuing where "The Thin White Line" left off, Brian leaves for Hollywood to launch his screenwriting career — and ends up a successful porno director. Meanwhile, Stewie is chosen to appear on Kids Say the Darndest Things and builds a pair of brainwashing eyeglasses so he can hypnotize the home audience. Originally aired July 18, 2001. Produced in 2000.
  3. "Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington": A cigarette company buys the toy factory and Peter is promoted to an executive and chosen to speak out against claims that the cigarette company is taking over Happy Go Lucky Toys in order to brainwash kids into smoking. Originally aired July 25, 2001. Produced in 2000.
  4. "One If by Clam, Two If by Sea": After a hurricane, the Drunken Clam becomes a British pub, and Peter and his buddies fight back. Meanwhile, in a parody of My Fair Lady, Stewie teaches a Cockney girl (who turns out to be the daughter of the pub owner) how to speak proper English. Originally aired August 1, 2001. Produced in 2000.
  5. "And the Wiener Is...": When Peter finds out that Chris has a bigger penis than him, he questions his own manhood. Meanwhile, Meg becomes a member of the flag girl squad and is bullied by the popular kids. Originally aired August 8, 2001. Produced in 2000.
  6. "Death Lives": Peter blows off his wedding anniversary to Lois for a round of golf, but a near-death experience (with Death himself returning, now voiced by comedian and former host of The Man Show, Adam Carolla) shows that Lois may not stay with Peter long enough for the next anniversary. Originally aired August 15, 2001. Produced in 2000.
  7. "Lethal Weapons": Lois turns to karate to rid the town of an invasion of New Yorkers, and realizes that Stewie has picked up on her violent behavior. Originally aired August 22, 2001. Produced in 2000.
  8. "The Kiss Seen Around the World": Meg becomes an intern at the news station along with nerdy Neil Goldman, and their kiss during a hostage situation becomes headline news. Meanwhile, Stewie's tricycle gets stolen by an older kid, and Peter gets harassed by a man who won't stop calling him a phony. Originally aired August 29, 2001.
  9. "Mr. Saturday Knight": Peter finds himself out of a job after Mr. Weed dies during dinner and the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory is shut down, and lives out his dream as a Renaissance fair knight. Originally aired September 5, 2001.
  10. "A Fish Out of Water": Still unemployed, Peter decides to become a fisherman while Lois takes Meg to the beach for spring break, where Lois is having all the fun that Meg wants to have. Originally aired September 19, 2001.
  11. "Emission Impossible": After helping Lois's divorced, pregnant sister deliver her baby, Peter and Lois decide to have another child, which doesn't sit well with Stewie. Originally aired November 8, 2001.
  12. "To Love and Die in Dixie": After Chris witnesses a robbery and the robber breaks out of prison to kill him (but not before banging his girlfriend), the Griffins are relocated to the Deep South. Originally aired November 15, 2001.
  13. "Screwed the Pooch": While visiting Lois' parents, Peter finally finds a common bond with Carter (Lois' dad), but the bond is broken when Brian (who has been overcome with sexual frustration) has sex with Carter's prized greyhound, Seabreeze. Originally aired November 29, 2001.
  14. "Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?": Worried that Chris doesn't know anything about his family lineage after seeing him bond with black kids and using hip-hop slang, Peter takes him to the library to research the Griffin family tree — and finds that he has a black ancestor, and later learns that Lois' ancestors were the ones who kept Peter's ancestor as a slave. Meanwhile, Stewie thinks the Buddy Cianci Junior High cheerleaders are the key to learning mind control. Originally aired December 6, 2001.
  15. "Ready, Willing and Disabled": After Joe fails to catch a crook in a Jimmy Carter mask who stole money from a local charity car wash, Peter enters him in the Special Olympics to boost his spirits, but when Joe wins (thanks to Peter lacing Joe's water with steroids), the fame goes to Joe's head. Originally aired December 20, 2001.
  16. "A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas": Christmas for the Griffins is neither holly nor jolly, not after Peter accidentally gives the family presents to charity, Lois goes insane and attacks the town center's Christmas tree, and Stewie is chosen to play the baby Jesus for the town's Nativity play. Originally aired December 21, 2001. Produced in 2000.
  17. "Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows": Brian gets arrested for driving under the influence and must care for a cranky old woman with a tragic past. Meanwhile, Peter grows a beard that becomes the new home for a nest of endangered birds. Originally aired January 18, 2002. Produced in 2001.
  18. "From Method to Madness": Stewie teams up with a child star named Olivia and the duo become a hit onstage. Meanwhile, Peter rescues a naked man from drowning...and discovers that the man and his family are nudists, and, worse still, Meg actually likes their son. Originally aired January 24, 2002. Produced in 2001.
  19. "Stuck Together, Torn Apart": Stewie and Brian are glued together after Brian tries to stop Stewie from eating industrial-grade adhesive at a store. Meanwhile, Lois and Peter deal with their jealousy issues with a trial separation. Originally aired January 31, 2002. Produced in 2001.
  20. "Road to Europe": Stewie runs away to England to be on a British kids' TV show. Meanwhile, Lois's lack of knowledge about KISS puts a strain on her marriage to Peter. Originally aired February 7, 2002. Produced in 2001.
  21. "Family Guy Viewer Mail #1": Originally aired February 14, 2002. Produced in 2001. Stewie and Brian present three stories based on viewer requests:
    • "No Bones About It": Peter finds a genie that grants his every wish — including one that turns him into a boneless blob.
    • "Super Griffins": The Griffins become superheroes after a tanker truck of toxic waste spills on them.
    • "L'il Griffins": An Our Gang parody with the adult cast members of Family Guy as The Little Rascals.
  22. "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein": In the show's first banned episode (that eventually aired on free-to-air TV in the U.S. after being a DVD exclusive and airing on cable TV), Peter befriends a Jewish banker named Max Weinstein who helps the Griffins get their money back from a crooked insurance salesman, and, thinking that Jewish people are more successful than Gentiles, pushes Chris into Judaism, but Lois stops him. Released on the Volume 2 DVD as a Bonus Episode on September 9, 2003, aired on [adult swim] on November 9, 2003, aired on FOX in a censored form on December 10, 2004. Produced in 2000.

    Season 4

May 1, 2005 - May 21, 2006 

  1. "North by North Quahog": In the new series premiere, Peter and Lois go on a second honeymoon to spice up their marriage — and end up on the run from Mel Gibson. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian are put in charge of disciplining Chris and Meg. Originally aired May 1, 2005.
  2. "Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High": When Chris' teacher quits his job after winning the lottery, Brian becomes Chris' new teacher. When Brian is transferred to a class of inner-city thugs, Chris gets a hot new teacher who wants him to kill her husband. Originally aired May 8, 2005.
  3. "Blind Ambition": After Quagmire is commemorated for saving a woman who had a heart attack in the changing room of a clothing store, Peter decides to do something memorable by swallowing coins so he can be in the Guinness Book of World Records — which makes him go blind. Originally aired May 15, 2005.
  4. "Don't Make me Over": Meg's makeover and Peter's dream of starting a band leads to the Griffins appearing on Saturday Night Live as musical guest for a (then-considered-fictitious) episode hosted by Jimmy Fallon. Originally aired June 5, 2005.
  5. "The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire": Loretta cheats on Cleveland with Quagmire, but rather than feel angry, Cleveland treats it like it's nothing — until he sees a re-enactment of Quagmire having sex with Loretta (as staged by Brian and Peter). Originally aired June 12, 2005.
  6. "Petarded": In an attempt to prove to Brian that he is a genius after winning a game of Trivial Pursuit, Peter takes an IQ test — and the results come back with news that Peter is mentally challenged. Originally aired June 19, 2005.
  7. "Brian the Bachelor": Brian becomes a contestant on The Bachelorette, while Chris' pimple becomes a bad influence on him. Originally aired June 26, 2005.
  8. "8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter": To pay his debt at the pharmacy, Peter sells Meg to Mort Goldman's son, Neil. Meanwhile, Stewie has a crush on his new babysitter, but when he finds out she has a boyfriend, he tries to kill him. Originally aired July 11, 2005.
  9. "Breaking Out Is Hard to Do": Lois ends up in prison after her kleptomania gets out of hand. Originally aired July 17, 2005.
  10. "Model Misbehavior": Lois becomes a fashion model after everyone comments on how pretty she is in a newspaper photo. Originally aired July 25, 2005.
  11. "Peter's Got Woods": When Brian begins dating a black woman, Peter seeks out his own the form of actor James Woods. Originally aired September 11, 2005.
  12. "Perfect Castaway": Peter, Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland are shipwrecked during a fishing trip and feared dead, prompting Brian to take over as breadwinner for the Griffin household. Originally aired September 19, 2005.
  13. "Jungle Love": Chris runs away to South America after getting hazed on his first day of high school. Meanwhile, Peter gets a job at the Pawtucket Patriot Brewery. Originally aired September 25, 2005.
  14. "PTV": When a "trouser malfunction" during an awards show leads to the FCC going after anything remotely offensive on TV (like Chrissie's jiggling breasts in a bikini top on Three's Company or Dick Van Dyke's name on The Dick Van Dyke Show), Peter starts his own network filled with all the smut that TV used to allow, and the FCC combats by censoring real life. Originally aired November 6, 2005.
  15. "Brian Goes Back to College": Brian re-enrolls in college after getting fired from writing for The New Yorker. Meanwhile, Peter and his friends become The A-Team after winning a costume contest at a TV convention. Originally aired November 14, 2005.
  16. "The Courtship of Stewie's Father": Peter and Stewie start spending more time together after Lois feels that Stewie's matricidal drawings are a sign that he needs fatherly attention. Meanwhile, Chris is forced to do chores for Herbert the Elderly Pedophile after breaking one of his windows. Originally aired November 21, 2005.
  17. "The Fat Guy Strangler": Lois discovers she has a long-lost brother who's been locked up in the mental hospital for years. Meanwhile, Peter starts a fat advocacy group. Originally aired November 27, 2005.
  18. "The Father, the Son and the Holy Fonz": After Francis' attempts to get Stewie baptized puts him in a disinfectant bubble, Peter starts his own religion based on the 1970s sitcom about 1950s life, Happy Days. Originally aired December 18, 2005.
  19. "Brian Sings and Swings": Brian starts singing at clubs with Frank Sinatra Jr. Meanwhile, Meg pretends to be a lesbian so she can make friends. Originally aired January 8, 2006.
  20. "Patriot Games": Peter is discovered by Tom Brady and is picked to be on the New England Patriots. Meanwhile, Stewie becomes a bookie. Originally aired January 29, 2006.
  21. "I Take Thee, Quagmire": Quagmire falls in love and marries Peter's maid that he won on an episode of Wheel of Fortune, but soon regrets it. Meanwhile, Stewie tries to wean himself off Lois's breast milk. Originally aired March 12, 2006.
  22. "Sibling Rivalry" Peter gets a vasectomy after a pregnancy scare from Lois, and Lois begins putting on weight after Peter refuses to have sex. Meanwhile, Stewie reunites with Bertram (who was recently born to a lesbian couple via artificial insemination). Originally aired March 27, 2006.
  23. "Deep Throats": Brian vows to expose Mayor West for the corrupt man he is after Meg gets an internship with him. Meanwhile Peter and Lois begin smoking pot again after entering a talent show and realizing that their musical ability isn't what it used to be. Originally aired April 9, 2006.
  24. "Peterotica": Peter starts writing his own brand of erotic novels in response to reading one that he deemed wasn't erotic. Meanwhile, Lois's father, Carter, goes broke after a driver sues him for a car accident involving an audiobook of Peter's erotic stories. Originally aired April 23, 2006.
  25. "You May Now Kiss the...Uh...Guy Who Receives": Brian fights back against a proposed anti-gay marriage bill (that was created so Mayor West can get people off his back about spending their tax dollars on a gold statue of the Sugar Smacks Frog) so his gay cousin, Jasper, can get married. Originally aired April 30, 2006.
  26. "Petergeist": Peter digs up an Indian skull while trying to build a multiplex theater, which causes paranormal activity in the house. Originally aired May 7, 2006.
  27. "The Griffin Family History": A home invasion and getting trapped in their panic room prompts Peter to tell three tales of his family history while Meg forces the burglars robbing the Griffin household to rape her. Originally aired May 14, 2006.

