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    The Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 2018 Part 1 

    The Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 2018 Part 2 
  • The #2 slot
    • The slop is presaged with a long, angry rant on just how sick he is of Drake, how he shouldn't have to hear him again for years... seguing into "Nice For What". At which point, rather than simply cut to a clip as usual, we see him get up, leave his apartment... and go perform the song at karaoke.
    • Also funny is the big "NOPE" caption that appears over Todd's mouth when it gets to the N-Word Privileges lines.
    • Towards the end of the segment, Todd accidentally starts singing "In My Feelings" over the beat. The video promptly overlays this with a buzzer and a huge "WRONG" caption.

    Without Me 
  • Todd recalling how that to his surprise, Halsey herself replied to him and The Rap Critic discussing "Bad At Love" on Twitter (yes, that actually happened). This freaked him out so bad that Todd apparently blacked the whole thing out and referred to the decade-younger-than-him Halsey as "ma'am".
    • The Call-Back when he says that "Without Me" doesn't tell him anything about Halsey, "even if we're close personal friends now!"
    • And the review ends with "By the way, if any of you idiots tweet this review to her, you're blocked immediately!"
  • "I listen to mainstream music" Caption: NEEEEEEEEERD
  • Todd recalls his long-running allegory of how Nirvana seemed to end the popularity of several rock acts after the release of Nevermind, noting that something similar seemed to happen with pop when Lorde released "Royals".
    • Since Halsey really capitalized on the movement Lorde started, Todd can't help but compare the two. This includes the way they both "pronounce vowels weird." Todd's imitation is hilarious.
      Lorde: seeooooounds-
      Halsey: graaaaayyyyyyt-
      Todd: Eeeeyyyyooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu.
  • When discussing Halsey's collaborations with her once-boyfriend G-Eazy, Todd makes it clear that he's not impressed with him.
    • First it's his name:
      Todd: How can you call yourself G-Eazy when there's already a Jeezy? That's a rap name your grandma would come up with!
    • And later, when he mentions that during the collaborations they made during their relationship, Halsey and G-Eazy seemed to try to present themselves as "this generation's Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake":
      Todd: I will be damned if I let this generation's Britney Spears be G-Eazy! note 
  • The music for The Stinger: "Admiral Halsey notified me..."

     7 Rings 
  • Shortly after using clips from The Nightmare Before Christmas to illustrate the issue of cultural appropriation:
    Todd: It's complicated, you should try to be respectful of other cultures, don't kidnap Santa Claus.
  • The song is being accused of appropriation... of theater geek culture (due to sampling The Sound of Music).
  • Todd pointing out he can't relate to "7 Rings", because he hordes his money like a dragon. If all his forks went missing, he'd just eat soup for the rest of his life.
  • "Jennifer Lopez served as inspiration to ABSOLUTELY NO ONE"
  • Todd's summation of how the song uses rap's usual symbols of material wealth, without getting what they symbolise:
    Todd: It's basically "I'm on a Boat"!
  • The ending song? "Eat the Rich".

    Old Town Road 
  • "Hey everyone, Todd in the Shadows here, Internet's laziest music nerd, coming late to the conversation yet again."
  • Todd claims that rather than over-played, this song has been over-talked, to the extent it might as well be called:
    Old Town Road (or, What We Talk About When We Talk About Country and Rap and Historical Racist Exclusion in the Music Industry and the Concept of Genre as a Whole)
  • When Todd mentions how Lil Nas X is an unknown, he notes that Lil Nas X's name is literally a mash-up of the names of three famous rappers.
    Todd: He could have been named Jay Luda Biggie!
  • After spending most of the video saying that he finds the song pretty average, and describing Billy Ray Cyrus (who is featured in the remix) as a joke who benefits more from the song than the other way around, he comes around Cyrus's last verse, and after playing it, he essentially says that the verse is what tied everything together for him.:
    Todd: [deep, irritated sigh] ...So, this song is really good, and I like it a lot...
  • What follows next, when describing his astonishment at Cyrus's contribution, is epically hilarious:
    Todd: How the hell does the "Achy Breaky" guy suddenly have grit and dignity? When did that happen? Like, what's next? Is the next big reggaeton star gonna be Snow? Like that'll—
    [shows news article titled "Reggae singer Snow makes surprise comeback with Daddy Yankee"] note 
    Todd: [Stunned Silence] What universe am I living in?!

