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    The Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 2019 Part 1 

    The Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 2019 Part 2 

    Justin Bieber - "Yummy" 
  • While breaking from his previous angry rumbling "BIIIIEBER" Running Gag, Todd does something possibly even harsher: He opens by genuinely asking "Do we need Justin Bieber?"
  • Given how he looks in the video, Todd briefly refers to Bieber as "SNL star Pete Davidson".
  • After stating that "Yummy" is already as disgusting a word as "Moist", Todd reels back when acknowledging that Bieber uses the word as a noun.
    Todd: Let me try something here. "Girl, you got the moist..." Euagh! Okay, gross adjectives are even worse as gross nouns! Confirmed!
    • He even considers Ohio Express' "Yummy Yummy Yummy," noting that even they did not make this mistake.
      Todd: Unless you're a three year old telling your mom how much you like your Spaghetti-O's, the word "yummy" should not leave your mouth.
  • Partway through the review, Todd comes to the conclusion that on a technical level, the song would probably be fine if it wasn't for the off-putting title and chorus... likening it to a perfectly well-written essay about how Robert E. Lee fought for the North.
    Todd: Except for being based off a blatantly stupid idea, it's fine! You'd still get an F, but change a couple of words, you're probably good!
  • Saying that the song reminds him of the Mr. Creosote scene from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, then playing Yummy over one of the scenes of Mr. Creosote vomiting.
  • Todd reacting in horror to the part in the music video where Bieber's chin get distorted.
    Todd: What was that? You about to turn into Large Marge? What is this video?!

    Drake - "Toosie Slide" 

    6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj - "Trollz" 

    Powfu ft. Beabadoobee - "death bed (coffee for your head)" 
  • Todd actually makes a point in the middle of playing the song in the intro to glance at the caption containing the artists' names before cracking "Those aren't real names."
  • Todd spends more than half of the video discussing Powfu's amateurish lyricism and flow. In response, Powfu himself left a comment, since deleted, simply stating "sorry."
  • Todd saying that Powfu looks like a 13 year old Jason Mraz, in other words, just like Jason Mraz.
  • Acknowledging that Powfu has such a weak flow... with comparisons to Rappin' Rodney and an Incredible Crash Dummies PSA.
    Todd: It's like something out of the mid-80s, when white people first heard rap music and were like, "Oh, you don't even have to sing? Anyone can do that!"
  • The credits song: "The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup!" (the classic Folgers Coffee jingle).

    Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion - "WAP" 
  • The intro just smashes right into it.
    Todd: I just knew that we are in a new era. There's just a smell in the air. The smell of...
    Megan Thee Stallion: ...Wet ass pussy, he bought a phone just for pictures of this wet ass pussy
  • Todd saying Ben Shapiro's poor attempt to stir controversy over this song was such a perfect example of the Streisand Effect that he's certain Ben was secretly part of the marketing team.
    "Ben Shapiro got paid for this, I swear to God."
    • Filthy lyrics aside, Todd not even sure why Ben Shapiro was offended, since it's a song celebrating heterosexual sex. "It's not even out of wedlock! Cardi is married!"
  • Todd speculates that, although the song is incredibly filthy, if he asked his sponsors if they wanted an ad they would probably be pushing him to do it.
  • The Imagine Spot of "WAP"'s rap over the music from the song "The Twist" needs to be heard to be believed, with the funniest part possibly being that it kinda works.
    • Also, managing to sync up the "Shame" chant from Game of Thrones perfectly with the beat.
  • Calling Cardi topping the chart with a song about how she needs some good dick then immediately filing for divorce "an amazing power move".
  • Thinking this song was such a hit during the pandemic because people are isolated and can't have sex. The hottest song of the year is also the horniest.
    Caption: You can't prove I wasn't!
  • The fake banner ad demonstrating this situation:
    Hot Women in your area want to meet you! but they can't. what's even the point
  • Todd: "WAP" just washed past all its haters like a mighty flood. (cue the part of the music video where the doors to the mansion opened up )
  • Todd saying he's so uncomfortable talking about such sexual music that he's just not going to and instead will film himself eating lunch, which he then does. His lunch is a pot of macaroni, which he dubbed a "Wonderful-Ass Pasta".
  • The after credits gag is Todd playing a video of Ben Shapiro believing that Cardi is being serious that she needs a bucket and a mop to clean up because of how wet she is and sincerely asking if he sounds like that when he takes a songs lyrics too seriously for a joke.
  • The closing song: "What's New, Pussycat?"

