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Characters: We Are Our Avatars
The character sheet for We Are Our Avatars. Please note that this only contains the characters who've shown up frequently since the 'move', so it may lack some of the earlier characters.

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     Andy LA 


Let this be a lesson for you: never fuck with Eiserne Drossel!

Nightmare's Perky Female Minion who was initially shunted into the future by the opening of Astral Chaos after Pyrrha became the new host of Soul Edge during the events of Soul Calibur V. Due to this, her personality was further fragmented, giving rise to a third one who, while still a Blood Knight, has a moral center and is notably more friendly, if a bit sassy. She joined the group after another temporal SNAFU (probably caused by Soul Edge, Soul Calibur or both) sent her to the Monster Hunter World, and she tagged along mainly to know what to do as a stranger in a strange land (but also because of her willingness to battle).

  • Actually Pretty Funny
    (one of Anne's legs had been cut off in a battle, and Tira retrieves it)
    Tira: Here, I think you may need a leg up next time...
    Anne: ...My response would be "fuck you" if that wasn't so amusing.
  • Affably Evil: Much nicer than in the games. Still can go psycho if given the chance.
    Tira: (introducing herself to Gespenst, a bit embarrassedcontext ) Umm... I'm 2/3 evil. But my good 1/3's in control most of the time.
    Zeke: Oh, don't let her fool ya, she's sweet.
    Tira: (to Zeke) Aw, you're just saying that to flatter me. (blushes)
  • Bash Sisters: With Bowser in some of the battles on the Moon.
  • Beauty Mark: The one below the right eye.
  • Blood Knight: While mellowed out from her original incarnation, she's still fond of fighting and violence.
  • Cat Girl: Not literally; she simply wears a cat-ear tiara because It Was a Gift.
  • Clothes Make the Legend: When going to battle, she wears her default outfits from Soul Calibur III and IV, dyeing her hair accordingly (though she tends to go for her SCIII default because of the "war paint", i.e. the purple strokes across her face and body).
    • The mental projections of her Jolly and Gloomy personalities wear the SCV default and alternate costumes, respectively.
    • Once, when she needed to sneak out undercover, she wore the SCIV alternate outfit.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Subverted. She's pretty down to Earth, but does have her moments.
    (upon learning about blanking) Now everything's falling into place! The pawns are advancing up the board! The tanks are rolling into the capital! The Patriots are trying for a 35-yard pass! The... What was I talking about again?
    • There's also her idea on how to deal with the debris turned to cheese in Skyrim (and Marcia was about to go with it, too!):
      But what if it's a huge pile of cheddar? Can't we just make a giant bowl of nachos and eat it?
  • Chained by Fashion: In her standard look, she wears a chain around her waist like a belt.
  • Dance Battler
  • Dark Action Girl: Even though being with the group is lightening her up.
  • Did I Just Say That Out Loud?: As much as she tries to hide her past as an unrepentant mass murderer, sometimes she will let something about it slip, causing people to look at her a different way.
    • One of these times, she managed to escape a lecture (at best) from Anubis simply due to being drunken off her ass when she spouted off about Soul Edge in the wake of the death and destruction of Imca's soul.
  • Doesn't Like Guns: Not by option, but because she can't handle firearms too well, preferring her good old Ring Blade.
  • Drink Order: Whiskey + Coke. It's all she drinks of alcohol whenever she wants/needs. If there is such an option, anyway (e.g. there's neither in Skyrim).
  • Dye Hard: Dyes her hair depending on the circumstance (for example, to fit with her games' costumes when she wears them). She uses dyeing spray, so she can wash the color off when bathing.
  • Fish Out of Temporal Water: Averted. She spent enough time in the future to pick up on pop culture before meeting the party.
  • Girlish Pigtails
  • Heroic BSOD: Well, "heroic" in the context is a manner of speaking, but Lupo (in his Desperado guise) leaving her to fend for herself at the Silver City Police Station temporarily drove her over the edge. She was only brought down with riot control's sleeping gas.
  • Older than They Look: Not accounting the time skip, she's 38. But malfestation stopped her from aging at 17.
  • Professional Killer: Notably, it didn't quite work out for her when she tried to make a living doing it as a mercenary in Silver City. Not because of lack of efficiency, but because she unknowingly took contracts from Lupo.
  • Purely Aesthetic Glasses: In her civilian outfits.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning
  • Rings of Death
  • Shout-Out: When going undercover to get a job while awaiting judgement for the slaughter at Silver City Police Station, she went by the name Harley, going so far as to dye her hair blonde and wear makeup similar to the original's clown look (domino mask and all).
    • Word of God (i.e. her player) jokingly thinks that, if Tira was ever placed in a High School AU, she and Harley Quinn herself would be part of a clique with fellow twintailed villainess Perona.
  • Talking to Themself: When things get too tense, her Jolly and Gloomy sides will poke at her from inside her mind.
  • Undeathly Pallor: Lampshaded in a conversation with Starchild:
    The only thing you could call a downside [of being malfested], actually, is this deathly pale skin... At least I don't feel like drinking blood, so I know [Soul Edge] didn't turn me into a vampire or something, heheh.note 
  • Waxing Lyrical: She still keeps a musical theme about her, only with a different spin. Such as quoting "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" in an attempt to cheer Zeke up.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A.

Yusuke Godai / Kamen Rider Kuuga

Every good person has a smile that needs protection, regardless of their profile.

Once a mild-mannered everyman and traveler, Yusuke Godai jumped headlong into the battle against the Grongi Tribe out of an overwhelming desire to protect the people and their smiles. Years after his final battle against N-Daguva-Zeba, he ended up in Silver City during his travels, and found himself in the middle of the sinister occurrences behind the city's bustling façade.


When you're in battle, one thing you gotta keep in mind is to go all out. [...] Pokémon are tough cookies, but if us Trainers aren't there for them, that'll be all for naught. So, when they know they can trust you and vice-versa, you know you can let it all hang out.

The leader of the Virbank City Gym and of Unova's underground sensation Koffing and the Toxics, Roxie decided to join the group after she accidentally found her way to Skyrim.

     Aquatica 1000 

Daniel Lincoln

In his homeworld, Lincoln was one of the Contracted — people who struck a deal with the anthromorphizations of the different forces of the Universe. Having struck a deal with Death to save his sister's life, Daniel gained powers over death himself. However, Daniel's now stuck in the job of spiritual clean-up. Typically, this involves helping a particularly stuck spirit to move on to the Afterlife, or stopping forces who wish to disrupt the balance between the living and the dead. Lincoln ended up joining the group during one such mission — after falling out of a tree and losing his glasses first (He got them back later).

Lizzie Underwood

A Mad Scientist meets Hollywood Hacker teenager. She joined the group when a malfunction in a teleporter she was building (caused by her older sister spilling coffee on it) ended up sending her into the dimension the others were staying at. Close friends with Carl the minion.


Michael Wesley Grayson / Red Lightspeed Ranger II and IV / Lunara Knight II

"My mother was the Red Lightspeed Ranger. My adoptive father? The Red Space Ranger. I'm now a part of them." ~ Prior to his appearance in We Are Our Adventuring Avatars.

"So you kidnapped me...and threatened to kill my mom...only because she realized that she can't have two romantic partners at once. That is just fucked up." ~ After his reappearance in WAOA/WAOAA.