    DVD Movie

September 27, 2005 

  • Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story: After a near-death experience at the town pool, Stewie vows to be nicer, but when that doesn't work, he gets drunk — and when that goes wrong, he goes on a quest to track down a man he saw on a news report who may be his biological father. Meanwhile, Peter gets a job as a local news editorial anchor, then loses his job and (with help from Lois) grooms his children to be ready for the dating world.

    Season 5

September 10, 2006 - May 20, 2007 

  1. "Stewie Loves Lois": After Lois saves his teddy bear from a dog, Stewie starts to show affection for his mother. Meanwhile, Peter sues Dr. Hartman for allegedly molesting him — when he was really just performing a prostate exam. Originally aired September 10, 2006.
  2. "Mother Tucker": Peter's mother starts dating newscaster Tom Tucker while Brian creates his own radio show, which Stewie turns into a raunchy, Howard Stern-esque broadcast. Originally aired September 17, 2006.
  3. "Hell Comes to Quahog": Meg gets a job at a Walmart-esque department store, which is shutting down small businesses and making everyone's life miserable. Originally aired September 24, 2006.
  4. "Saving Private Brian": While Brian tries to get Chris out of the Army, Stewie signs himself and Brian up and are shipped to Iraq. Meanwhile, Chris joins a band and Peter and Lois think the music Chris is listening to is a bad influence on him. Originally aired November 5, 2006.
  5. "Whistle While Your Wife Works": Lois fills in for Peter at work after a firecracker blows his fingers off while Brian introduces Stewie to his new girlfriend, a really Dumb Blonde named Jillian. Originally aired November 12, 2006.
  6. "Prick Up Your Ears": Lois becomes a sex-ed teacher, but her lessons (which includes a chapter on condom use) get her fired and replaced with a purity-ring program, prompting Meg and her boyfriend for the episode, Doug, to find a new way to be intimate without breaking their vow to stay abstinent until marriage. Meanwhile, a paranoid Stewie sets out to trap the Tooth Fairy. Originally aired November 19, 2006.
  7. "Chick Cancer": Peter creates his own chick flick, while Stewie reunites with — and marries — his theater partner, Olivia. Originally aired November 26, 2006.
  8. "Barely Legal": Meg bonds with Brian after Brian takes her to prom and stands up for her when Connie insults her yet again. Meanwhile, Mayor West sends the police force to South America after believing the events in Romancing the Stone are real, leaving Joe (who can't go to South America since it's not handicap-accessible) to train some new cadets — namely Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Mort. Originally aired December 17, 2006.
  9. "Road to Rupert": Brian accidentally sells Stewie's teddy bear and the duo are on the road again to find it. Meanwhile, Peter loses his driver's license — and finds a new appreciation for Meg after she snaps and pummels a driver who insulted her. Originally aired January 28, 2007.
  10. "Peter's Two Dads": Peter accidentally kills his father, Francis during Meg's birthday party...until he learns during a hypnosis session that Francis is not his real father. Meanwhile, Stewie becomes masochistic after Lois spanks him. Originally aired February 11, 2007.
  11. "The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou": Stewie becomes obsessed with being tan, but when he gets a mole, he fears he might have cancer. Meanwhile, Peter tries to deal with Chris' bully, but he befriends him and becomes a bully himself. Originally aired February 18, 2007.
  12. "Airport '07": Peter becomes a redneck after watching The Blue Collar Comedy Tour, and his git-r-done antics get Quagmire fired from his job as a commercial pilot. Originally aired March 4, 2007.
  13. "Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey": Peter becomes friends with Bill Clinton while Brian gets toilet-trained. Originally aired March 11, 2007.
  14. "No Meals on Wheels": Peter starts his own restaurant after finding a rare coin worth thousands of dollars — but must choose between having a failing restaurant or not being "cool" after Joe and his wheelchair-bound friends frequent the place. Originally aired March 25, 2007.
  15. "Boys Do Cry": After Stewie is mistaken for being possessed after throwing up the Communion wine at church, the Griffins flee to Texas. Originally aired April 29, 2007.
  16. "No Chris Left Behind": Chris gets expelled for being the dumbest kid in school (as per the "No Child Left Behind" Act) and enrolls in Carter Pewterschmidt's alma mater. Originally aired May 6, 2007.
  17. "It Takes a Village idiot and I Married One" Lois runs for mayor against Mayor West, but the power goes to her head and she sells out on her environmental views to buy an expensive fur coat. Originally aired May 13, 2007.
  18. "Meet the Quagmires": Peter goes back in time with Death and accidentally changes the present, where Quagmire is married to Lois and he is married to Molly Ringwald. Originally aired May 20, 2007.

    Season 6

September 23, 2007 - May 4, 2008 

  1. "Blue Harvest": Peter tells his own version of the first Star Wars film after a power outage at the Griffin house. Originally aired September 23, 2007.
  2. "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)": The 100th episode, Brian moves into an apartment with Jillian and Stewie tags along to help pay the rent. However, when Brian admits that he never actually wanted him and Jillian to move in together and that he had also stayed with her purely for sex, Jillian finally breaks up with Brian. Originally aired September 30, 2007.
  3. "Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air": Joe gets a new working set of legs and alienates his family and friends. Originally aired October 7, 2007.
  4. "Stewie Kills Lois": The first in a two episode storyline, Stewie realizes that he's strayed from his goals of killing his mother, and sets out to do just that, leaving Peter to get framed for murder. Originally aired November 4, 2007.
  5. "Lois Kills Stewie": Continuing the plot from the previous episode, Lois turns up alive after her attempted murder and faces Stewie (who is storming Washington, D.C. to overthrow the government and meets Stan Smith and Avery Bullock from American Dad!) in a final showdown. Originally aired November 11, 2007.
  6. "Padre De Familia": Peter launches a crusade against illegal immigrants until he discovers that his mom had Peter while in Mexico (following her affair with Peter's drunken, Irish dad). Originally aired November 18, 2007.
  7. "Peter's Daughter" Peter promises to be kinder to Meg after she nearly dies in a flood, but becomes overprotective when she starts dating a young doctor. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian try to renovate an old house. Originally aired November 25, 2007.
  8. "McStroke": Peter suffers a stroke after eating one too many hamburgers. Meanwhile, Stewie poses as a high schooler and begins dating Connie D'Amico. Originally aired January 13, 2008.
  9. "Back to the Woods": James Woods returns to seek revenge against Peter, by stealing his identity. Originally aired February 17, 2008.
  10. "Play It Again, Brian": Peter, Lois and Brian travel to Martha's Vineyard after Brian wins a writing contest, and Brian decides to let his feelings for Lois be known. Meanwhile, Herbert the Pedophile babysits the Griffin kids. Originally aired March 2, 2008.
  11. "The Former Life of Brian": Brian visits an old flame (who has become overweight trailer trash) and discovers he has an illegitimate (human) son. Originally aired April 27, 2008.
  12. "Long John Peter": Peter becomes a pirate while Chris starts dating a vet intern. Originally aired May 4, 2008.

    Season 7

September 28, 2008 - May 17, 2009 

  1. "Love, Blactually": Brian gets some bad dating advice from Stewie and his new date leaves him for Cleveland. Originally aired September 28, 2008.
  2. "I Dream of Jesus": Peter gets addicted to the song "Surfin Bird," and befriends Jesus Christ Himself, who works at the record store. Originally aired October 5, 2008.
  3. "Road to Germany": Mort accidentally travels to the Nazi invasion of Poland on September 1st, 1939 with Stewie's time machine and Stewie and Brian must save him. Originally aired October 19, 2008.
  4. "Baby Not on Board": The Griffins head for the Grand Canyon after Peter is given free gasoline for a year — and Stewie is left home alone to fend for himself. Originally aired November 2, 2008.
  5. "The Man with Two Brians": The Griffins decide to get another dog after Brian gets injured from Peter mimicking a stunt from the MTV show, Jackass. Originally aired November 9, 2008.
  6. "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing": To become an executive at the brewery, Peter must finish the third grade. Meanwhile, Brian helps Frank Sinatra, Jr. make his nightclub more modern. Originally aired November 16, 2008.
  7. "Ocean's Three and a Half": Bonnie finally gives birth and Joe resorts to mob connections and robbery in order to pay off the hospital bill. Originally aired February 15, 2009.
  8. "Family Gay": Peter gets a job as a human guinea pig and gets injected with a gene that turns him into a homosexual. Originally aired March 8, 2009.
  9. "The Juice is Loose": In this "lost episode," Peter wins a contest where the prize is spending the day with O. J. Simpson — which doesn't sit well with everyone, as they don't believe O.J. is innocent. Originally aired March 15, 2009.
  10. "FOX-y Lady": Lois becomes a reporter for Fox News, while Peter creates a cartoon series for FOX. Originally aired March 22, 2009.
  11. "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven": Meg becomes a born-again Christian after being bed-ridden with the mumps, which doesn't sit well with the staunchly atheist Brian. Meanwhile, Stewie kidnaps the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation and forces them to spend the day with him. Originally aired March 29, 2009.
  12. "420": Brian pushes for the legalization of marijuana in Quahog after getting arrested for having a bag of weed in his car. Meanwhile, Quagmire's personality changes after adopting a pet cat, which irks Peter. Originally aired April 19, 2009.
  13. "Stew-Roids": Stewie gets pumped up (and pumped full of steroids) at the gym after Joe's daughter beats him. Meanwhile, Chris becomes popular in school by dating Connie D'Amico, leaving Connie to be as unpopular as Meg. Originally aired April 26, 2009.
  14. "We Love You, Conrad": Brian dates Lauren Conrad, who turns out to be a closeted genius while Brian's old girlfriend, Jillian, is engaged to the perfect man. Originally aired May 3, 2009.
  15. "Three Kings": Peter tells three stories based on the works of Stephen King: a Stand by Me parody with kid versions of Peter, Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland bonding during a trip to find a dead body, a Misery parody with a cross-dressed Stewie kidnapping Brian after he announces that he's no longer writing kids' books, and a The Shawshank Redemption parody with Cleveland as Red and Peter as Andy Dufresne. Originally aired May 10, 2009.
  16. "Peter's Progress": A fortuneteller reveals that one of Peter's past lives was the true founder of Quahog. Originally aired May 17, 2009.