  • He opens by giving a long explanation of how succeeding in musical comedy takes a lot of talent, since you have to be able to write good music and come up with jokes that hold up to repeated listening...
    Todd: And then there's Lil' Dicky.
  • He points out that the charity single is the single most reliable way to bring a large group of celebrities together, using such examples as Live Aid, USA For Africa, and H.Bomberguy's Donkey Kong 64 stream.
  • His reaction to the song's failed attempts at being funny.
    Brendon Urie: I'M A FAT FUCKING PIG!
    Todd: Ha ha, that pig said "Fuck". Good solid joke there. Took Dicky weeks to get the wording right, I'm sure.
  • Todd ends the review by promoting his own charity... to get Lil' Dicky to learn a second joke.

  • Todd's bafflement that Taylor Swift's new song didn't set off the Todd Alarm... until he listens to it.
    Todd: Yeah, it can wait.note  Eh, guess I'm not doing anything.
  • On "Old Town Road" blocking her from the #1 Billboard spot, he refers to a Simpsons clip:
    Cooder: Well, there's no shame in being beaten by the best.
    Spud: But he didn't seem all that—
    Cooder: We were beaten by the best, boy.
  • Todd names the single as one (ultimately failed) example at what he names the "I'm Back, Bitch" single and lists its criteria: It must be 1) by one of, if not the, most famous person alive, 2) the start of a new album cycle, and 3) be about nothing except "look at how awesome I am". He later adds a fourth qualifier, not required, but important to a "I'm Back, Bitch" single's success: It needs to sound humongous, like it's steamrolling you.
    Todd: You should feel actively bullied by it...cause it's not gonna get you on substance! Remember: About Nothing. NOOOTHING [Shows four meme images centering around the word "Nothing"]
  • His reenactments of his response to Taylor's previous lead-off singles.
    • "We Are Never Getting Back Together"
      Todd: Whaaaa? [mild hand flapping]
    • "Shake It Off"
      Todd: Taylor's rapping? Whaaaa?!? [little higher hand flapping]
    • "Look What You Made Me Do"
      Todd: Bleeaaaugh!! [flaps hands so hard he falls over]
    • Noting later that this single is not warranting such a reaction:
      Todd: Why is my monocle still firmly in my eye?
  • Todd saying he gets freaked out by Taylor Swift's duets, because he expects her to break up with them before the end of the song.
  • His declaration that Brendon Urie is undergoing full Adam Levine-ization.
    Todd: And look, Levine is on his way out. Someone's gotta fill that void and cash those checks. Cha-ching!
  • "This sounds like the Glee version of itself."
  • Todd's final opinion: "Think spelling is fun? Well, here's a letter for you: D. Maybe even D minus."
  • The Stinger song, "Mi Mi Mi" by Serebro.

    I Don't Care 
  • Todd describes Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber:
    Todd: ...two men with long, fascinating career arcs that I've been following for a long time. And by the way, if you combine the two of them, you get one Shawn Mendes.
  • "I'm a YouTuber. I haven't talked to a real person in two weeks."
  • Using a clip of the chorus every time the phrase "I don't care" comes up.
  • Todd describes Bieber's extreme musical adaptability as being musical tofu.
  • "I was kind of amazed at just the sheer amount of gay subtext there is in this song. Specifically, I'm amazed that that amount is zero."
  • Todd reads a tweet from Bieber where, if you don't know the context, it just sounds like he's apathetic about his own music:
    "It's out. I don't care"

    You Need To Calm Down 
  • Todd pointing out that three weeks ago, he was asking if the Taylor Swift moment was over. Turns out, it's not. It's still Taylor Swift's world and we're just living in it.
    • He then states it felt like she dropped "You Need To Calm Down" just to spite him personally for asking such a stupid question.
  • In continuing his Running Gag from previous episodes, he now describes "Old Town Road" as sitting on a throne made from the skulls of its vanquished challengers.
  • "2019 is turning into a banner year for think-piece bait pop singles."
  • "I, and also the gays, have too many haters."
  • Describing "You Need To Calm Down" as Taylor reaching Michael Scott levels of making it about herself.
  • Comparing Katy Perry and Taylor reconciling to the end of Chicago, where two rivals team up to revive their careers.


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