As Michelle

The son of Carter/Catherine Grayson, Michael was born on April 26th, 2010, after the Future arc. He was cared by his mother very much, and he usually brought joy to her life. Nothing much happened to him until he and Catherine drowned in the Pokemon arc, which was the trigger to have Sedna take his mother after the Writer arc. Andros took care of the baby until he grew up, and then he took on his mother's former position as the new Red Lightspeed Ranger.

When Catherine reappeared, she and Michael spent some time together catching up. However, Ophelia appeared, and Michael was granted the task of freeing his mother from the curse of the sea. He finished two tasks before he tried to find Rika, and he was captured by Lucrezia and transformed into a Construct known as the Rangerslayer. He did, though, finish the third task before his dark side took over.

During the Revenge Arc, the Rangerslayer upgraded into a different look: Neo-Rangerslayer. This form is a lot more brutal, but he eventually got better before the fight with Lucrezia, Rika, and Catherine. After that, he blamed himself and felt guilty over what he did, but he got better.

Sometime between the Naruto and Legion of Doom arcs, Michael decided to take a break away from the group. Unfortunately, during said break, Maria and Legato showed up to fight him. All of Michael's memories as the Red Lightspeed Ranger were taken away and crushed, leaving him powerless until Eirin and the Kappas outfitted him into a cyborg ninja body.

In "Sins of the Past", while trying to avenge Rika's death, Michael attempted to attack Golomois. However, he ended up being cursed as a result. With the help of Rika and Ryan, he made a potion that would not let the curse bother him. In the end of the arc, he helped out with Golomois at the price of his Lunara Knight powers, but he was cured of his curse.

Years later, after living in semi-retirement with his family (wife Melody and adopted son Takeshi), Michael decided to rejoin the group, under the condition that he can visit his family every now and then.

  • All There in the Manual: The liveblogs of Power Rangers: Revolution to Sailor Moon Legend of Zelda shows what Michael was up to after his adventures in WAOA and WAOAA. The Cyborg Davis liveblog also shows him reawakening his Red Lightspeed Ranger powers.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender/Gender Bender: In the grand tradition of giving the family their own Gender Flip forms, Michael's alternate form is Michelle Grayson. First used when the Chew Toy status got to be too much, but then returned in the second Monster Hunter arc.
  • Berserk Button: Insulting or hurting his mother.
  • Big Eater
    • Balloon Belly: Takes after his mother. At some points, it's only made even worse: Michael ate over 1,000 burgers and had a harder time working it off. He then gained huge amounts of weight as a result of faulty nanomachines, to the point where even working it off would not work.
  • Blood Knight: Shows this trait from time to time, such as when he was trying to kill Alternate Donna in Silver City. Eisenhart and Catherine were not pleased.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Until We Are Our Adventuring Avatars.
  • The Chew Toy: Nothing seems to go right for the poor guy.
  • Cyborg: Guess. No, seriously, take a guess what it refers to.
  • Disney Death: While battling against the Archangels, Michael was blown apart by his namesake. Satan revived him, however.
  • Emergency Transformation: See above. Even though he initially lost his memories as the Red Lightspeed Ranger, Michael took his new form as a cyborg ninja well, however.
  • Face-Heel Turn: Though not of his own will.
  • Fan Nickname: Etheru had once called Michael "Die Graysonator" after he was reborn as a cyborg ninja. And before then, Lemurian jokingly stated that he would call Michael "Raiden". The former nickname ended up becoming an ascended nickname.
  • Has Two Unrelated, Unmarried Daddies: Even though one, Andros (who, in a way, did most of the raising), was a Human Alien, and the other, Matt, was dead. It can't get more screwed up than that.
  • Identical Son: Michael would look exactly like Carter if he remained male and had a haircut. His resemblance has been commented in-game.
    • Presumably, due to the Graysons' source material's liking of the trope, Michael would also look exactly like Carter's dad, making him a literal example of the trope.
  • Instant Awesome, Just Add Ninja: Michael's cyborg ninja form.
  • The Lancer
  • Little Bit Beastly: Due to the transformation lightning, he gains pony ears and a silver tail, much to his annoyance for the latter.
  • Name's the Same: Shares his name with the Archangel Michael. As proven in Disney Death, it was a Berserk Button for the latter.
  • Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Come on, would you trust someone known as "The Rangerslayer"?
  • Official Couple: With Melody.
  • Parental Abandonment: Kind of. Justified as, as stated above, Catherine was taken away by Sedna. And at least Andros got to raise the child.
  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up: After the Writer arc, he grew from a baby to 20 years old, as a result of being raised in a different universe.
  • Pretty Boy: Even more so than his father, Carter.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: Whenever someone says that Melody and him are more than Just Friends, this is his reaction.
  • Sibling Team: With Victoria and Arcadiarika/Rika.
  • Spell My Name with an S: "Michael" or "Micheal"?
  • Superpowered Evil Side: The Rangerslayer.
  • That Came Out Wrong: When he was body-swapped with Catherine, he later admitted that he didn't mind being in his mom's body after a while. Three guesses as to why it came out wrong. First two do not count.
  • The Worsening Curse Mark: Given to him by Golomois.
  • Took a Level in Badass: As a result of promising to get better and watching Silver's film. He even gained a whole new appearance (muscles and a beard) out of it! But it didn't work out...until he became the cyborg ninja.
  • Unwitting Pawn: First to an Other of Flandre Scarlet when he followed directions and took a wand on her behalf (it doesn't have any magic, though), then during the second Ozbourne Arc when the enemies he defeated formed a dome. The group was endangered both times. The poor guy just can't win.
  • Weapon of Choice: Plenty to choose from.
    • Cool Sword: The ninja-to, which can be fused with lightning and ice to perform elemental slash attacks. It can also transform into the V-Lancer when morphed as the Red Lightspeed Ranger.
    • Katanas Are Just Better: When he started as a cyborg ninja, but he used his ninja-to far more, as the katanas were prone to actually not be as effective.
    • Swiss-Army Weapon: As in the original series, the Rescue Blasters.
  • We Can Rebuild Him

Carter/Catherine Grayson/Red Lightspeed Ranger I / Lunara Knight I / Ultimate Red Legendary Ranger

"I'm Carter Grayson. Lightspeed Rescue. Red Ranger." ~ from Carter's first appearance
"Think Nothing of It." ~ Catherine's Catch Phrase that's later brought over to her true form.

Formerly of Lightspeed Rescue, Carter was doing a Bicycle Safety PSA until a fan chased him. He entered a portal, and he joined the group on crazy adventures. At one point, the Peeps see him and declare that he's an honorary Peep after saving one of them, but he morphs into action. Because of his red armor, he is the Third Peep. And that's just one example...

While the heroes were in Yukai Den in order to have Kuromaru rest in peace, Carter gained a new girlfriend, Takoluka. (Don't think about that one too much.) He witnesses her death at the hands of a demon and, after the battle, mourned her. Until she survived. Also, during the Seven Deadly Sins arc, Carter made a promise to his fellow teammates: he wouldn't let them die. However, as time goes by, his sanity started to slip, the cracks in the Ranger's personality showing up...until, of course, he got better thanks to, even when the multiverses started to collapse, Alucard. Carter ended up grabbing one of the Chaos Emeralds and nearly faded to nonexistence until Father was destroyed, leaving the Ranger weak but alive.