    Season 8

September 27, 2009 - September 28, 2010 

  1. "Road to the Multiverse": Stewie and Brian travel through different universes. Originally aired September 27, 2009.
  2. "Family Goy": During a doctor visit over a cancer scare, Lois discovers that her mom's side of the family is Jewish and hid this bit of information to keep Carter from getting kicked out of his favorite country club. Peter begins embracing his newfound Jewish side, but a visit from his Catholic stepfather (who doesn't tolerate any other religion besides his own) turns Peter anti-Semitic. Originally aired October 4, 2009.
  3. "Spies Reminiscent of Us": Saturday Night Live's own Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd move to Quahog to live in the house left behind by Cleveland (who now has his own show) and Stewie and Brian discover that Aykroyd and Chase are spies on a mission. Originally aired October 11, 2009.
  4. "Brian's Got a Brand New Bag": Brian gets ridiculed for dating an older woman. Originally aired November 8, 2009.
  5. "Hannah Banana": Brian and Stewie discover Miley Cyrus's horrible secret while Chris captures the Evil Monkey who lives in his closet, who turns out not to be so evil. Originally aired November 8, 2009.
  6. "Quagmire's Baby": Quagmire tries to care for his illegitimate daughter that a one-night stand left on his doorstep. Originally aired November 15, 2009.
  7. "Jerome Is the New Black": Peter, Quagmire and Joe search for a new fourth friend. Meanwhile, Brian tries to befriend Quagmire, who Peter reveals hates him. Originally aired November 22, 2009.
  8. "Dog Gone": When Brian confesses to running over a dog, he's appalled to find that no one really cares if a dog dies (or any animal, especially, if it's at the hands of another animal), so he starts an animal-rights crusade. Originally aired November 29, 2009.
  9. "Business Guy": After Carter suffers a heart attack, Peter takes over his company while he's in the hospital. Originally aired December 13, 2009.
  10. "Big Man on Hippocampus": Peter gets amnesia after getting punched in the face by Richard Dawson while on an episode of Family Feud. Originally aired January 3, 2010.
  11. "Dial Meg for Murder": Meg gets sent to prison for harboring a fugitive and comes back looking for some long-awaited payback. Originally aired January 31, 2010.
  12. "Extra Large Medium": Peter is convinced he's a psychic while Chris dates a girl with Down syndrome who, despite her disability, turns out to be pushy and abusive. Originally aired February 14, 2010.
  13. "Go Stewie Go": Stewie cross-dresses to be on the American version of Jolly Farm Review. Meanwhile, Lois becomes self-conscious of her looks and hits on Meg's newest boyfriend. Originally aired March 14, 2010.
  14. "Peter-assment": Peter's boss, Angela, begins sexually harassing him after Peter loses his glasses during a brief stint as a paparazzo, but no one takes him seriously, as they don't think women are capable of sexually harassing men. Originally aired March 21, 2010.
  15. "Brian Griffin's House of Payne": Brian's TV pilot for a drama about a single father who goes back to college gets turned into a crass comedy about a hot coed whose father enrolls in college with her. Meanwhile, Chris and Meg try to cover up Stewie's brain injury, a la Weekend at Bernie's. Originally aired March 28, 2010.
  16. "April in Quahog": When Channel 5 reports that a black hole is going to swallow the Earth, the town panics and Peter lets out his true feelings about his children. But when the report turns out to be a prank, Peter must make up for his brutal words. Originally aired April 11, 2010
  17. "Brian & Stewie": In this special episode featuring Seth MacFarlane (and only Seth MacFarlane), Brian and Stewie get locked in a bank vault for the weekend and must try to stay sane until Monday, all the while, bonding and learning certain truths about each other. Originally aired May 2, 2010.
  18. "Quagmire's Dad": Quagmire's father returns and gets a sex-change operation. Originally aired May 9, 2010.
  19. "The Splendid Source": Peter, Quagmire, and Joe search the world for the source of all dirty jokes. Originally aired May 16, 2010.
  20. "Something, Something, Something Dark Side": Another power outage prompts Peter to tell the story of The Empire Strikes Back. Originally aired May 23, 2010.
  21. "Partial Terms of Endearment": In the series' second banned episode, Lois becomes a surrogate mother for her old college friend, but when her friend dies, Lois must decide if she should abort the pregnancy. Outside of some overseas TV airingsnote  and a domestic DVD release on September 28, 2010, this episode has not aired — and probably never will — on American TV.

    Season 9

September 26, 2010 - May 22, 2011 

This is the first season to be produced and aired in high-definition and widescreen.

  1. "And Then There Were Fewer": The Griffins and several Family Guy ancillary characters solve a murder mystery in James Woods' mansion. Originally aired September 26, 2010.
  2. "Excellence in Broadcasting": Brian becomes a hardcore Republican after Rush Limbaugh convinces Brian to read his latest book to actually understand the right wing's beliefs instead of blindly bashing them. Originally aired October 3, 2010.
  3. "Welcome Back, Carter": Peter finds out his father-in-law, Carter, is having an affair. Originally aired October 10, 2010.
  4. "Halloween on Spooner Street": A Halloween episode with many subplots: Peter and Joe's prank war on Quagmire may be their undoing when Quagmire reveals that he had an ancestor who was a kamikaze during World War II and has a Zero plane to prove it, Stewie and Brian get back at the kids who stole Stewie's candy and spraypainted Brian pink, and Meg and Chris go to a Halloween party — and end up making out with each other in the closet. Originally aired November 7, 2010.
  5. "Baby, You Knock Me Out": Lois becomes a boxer to ease her stress from Peter. Originally aired November 14, 2010.
  6. "Brian Writes a Bestseller": Brian writes a self-help book to prove to Stewie that any idiot can get published. Originally aired Novemeber 21, 2010.
  7. "Road to the North Pole": In this special one-hour Christmas Special, Stewie and Brian head for the North Pole in search of Santa Claus — and discover that the yearly grind of Christmas is turning the North Pole into a hellhole. Originally aired December 12, 2010.
  8. "New Kidney in Town": Peter needs a kidney transplant after creating a homemade version of Red Bull made of kerosene, and Brian offers one of his. Meanwhile, Chris plagiarizes Meg's speech for an upcoming assembly for Barack Obama. Originally aired January 9, 2011.
  9. "And I'm Joyce Kinney": Lois becomes pals with the new newscaster, Joyce Kinney, who reveals that Lois starred in an adult film to pay for college as revenge for what Lois did to Joyce in high school. Originally aired January 16, 2011.
  10. "Friends of Peter G.": Peter and Brian are sentenced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous, and turn it into a place where alcoholics can safely drink without anyone knowing that they're off the wagon, but a car crash prompts a visit from Death, who shows Peter what life is like if he becomes a raging drunk and if he goes sober and stays sober. Originally aired February 13, 2011.
  11. "German Guy": Chris makes friends with an old puppeteer from Germany, but Herbert discovers that the man was a Nazi he fought during World War II. Originally aired February 20, 2011.
  12. "The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair": Meg becomes dangerously obsessed with Joe (just like she did with Brian in "Barely Legal"). Meanwhile Stewie creates an evil clone of himself. Originally aired March 6, 2011.
  13. "Trading Places": Peter and Lois trade places with Chris and Meg after the two argue over who has it tougher. Originally aired March 20, 2011.
  14. "Tiegs for Two" Brian and Quagmire's hatred for each other heats up when Quagmire dates Brian's ex-girlfriend, Jillian, while Brian dates Quagmire's lost love, Cheryl Tiegs. Originally aired April 10, 2011.
  15. "Brothers & Sisters": Lois' sister Carol falls for Mayor West. Originally aired April 17, 2011.
  16. "The Big Bang Theory": Stewie and Brian go back in time and must stop Bertram (Stewie's sperm brother from "Emission Impossible" and "Sibling Rivalry") from killing Leonardo da Vinci. Originally aired May 8, 2011.
  17. "Foreign Affairs": Bonnie plans to cheat on Joe while in France with Lois while Peter homeschools the kids after the schools in Quahog close after news hits of a virus scare. Originally aired May 15, 2011.
  18. "It's a Trap!": Yet another power outage prompts Peter to continue his Star Wars parody. Originally aired May 22, 2011.

