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    Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 2015 Part 1 
  • After giving a big dramatic speech of why he is doing the right thing by posting his Top 10 in mid-January, he says that he did so because he was paying attention if any horrible song crawled until the very last day of 2015... and then admits that he did drag his feet with it.
  • Todd praising 2015 as a much better year than 2014, partially for this reason:
    "Did Iggy Azalea have a hit this year? No. See? Much better year."
  • When talking about T-Wayne's "Nasty Freestyle":
    • "I don't know how to say this, but... I'm too old for this shit!"
    • "This is T-Wayne, who is currently tied with Young Thug for world's most generic rap name."
    • He is repulsed by the fact that Vine made the song viral, when he himself is famous because of YouTube.
    • This line:
      T-Wayne: Got a tiger as a pet, I just took him to the vet.
      Todd: Turns out my tiger has lymphoma. It's very sad.
  • On "Girl Crush":
    • "This is... weirdly somber for a song about lesbian curiosity."
      Karen Fairchild: "I wanna taste her lips / Yeah, 'cause they taste like you..."
      Todd: WHAT? Oh, you've gotta be shitting me.
      Fairchild: "I want her long, blonde hair / I want her magic touch / Yeah, 'cause maybe then / You'll want me just as much..."
      Todd: I didn't think they could make a song about girl-on-girl that was more horseshit than "I Kissed a Girl," but Little Big Town pulled it off.
    • Comparing to the song to if, at the end of "Cheeseburger in Paradise," it was made out of tofu.
  • While talking about "Only," Todd makes his yearly comparison between Lil Wayne and a reptile (in this case a "genetically modified Gila monster"), complete with a claim that Wayne should be "fighting off Captain Kirk or something."
  • On "Same Old Love":
    • He wonders what's Selena's appeal besides looking like a 10-year-old girl. While Miley Cyrus has personality and Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande do have better voices, Selena must be in music for the same reason Jeb Bush is running for president: "Eh? What else am I gonna do?"
    • Then points out that the writer of the song is Charli XCX, referring to her as "The Good Selena Gomez". That fact should be an indicator that the song is garbage, because if it was any good, she would have performed it herself.
  • On "Dear Future Husband":
    • Todd spends the first 30 seconds of his sixth pick talking about "Like I'm Gonna Lose You," before revealing:
      This isn't on the list; I just don't have much more to say about the other one.
    • "'Dear Future Husband' may as well be titled 'Love You Like I'm Trying to Lose You."
    • "So, uhm... Meghan Trainor continues to be a blight on humanity. Well, at least she has range."
    Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 2015 Part 2 
  • On "Watch Me":
    • "Hey what's your favorite Silentó lyric? Yeah, no one's gonna ask that. Mine is 'stank stank, stank stank!'"
    • And when showing a live performance of "Watch Me" with a stage full of young children:
      "I see Silentó invited all his classmates! Mrs. Sanderson at Jefferson Hill Elementary must be very proud of the star student of her third grade class!"
    • Also when he finds Dessert, a song with an obnoxious chipmunk voice drop, and plans to remember it for when he does his One Hit Wonderland episode on Silentó.
      "This is Silentó's actual voice, by the way."
    • How he ends the bit on the song:
      Silentó: Do the stanky leg, do the stanky leg...
      Todd: Do the NEXT!
    • Sort of meta, but there's just something funny about how, when Todd shows Silentó's Youtube page, he has over 99 notifications.
  • Once again Todd notes how much of a non-presence Kid Ink is by completely forgetting his name and calling him Kid Rock and Kid Icarus.
  • On "Fight Song":
    • Todd singing along on how he hates the song.
      Rachel Platten: This is my fight song!
      Todd: (imitating the song) It isn't very good! Needs a few rewrites!
    • "[Rachel Platten] has no personality and no guts. She's a vaguely human-shaped mannequin that Columbia Records is trying to convince you is a person!"
    • "If this is your fight song, you're going to lose! Here, this is my fight song. (cue "The Trooper" by Iron Maiden)"
    • On the "explosion" metaphor:
      Rachel: ♪ I might only have one match... but I can make an explosion ♪
      Todd: Yeah! She's gonna explode on ya! (cue an animation of a brief flash)
  • Calling Adam Levine the Derek Zoolander of music.
    "The year that Maroon 5 redeemed themselves! ... Not 2015."
  • In his Honorable Mentions, Justin Bieber's "Sorry" is not on the list because the song is bad (he even admits that he likes it)note , but because...
    Todd: It's just that... Bieber's such a shit!
    Bieber: You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty
    Todd: (laughing resigned) My God, Bieber! He's such a terrible human being. What the hell is wrong with you?
  • When told to "Hit the Quan":
    "No, I'm not gonna hit the Quan. The Quan never did anything to me."
  • What is the worst song of 2015? It's "Wiggle." Again. Okay, it actually isn't.
    • Then after explaining why "Marvin Gaye" is terrible as a tribute to Gaye and for Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor's lack of depth, Todd concludes that he must be Meghan's "Dear Future Husband".
      • That last part is even funnier when you remember that Charlie Puth did make an appearance in the video for "Dear Future Husband" as Meghan's final suitor.
    • Todd describes Puth as having "the raw sexuality of Barney the Dinosaur if he'd been chemically castrated," and then later says that he and Trainor aren't even part of a species that reproduces sexually, but rather by splitting in half like amoebas.
    • This:
      Puth and Trainor: I'm screaming mercy, mercy, please...
      Todd: "Mercy Mercy Me" is a song about the environment, you vapid eunuchs!
    • "Why don't you just say 'Let's Get It On and Huh! War! What Is It Good For?' And that's not even by Marvin Gaye, which would make it perfect for this song. I doubt either of these two morons know that."
    • "Maybe rename it 'Let's Captain and Tennille and Muskrat Love.' That would fit you two better."
    • "Things lamer than this song: Do they exist? Might they exist sometime in the future?"

    Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 2015 Part 1 
  • After revealing that Elle King is the daughter of Rob Schneider, he struggles to come up with jokes that reference him, complete with "Ask your parents, kids."
  • As Todd reveals, "I Don't Fuck With You" is on the list despite it being used as the "Worst of 2015"'s between song segue... because, during that video, he realized he actually loved it.
  • Todd checking his Twitter to find followers dissing him for his taste in music, calling him out on the long time it takes for videos to come out, and lamenting the tweets of his dog. He decides to block them and give them the finger.
  • His comparison of the Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" to Michael Jackson, including how both of them spin around and catch fire.
    • "I can't feel my face either. But that's because the radiator's busted." *shivers* "I wear this hoodie for a reason."

    Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 2015 Part 2 
  • On "Four Five Seconds"
    Todd: This was a terrible idea. Nevermind.
  • His argument that DJ Snake has only one synth instrument in his repertoire, and it's Woody Woodpecker.
    • Also about Lean On:
      MØ: Do you recall/that long ago/we would walk on the sidewalk?
      Todd: Yeah, I remember that. Now we only walk on people's lawns like assholes. Man, what's wrong with us?
  • Before introducing "Shut Up and Dance", Todd talks about the song "And We Danced" by 80's band The Hooters, which he assumes is their name "because the label shot down their original name, Tig Ol' Bitties."
  • On "Cool For the Summer", Todd admits that the chorus does sound a bit like Jessie J's "Domino", but it's better "because it's not Jessie J."

  • Todd noticing with trepidation that Justin Bieber at the time of the videos release had three singles in circulation simultaneously:
    There is entirely too much Bieber in the world today. Bieber is to pop music what smog is to China.
  • Tiny detail, but the way Todd pronounces Skrillex's name is kinda funny. There's kind of a noticeable space between the syllables when he says them.
    • On the topic of Skrillex, he compares his past collaboration between Skrillex and Bieber, "Where Are Ü Now" to a collaboration between Sonic Youth and Menudo.
    • There's also Todd saying that Skrillex looks like Danzig's embarrassing teenage son.
  • Todd uses a "Douche-o-Meter" to gauge just how douchey Justin is on the song. The opening linenote  breaks it.
    • A line later in the songnote  registers 10000% on the Douche-o-Meter. Which then explodes. And it wasn't even turned on.
  • Todd answers the leading question with appropriate bluntness.
    Bieber: Is it too late to say sorry now?
    Todd: And for what it's worth, yes, Bieber, it is too late to say sorry. It was not too late 38 seconds ago, but then this happened.
    Bieber: You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty.
    Todd: So eat shit.
  • The closing song, of course, being "Apologize" by OneRepublic.