In the Pikadevil's Hell arc, Carter wished to become female after the third level of Hell—and he received it, calling herself "Catherine." She faced weird goings-on such as having her soul inserted into an L-Block, fighting against her Other, and having her soul taken to Hell so that her allies could save her. And during that arc, she became pregnant and gave birth to her son, Michael Grayson, all while facing other threats such as the battle between the heroes, the Darkness, and Morning Star/Satan.

In the Pokemon arc, Catherine was killed off twice: first when she and Michael drowned (they got better), and the second was when she was gunned down while protecting Andros. That second incident killed Catherine off for real, but she returned as a spirit, possessing Lip's body and using her powers until Sedna appeared to take her, punishing her by making her a ghost of the ocean. After being freed from the Curse of the Sea (which had her being taken by Sedna again), Catherine was revived.

...until she fought with Michael's dark side: The Rangerslayer. Twice. She lost the second time, and she became a Revenant, complete with a different identity: the Lunara Knight. She eventually did lose to the heroes, freed from the Revenant curse from an Other of Link.

A long time occurred in which she was out of action for the most part—save for a few heroic actions. Later, Catherine returned in the second And Now for Someone Completely Different arc. In it, she awoke in Amise City, powerless and later gaining new allies—one of which was her biggest fan, Linkara. When she finally reunited with the old group, the hostilities seemed to flare up until, somehow, she gained some sort of clarity of the world around her. And she also became blind, but that didn't bother her at all.

After a relationship-testing adventure, Catherine has since retired and lived with her girlfriend, Kotohime. It's also revealed that she also spent time saving lives and being with her family. When she patrolled around the Full Metal Alchemist world, a bolt of lightning struck her and turned her back into Carter—this time, having the same problem as his own son, that of being completely muscular. He spent time with the group, and an accident when he met Jennifer caused him to rethink his plans as the sole Ranger-representative Whateververse patroller. He decided to talk to his family and plan with them to take turns saving lives, and he gained back the ability to change genders at will.

Catherine eventually returned to the group, catching up with them and having her weekly Whateververse-patrollings. She had also adopted Arcadiarika, her former fan-turned-friend, and with the adoption, she's a grandmother again. In Alyx's Origins, however, she discovered that her "sibling", Alyx, is actually her Other. Upon seeing her death, and even when Alyx turned herself into her true form, she decided to help and protect her ally at all costs. She, with the help of her family and old team, succeeded, and Alyx gave her a new power, the Red Legendary Ranger powers, for her trouble.

A few months after helping the people of Arkenea out, Catherine married Kotohime. But during the wedding, it was destroyed when Golomois crashed it. He wanted to get revenge on the family members for what her ancestors did: wiping out the entire race. Catherine attempted to talk Golomois down, but it led to Michael getting severely injured and Rika killed.

Later, while mourning over her deceased adopted daughter and worrying over Michael, she talked to Golomois, and she tried to sympathize with him. She was then told that she had until the next full moon to solve the mystery, why Golomois wanted the Graysons dead, and to prepare herself for one final battle.

With her team and her wife, Catherine headed back to her old home. In the ashes was a fragment of a sword that Golomois supposedly owned, and in a cellar was an old rune with a crescent moon shape. They talked to the former Captain Mitchell, and he explained a little bit of history: Golomois' tribe, the Juuma, once worked peacefully with Catherine's ancestors, the Lunara tribe. But, aside from seeing a figure that may be Golomois in the fatal fire, that was all he knew.

Eventually, it was revealed that the Lunara Tribe wanted revenge against the Juuma Tribe for one of Golomois' generals killing one of their own, and the former slaughtered most of the latter. Golomois was the only survivor, and he swore revenge against the Lunara, killing most of them. After the fire that took her parents' lives—which was revealed to be Golomois' act, Catherine was the only survivor of the Grayson family.

Catherine was unsure what to do, until Udonna, the Mystic Spirit Guardian and the Empress of all good magic, gave her a pep talk, telling her that she'll find the answers. In the end, after a fierce battle with Golomois, Catherine unlocked the Ultimate Red Wave, gaining immortality. She was about to kill her foe until she decides to keep him alive and convinced him to let the past go, so that way, they could work for a better future, one where demons and humans can coexist. Two years later, she still kept that promise, and she remained happily married to Kotohime.

She has a team of five Pokemon that we know about: Empoleon, Aggron, Gallade, Tropius, and Pikachu.

Tropes Applying to Catherine Grayson

  • All There in the Manual: Catherine's disappearance via random Whateverversal rifts are documented in two of Arcadiarika's liveblogs, Super Sentai Vs. Power Rangers (at least the first few chapters) and The Prayer Warriors: The Evil Gods Part II. Her later adventures between the then-final arc and her reappearance in Silver City are also documented in the liveblogs for Power Rangers: Revolution to Sailor Moon Legend of Zelda.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender / Gender Bender: Carter's female form, Catherine, obtained during the journey to the third level of Pikadevil's Hell. Turned out that it was an illusion, much to his dismay, but Yukari did give him the power to change gender at will.
  • Back from the Dead: Catherine and Michael drowned when they had to jump off a ship, but they were entangled in seaweed. They briefly became ghosts, and as their bodies were retrieved, they went back to the world of the living. And after the Curse of the Sea mini-arc, she was revived. Again.
  • Badass Princess: Became a princess through marrying Kotohime, but she's still a Power Ranger in spirit and a commander to her team/family first. And she isn't afraid to fight, either.
  • Becoming the Costume: She became an actual Hot Witch after George's attempt to make her outfit more tasteful backfired.
  • Big Damn Heroes: She, and later her entire family and the Lightspeed Rangers, made one in the final battle during "Alyx's Origins", showing up just before the Black Soldiers were able to kill Alyx. Complete with her making a Dynamic Entry by blasting the Black Soldiers with her customized V-Lancer!
    Sorry to have missed the party, but regardless? The ceremony is fucking over. You will not try to kill my Other again tonight.
  • Broken Pedestal: Looked up to Yumiko and befriended her until she took a part of Alduin's soul. She, even though she stole Tomes and resurrected the dead, was suitably disgusted, callng Yumiko out in a What the Hell, Hero? speech.
  • Canon Foreigner: The Lunara Knight's suit is actually from Rescue Sentai GoGoFive, worn then by Jiku, Beast Demon-Hunter Zeek. Some footage of GoGoV was made into Lightspeed Rescue, though the suit was a part of the things that weren't used in the actual series.
    • The (Ultimate) Red Legendary Ranger's suit is based on AkaRed in GoGo Sentai Boukenger; even the powers are the same but expanded on and given limitations.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: As the Lunara Knight under Lucrezia's control.
  • Eye Scream: After an incident that involved LSD-laced cabbage, ink, staring at the sun too long, magic, and others, Catherine can no longer see. And her eyes can never heal. Years after gaining her cybernetic eyes, though, she lost one of them during a battle, and she wore an Eyepatch of Power from here on out.
  • Future Me Scares Me: When the group went into the future, Carter/Catherine said this about her (mostly) permanently-female future self. The 49-year-old version was revealed to have lost the first child—Michael—as an adolescent while rescuing a family from a fire, and after the death, Catherine asked to have Laser-Guided Amnesia. Instead, the ray blinded her.
  • Like Brother and Sister: Catherine's relationship with Alyx was definitely a sisterly bond. Once Catherine knew who Alyx really is, that bond grew. Justified as the two are Others of each other, and Catherine—in a way—did save Alyx's life and gave him another chance of living.
  • Locked into Strangeness: After spending 6,500 years in the oceans as a ghost, Catherine was revived with silver hair. She maintains it even when she de-ages into a 16-year-old.
  • Mama Bear: Catherine is usually either bubbly or downright crazy. However, if any villain dares to hurt her family, she will go berserk on them.
  • Not So Different: See Protoman.
  • Scars Are Forever: Word of God states that Catherine will keep her scars from a dragon fight. Which, by the way, involved half of her face gaining third-degree burns and the entire rest of her body electrified by powerful lightning.
  • Screw Yourself: She took fertility drugs instead of a headache medicine thanks to Ryan Mitchell's prank. The pills screwed up with her reproductive system, ending up pregnant with Michael.
  • Spell My Name with an S: "Catherine", "Cathrine", or "Catherene"?
  • Superpower Lottery: The shining example of the trope out of pretty much everyone. Back then, she had to juggle between her giant Blastoise Gijinka, Eldritch, Lunara Knight, and the Gun-EZ forms, all having different powers and abilities. But then they were all erased for a while, allowing her a chance to become strong and an effective leader (at least when her family and the Lightspeed Rangers are concerned) without her powers. Then in "Alyx's Origins", she wielded her customized V-Lancer and gained the Red Legendary Ranger's powers (the V-Lancer was later added as the Red Lightspeed Ranger's weapon), obtained some magical spells on Halloween, and she obtained a few Super Mario Bros. power-ups and the Omni-tool. To make it a long story short: she became broken, then nerfed, then went all the way back up to broken again.
  • Unsettling Gender-Reveal: The way to ruin a sultry scene she herself created? Reveal that Catherine's a man. Once done to Zapp by Red, the second was done when she herself dropped one on Other!Apala.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Justified. See both "Older than They Look" and "Fountain of Youth".
  • Worthy Opponent: She considers Protoman as such.