    Season 10

September 25, 2011 - May 20, 2012 

  1. "Lottery Fever": Lois announces to the family that they should start sticking with a budget — just as Peter comes in with a buttload of lottery tickets, one of which turns the lower-middle-class Griffins into multi-millionaires. Originally aired September 25, 2011.
  2. "Seahorse Seashell Party": In part two of the Night of the Hurricane trilogy crossover, the hurricane that blew through Stoolbend, Virginia, heads for Quahog, Rhode Island. While Brian rides out the storm by doing magic mushrooms (and going on a nightmarish trip), Meg Griffin finally calls out her family for treating her like crap — until she learns that her role as the Butt-Monkey is the only thing keeping them together. Originally aired October 2, 2011.
  3. "Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q.": In this very dramatic episode, Quagmire's sister (now referred to as "Brenda" instead of "Harriet" and voiced by Kaitlin Olson from FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Comedy Central's Brickleberrynote ) and her abusive boyfriend (last seen in "Jerome Is The New Black") return to Quahog after Quagmire ends up in the hospital for nearly dying of autoerotic asphyxiation, but Brenda's the one in danger when her boyfriend's abuse escalates and Quagmire convinces Joe and Peter to stop him once and for all. Originally aired October 30, 2011.
  4. "Stewie Goes for a Drive": Stewie takes Brian's car for a joyride and crashes it, causing him to run away fearing Brian will tell his parents. Meanwhile, Peter thinks Ryan Reynolds (who appears as himself) has a crush on him. Originally aired November 6, 2011.
  5. "Back to the Pilot": Stewie and Brian travel back in time to the first episode ("Death Has a Shadow") and accidentally change the present for the worse. Originally aired November 13, 2011.
  6. "Thanksgiving": Joe's son (who supposedly died during the Iraq War) returns, revealing that he deserted his troops because he didn't want to fight anymore, prompting everyone to discuss the ethics behind the Iraq invasion. Originally aired November 20, 2011.
  7. "Amish Guy": On they way back from a trip to Ohio, the Griffins' car breaks down, and they stay at an Amish village. There, Meg falls in love with an Amish boy named Eli, but his father forbids him to be with her, prompting Peter to declare war. Originally aired November 27, 2011.
  8. "Cool Hand Peter": Peter and the guys take a trip down South and wind up in jail. Originally aired December 4, 2011.
  9. "Grumpy Old Man": When Carter falls asleep at the wheel and crashes his car, Lois and Peter decide to put Carter and Babs in a retirement home. Originally aired December 11, 2011.
  10. "Meg and Quagmire": Meg turns 18 and Quagmire makes his move, prompting the usually abusive and negligent members of the Griffin family to fight for their daughter. Originally aired January 8, 2012.
  11. "The Blind Side": Brian dates a blind woman who hates dogs, but doesn't know that Brian is one. Originally aired January 15, 2012.
  12. "Livin' on a Prayer": Lois kidnaps a child from his Christian Scientist parents (who don't believe in using doctors to heal the sick) so she can give him some needed medical treatment. Originally aired January 29, 2012.
  13. "Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream": Peter takes Tom Tucker to Hollywood to fulfill his dream of being an actor. Originally aired February 12, 2012.
  14. "Be Careful What You Fish For": Peter makes friends with a dolphin voiced by Ricky Gervais, while Brian dates Stewie's pretty, yet grossly negligent preschool teacher. Originally aired February 19, 2012.
  15. "Burning Down the Bayit": Peter and the guys help Mort burn down his pharmacy to collect the insurance money. Originally aired March 4, 2012.
  16. "Killer Queen": Peter and Chris are sent to a fat camp while Stewie tries to conquer his fear of the cover for Queen's News of the World (Queen). Originally aired March 11, 2012.
  17. "Forget-Me-Not": Peter, Brian, Joe and Quagmire wake up in an empty neighborhood with no memory of who they are. Originally aired March 18, 2012.
  18. "You Can't Do That on Television, Peter": Peter hosts his own kids' show while Meg becomes a medical intern for Dr. Hartman. Originally aired April 1, 2012.
  19. "Mr. & Mrs. Stewie": Stewie meets a preschool-aged girl who may be just as evil as he is, while Lois gets separate beds after suffering a back injury from Peter sleeping on her, and Peter decides to cuddle with Quagmire after being unable to adjust to Sleeping Single. Originally aired April 29, 2012.
  20. "Leggo My Meg-O": Brian and Stewie go to France when they hear that Meg has been kidnapped and will be sold as a sex slave. Originally aired May 6, 2012.
  21. "Tea Peter": After his home business gets shut down by the government, Peter joins the Tea Party and gets the town government disbanded, which causes everything to descend into chaos. Originally aired May 13, 2012.
  22. "Family Guy Viewer Mail #2": After 10 years, Stewie and Brian return to show three more tales taken from viewer requests. Originally aired May 20, 2012.
    • "Chap of the Manor": A British version of Family Guy.
    • "Fatman and Robin": Peter gets the power to turn everyone he touches into Robin Williams.
    • "Point of Stew": What life is like through Stewie's eyes.
  23. "Internal Affairs": In this follow-up to "Foreign Affairs", Peter and Quagmire convince Joe to cheat on Bonnie. Originally aired May 20, 2012.

    Season 11

September 30, 2012 - May 19, 2013 

  1. "Into Fat Air": After a disastrous dinner with Lois' old boyfriend and his family, the Griffins decide to compete with the family by climbing Mount Everest. Originally aired September 30, 2012.
  2. "Ratings Guy": The Griffins become a Nielsen family note , which Peter sees as an opportunity to make TV more entertaining (for him, not anyone else). Originally aired October 7, 2012.
  3. "The Old Man and the Big 'C'": Brian and Stewie discover that Carter's pharmaceutical company has the cure for cancer and has been withholding it from the public to reap the profits from medical treatments. Originally aired November 4, 2012.
  4. "Yug Ylimaf": In the 200th episode, Stewie's broken time machine causes time to go backwards, and if Stewie and Brian don't stop it, then Stewie will end up back in his mother's womb. Originally aired November 11, 2012.
  5. "Joe's Revenge": When a known criminal is finally arrested after years of being on the run, Joe confesses to Peter and Quagmire that the former fugitive was actually the man who shot him (and that his story of how he fell off the roof during his fight with The Grinch as seen in "A Hero Sits Next Door" was a lie). But when the fugitive goes on the run again, Joe, Peter, and Quagmire team up to nab him again. Originally aired November 18, 2012.
  6. "Lois Comes Out of Her Shell": Lois has a midlife crisis after Peter calls attention to her age in a birthday poem and her ensuing shenanigans drive Peter nuts, while Stewie's new pet turtle is out to kill him. Originally aired November 25, 2012.
  7. "Friends Without Benefits": Meg is devastated to find that her crush, Kent, is gay, but when she discovers that Kent has a crush on her brother, Chris, she does whatever she can to get the two together. Originally aired December 9, 2012.
  8. "Jesus, Mary & Joseph!": Peter tells his own version of the Nativity story after Meg finds a birth of Jesus ornament while decorating the tree. Originally aired December 23, 2012.
  9. "Space Cadet": While the Griffins pick up Chris from space camp (who was sent there to boost his low self-esteem), they're accidentally launched into space (thanks to Stewie pushing the big red launch button) and it's up to Chris to get them back down to Earth. Originally aired January 6, 2013.
  10. "Brian's Play": Brian's newest play becomes a hit in Quahog, but when he reads a new manuscript Stewie wrote, he gets jealous and it puts a strain on their friendship. Originally aired January 13, 2013.
  11. "The Giggity Wife": On a drunken trip to Havard University, Quagmire wakes up and finds that he's married to a prostitute who wants to give up the street life and become a wife. Originally aired January 27, 2013.
  12. "Valentine's Day in Quahog": An animated parody of the vignette-packed movie, Valentine's Day, showing what February 14th is like for everyone in Quahog: Meg dates a teenaged organ harvester, Peter and Lois have a romantic day in bed, Brian's ex-girlfriends (including Seabreeze the dog and Quagmire's transgender father, Ida) point out everything that's wrong with him, Quagmire gets electrocuted and learns what it's like to be a woman, Stewie goes back in time and falls for a baby girl who turns out to be Lois, and Herbert the pedophile's grand-niece falls for Chris, and uses her grand-uncle to win him over. Originally aired February 10, 2013.
  13. "Chris Cross": Chris is blackmailed by Meg after Meg catches him stealing from Lois' purse, but when the demands to keep the secret a secret go too far, Chris moves out of the Griffin house — and in with Herbert the pedophile. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian become fans of Anne Murray, and visit her to discuss the meaning behind the song, "Snowbird." Originally aired February 17, 2013.
  14. "Call Girl": Lois gets a job as a phone sex operator — and Peter finds himself falling for her voice. Originally aired March 10, 2013.
  15. "Turban Cowboy": Peter gets into skydiving, but an accident lands him in the hospital, where Peter befriends a Muslim man who wants Peter to convert as part of a terrorist plot. Originally aired March 17, 2013.note 
  16. "12 and a Half Angry Men": Mayor West is put on trial and only Brian (who, ironically, tried to out him for corruption in "Deep Throats") can save him from jail in this parody of 12 Angry Men. Originally aired March 24, 2013.
  17. "Bigfat": Quagmire, Joe, and Peter head off to Canada to see the wonders of Canadian strip clubs, but the plane crashes and leaves them stranded in the woods for two months. When everyone is rescued, however, Peter becomes feral and his family must help him get acclimated to modern society. Originally aired April 14, 2013.
  18. "Total Recall": Brian and Stewie set out to save Stewie's teddy bear from being recalled. Meanwhile, Peter purposely makes himself sick after Lois gets turned on by Peter's raspy voice he gets whenever he's ill. Originally aired April 28, 2013.
  19. "Save the Clam": Horace, the owner of The Drunken Clam, is killed in a freak accident, and it is up to Peter and the gang to try and stop the Clam from being shut down by the bank. Meanwhile, Meg gets a job at a funeral home. Originally aired May 5, 2013.
  20. "Farmer Guy": The Griffins move out of Quahog after the town's crime rate skyrockets, and move into a farm with a meth lab in the basement. Originally aired May 12, 2013.
  21. "Roads to Vegas": In yet another "Road to..." episode, Brian and Stewie head off to Vegas, but they use the teleporting machine, which malfunctions and creates two clones of themselves, who each have their own Vegas experience. Originally aired May 19, 2013.
  22. "No Country Club for Old Men": After Peter loses during his audition for America's Got Talent, Chris befriends a girl on the plane ride home who turns out to be the daughter of one of the richest families in Rhode Island. Originally aired May 19, 2013.

    Season 12

September 29, 2013 - May 18, 2014 

  1. "Finders Keepers": Peter is convinced a restaurant placemat is a treasure map, leading to an It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World-style rush to find the alleged treasure. Originally aired September 29, 2013.
  2. "Vestigial Peter": Peter discovers a vestigial twin growing out of his neck, who is cheerier and more optimistic than Peter has ever been. Originally aired October 6, 2013.
  3. "Quagmire's Quagmire": While returning his new laptop, Quagmire falls for a woman who is just as sex-crazed as he is, but gets more than he bargained for when he gets kidnapped to be her sex slave. Meanwhile, Stewie finds his old teddy bear Oscar and gets involved in a bizarre love triangle between Oscar and Rupert. Originally aired November 3, 2013.
  4. "A Fistful of Meg": Meg fears for her life when an unhinged bully challenges her to a fight. Meanwhile Peter sexually harasses Brian by flashing him constantly. Originally aired November 10, 2013.
  5. "Boopa-Dee Bappa-Dee": The Griffins travel to Italy, but they soon have to face the country's immigration laws after Peter enjoys the country so much that he destroys their passports. Originally aired November 17, 2013.
  6. "Life of Brian": Stewie decides to destroy his time machine after a disastrous trip to 17th century Jamestown, but regrets it when the unthinkable happens. Originally aired November 24, 2013.
  7. "Into Harmony's Way": Peter and Quagmire form a singing/songwriting team. Originally aired December 8, 2013.
  8. "Christmas Guy": When Carter cancels Quahog's annual Christmas carnival because of his hatred of the holiday, Peter tries to save the event by teaching him the holiday spirit, which proves to be a very difficult task. Meanwhile, Stewie finds a way back in time to prevent Brian from dying as seen two episodes ago. Originally aired December 15, 2013.
  9. "Peter Problems": Peter gets fired from the brewery after an incident with the forklift, in which he loses his ability to satisfy Lois in bed. Originally aired January 5, 2014.
  10. "Grimm Job": Peter tells Stewie the stories of Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella, with the Griffins portraying the storybook characters. Originally aired January 12, 2014.
  11. "Brian's a Bad Father": In this follow-up to "The Former Life of Brian", Brian's son Dylan is now a popular teen sitcom star for Disney Channel and Brian neglects his duties as a father by opting to become a writer for Dylan's show, but ends up ruining the show with his brand of crummy, melodramatic writing. Meanwhile, Peter accidentally shoots Quagmire on a hunting trip and the two fight over Joe. Originally aired January 26, 2014.
  12. "Mom's the Word": Peter's mother Thelma dies (to coincide with the death of her voice actress Phyllis Diller) and he gets comforted by her best friend (played by legendary Hollywood actress Lauren Bacall), who won't stop hitting on him. Meanwhile, Stewie worries about the frailty of human life after Brian tells him that everyone dies eventually, then attempts suicide after Brian tells Stewie that he doesn't believe in an afterlife. Originally aired March 9, 2014.
  13. "3 Acts of God": Angered that the Patriots are always losing and that the opposing teams thank God for it, Peter, Joe and Quagmire decide to find the Lord and give Him a piece of their mind. Originally aired March 16, 2014.
  14. "Fresh Heir": Lois' dad, Carter, decides to leave Chris his fortune when he passes on, but when Chris refuses the offer, Peter will do anything to get the dough...even marrying his own son. Originally aired March 23, 2014.
  15. "Secondhand Spoke": Stewie helps Chris deal with being bullied at school, while Peter uses cigarette smoking to get out of doing work and dealing with his family. Originally aired March 30, 2014.
  16. "Herpe, the Love Sore": Brian gives Stewie herpes after they become blood brothers, while Peter and the guys fight with another gang of friends over their favorite booth at the Drunken Clam. Originally aired April 6, 2014.
  17. "The Most Interesting Man in the World": After Lois calls Peter an idiot for bringing the wrong baby home after a day in the park with Stewie, Peter tries to prove he's a responsible adult by going on a business trip in Chicago, coming back a classy and intelligent man, but Lois soon regrets it when Peter tries to make the family more intellectual. Originally aired April 13, 2014.
  18. "Baby Got Black": Joe, Quagmire, and Peter stay up for days as part of a bet. Meanwhile, Chris falls for Jerome's daughter, Pam, but Jerome doesn't approve of the relationship because he doesn't like white people. Originally aired April 27, 2014.
  19. "Meg Stinks!": When Peter takes Meg to a college interview, the two finally bond over partying. Meanwhile, Brian is forced to live outside after being sprayed by a skunk. Originally aired May 4, 2014.
  20. "He's Bla-ack!": Now that The Cleveland Show has been canceled, Cleveland moves back to Quahog, and takes his family with him. But when Lois and Donna have a fight and forbid their husbands from being friends, Peter and Cleveland must set things right between the two. Originally aired May 11, 2014.
  21. "Chap Stewie": Stewie goes back in time and fixes it so that way he'll never be born to the Griffin family, but he soon finds he's been born to a Downton Abbey-esque British family in an alternate timeline. Originally aired May 18, 2014.