    Gabby Barrett - "I Hope" 
  • The fact the structure of the song means the singer imagines her ex's new girlfriend cheating on him in the first chorus, him forgiving her in second verse, and then her cheating again in the second chorus makes Todd imagine an extended seven-verse version where this happens every single time.
    Todd: He doesn't learn very fast, that's all I'm saying.
  • "Why are you wishing torment on this fictional character you invented?"
  • Todd compares "I Hope" to listening to an angry, bitter friend rant and rant until it becomes too much and you have to back away. To illustrate this, he imagines himself as a barfly, and thus begins the most gloriously foul-mouthed segment Todd has ever given us:
    Todd: Thanks, bartender. I needed this. I had the shittiest day at work. I hope my boss gets hit by a fuckin' car.
    Bartender: Yep. Been there.
    Todd: No. I hope he gets hit by a fuckin' truck. I hope it smashes him right in his fuckin' turd little rat face.
    Bartender: I hear ya, buddy.
    Todd: Yeah, I hope it hits him face first, and then fuckin' rolls over him, and crushes every bone in his fuckin' body.
    Bartender: Yep. All right, I'm gonna go over here...
    Todd: No no no, hold on. After it rolls over that dickless little fuck, I hope it backs up back over him, then rolls over his fucking head, and then it finds his kids and does the same thing to them in front of him while he fuckin' watches.
    Bartender: ...K.
    Todd: And then-
    Bartender: Buddy, I'm gonna need my tip in advance.
  • Todd jokingly refers to Charlie Puth as "Your friend and mine", accompanied by the captions "Worst New Artist of 2015. But pretty okay since then."

     The Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 2020 
  • Justin Bieber was on the list so much he book-ended it, had two honorable mentions and starred in the video for the Drake song on the list:
    • #10: His attempt at being The Woobie on "Lonely" just reminds Todd of a Kids in the Hall skit where Dave Foley plays a man who only sounds sarcastic due to a medical condition and can't accurately convey how lonely he is.
      • Upon hearing Bieber croon "Lo-o-oo-o-oo-o-oo-only":
        Todd: Someone put that poor injured dolphin out of its misery.
      • Todd compares the very pretentious concept for the music video (the adult Bieber watches a child playing him on stage) to Rob Cantor's "Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf".
    • #5: Todd's reaction to seeing that Bieber starred in DJ Khaled ft. Drake's "POPSTAR" video.
    • #1: Todd considering "Yummy" to be a bad omen for the rest of 2020:
      Todd: You... This is all your fault...
  • "Country music? I think you have a drinking problem."
  • Calling Trevor Daniel a "'Slim Shady' video extra."
  • Hollaback Bone.
  • Todd goes into an interesting Shown Their Work description of siren jams, which is an important part of Polynesian culture. And unfortunately, one such jam was ripped off by Jason Derulo.
    • Todd notes that the original beat of the song sounds like the Losing Horns you hear on a game show. Cue Todd playing the song over a clip from Press Your Luck.
    • One of Todd's few compliments about Derulo is that he managed to not embarrass himself in the Cats movie.
    • Tying in with his fear of K-Pop stans, he calls the collaboration between Derulo and BTS on this song a "Truly terrifying display of power."
      Todd: If I wasn't scared of them before, I am now. They are mighty and unstoppable.
  • Speaking of K-Pop, he was worried Blackpink fans would come after him for putting their single "Ice Cream" on the list, but fortunately their fans responded in the comments, "Don't worry, we don't really like that song either."
  • Todd concedes that the Maroon 5 single he includes with the honorable mentions isn't that bad. But, y'know...tradition.
  • In the montage of potential 2020 "warning signs" that heralded the bad times to come, Todd includes the Iowa caucus debacle, the death of Kobe Bryant, Joaquin Phoenix winning Best Actor for Joker (2019), and the notoriously reviled Baby Nut Super Bowl commercial.

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