Tropes Applying to Both Characters

  • The Ageless, later upgraded to Complete Immortality.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence
  • Big Eater
    • Balloon Belly: Gained one during the Pokemon arc as a result of overeating.
      • Carter actually had to work it off, unlike most other examples of the Trope.
    • And then it happened again when she was briefly a personification of Gluttony. However, even after the spell ended, she was happy with her gained weight. This happened a lot more often than not for her, until it was later phased out altogether.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Dear God, was it bad. It's a double whammy since Carter and Catherine are Rangers and firefighters. And even though they're balancing their life between saving universes, spending time with their family, and being with Kotohime, it's still there. It led to an albeit-funny—but still embarrassing—moment where Carter left Jennifer to help Martin, not realizing that she got confused. Whoops. This accident lightly deconstructs the trope, however, making him realize that he can take longer breaks and have his entire family involved in the Whateververse patrols (and, thus, people-rescuing).
    • Finally has eased out, as she realizes that she and her family can only be called when the Whateververse needs them the most. It took the Skyrim arc to finally make it official, however.
  • Guardian of the Multiverse: Mild version—they don't call Carter/Catherine "the Multiversal Ranger" for nothing, much to his (her) slight embarrassment.
  • The Heart
  • Hidden Depths: Normally, Carter/Catherine can be caring and helpful to all members of the group (and even those who aren't in said group). But if someone's being a jerk and uncaring about the opposite sex? As seen in "Unsettling Gender-Reveal", Carter can be a damn good troll to any sexist asshole.
  • Mr Fix It: Got a problem involving technology? They'll fix (most of) them.
  • Nice Guy (or Girl in Catherine's case)
  • Official Couple: With an alternate universe version of Kotohime. Yes, you read that right—someone who isn't Dana Mitchell ended up being with Catherine/Carter.
  • Older than They Look: Despite being 6,529 years old due to serving under Sedna (and, thus, aging normally), Catherine still was 29 despite looking several decades older.
    • Fountain of Youth: After using an aging spell, Catherine now looks 16.
    • As for Carter, replace his name instead of Catherine's above in her example, and you'd get the same thing. Only he didn't get a teenage form.
  • Physical God
  • Power Copying: As the Red Legendary Ranger, Carter/Catherine can transform into any previous Red Ranger, even their own.
    • Awesome, but Impractical: Word of God, though, states that the powers do have limits. Namely, they can't use a form again until they go through several more forms, said form(s) have to be used for the duration of the battle, and the forms themselves are limited to one weapon. No Zords can be summoned in each form, either, except for Victoria's and the Gun-EZ. As of the finale of "Sins of the Past", however, upon becoming the Ultimate Red Legendary Ranger, the "can't use a form again until they go through several more forms" rule is thrown out the window.
  • Team Parentarch: To the point where (s)he's pretty much the closest thing to a parental figure to some characters of the group, namely Hansel and Gretel. The fact that (s)he's a parent (and grandparent) her/himself doesn't hurt.
  • Truly Single Parent: To Victoria and, more traditionally, Michael. See Screw Yourself for the latter.

    Caped Luigis Yoshi 

Luigi Mario

It's-a-me, Luigi! Number not-two!

The mustached plumber in green, Luigi was a semi-recurring character even before the move, reintroduced post-move during the Hell arc. He's proceeded to... well, be Luigi.

  • Dynamic Entry (he was introduced to the scene twice when he burst through a wall)

Mr. L

I told you, I'm not Luigi!

A dark side of Luigi, Mr. L tried to display himself as a threat by trying to shatter the fourth wall. However, everyone ignored him, enraging Mr. L and kicking off a few instances of him trying to take revenge.

  • Enemy Within - He shares Luigi's body and is derived from Luigi's common flaws.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise - To the point where later on, he didn't even pretend he wasn't essentially Luigi.


Hello, and welcome to "Atop Where The Fourth Wall Isn't"... where bad comics meet the flames of Jigoku.

A combination of Hina Kagiyama and Linkara. Most often referenced by the player a a joke about her one-shot status.

Hina Kagiyama (age 334, birthday October 2)

Spinning, spinning, all day long...

A misfortune goddess (kami, whatever) that likes to spin.

Rockurtle Metasect

Um... yeah. You do that. I'll just wait in this nigh-impenetrable shell. Mm-hmm.

A female Shuckle who's apparently from a world where plenty of Pokemon can speak human.

Azulabelue "Azula" Azumi

The matters of our exictments in bed are to be kept between me and Rocky.

A female Marill, and Rockurtle's girlfriend.

Completely Different Inc.

Nobody cared about this group. Nobody cares about this group. Nobody will care about this group.

Plusle Inductell

Go out and zap to the extremeishness!

A Minun that's on a quest. What this quest entails is still unknown.

TVon (age 5)

Look, kids! TV! ...TV that's gonna smash you!

A robot thing that likes children's card games. And winnign at things in general. It's rumored that he hosts a great, great power, similar to the one below him. That rumor, of course, is not entirely true. But he does have some of that power. Most of it is of the next character, though. And yes, TVon's mouth is his screen.