    Season 13

September 28, 2014 - May 17, 2015 

  1. "The Simpsons Guy": In this, the season 13 premiere episode and special one-hour episode, many a fan fiction writer's wet dream (or nightmare) will come true when The Griffin family, on the run for publishing an offensive comic strip, find themselves in Springfield and attempt to bond with The Simpson family: Peter and Homer brawl over whether Duff Beer or Pawtucket Patriot Beer is the best (and end up going to court over it), Stewie becomes interested in Bart's old-school pranks, Lisa shows Meg that she really is special (but regrets it when Meg bests her at the saxophone), and Lois bonds with Marge. Originally aired September 28, 2014.
  2. "The Book of Joe": Joe publishes a children's book about a handicapped squirrel, but Peter ends up being the face of the project when children react more favorably to Peter reading than Joe. Meanwhile, Brian falls for a runner, and radically changes his body in order to compete in an upcoming marathon. Originally aired October 5, 2014.
  3. "Baking Bad" (f.k.a "Peter and Lois Open a Store"): Lois and Peter go into business together and open up a cookie bakery, but things get messy when Peter uses strippers with cookie-themed names to get more customers. Meanwhile, to help Stewie sleep at night, Brian gives him some alcohol-based cough syrup, which (similar to what happened in "Stewie B. Goode" and a DVD-exclusive scene from "Road to Rupert") Stewie gets addicted to. Originally aired October 19, 2014.
  4. "Brian the Closer": Brian gets reconstructive dental surgery after smashing his face into a hydrant and gets a job as a real estate agent who convinces Quagmire to buy a rundown condo with the bonus money he recently received. Originally aired November 9, 2014.
  5. "Turkey Guys": This year's Thanksgiving Episode sees Peter and Brian searching for a replacement roast turkey after getting drunk and eating the one meant for dinner while Chris steps up as the man of the house now that Peter and Brian are gone. Originally aired November 16, 2014.
  6. "The 2000-Year-Old Virgin": A Christmas Episode where Peter and his buddies discover that Jesus is a virgin and try to get him laid. Originally aired December 7, 2014.
  7. "Stewie, Chris & Brian's Excellent Adventure": Stewie uses his time machine to help Chris with his history assignment. Originally aired January 4, 2015.
  8. "Our Idiot Brian": Brian takes the SATs for Meg and scores poorly (1000 out of the new perfect score of 2400), prompting Peter to teach his dog how to be dumb, but Brian's sudden slide into idiocy turns out to be the result of a brain tumor. Originally aired January 11, 2015.
  9. "This Little Piggy": Meg becomes a foot fetish model, despite her parents' objections. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie go on a road trip after Stewie realizes that he's never seen the world outside of preschool and home. Originally aired January 25, 2015.
  10. "Quagmire's Mom": Peter discovers that his birth name is actually Justin, so he adopts the name for a wild and crazy alter ego. But at one of Peter/Justin's parties, Quagmire gets in trouble for sleeping with an underaged girl and only his formerly promiscuous mother (voiced by Allison Janney) can save him. Originally aired February 8, 2015.
  11. "Encyclopedia Griffin": Peter and friends get into the detective business and find that Chris is a thief. Meanwhile, Lois is worried about Chris' relationship with a makeshift dummy for a girlfriend, but becomes jealous when she sees that Chris treats the dummy with more love and respect than Peter does with her. Originally aired February 15, 2015.
  12. "Stewie is Enceinte": When Brian decides he doesn't want to be around Stewie anymore, Stewie impregnates himself with Brian's DNA in order to trap him into a relationship. Meanwhile, Peter and the gang try to make a viral video. Originally aired March 8, 2015.
  13. "Dr. C and the Women": Meg gets a job at the airport and is considered the prettiest woman there (as all the other women are dumpy and potato-shaped and Meg, despite being called ugly and fat, is not), earning the scorn of her fellow worker Marla. Meanwhile, Cleveland becomes a marriage counselor and Peter threatens to blackmail him with evidence of what he did at his bachelor party before he married Donna. Originally aired March 15, 2015.
  14. "#JOLO": After Peter finds a missing boy in a mechanical billboard, Joe decides to quit the police force and go to Niagara Falls to commit suicide (which Cleveland, Quagmire, and Peter think is a vacation). Originally aired April 12, 2015.
  15. "Once Bitten": Brian becomes more submissive after attending a boot camp-style obedience school as punishment for biting Peter. Meanwhile, Chris discovers that his new friend, Neil Goldmannote , is using him to get closer to Meg. Originally aired April 19, 2015.
  16. "Roasted Guy": Similar to the American Dad! episode "The Great Space Roaster," Peter has a comedy roast held in his honor and takes all the jokes about him to heart (like what happened with Roger). Unlike "The Great Space Roaster," Peter takes out his frustrations by befriending a trio of gossipy middle-aged women instead of trying to murder all who insulted him. Originally aired April 26, 2015.
  17. "Fighting Irish" (f.k.a "Kicking Arse"): Liam Neeson guest stars as himself in this episode where after hearing Peter drunkenly boast about being able to beat him in a fight one too many times the guys decide to make him put up or shut up. Originally aired May 3, 2015.
  18. "Take My Wife": Lois books a vacation in the Bahamas for Peter, Cleveland, Donna, Joe, Bonnie, Quagmire, and Quagmire's latest hookup (a blond bimbo named Kimi) that turns out to be a couples' counseling retreat — and things get dangerous when the Bahamian resort workers stage a revolution. Meanwhile, Lois' father (Carter) tries to teach Stewie, Meg, Chris, and Brian how to have fun without relying on electronic devices. Originally aired May 17, 2015.

    Season 14

September 27, 2015 - May 22, 2016 

  1. "Pilling Them Softly": Stewie is diagnosed with ADHD and is prescribed Adderall, which Brian takes in aiding him to write a 2,000-page proposal to George R. R. Martin. Meanwhile, Peter and Quagmire compete to determine which of them gets to keep his new cooking show. Originally aired September 27, 2015.
  2. "Papa Has a Rollin' Son": The guys invite over Joe's father (voiced by Ed O'Neill from Modern Family and Married... with Children), but after they find out that he hates handicapped people, Peter has to pretend to be Joe. Meanwhile, Stewie is bummed when Dr. Hartman tells Lois that his adult height will be 5'1"...until he starts an unlikely friendship with Tom Cruise from which he can't escape. Originally aired October 4, 2015.
  3. "Guy, Robot": Stewie builds a robot friend after he and Brian get into a fight. Meanwhile, Lois make Peter buy a new mattress for them. Originally aired October 11, 2015.
  4. "Peternormal Activity": While searching for a horror movie idea, Peter and the guys accidentally kill a man and they each try to pin the blame on someone else. Meanwhile, Brian starts acting like (even more of) a pretentious douche when wearing his new glasses, leading Stewie to try and destroy them. Originally aired October 25, 2015.
  5. "Peter, Chris and Brian": Peter begins to feel that his life is a failure after seeing a video he made when he was younger, so he makes Chris hang out with Brian so he won't turn out like him. Originally aired November 8, 2015.
  6. "Peter's Sister": Peter's sister Karen (voiced by Kate McKinnon from Saturday Night Live and The Big Gay Sketch Show) come over for Thanksgiving and treats him the same way Peter treats Meg, prompting Peter to pose as a female wrestler to get his revenge on her. Originally aired November 15, 2015.
  7. "Hot Pocket-Dial": Peter and Quagmire's friendship becomes strained when Quagmire accidentally pocket-dials Peter while professing his love of Lois to his transgendered father. Originally aired November 22, 2015.
  8. "Brokeback Swanson": Joe becomes a quadriplegic after getting injured in a Boston version of Spain's The Running of the Bulls, and his friends find it difficult to hang out with him. Meanwhile, Brian falls for a married woman and pretends to be her new dog to avoid getting in trouble with her husband, a Navy SEAL who was part of SEAL Team Six and never got recognition for helping kill Osama bin Laden. Originally aired December 6, 2015.
  9. "A Shot in the Dark": Peter starts a neighborhood watch group and is mistaken for racist when he shoots Cleveland Brown, Jr. and accidentally burns Cleveland's house. Originally aired December 13, 2015.
  10. "Candy Quahog Marshmallow!": Peter, Joe, and Cleveland become obsessed with a Korean soap opera that starred a young Glenn Quagmire, and when the quartet fly to South Korea to find the tape containing the series finale, Quagmire discovers that his former co-star is in love with him and wants him to stay. Originally aired January 3, 2016.
  11. "The Peanut Butter Kid": Stewie gets discovered at a mall and hired to do a peanut butter commercial, and Lois and Peter (who worry that Stewie won't have any money for college and beyond) become stage parents who do anything and everything to make their baby a child star, much to Brian's disgust. Originally aired January 10, 2016.
  12. "Scammed Yankees": Carter heads to Africa (with Peter in tow) after falling for the infamous "Nigerian prince needs money to send his funds over to America" email scam. Meanwhile, Brian hits on Meg's friend, Patty, after catching a glimpse at her hot body in the school locker room. Originally aired January 17, 2016.
  13. "An App a Day": Peter gives his cellphone to Chris, who gets branded a sex offender after sending a dick pic to a girl at school. Meanwhile, Brian joins Stewie's tennis club, but Brian is more interested in the day-drinking middle-aged wives and divorcees rather than playing. Originally aired February 14, 2016.
  14. "Underage Peter": After Peter goes on a drunken rampage, Mayor West raises the town's drinking age to 50. Since Brian is now the only Griffin old enough to buy alcohol due to dog years, Peter makes him go out to buy beer form him. Originally aired February 21, 2016.
  15. "A Lot Going On Upstairs": Peter builds his own man cave in the attic. Meanwhile, Brian goes inside Stewie's mind so he can find a recurring nightmare that's plaguing Stewie. Originally aired March 6, 2016.
  16. "The Heartbreak Dog": Brian hits on Bonnie, who's sick of giving up on her dreams to take care of Joe. Meanwhile, Meg volunteers at a nursing home and gets hooked on stealing the residents' belongings. Originally aired March 13, 2016.
  17. "Take a Letter": Lois takes a job as a postal worker to pay for Stewie's private school, and discovers a letter Peter wrote to an old girlfriend, who tries to come between them. Meanwhile, Stewie befriends a fellow student named Chadley and enlists Brian to help impress him. Originally aired April 17, 2016.
  18. "The New Adventures of Old Tom": Peter ends up getting lost in the Quahog Mall overnight after his family leaves him. Meanwhile, Brian attempts to win over a girl by pretending to be a millionaire. Originally aired May 8, 2016.
  19. "Run, Chris, Run": Chris gets elected homecoming king, but Meg discovers that the cool kids only voted for him in order to prank him. Meanwhile, Peter and the gang get jealous when Cleveland starts hanging out with Jerome, so they look for a new black friend. Originally aired May 15, 2016.
  20. "Road to India": Brian and Stewie go on another Road To... style trip; this time, they're headed to India so Brian can find a tech support call center woman with a sexy voice. Meanwhile, Peter becomes the center of attention when Joe invites him to bingo night. Originally aired May 22, 2016.