    I Took a Pill in Ibiza 
  • Todd opening the episode by rewinding the video and pointing out the artist:
    Todd: Wow. Wow. Je-sus Christ. Mike Posner. Mike. Posner.
    Obi-Wan Kenobi: Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time
    Gangnam Style will never get old.
    If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that I'm gonna be on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses forever note .
    I don't think they're ever gonna make a good Star Wars sequel. Just not gonna happen.
    I will always have red hair forever. Like I have right now.
  • Todd initially sneers at the notion of feeling sorry for Mike Posner. After hearing all of one sentence, he declares it the saddest song he's ever heard.
  • His disgust commenting on the Posner-penned lyrics to Maroon 5's "Sugar".
  • Todd revisits his "Cooler Than Me" review, and laments that he's supposedly not funny like he used to be. While complaining that the framing is terrible.
    Todd: How long did you leave that computer rusting in the background?
  • In an otherwise vaguely positive review, Todd gets annoyed by the fact that the version that got famous is a remix, and wants to hear the original... which he immediately and passionately hates (due to it being a White Guy With Acoustic Guitar Song), to the point of pulling a knife on it.
    Todd: Agh! DieDieDie!
  • Todd concludes that the song is pandering to the only guy who would care about Mike Posner... Todd himself. All that's lacking are references to soccer, tiny dogs, and questioning the origin of everyday objects.
  • He concludes that since 2010 is coming back, he can obviously expect a Gudda Gudda comeback album. Todd's excitement for the "grocery bag" line from "Bedrock" is a plus.

     7 Years 
  • The title card, which is in the style of a 7-year-old's drawing.
  • Todd getting happy the song is actual music instead of EDM... only to admit it's still terrible and will probably make his Worst of 2016 list. note 
  • Lifting a joke from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (and admitting it by the end):
    "Denmark: a country you think about so little you don't even realize that that's not Denmark, windmills and tulips are Dutch! Know your national stereotypes, goddammit! ...Also, HBO, please don't sue me."
  • Todd labeling the song as another White Guy With Acoustic Guitar song, despite the fact that there's more than one guy and none of them are playing a guitar.
    Todd: You know, I came up with that term so early on in this show, and I've had to defend and redefine it so often, but for the record, being a White Guy With Acoustic Guitar is not literal. It's a mindset. It doesn't have to do with your skin color or even what instrument you play. As long as you're a lazy, shallow, self-absorbed douche who writes music that pretends to be sensitive, you too can be a White Guy With Acoustic Guitar! Really, deep down, aren't we all white guys? That's stupid! Forget I said it.
  • When he hears a song of theirs' that samples "Hard Knock Life", he does a Call-Back to his "Party in the USA" review: note 
    Todd: Oh, wow. Sampling "Hard Knock Life" from Annie. What an amazing idea; I can't believe no one else has thought of that.
    • And before that, he has a hard time comprehending "Strip No More", which literally seems to be about the singer falling for a stripper.
  • His response to the line "By 11, smokin' herb and drinking burnin' liquor":
    Todd: What?! Horseshit! Horse. Shit! I do not believe for a second that you were smoking pot and drinking at age eleven. [...] ♪Once, I was six months old/And I could slam-dunk, I had a dozen girlfriends, got elected president...
  • Making fun of John Ondrasik's voice when he compares "7 Years" to Five For Fighting's "100 Years", saying it sounds like a dog toy.
  • "I am comically prejudiced against Denmark, is the basic premise of this review."
  • His reaction to the announcer shouting "LUKAS GRAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!" in the middle of the song.
  • "God, I will never give Ed Sheeran shit ever again."
  • Todd singing about skipping a year in your life and how it's impossible.
    Todd: If you somehow skipped 20, that would be something worth emoting all over. (cut to piano) I was never 20 years old, that's literally impossible, what the living hell, how does that work?
  • "I was seven. I was SEVEN! Seven whole years! It's between SIX and EIGHT!"