Attribute Avenger ("Atrivenger") (age 4)


A seemingly emtionless cubic fractal robot. With a whole host of power. About on First Guardian level, except this antonym of audibility is only a few years old and hasn't even traveled through time. It's rumored that he has a whole spread of powers corresponding to each Pokemon type... and those rumors are actually right. Also, he was created by the same guy who made TVon. Food for thought.

Kisume (age 72, birthday April 20)

But it's my bukkit and I like it!

A girl that lives in a bucket. Or rather, a youkai (tsurube-otsohi) that lives in the Underground of Gensokyo, and goes aroudn everywhere in the bucket. She's apparently agoraphobic (scared of open spaces), so she can't stand being out of the bucket anyway. This has earned her some ridicule before, making for a lonely girl... but she has friends in the group, at least.


It's what she and I were born to do. I'm just the one with enough sense of responsibility to get to it.

A misfortune kami/goddess that likes spreading misfortune, or at least feels duty-bound to the task. She considers Hina a "disgrace" for not doing the same.

Pickle Inspector

An old detective stands in his office. It just so happens that today has no significance whatsoever. What will the name of this PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR be?

A detective on the imaginative side. His chumhandle is puissantImagination.

Other Narrator / Oliver Narran

A narrator employed by Cly that normally describes actions taken by the troper's characters. However, at one point he went on vacation and met some of the characters.

  • Meta Guy: Granted, he'd rather not be blatant about it, considering the reactions some may have to such blatant fourth wall breaking, but it's there.
  • Shock and Awe: If the Electric symbol on his shirt is any indication.

Larry Lysosome

And this is a character sheet entry about meee!

A humoungous lysosome. Nobody except him knows why he's his size, but that's really just because no one ever asked. In any case, Larry likes to eat and be silly, even though he does get some snark in.

Bobby and Donald Chew

This section is off-limits until these two are seen in the present.

Zak Aery

Reporting for duty, sir Chew!

A Bob-omb Buddy from the Incarnate arc who was a soldier in a resistance force led by the Chew brothers. When the timeline was fixed, he somehow managed to stay with the Avatars, though his presence with the group is somewhat inconsistent. His chumhandle is cherryBlast.

King Kenas Revip

Thiz iz nearly az lame az Lizargon. Yeah, Lizargon. Don't know who that iz? That'z how lame he iz!

A villainous king of a snakelike species known as Pesterns on an unknown island. Apparently fights with a hero called Humaino, and is allied with someone called Terribat. His chumhandle is karkotakaRegimen, and he has yet to show up outside of the program.

  • Meaningful Name: "Kenas" and "Revip" are anagrams of "snake" and "viper", respectively. As for the chumhandle, Karkotaka is a naga king from Hindu mythology, while "regimen" refers to government. Kenas is a snakelike creature that happens to be a king.
  • Snake Talk: Averted (inverted?). Despite being a snakelike creature, Kenas apparently cannot pronouce his S's, saying them as Z's instead. (This extends to his typing.)


Gem-filled rocks? Official couple recognitions? Tear powder? It's yours, my hamigo, as long as you have enough sunflower seeds!

A Ham-Swap merchant.

Aya Shameimaru

Eh, "impure and dishonest", not too far off the mark...

Daiyousei (age 77, birthday March 23)

I... guess I got used to it. Happens.

Astrid Avgren

A mute girl originally from a mysterious jungle. Being as young and having grown up as isolated as she was, she's very curious and positive all the time. She always has a strange medallion on her person.

Astrid may or may not be somehow related to a certain other gray-themed, little-speaking character with the same initials on this list.

Laura Mario

The daughter of Luigi and Daisy from the future.

Since her arrival, Laura has been transformed into a kitsune, and so far has three tails.

Rikka / Crystal Kotone

Originally a trainer from Johto, this girl was yanked from her dimension and stuck into a void of nonexistence, until a tear in the fabric of space freed her from her exile of existence. Originally, she had lost her memory as well, and so she was dubbed "Rikka". Since then, she has regained her memories due to a wish.

  • Informed Attribute: Crystal is implied to have been a fairly good trainer... however, since she has had no access to her team within the RP, it's only implied.

DLN-002 / Roll

A robot from Monsteropolis originally designed for housekeeping, Roll has since gained weaponry on par with Megaman himself.

Proto Man

It's Proto Man or something.

  • Mythology Gag: One of the attacks Proto Man has shown is firing an instance of Item-2 (usually used for transport) at the opponent. This is a reference to the Rush Cannon from Rockman 4 Minus Infinity.
  • Samus Is a Girl: When Michelle took Proto Man's helmet in order to repair him, it turns out that Roll was impersonating Proto Man the whole time.


John "Jack" Doe (formerly Big Boss)

The legendary soldier we all know and love. The group has changed John's personality quite a bit, even to the point that he quit his soldiering job. He still has a love for cigars, but no longer does he just sit in the corner and brood with one in his mouth. He's also changed his look from the military outfit he used to wear to a longcoat, and he's forgone the bandanna and beret.

Is now in a relationship with Vivian.

Courier Six

The mysterious, normally faceless character of Fallout: New Vegas fame. Doesn't remember a lot of his own past, but he knows that some guy shot him in the brain and that he wants revenge...and he'll do anything to get said revenge. He has a special attachment to the .44 Magnum in the holster by his side.

Sherlock Holmes

"The game is afoot!"

Spike Spiegel

In the past Spike was a top assassin for the Red Dragon Syndicate, a criminal organization. An unstoppable killer, Spike was practically a One-Man Army, and was only more dangerous when paired with his equally dangerous partner, Vicious. Then something happened. Spike met Vicious' girlfriend, Julia, and Spike and Julia fell in love. (Indeed, one shot that shows Spike's reaction to seeing her hints it might even have been Love at First Sight, at least on his end). Although the details from this time are sketchy, it appears that Vicious soon found out, and the affair not only made Vicious determined to kill Spike, but made him fall out of favor with the Red Dragons as well. Spike decided to leave the Syndicate after one last job, but Vicious gave Julia a deadly order: kill Spike, or be killed herself before she could run. Somehow, Spike faked his death well enough that almost everyone believed he was dead, but Julia didn't leave with him. Instead Spike simply disappeared, and began a life of drifting until meeting Jet and forming their partnership.

In the present Spike is slightly lazy, big eating, easy going sort who has used his skills as an assassin and martial artist to become a bounty hunter. He's the type that always takes life easy except for when the adrenaline kicks in while taking down a bounty. And he certainly doesn't take anything personally or all that seriously... in fact, about the only thing that can spark an emotional reaction from him is the name Julia... still, Spike is going to eventually have to face his past. Not everyone knows or believes that he's dead, including his old mentor Mao Yenrai, and Vicious certainly doesn't believe it, (Vicious firmly believes that he is the only one who can kill Spike, and vice-versa) and still wants a piece of Spike, even as he begins hatching plans to take over the Red Dragons. And somewhere out there, is Julia.