    Season 15

September 25, 2016 - May 21, 2017 

  1. "The Boys in the Band": Sick of how pandering children's music is, Stewie and Brian create their own musical duo featuring children songs with an edge, but Stewie's old girlfriend, Olivia, soon becomes the duo's Yoko Ono. Meanwhile, Chris gets a job as Quagmire's personal assistant. Originally aired September 25, 2016.
  2. "Bookie of the Year": Chris joins the baseball team and starts winning games, while Peter takes up betting on the outcomes of the games; to preserve a big bet, Peter tries — first nicely, then not so nicely — to get Chris to lose intentionally. Also, Brian and Stewie open an Italian restaurant with Frank Sinatra Jr., but Frank's poor business sense conspires against the venture. Originally aired October 2, 2016.
  3. "American Gigg-Olo": Quagmire's airline union goes on strike, forcing him to get a job as a gigolo. Meanwhile, Brian gets a job at the hardware store after Peter takes him off his insurance. Originally aired October 16, 2016.
  4. "Inside Family Guy": James Woods hosts a look at the making of a typical Family Guy episode. Here, the Griffins are Animated Actors, and Peter gets kicked off the show when he becomes difficult to work with. Originally aired October 23, 2016.
  5. "Chris Has Got a Date, Date, Date, Date, Date": Singer Taylor Swift agrees to be Chris' homecoming date, only to write a Break-Up Song towards him. Meanwhile, Peter becomes an Uber driver. Originally aired November 6, 2016.
  6. "Hot Shots": Peter and Lois decide not to have Stewie vaccinated on the advice of "Doctor" Jenny McCarthy, much to pro-vaxxer Brian's chagrin. But when a virus spreads through Quahog and Stewie is in jeopardy, it's Sean Penn who saves the day. Originally aired November 13, 2016.
  7. "High School English": A retelling of three novels: The Great Gatsby (with Brian as Jay Gatsby), Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (with Peter as Finn and Cleveland as Tom Sawyer) and Of Mice and Men (with Stewie as George and Chris as Lenny). Originally aired November 20, 2016.
  8. "Carter and Tricia": After Peter tells her about the toxic chemicals in Pawtucket Brewery after Carter buys the brewery, Tricia Takanawa goes undercover, which leads to Carter to have a romantic interest with her. Meanwhile, Brian's driver license expires and Stewie helps him to renew his license by retaking his driving test. Originally aired December 4, 2016.
  9. "How the Griffin Stole Christmas": Peter becomes a mall Santa and becomes drunk with power after realising that he can get away with everything. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie crash an office Christmas party. Originally aired December 11, 2016.
  10. "Passenger Fatty-Seven": After Quagmire wins free tickets to San Francisco, Peter, Joe and Cleveland go and take a holiday to the city and after that, their flight back to Quahog becomes traumatic when Eastern European terrorists prepare to hijack Quagmire's plane carrying them. Originally aired January 8, 2017.
  11. "Gronkowsbees": New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski moves to Quahog. Originally aired January 15, 2017.
  12. "Peter's Def Jam": Peter becomes a DJ after he and the guys attempt to start their own podcast. Meanwhile, Brian is forced to move into Stewie's room after Lois gets an allergy. Originally aired February 12, 2017.
  13. "The Finer Strings":Peter and the guys form a string quartet, and everyone makes the cut except for Peter, who is kicked out. Meanwhile, Brian becomes Carter's seeing eye dog. Originally aired February 19, 2017.
  14. "The Dating Game": When Quagmire discovers Tinder, Peter, Cleveland, and Joe must save him from his soul-sucking hedonism. Meanwhile, Stewie learns about the perks of him being diagnosed with scoliosis. Originally aired March 5, 2017.
  15. "Cop And A Halfwit": Peter helps Joe solve cases, but he gets irritated when Joe takes all the credit for himself. Meanwhile, Brian and Chris look after Stewie after he gets a concussion playing football. Originally aired March 12, 2017.
  16. "Saturated Fat Guy": Peter opens up his own fattening food truck to avoid eating the healthy food Lois forces him to eat. Meanwhile, Meg joins a roller derby team, despite Chris' warnings that it's too dangerous. Originally aired March 19, 2017.
  17. "Peter's Lost Youth": Peter gets jealous when Lois upstages him in fantasy baseball camp. Meanwhile, Stewie runs away from home when Meg becomes his babysitter. Originally aired March 26, 2017.
  18. "The Peter Principal": When Peter temporarily becomes the high school principal, Meg sees his power as an opportunity to get back at her bullies. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie open up a bed and breakfast. Originally aired April 30, 2017.
  19. "Dearly Deported": When Chris' Mexican girlfriend, Isabella, is deported, he steps up to take care of her twin babies. Originally aired May 21, 2017.
  20. "A House Full Of Peters": After Lois discovers that Peter was a sperm donor in his youth, Peter's past comes back to him when many of his children unexpectedly come to his house. Originally aired May 21, 2017.

    Season 16

October 1, 2017 - May 20, 2018 

  1. "Emmy-Winning Episode": Frustrated by the Emmy's snubbing them, the Griffins try retooling the show to win an award. Originally aired October 1, 2017.
  2. "Foxx In The Men House": Peter starts ignoring the guys when he meets an impossibly cool paramedic. Originally aired October 8, 2017.
  3. "Nanny Goats": The Griffins get a Slavic nanny for the kids, giving Peter and Lois the opportunity to reconnect. Originally aired October 15, 2017.
  4. "Follow The Money": Chris receives a special one-dollar bill for his birthday that gets passed throughout Quahog. Originally aired October 22, 2017.
  5. "Three Directors": The story of Peter's firing from the brewery, as told through the styles of Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, and Michael Bay. Originally aired November 5, 2017.
  6. "The D In Apartment 23": When Brian posts an offensive tweet, his life falls apart. Originally aired November 12, 2017.
  7. "Petey IV": Vladimir Putin comes to Quahog after Peter writes to him. Meanwhile, strapped-for-cash Brian gets a job at a suicide hotline and pursues a coworker. Originally aired November 19, 2017.
  8. "Crimes and Meg's Demeanor": Meg's drinking both concerns and delights Peter; Brian suspects Principal Shepherd of a crime. Originally aired December 3, 2017.
  9. "Don't Be A Dickens At Christmas": The ghost of Patrick Swayze helps Peter get his Christmas spirit back. Originally aired December 10, 2017.
  10. "Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)": Brian enters a dog show to breed with a female talking dog; Peter and Lois try to convince Chris that "Arthur Valentine" doesn't exist. Originally aired January 7, 2018.
  11. "Dog Bites Bear": In the 300th episode, Brian and Stewie have a falling out when he destroys Rupert. Meanwhile, Peter refuses to wash his hand after meeting his favorite cereal mascot. Originally aired January 14, 2018.
  12. "Send In Stewie, Please": Stewie opens up to a child psychologist at school. Originally aired March 18, 2018.
  13. "V Is For Mystery": Stewie and Brian star in a Sherlock Holmes parody. Originally aired March 25, 2018.
  14. "Veteran Guy": When they're busted pretending to be veterans, the guys are forced to join the Coast Guard. Originally aired April 1, 2018.
  15. "The Woof Of Wall Street": Brian gets a big head when Stewie teaches him how to invest in the stock market; Peter and the guys look after the Drunken Clam while Jerome is away. Originally aired April 8, 2018.
  16. "'Family Guy' Through The Years": A reimagining of the show as a series that's been on the air for 60 years; a look back at the cultural events and issues tackled on the show through the decades. Originally aired April 22, 2018.
  17. "Switch The Flip": To help get Brian's life in order, Stewie and Brian swap bodies using a machine that Stewie invents; chaos quickly ensues around Quahog when Stewie's machine goes haywire. Originally aired April 29, 2018.
  18. "HTTPete": Peter embraces millennial culture, attracting the attention of a high-powered Silicon Valley executive. Originally aired May 6, 2018.
  19. "The Unkindest Cut": Quagmire literally loses his manhood after a shark eats his penis; Stewie and Brian search for Mort after learning there is a $10,000 reward for turning him into the police. Originally aired May 13, 2018.
  20. "Are You There God!? It's Me, Peter": After falling into a coma, Peter comes face-to-face with God, leading him to ask some of life's tough questions. Originally aired May 20, 2018.