  • He starts by discussing Brexit:
    • Todd then refers to Zayn Malik leaving One Direction as "Zexit".
  • "Well, goddamn, you can't have a boy band with four members. Boy bands have five members. You can't just take away one! You know who was a boy band with four members? 98 Degrees. You wanna be 98 Degrees?! Do you?! No. No, you don't."
  • "I know all of you are crazed One Direction fans who can give me a hundred different ways that Liam is different from there a Nigel? I can't tell them apart."
  • "Zayn has established his cred as a bad boy already. I mean, look at the shit he's getting into now: plagiarism!" (Zayn's album cover is shown alongside Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter III")
    "Be careful that Lil Wayne doesn't sue you." (close-up of Lil Wayne's grils) "Or eat you."
  • "I suspect he's only going by one name because various idiots are turned off by the name 'Malik'."
  • Basically everything Todd says about the song's mood.
    So...when he's finished warming up, do we get a song, or something?
    I don't care what kind of sex you're into, it should at least sound like sex!
    I'm not saying I want to hear Zayn nut into the mic or something, but it should at least evoke the physical act of lovemaking.
  • "Was I wrong to assume that Zayn is still a pop singer? Does he just make...ambient music now? You know, just, like, the soothing CD's they play at day spas? Where to start...I mean, not where should I start, where does this song start? I mean, why should I start when the song never does?"
  • Todd's edit of the music video, which adds shots of a garbage truck and a hippopotamus to illustrate how sexy it isn't.
  • "This kid is no Nick Jonas."
  • "Just because he was one-fifth of One Direction, doesn't mean he should be releasing one-fifth of a single!"
  • "This song would have been more interesting if it was literally him talking about pillows. I mean, pillows are interesting." (gets one) "See this? This here is, uh, it's a high-end, hypoallergenic, goose-down memory foam side-sleeper with iso-cool technology. It's a good buy, worth the money. Very useful if you're listening to a former boy band member try to pretend he's sexy." (plonks the pillow on his piano and collapses into it face-first)

     This Is What You Came For vs. Cheap Thrills 
  • Attempting to dance to Calvin Harris' "Feel So Close".
  • When discussing Sia's performance gimmick, he can't understand why someone would create content but be unwilling to show their face, before sitting for a few seconds in realization.
  • Todd's claim that he has to hide his face because he's in witness protection.
  • Pop Song Chords: "THIS JOKE HAS RUN ITS COURSE!" (Not funny anymore)
  • Todd's utter shock with the chorus of "This Is What You Came For" starting high then going lower, as it goes against everything he knows about pop music.
    Todd: You start low...
    Bono With or without you...
    Todd: ...then you go high!
  • After he points out that Taylor Swift was the one who wrote the lyrics, he takes a few shots at it.
    Todd: "Look, a hot chick. This is what you came for, ain't it, you pervert?" You don't know what I came for, dammit! Get off my ass!
  • When he discusses that Sia most likely wrote "Cheap Thrills" for Rihanna, is mostly because she doesn't look like the "Party Girl" type.
    Sia: Gotta do my hair, put my make-up on
    Todd: Bullshit! You don't even have a face!!

     Treat You Better 
  • Todd talking about how Shawn Mendes' usage of an acoustic guitar indicates that he wants to be taken as a serious artist despite being a "teen idol".
    Todd: And I do. I take him very seriously. Wish granted, you little shit!
  • Him "celebrating" Mendes realizing his potential to be unbearable.
    Todd: I wanna throw him a Bar Mitzvah or something. "Today you are a douchebag!"
  • His rant towards his entire support staff being idiots because he mistakes Treat You Better for Stitches and his awkward apology when he finds out they're (very technically) different songs.
    Todd: Sorry Dan. It- it is Dan, right? Or... Dave? Sorry Dave.
  • His outrage over Teddy Geiger writing this song too makes him wonder if Post Malone's songs are ghost-written by the equally outdated Kevin Federline.
  • This line needs no explanation.
    Todd: Some guys wear their fedoras on the inside.
  • Comparing the Mendes releasing a song celebrating the "Nice Guy" in 2016 to when B.o.B released a song about how the Earth is flat.
  • His reaction to Mendes squawking out "better than he can":
    Todd: ...did a cockatoo just die?
  • After Mendes tells the girl in the song that she deserves a gentle man, Todd's usage of Tenacious D's "F*** Her Gently".
  • Todd's impersonation of the first line:
    Todd!Mendes: Karen, I'm so sorry, I can't lie to you! You need to hear this! I realize it may be hard, but I have to do the right thing, and tell you the hard facts. You should be riding my dick and not his.
    Todd!Karen Well, gosh, thank you, you bold truth-teller! Let me reward your honesty by giving you third base right here in the hall!
  • The ending song? "No More Mr. Nice Guy".