Eventually, Spike's past catches up with him big time. Vicious does confirm that Spike is alive, and it turns into a full on hunt as Vicious tries to take over the Red Dragon Syndicate. Spike and Julia reconcile and plan on running away, but before they can she dies in a shootout with Vicious' men. After saying goodbye to Jet and the crew, Spike decides to go Storming the Castle and cuts a swath through The Syndicate to get to Vicious. The two wound each other, with Vicious dying right away, while Spike lives long enough to see the dawn, walk back downstairs, and whisper "Bang" to the stunned members of the Syndicate before collapsing. It's unclear whether or not he DOES die. Interesting side note: Spike Spiegel dies (MAYBE) at the age of 27, the same age as many legendary rock figures like Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and many others.

  • Ace Pilot: No one can pilot the Swordfish II better than Spike.
  • Afro Asskicker: A fro of green and lethal moves.
  • Alliterative Name
  • Ambiguously Jewish: Spike has a Yiddish family name, a stereotypically (in the US, anyway) Jewish haircut, and carries an Israeli-made Jericho 941 pistol. When asked about it, the series' creators said he wasn't Jewish and his hair was modeled after the actor Yusaku Matsuda, and they just picked "Spiegel" as his name because they thought it sounded cool.
  • Anti-Hero: Spike's the type of guy who'll help someone in need every now and then even if there's nothing in it for him. He's also not particularly ruthless in his quests to capture his bounty, perfectly willing to capture a bounty head alive, though he does cause serious property damage whenever he goes after them. That said, as a former assassin and a current bounty hunter, he isn't exactly a good guy and he does have a darker side to him, especially when Vicious is around.
    • Nominal Hero: Spike has occasionally shown moments of apathy and outright disregard for other people, caring only for his mission or reward. "Ballad of Fallen Angels" shows Spike unhesitatingly shooting the head of the man who had Faye's head at gunpoint, making it seem as if he cared more about killing the man than actually saving Faye, and even then he only agreed to save her because he had his own reasons and she just happened to be there. The first scene from The Movie also seems to make it pretty clear that he cares little about human casualties.
      Spike: "Well that's a real shame. But we're not cops and we're not from some charity organization. Sorry lady but we don't protect or serve. This is strictly business."
  • Awesome McCoolname: Seriously, can the name "Spike Spiegel" get any more awesome?
  • Badass: Undeniably the biggest badass in the Bebop crew.
    • Badass in a Nice Suit: One of the best examples.
    • Badass Longcoat: There seems to be something special about Spike's longcoat, as well. He was seen wearing it often during his Syndicate days, but only dons it to fight Vicious after he leaves. It seems like his way of acknowledging he's fighting a war.
    • Heartbroken Badass: He lost Julia. Even more so after he loses her a second time, permanently this time.
  • Back from the Dead: Comes back alive, as this RP takes place after the events in the cartoon.
  • Berserk Button: Make sure you never confuse him with his Arch-Enemy, Vicious. If you call him by that name, he'll flip out and open a can of whoop-ass on you and your entire gang.
  • Big Eater: He has a large appetite.
  • Blood Knight: Nothing makes his face light up more than a decent fight.
  • Bounty Hunter: He doesn't like small fry and only goes after big ones.
  • Broken Ace: He's very skilled, and he's usually calm and confident—until his Dark and Troubled Past comes up.
  • Bruce Lee Clone: Spike is a big fan of Mr. Lee, practicing Jeet Kune Do and his philosophy.
  • Child Hater: Spike claims he does not like kids (or pets) in the second episode. Guess who ends up living on the same ship as him?
  • Combat Pragmatist
  • Dark and Troubled Past
  • Deadpan Snarker: Often speaks in dry and tired wit.
  • Destructive Savior: Every time he tries to bring in a bounty, it seems as though entire buildings get destroyed.
  • Determinator
  • Dying Alone: After spending most of the series being there for other people — both friends, foes and bounties — as they died, Spike dies alone, surrounded by the Red Dragon mooks. He died alone because he died last, he made sure his Arch-Enemy Vicious went first, making this a Taking You with Me ending.
  • Dying Moment of Awesome: Spike's one-man assault on the Red Dragon building and his final duel with Vicious, all the way to the end, was awesome. See you, Space Cowboy...
  • Heroic Bloodshed
  • Hidden Heart of Gold
  • Hidden Depths
  • I Let Gwen Stacy Die: After Julia dies in the finale.
  • Indy Ploy: Thinking on his feet is definitely one of Spike's strong suits.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Spike, the best fighter in the Bebop crew, is this compared to his crew members and most of the enemies he encounters. Despite Jet's larger build and Faye's leaner figure, Spike is the strongest, fastest and toughest person in the crew. Throughout the series, Spike demonstrates his Jeet Kune Do skills as well as being able to take on whole groups of armed men all the while enduring staggering amounts of pain.
  • Loveable Rogue
  • Made of Iron: Suffers a lot of punishment but survives.
  • Not Afraid to Die: One of Spike's defining character traits is how blasé he is about the prospect of dying.
  • Rebellious Spirit
  • Running Gag: Several times he pulls out a cigarette (or already has one lit), only to be told or see a sign that says "No smoking". Depending on the episode, he either ignores it or spits the cigarette out, irritated.
  • Smoking Is Cool: Probably the most famous example in anime. He's even the current trope image.


Oryx the Mad God

You cosmic peasants!

The titular Mad God of the Realm. Betrayed by Archdemon Malphas, who decided to rule the Realm alone, Oryx has lost his immortal status and now fights for the forces of good, if only to exact his revenge on Malphas. He intensely dislikes Xene.


Frankly, I am amazed you can move at all inside such a metallic monstrosity. Have you ever dodged an attack in your life?

A Deoxys gijinka and star ninja for hire who grew up on the streets of a space city. He joined the group after a teleportation mishap dumped him on the Skyship.


Double the Absol, double the fun, double the malicious annihilation.

An Absol gijinka with a tough-as-nails attitude and a devious streak. Currently on vacation from bounty hunting; she met up with the ANFSCD crew on the starship Titanic. She later joined the main group after crash-landing in a ball of dark fire at the ski resort on EDN IV.


I... am the legendary Levin Maelstrom!

Levin as a human...

...and after his transformation

An experienced Monster Hunter from Loc Lac City, Levin joined the group to help the aspiring hunters during their careers. Good-hearted but somewhat arrogant, he is extremely knowledgeable about the monsters he hunts, and is skilled with a variety of weapon types.

  • The Ace: He's High-Rank, and will not pass up an opportunity to remind you of that fact.
  • Awesome McCoolname: His full name is indeed Levin Maelstrom. Which he may or may not have just come up with on his own.
  • Badass Boast: See the above quote for just one example.
  • Badass Normal: Prior to The Reveal, he was just an ordinary hunter with no special powers at all.
  • Berserk Button: Environmentally destructive or irresponsible hunting.
  • Compensating for Something: Whether it is true or not, he is constantly mocked in this way, particularly by Longram.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords/Does Not Like Bowguns: He's a Blademaster and never uses ranged weapons, probably because he has no armor that can be used by Gunners anyway.
  • Name's the Same: Not to be confused with Levin from the awesome Monster Hunter fanfic The Lost Civilization.
  • Shock and Awe: As the Abyssal Lagiacrus, he has the greatest lightning power of any gijinka. However, since his transformation is not yet complete, his power is greatly limited, and he is still practicing.
  • Speak Ill of the Dead: When Levin died, Michelle, Nova and Longram openly criticized him. According to Nova, he wad "a pain in the ass to deal with, posed friendly fire risks, did not stop to think, was way to quick to extend the phallic symbol that was his weapon, and did not understand the concept of humility"
  • Stupid Sexy Flanders: On a few occasions. However, he is indeed mostly straight and would only take an actual relationship with a woman.
  • To Be a Master: His goal is to "become truly legendary."
  • Why Did It Have To Be Gigginoxes


A wandering Deviljho gijinka who never really was able to interact much with people because everyone was scared of her. She passed by the Loc Lac Hotel on Thanksgiving, stopped in for a bite, and decided to stay.