    Season 17

September 30, 2018 - May 12, 2019 

  1. "Married With Cancer": Brian quickly falls in love with a woman, and after receiving devastating news regarding her cancer diagnosis, he proposes marriage. Originally aired September 30, 2018.
  2. "Dead Dog Walking": Brian's marriage to Jess doesn't go as planned, so at Peter's suggestion, he lets himself go, leading Jess to make a surprising decision. Originally aired October 7, 2018.
  3. "Pal Stewie": Stewie's new pal makes him reconsider his attempts to kill Lois; Peter and Lois attend a seminar on self-empowerment. Originally aired October 14, 2018.
  4. "Big Trouble in Little Quahog": After being teased by Brian for being small, Stewie invents a shrinking device that reduces both of them to microscopic size. Originally aired October 21, 2018.
  5. "Regarding Carter": Carter gives Lois a surprising birthday present that leads to an unfortunate accident, leaving him dependent on the Griffins' care. Originally aired November 4, 2018.
  6. "Stand By Meg": Stewie vows to make Meg's life better after she saves him from choking; Chris is sent to a vocational school. Originally aired November 11, 2018.
  7. "The Griffin Winter Games": To the surprise of all the Griffins, Meg makes the U.S. Olympic team as a biathlete and competes in the Winter Olympics. Originally aired November 18, 2018.
  8. "Con Heiress": Brian and Stewie try conning a ridiculously wealthy elderly heiress; Peter and Chris battle for Mr. Herbert's affection. Originally aired December 2, 2018.
  9. "Pawtucket Pete": When the Pawtucket Brewery's new bosses want to change the company's mascot, Peter and Brian go head-to-head to become the new face. Originally aired December 9, 2018.
  10. "Hefty Shades Of Gray": Peter becomes a fake news reporter when his hair turns white; Brian and Stewie help Chris improve his love life. Originally aired January 6, 2019.
  11. "Trump Guy": Peter becomes the press secretary for President Trump. Originally aired January 13, 2019.
  12. "Bri, Robot": Brian worries about his legacy, so Stewie makes him a robot duplicate as a living biography; Peter starts working at a massage parlor. Originally aired February 10, 2019.
  13. "Trans-Fat": Peter learns an important lesson when he's mistakenly identified as transgender. Originally aired February 17, 2019.
  14. "Family Guy Lite": After a mishap at work, Peter decides to take his health more seriously and diet with the help of Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland; when Lois writes a romantic fantasy novel, Brian uses it as a way to finally seduce her. Originally aired March 3, 2019.
  15. "No Giggity, No Doubt": Quagmire meets the teenage daughter he never knew and makes a serious effort to embrace parenting. Originally aired March 10, 2019.
  16. "You Can't Handle The Booth": The Griffins provide a DVD commentary for an episode that was never aired before and reveal never-before-told drama between Peter and Lois. Originally aired March 24, 2019.
  17. "Island Adventure": In search of Stewie's big wheel tricycle, Stewie and Brian embark on an adventure to a giant floating mass of trash out in the sea; Lois tries to help Quagmire elevate his dating game. Originally aired March 31, 2019.
  18. "Throw It Away": After Lois reads a new book on the joys of decluttering, she challenges the rest of the Griffins to throw anything out of the house that does not spark joy. Originally aired April 28, 2019.
  19. "Girl, Internetted": When Meg suddenly becomes internet famous, she and an excited Peter work together to build her following; Brian and Stewie revel in a new ride while Brian's car gets repaired. Originally aired May 5, 2019.
  20. "Adam West High": When Brian's proposition to rename Quahog's high school "Adam West High," to honor the late Mayor West is successful, he feels encouraged to run for office as Quahog's new mayor; the race takes a turn when Quagmire campaigns against Brian. Originally aired May 12, 2019.

    Season 18

September 29, 2019 - May 17, 2020 

  1. "Yacht Rocky": Peter and his family go on a cruise that soon becomes a parody of Poseidon. Originally aired September 29, 2019.
  2. "Bri-Da": Peter and his friends are sick of forgetting the lucrative business ideas they come up with while drinking, so they strap on Joe's police body cams to record their every move; Quagmire tries to come to terms with an unexpected family development. Originally aired October 6, 2019.
  3. "Absolutely Babulous": When Stewie receives a participation medal in his school's toddler games, he begins to question everything he has ever won; Peter causes a fight between Lois' parents and must repair the damage he caused. Originally aired October 13, 2019.
  4. "Disney's The Reboot": After the network decides it is time to reboot the series, three versions of the reboot are shown to a focus group, which produces some surprising feedback. Originally aired October 20, 2019.
  5. "Cat Fight": When Quagmire opens a cat café in town, Brian decides to take a stand to get the café shut down; when Meg and Chris get in trouble at school, Lois becomes nervous and decides they need to go to church camp to find their way. Originally aired November 3, 2019.
  6. "Peter & Lois' Wedding": The Wi-Fi goes out in the Griffin house, leaving the family with nothing to do for the evening; Peter and Lois decide to tell the kids the story of how they met and fell in love in the '90s. Originally aired November 10, 2019.
  7. "Heart Burn": In celebration of Peter and Lois' anniversary, the Griffins recount their own versions of three well-known love stories. Originally aired November 17, 2019.
  8. "Shanksgiving": When Lois hosts a special Thanksgiving dinner for her family, Peter decides the best way to avoid it is to get arrested; a secret that Stewie has been keeping from everyone is revealed. Originally aired November 24, 2019.
  9. "Christmas Is Coming": Meg has a surprising response after she takes Stewie to the mall to meet Santa; Brian must help Stewie process the experience. Originally aired December 15, 2019.
  10. "Connie's Celica": When Lois becomes the new music teacher at Adam West High School, Connie D'Amico decides to make Meg and Chris's mom the target of her antics. Originally aired January 5, 2020.
  11. "Short Cuts": When Brian accidentally becomes a local hero, an old street pal — and now a successful millionaire dog — reaches out and tries to convince him to get neutered; Lois gets a pixie cut against Peter's wishes, so Peter retaliates. Originally aired February 16, 2020.
  12. "Undergrounded": Peter secretly gets a credit card and overspends the family money, so Lois grounds him; to plan the perfect escape, Peter builds a tunnel leading directly to The Drunken Clam. Originally aired February 23, 2020.
  13. "Rich Old Stewie": Stewie's lush retirement is interrupted by Brian, who brings news that Peter is dying. Originally aired March 1, 2020.
  14. "The Movement": When Peter starts coaching for Quahog's minor league baseball team, he gets constipated during the national anthem and must kneel, unintentionally becoming the face of racial justice. Originally aired March 8, 2020.
  15. "Baby Stewie": Stewie builds a machine that will allow him to remain smart forever, but it instead transforms him into what he should have always been — an actual baby. Originally aired March 15, 2020.
  16. "Start Me Up": Peter's nonstop sweating becomes a liability at his company, so his boss tells him to work from home, and, Peter being Peter, turns his home into an office. Meanwhile, Stewie and Chris cause thousands of dollars in damage to an electronics store and create a Kickstarter to raise the money. Originally aired April 19, 2020.
  17. "Coma Guy": With a newfound love for rocking out to Van Halen, Peter has a car accident and falls into a coma. Originally aired April 26, 2020.
  18. "Better Off Meg": When Meg is erroneously reported to have died in a car crash, she goes along with the story to start a new life elsewhere; the Griffins experience a life without Meg. Originally aired May 3, 2020.
  19. "Holly Bibble": Cooped up in a hotel room due to a big storm, the Griffins pass the time by reimagining three stories from the Bible. Originally aired May 10, 2020.
  20. "Movin' In (Principal Shepherd's Song)": Principal Shepherd moves in with the Griffins after he is fired for fat-shaming Chris at school, Brian sues Stewie for writing a series of children's books which portray him as an idiot. Originally aired May 17, 2020.

    Season 19

September 27, 2020 - May 16, 2021 

  1. "Stewie's First Word": Stewie finally says his first word, and it's a swearword; when Lois is shunned by the other moms, she tries to figure out where Stewie could have possibly learned it. Originally aired September 27, 2020.
  2. "The Talented Mr. Stewie": Stewie breaks up with Rupert after learning that he used to belong to Chris; unable to get over his feelings of betrayal, Stewie decides to take action. Originally aired October 4, 2020.
  3. "Boys & Squirrels": Peter injures himself and a family of squirrels in a chainsaw accident; Chris and Stewie try to nurse one of the injured rodents back to health; a chiropractor fixes Peter's injury by realigning his spine — and restoring him to his "true height." Originally aired October 11, 2020.
  4. "Cutaway Land": Peter and Lois accidentally set up a cutaway gag together, which somehow transports them into the cutaway itself. Originally aired October 18, 2020 in Canada and November 1, 2020 in the United States.
  5. "La Famiglia Guy": When Joe asks Peter to be the godfather to his daughter, Peter commits to his mistaken interpretation of the role so much that he becomes a real gangster. Originally aired November 8, 2020.
  6. "Meg's Wedding": Meg plans her wedding to an unexpected Quahog resident; Peter's arms are torn off and he is left with tiny hands that have yet to grow back. Originally aired November 15, 2020.
  7. "Wild Wild West": Lois and Peter are divided by differing views on who the next mayor of Quahog should be; upset at Lois' first choice, Peter seeks out the late Mayor Adam West's cousin, Wild West. Originally aired November 22, 2020.
  8. "Pawtucket Pat": Brian's new job as a journalist leads him to uncover that Pawtucket Pat, Quahog's hero and brewery founder, took part in racist actions against Native Americans; the town becomes divided on whether or not to remove the statue that commemorates him. Originally aired December 6, 2020.
  9. "The First No L": When the family fails to help Lois with the Christmas shopping, she walks out on the family and the Griffins must try to save Christmas on their own. Originally aired December 13, 2020.
  10. "Fecal Matters": When Peter makes it through a bad flu season without getting sick, the hospital asks him to volunteer as a nurse, but he finds himself at a crossroads when his mortal enemy, The Giant Chicken, is admitted; Brian has an identity crisis when he learns he is part cat. Originally aired January 17, 2021.
  11. "Boy's Best Friend": Brian bonds with his new girlfriend's son; Peter, Quagmire, and Cleveland take a joy ride in Joe's new classic corvette. Originally aired February 14, 2021 in Canada and February 21, 2021 in the United States.
  12. "And Then There's Fraud": Peter and Chris start a memorabilia business after going to a baseball game; Stewie gets plastic surgery to combat aging, but takes it too far. Originally aired February 28, 2021.
  13. "PeTerminator": Stewie designs a "Terminator" Peter robot to destroy Lois for trying to feed him broccoli; when things don't go according to plan, Stewie and Brian must go on a Terminator-esque mission to save Stewie's life. Originally aired March 7, 2021.
  14. "The Marrying Kind": Stewie experiences domestic life when he gets a mail-order bride from Ukraine; Peter and Chris become addicted to free hotel breakfast buffets. Originally aired March 14, 2021.
  15. "Customer of the Week": After feeling unappreciated by the family, Lois taps into her villainous side and attempts to win "Best Customer" at her favorite coffee shop. Originally aired March 28, 2021.
  16. "Who's Brian Now?": Brian has a microchip that reveals he had a family before the Griffins; he discovers his original family is rich, and he struggles to enjoy his life with the Griffins as much as he once did. Originally aired April 11, 2021.
  17. "Young Parent Trap": Lois and Peter are mistaken for young parents by another couple at Stewie's school and are invited to live in a millennial apartment complex, leaving Meg and Chris home alone. Originally aired April 18, 2021.
  18. "Meg Goes to College": Meg deals with a college admissions scandal, while Brian embarks on a fitness journey. Originally aired May 2, 2021.
  19. "Family Cat": Brian tries to convince the Griffins that their new adopted cat, Pouncy, is evil. Originally aired May 9, 2021.
  20. "Tales of Former Sports Glory": The guys regale each other with stories of youthful athletic accomplishments; Cleveland was a teenage baseball player from Cuba; Quagmire was a bad boy tennis superstar from New York; Peter was an underdog boxer from Philadelphia. Originally aired May 16, 2021.