  • The intro has Todd sad about what 2016 gave us - "but first, let me take a selfie".
  • "If I told 2014 me that 2016 was gonna be the year of The Chainsmokers, he'd say '2016 is gonna be the worst year ever!'. I'd reply it isn't that bad, and also 'Invest in Xanax, and I mean now, not later'".
  • Todd's reaction to Andrew Taggart's live performance of Closer. It's so bad that Todd actually apologizes to Calvin Harris for criticizing his singing voice in previous videos.
  • Halsey also left a bad first impression on Todd with "New Americana", which he describes as "Kesha trying to be Lorde".
    Halsey: We are the new Americana! High on legal marijuana!
    Todd: We smoke weed... LEGALLY! Watch us obeying the law!
    Halsey: Raised on Biggie and Nirvana!
    Todd: These aren't artists of your generation! In fact, these are ones whose influence are being seen less and less! That has nothing to do with your generation, you're just making the rest of us feel old!
  • Todd discussing the unnecessary detail in the song, in particular, the "Boulder" line:
    Todd: Do I need to know there's a mattress? Yeah, that's important. But I don't need to know where she got the mattress. I don't need to know who she got the mattress from. And I really don't need to know where the person she got the mattress from is from.
  • Comparing this couple to the one in "Somebody That I Used to Know", claiming the latter were more on the same page.
    Kimbra: Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over...
    Todd: You know what, I think these crazy kids are going to work it out! Ah, young love.
  • Todd's confusion over the locations mentioned in the song:
    Boulder? Tucson? What the hell was the two of you's relationship, were you travelling around the country like Bonnie and Clyde on a crazy mattress stealing spree?
  • The inevitable "Donald Trump is president" joke:
    Todd:"We're the New Americana! We're all broke! And we're all gonna get broker pretty soon, probably! *nervous laughter* Sorry, no politics..."
  • The ending song, which is of course the Nine Inch Nails song.

     Black Beatles 
  • Todd's inability to pronounce Rae Sremmurd's name properly.
    Todd: Rumor has it that if you get them to say their name backwards, you can get them to go back to their home dimension.
  • Todd discusses Mike WiLL Made-It, the producer behind Rae Sremmurd, "We Can't Stop," and other things Todd isn't a huge fan of.
    (on his opening producer tag) I mean, that's not a calling card at the beginning of his songs. That's a warning label!
  • Todd compares Rae Sremmurd to Kriss Kross, a comparison they apparently aren't fond of...which infuriates Todd, because he considers it a compliment.
    • Todd briefly ponders how Kriss Kross could go to the bathroom when their pants were on backwards.
  • After dismissing the comparisons to Kriss Kross, Todd tries to come up with a better comparison. (*cue "A Hard Day's Night")
  • The song proves to sound nothing like the Beatles, and he remarks that it sounds more like '80s goth rock.
    Todd: Are you sure you didn't mean "Black The Cure?"
  • Todd says if the Beatles-related content isn't in the beat, it must be in the lyrics. The captions say otherwise. (WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CLUE)
    • He takes them to task for the lack of such: "I once heard a rap song made up entirely of Austin Powers references!"
    • Then come the three actual Beatles references: Lennon Specs ("that doesn't make you John Lennon! Cool glasses, though."), "She's a big teaser" (rejoicing at showing the duo knows at least one Beatles lyric), and "Me and Paul McCartney related" ("So what? [picture of Malik Obama] This guy is the brother of the President! That doesn't make him the President!").
  • The song's connection to the Mannequin Challenge is brought up, and Todd initially finds it somewhat cool. Then he sees an "old guy" trying to do it and it loses its charm. The "old guy" is Sir Paul McCartney.
  • When discussing Gucci Mane.
    For those who don't remember, Gucci Mane, (cut to picture of him holding a crystal Odie) pictured here with extra stupid...
    • He also got what appears to be the Kickassia logo tattooed on his face.
  • Todd's criticism culminates in a long, passionate speech about the Beatles' impact, only to realize, to his horror, that he's sounding exactly like the old geezers who complain about music these days.
  • Afterwards, Todd tries to be more positive about the song. Until an Waxing Lyrical attempt featuring both The Beatles and Rae Sremmurd...
    And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. Also, Took a bitch to the club and let her party on the table, everybody's famous No flex zone, no flex zone... changed my mind, this song blows.


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