*throws a card* Because I'm a Khezu and it's fun~

A somewhat mentally unstable Khezu gijinka who greatly enjoys being who he is. He has a penchant for sinister science and machinery. Unable to speak, he usually communicates by way of his cards, of which he seems to have an infinite supply of.


A powerful Barioth gijinka who always acts the part of a gentleman, although he does have a weakness for the ladies and is a bit of a flatterer.

D.B.R. TH-0610-EX "Flantron"

Conclusion: Subject does not know how to dodge

A robotic version of Flandre Scarlet from a far-future Gensokyo, built for danmaku battle and programmed to be nigh-undefeatable. However, due to her bizarre requirement of functional androids as food, she was retired after she was deemed too expensive to maintain. She was thrown in a scrapyard and remained there for 495 years, living off the discarded and dying machines as her own programming deteriorated, until one day...


The evil warlord S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. is an enigmatic star pilot with the goal of conquering his galaxy.

  • Ace Pilot: Prefers to operate from behind the scenes like most Big Bads, but should he decide to enter ship-to-ship combat himself, he handles his Ion Spheres with deadly accuracy.
  • Badass Normal: An ordinary pilot who is somehow managing to conquer a galaxy single-handedly.
  • Cool Mask
  • Token Evil Teammate
  • Villain Decay: In-universe example: He is greatly feared in his own galaxy, but after getting warped away and stuck with a group of people far more powerful than him, he is reduced to nothing but a stranded, ineffectual, and somewhat grumpy pilot.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Wishes to bring order to the galaxy... by ruling it himself.

D.B.R. TH-1106 "Utsuhoid"

Another one of the Touhoids, this one is based on Utsuho. Although she is extremely powerful, she is emotionless, generally shy and reluctant to get into fights... until she enters battle mode.


Little Red Riding Hood/Red Riding Hood/Red

The second version of the character Etheru has played, and a carryover from WAOAA. Still snarky and evil cloaky as ever.


An essentially immortal scientist who dies a lot.

  • Butt Monkey: His inability to die lends to this, and he knows it.
  • Mad Scientist: Has shades of this, due to the fact he was a supervillain before the whole thing.
  • Transplant: From a WAOA spinoff to another WAOA spinoff and now in WAOA proper himself.


Donna's lab assistant robot.

  • Put on a Bus: He went to a vacation resort for a while, and will probably be back.


A somewhat ditzy superhero from the world of Silver City.

  • Ascended Fanboy: He wanted to become a superhero because he watched it on TV. Thankfully, he's rich, and had the Ultimate Gene.
  • Dumb Blonde: Etheru attempts to downplay this trope, with varying degrees of success.
  • Put on a Bus: Etheru decided to leave him alone for a while, with his last appearance currently being a humorous cameo in the Silver City MK. II arc.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: He isn't as smart as he could be. After all, he told Kara Kent his secret identity because he didn't know that superheroes are supposed to have secret identities.

Dirk/LOCUST #578

Formerly a normal person, who was then formerly a dead Luminosity LOCUST, and is now an undead person struggling with his current form of existence.

  • Frankenstein's Monster: When Longram brought him to Luna, he was brought back to life. He wasn't very fond of it.
  • Teleporters and Transporters: He has the ability to teleport thanks to his "Ultimate Gene", though anything with significant density will block him off.

     Fokias the Jester 


    gameboy 3 
Take note: Anything that isn't public knowledge among the characters are spoilered. Nicknames are in parentheses. Also, suggestions for tropes to add to the characters would be nice. PM any ideas to me.

Shadow of Inle (Kris)

A very quiet, pale boy who prefers to keep to himself and others that he knows well. His quietness makes him mostly a listener, though he can be talkative with the right people. With various sights at his disposal, and paranoia-induced talent with sneaking and stealing, he likes things to be quieter.

  • Art Initiates Life: Kris's painting was painted by Guertena. The painting is his true home, and he was born from it
  • Dream Land: The world Kris is from, with various names, depending on who you speak to.
  • Magical Eye: Kris has multiple ways of seeing the world around him, which is his gift from Guertena, at the cost of making him paranoid. (Missing tropes for long range, heat, and seeing magic, help me if you can.)
    • Aura Vision: One of Kris's sights, and also the only one that works through walls for him.
    • Innate Night Vision: Another of Kris's sights, his eyes become much more sensitive to light, so that he can see in darkness easily.
  • Winged Humanoid: He has a pair of birdlike wings, for flying through the air.


A young girl, looking about 14 years old or so. She can be very friendly with people, but is quite capable of some dangerous things. She has some secrets of her own... Unpleasant ones.

  • Anti-Magic: Of a sort. Magic is more like a normal object for her, so she can interact with it in ways others can't. Larger spells carry more "weight" with them to her, but she can push spells around if she knows what she's doing. Failure results in something similar to being pelted with a rock, or for larger spells, a boulder. This is due to being from a world with no solid reality.
  • Cool Sword: Her sword is a sword covered in a ripple design, which, just like her, is able to interact with magic.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She might be nice, but if you threaten her, she won't hesitate when retaliating.

Kristofer Raglan (Krissy)

A Mienshao gijinka who was originally a human illusionist. His abilities to control illusions haven’t faded away by changing, and he takes advantage of that to play pranks on others when he feels like doing so.

  • Master of Illusion
  • The Prankster: If something seems weird enough, or if he comes up with something unique, he’ll use his illusions to mess with people.
  • Knife Nut: He has 26 pairs of knives, for no reason other than that each pair is unique.

Alice Liddell (Alice)

A former lunatic who used to be locked away in the Rutledge Asylum, she has since been released into the public to further help her recovery. With her Wonderland shattered, she has nothing to truly fall back on if things go wrong.

  • Anti Heroine: If she does something, it's more for herself than for someone else. Generally, it'll be for her amusement, or so she doesn't lose her skills.
  • Girl with Psycho Weapon: Her preferred weapon is her knife, the Vorpal Blade. With a keen edge, she'll be more than happy to hack her enemies apart with it.
  • Drop the Hammer: For when her enemies are bigger than her, she'll pull out the Hobby Horse, and try to crush them.
  • Gatling Good: Her lighter ranged weapon is a giant pepper grinder that shoots bullets as she turns the handle.
  • Grenade Launcher: The Teapot Cannon functions as one, with scalding hot tea bombs.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Demented, yes. Unstable, yes. Raving mad to the point of attacking random people, no.
  • Slasher Smile: When she gets violent, she can get a bit too excited with a fight.

Medicine Melancholy (Medicine)

A poisonous doll from Gensokyo, who achieved sentience. She lacks emotions, due to being so young, and is capable of manipulating poison around her.