    Season 20

September 26, 2021 - May 22, 2022 

  1. "LASIK Instinct": With her vision waning, Lois elects to get LASIK surgery, but exploits her new disability for monetary gain; Peter, Chris, and Stewie must partake in all the activities with Doug that his father neglects. Originally aired September 26, 2021.
  2. "Rock Hard": While at an old record store, Peter and the guys recount tales of three rock legends: Jim Morrison, Muddy Waters, and Elton John. Originally aired October 3, 2021.
  3. "Must Love Dogs": Quagmire meets an avid dog lover, and pretends Brian is his dog in an attempt to win her over. Meanwhile, Chris helps Stewie track down the culprit who stole his Halloween candy. Originally aired October 10, 2021.
  4. "80's Guy": Peter's nostalgia for the '80s compels him to recreate iconic movie scenes from that decade; Stewie competes with Doug to retrieve a frisbee from the top of the jungle gym. Originally aired October 17, 2021.
  5. "Brief Encounter": When Peter and Quagmire accidentally switch underwear, they begin to mimic each other's behavior; Stewie and Doug agree to commit each other's murders. Originally aired October 24, 2021.
  6. "Cootie & the Blowhard": Stewie takes drastic measures when he thinks he is diagnosed with terminal "cooties." Meanwhile, Peter becomes infatuated with Bonnie's cooking. Originally aired November 7, 2021.
  7. "Peterschmidt Manor": Lois and her father attend the funeral of Lois' childhood nanny. Meanwhile, Peter and the rest of the family turn Pewterschmidt mansion into a hotel. Originally aired November 14, 2021.
  8. "The Birthday Bootlegger": A new boss quells Peter's favorite part about work: office birthdays. Meanwhile, Stewie is put in detention and comes out a ruffian. Originally aired November 21, 2021.
  9. "The Fat Man Always Rings Twice": In noir-style, Peter/Mac investigates the disappearance of Meg/sister Megan. Originally aired November 28, 2021.
  10. "Christmas Crime": When Mayor West's nativity scene is ruined, Brian is seen as the prime suspect. Originally aired December 19, 2021.
  11. "Mister Act": After an accident leaves Peter with a high-pitched voice, Jesus helps him fend off the choir boys; Stewie becomes attracted to Lois' masculine physique. Originally aired January 9, 2022.
  12. "The Lois Quagmire": Lois takes Quagmire to her High School reunion, but then becomes angry when he doesn't make a move on her. Meanwhile, the rest of the family need to cover up the death of a pizza delivery driver who died on the Griffin's toilet, lest Lois find out her no pizza rule was violated. Originally aired February 27, 2022.
  13. "Lawyer Guy": Peter sues his new neighbor, only to discover that the neighbor is the lawyer he hired to file the suit. Stewie and Brian become lobstermen. Originally aired March 6, 2022.
  14. "HBO-No": Family Guy spoofs three HBO shows: Game of Thrones, Succession, and Big Little Lies. Originally aired March 13, 2022.
  15. "Hard Boiled Meg": Meg becomes a getaway driver, while Quagmire develops an unstoppable case of the hiccups. Originally aired March 20, 2022.
  16. "Prescription Heroine": Lois becomes addicted to painkillers; Peter gives Cleveland an old ping pong table but becomes jealous of the popularity his best friend obtains as a result. Originally aired March 27, 2022.
  17. "All About Alana": Peter hires Lois's former piano student, Alana, as a housemaid, but Lois soon realizes that Alana has more sinister intentions. Originally aired May 1, 2022.
  18. "Girlfriend, Eh?": Peter and Chris take a road trip to Canada to prove the existence of Chris' girlfriend. Lois and Meg compete for the attention of a handsome handyman. Originally aired May 8, 2022.
  19. "First Blood": Peter and the guys test their physical prowess at Mayor West's dude ranch. Stewie thinks he got his first period. Originally aired May 15, 2022.
  20. "The Jersey Bore": Peter and the guys go with Preston to Atlantic City for a business conference. Stewie helps prepare Chris for his role in Adam West High's rendition of "Romeo and Juliet". Originally aired May 22, 2022.

    Season 21

September 25, 2022 - May 7, 2023 

  1. "Oscars Guy": The Griffins retell the stories of three Oscar-winning movies: Silence of the Lambs, American Beauty, and Forrest Gump. Originally aired September 25, 2022.
  2. "Bend or Blockbuster": The Griffins head on a road trip to the last Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon in order to resolve a family movie night. Originally aired October 2, 2022.
  3. "A Wife-Changing Experience": After Joe accidentally sees Lois naked, he uses this moment to reinvigorate his sex life with Bonnie; Stewie gets a SUV and adapts the "Range Rover" lifestyle until Brian gets carsick and barfs all over it. Originally aired October 9, 2022.
  4. "The Munchurian Candidate": Lois hypnotizes Peter into being satisfied over her sexual fantasies; Stewie tries to win over Brian and Chris by renovating his treehouse. Originally aired October 16, 2022.
  5. "Unzipped Code": After losing his job as a mailman, Cleveland gets a new job at the brewery and quickly becomes more successful than Peter. Originally aired October 23, 2022.
  6. "Happy Holo-ween": Peter creates a hologram version of himself to get out of spending time with his family. Originally aired October 30, 2022.
  7. "The Stewaway": While playing a game of hide-and-seek, Stewie accidentally sends himself to Paris after finding a hiding place in Quagmire’s suitcase. Meanwhile, Peter and Lois go to Vermont so Lois can break Bonnie's Instagram "like" record. Originally aired November 13, 2022.
  8. "Get Stewie": Stewie finds himself in public disgrace after accidentally insulting a popstar. Meanwhile, Peter enjoys the merriment of excess skin after getting lap band surgery. Originally aired November 20, 2022.
  9. "Carny Knowledge": After Peter and Chris finish last in a "Generation Gap" game, Lois forces them to try and reconnect. Meanwhile, Brian starts dating a crude carny. Originally aired December 4, 2022.
  10. "The Candidate": Stewie rivals Doug while trying to win the name "Snack Captain" for his preschool. Originally aired December 11, 2022.
  11. "Love Story Guy": In the 400th episode, the guys recount to each other stories of their first true love; Quagmire's story parodies Cast Away, Joe's story parodies Dirty Dancing, and Peter's story parodies a hodgepodge of Meg Ryan movies. Originally aired January 8, 2023.
  12. "Old West": The guys try to help Mayor West and his estranged father reconnect with each other. Originally aired February 19, 2023.
  13. "Single White Dad": Peter lies about being a single father and takes advantage of all the perks that come with it. Originally aired February 26, 2023.
  14. "White Meg Can't Jump": Meg signs up for the Adam West High basketball team. Meanwhile, Stewie gets sucked into the world of conspiracy theories. Originally aired March 5, 2023.
  15. "Adoptation": Lois gets jealous after Carter adopts a young girl from an orphanage in order to restore his public image. Originally aired March 12, 2023.
  16. "The Bird Reich": Peter adopts the oldest bird he can find and discovers it was once owned by Hitler. Meanwhile, Brian is discouraged from writing after finding a signed copy of his book at the Little Free Library. Originally aired April 16, 2023.
  17. "A Bottle Episode": A family trip to Nantucket leads to Lois getting blocked from a vacation rental app. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian become door-to-door saltwater taffy salesmen. Originally aired April 16, 2023.
  18. "Vat Man and Rob 'em": The guys decide to turn Pawtucket Brewery into an after-hours bar after Peter gets a new job as night watchman. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian hatch a plan to collect reward money for finding lost dogs. Originally aired April 23, 2023.
  19. "From Russia With Love": Meg takes Stewie and Brian on a trip to Russia, only to find that she's much happier over there. Meanwhile, Quagmire starts dating a woman who used to bully Lois in junior high. Originally aired April 30, 2023.
  20. "Adult Education" (f.k.a. "Chris Griffin, Cum Laude"): Meg comes home from Russia after discovering that her new husband only married her to get a green card. Meanwhile, Chris and Principal Shepherd team up to film porno movies on school grounds. Originally aired May 7, 2023.

    Season 22

October 1, 2023 - TBA 

  1. "Fertilized Megg": Meg volunteers to be a surrogate for Bruce and Jeffrey, but she's left high and dry when she finally has the baby. Originally aired October 1, 2023.
  2. "Supermarket Pete": While the Pawtucket Brewery is under construction, Peter starts working at the grocery store, much to Lois' chagrin. Meanwhile, Joe and Brian collaborate on a true crime novel inspired by Joe's police stories. Originally aired October 8, 2023.
  3. "A 'Stache from the Past": When Peter finds himself in danger of losing the family home after taking out a reverse mortgage to buy a Mr. Potato Head, he and Mayor West decide to team up and confront Tom Selleck about getting his money back. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian get into a rivalry with Bruce after they open up a booth at the flea market. Originally aired October 22, 2023.
  4. "Old World Harm": Peter and Lois travel to Florida for a vacation and discover that they've rented a condo within a retirement community. Meanwhile, back in Quahog, Brian decides to help Stewie accomplish a special milestone: his first shower. Originally aired November 5, 2023.
  5. "Baby, It's Cold Inside": Peter ends up emasculated after abandoning Lois amidst a shark attack on their anniversary. Meanwhile, Stewie decides to embrace the dorm lifestyle after finding a mini fridge. Originally aired November 12, 2023.
  6. "Boston Stewie": Stewie discovers that he has a half-brother and tries to civilize him so he can be adopted. Meanwhile, Meg and Chris start an online business where people can pay Chris to destroy cupcakes. Originally aired November 19, 2023.
  7. "Snap(ple) Decision": After winning a Snapple contest, Lois uses her prize money to take Meg on a tropical vacation, only for things to go awry when they get kidnapped. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian have to attend "friendship therapy." Originally aired November 26, 2023.
  8. "Baking Sad": Meg discovers that every time she cries, her tears make delicious cookies. Meanwhile, Peter and the guys decide to create a talk show that's catered towards men. Originally aired December 3, 2023.
  9. "The Return of the King (of Queens)": Lois sells the family television to pay for their Christmas presents. Meanwhile, after finding out that he lost Peter as a viewer, Kevin James apparates into the Griffin house. Originally aired December 17, 2023.