  • Poisonous Person: It's her special ability to manipulate poison that she can see. She's also completely covered in poison.
  • Emotionless Girl: She might be old, but she's only been sentient recently.
  • Living Toy: She was an ordinary toy, until her 100th birthday.
  • Nonindicative Name: Despite her name, she typically won't be practicing anything related to healing.
  • Master Poisoner: Her free time when alone is to come up with more poisons to work with, to handle a wider variety of threats.

Nathan Sherwood

A whimsical violinist who has skills in hacking. He tends to be lazy, and only does something if he'll either enjoy it, or if it's competitive in some way.

  • Playful Hacker: If he tries to get into a network or system, he generally only wants to see what's there, and won't actually mess with anything.
    • The Cracker: If, however, there's something that needs to be done, he can slip into this if he thinks it's the right thing to do.
  • Fragile Speedster: His duel avatar, Amber Performer, has low defensive and offensive stats, forcing him to rely on skill and trickery.

    Hilarity Ensues 


Personification of Gluttony, and daughter of Satan. She has a childish personality and loves to eat.


Personification of Wrath, and son of Satan. Generally levelheaded but impatient. Loves to fight.


The personification of Lust, and one of Satan's seven kin. Mischievous and fun-loving.

  • Gamer Chick: Very good at video games. In fact, Krissy has complimented her skill a few times.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Part-fox. In fact, she vaguely looks like Ran Yakumo, according to a few vistors from Gensokyo.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Lust is very energetic and loves to have fun.
  • Ms. Fanservice: This trope is invoked because she is the embodiment of Lust.


A 49.46 meter tall angel who is kindhearted and sweet.


Ozoi is a maid with long, black hair with several eyes. She wears a red and black maid dress and there is another mouth... somewhere on her body.



Imuka Whysperwind

Imca is an artificial kitsune.


Main interaction drone

An artificial intelligence made by Imca to control her drone armies, has achieved sentience and become her daughter.

  • AGI: Nova is a digital entity, to her her bodies are little more then tools.
  • Commander: Nova still retains the ability to control a drone army, even if she often just uses smaller more specilized detachments.
  • Dragon Rider: She tamed and now has her main drone ride into battle on a cyborg dragon named Jäger.
  • Heroic Override: Almost always is in direct control of at least one drone, usually a Super Prototype.
  • Hero Unit: Often personally controls an advanced drone body.
  • <Hero> Must Survive: Comes with the downside that any damage to the body backlashes to her.
  • Happily Adopted: Daughter of Asagi and Imuka Whysperwind.
  • Hive Mind: Many drones controlled from one central core.
  • Your Mind Makes It Real: One of the major problems she faces, even though she is a digital entity, damage to her physical bodies disrupts her, and causes her pain, destruction of one she is directly controlling can even cause death.

Yuzuki Yukimarimo

Imuka Yukimarimo is an gynoid dragoness, from the same model line as Luna.


Luna is an gynoid dragoness, from the same model line as Imuka Yukimarimo.

  • AGI: In a dragoness body.
  • Artificial Dragoness : Artificially created as a weapon, it is of questionable success.
  • Body Backup Drive: One of the advantages she has over her later generation counterparts.
  • Can't Hold Her Liquor : A trait shared among many of her model line.
  • Cyborg: A digital entity, her squishy bits are Kept alive by nanites, which also heal her, and prevent aging. The central implants are at the base of her skull, and around her heart.
  • For Science!: Her motivation for nearly every thing she does.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Dragoness.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Cyborg Dragoness.
  • Reality Warper: To a limited extent, her technology works like Orc Tech, if she believes the red car will go faster the red car will go faster. This does not however give her the ability to make a stick work like a gun just because she thinks it is one.

Yuzuki Miura

Yuzuki is a gynoid spy that was produced as a prototype by the Terran alliance, her model never went into full production due to the exuberant cost of a sentient AI capable of inhabiting a mobile platform. She was eventually pawned off to the 31st experimental division where she earned her freedom, and was allowed to retire to become a ship-write, even after all of this she has only recently become a recognized citizen, and STILL lacks human rights, remaining bound by her modified Asimovian programming.

  • Apologises a Lot: Sorry.
  • Dojikko: Her hydraulics don't have much precision, leading to this.
  • Humanshifting: One of her powers, to help her pose as any one she wants.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: She is a spy gynoid, and was desinged in every way to pass for a human, although she is now using a modified Trinity body, so she is more dragon girl.
  • Robotic Reveal: She started her travels posing as a human, to try to protect her self from her Modified Asimovian Laws
  • Shrinking Violet: She neither likes to speak up, and is quite shy.
  • Weak-Willed: Her Modified Asimovian laws mean that a human simply has to give her a command, and she is unable to resist.
  • Wrench Wench: Loves spaceships, and knows how to build and fix them.

Evelyn "Eve" Longram

Sans Helmet

Introduced on Terra, leader of the 31st Experimental Division and is in charge of the TDN Terra's Blessing and later, the TDN Trinity. Eve is a high ranking military officer in the Terran Navy, she was sent along with the group out of Terra's curiosity of the worlds beyond there universe. From the 32nd century she is amazed at how low tech most of the "Multiverse".


A sentient spaceship

  • Archer Archetype
  • Spaceship Girl : She is the TDN Trinity.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade : Her AI can be swaped into a variety of hulls, most of which are for specific situations the group is in, or there budget. Currently, her body is a carrier.
  • What a Piece of Junk: Her previous carrier body is prone to breakdowns but it's performance puts other capital ships to shame.


"For the Empire nya."

Sunny used to be a sunburst drone for the Empire of the Rising Sun. After getting a free wish from a contest though, she wished for a more human body, because of this she took the form of the holographic avatar she used to interact which at the time was of Gaian!Asagi.

  • Cannon fodder : Started out as one of these
  • Mook : Now one of these, as her only ability is still exceptional intelligence gathering.


"P-Please don't eat me."

An Incredibly meek half dragon form, she has the ability to go full dragon under stress... but this is best avoided, and it even scares herself.

  • Beware the nice ones : She may scare easily, and be incredibly meek... but god help you if you push her too far.

President Aurora Kimball

The current president of the New Demon Republic. She USED to be a normal Demon Ranger, which means she is basicly what happens when a normal soldier, rises to power.

     josh 6243 

Joseph Joestar (Stand: Hermit Purple)

Grandson of Jonathan Joestar. An unscrupulous fighter who uses any means necessary to defeat his opponent. Later on, replaced with version from post-Stardust Crusaders.
  • The Combat Pragmatist: His willingness to do anything to win is legendary.
  • Improvised Weapon/Improbable Weapon User: The Joseph Clackers, created by Asagi Greywords.
  • Magical Camera: When Joseph Joestar smashes a camera with Hermit Purple, he can capture an image from anywhere he can envision.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Often clowns around in order to catch his enemies off-guard or make them underestimate him.
  • Stage Magician: He uses simple magic tricks to distract his opponents.
  • Surveillance as the Plot Demands: He can summon pictures of where a person is by destroying a camera, and can read the future by adjusting a television set (it manifests as people on random TV channels saying words that link into a proper sentence).

Josuke Higashikata (Stand: Crazy Diamond)

The illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar. Josuke is known for his unique hairstyle and fierce temper regarding said hair. He joined the group when a space cruise ship arrived at EDN-IV.

Marcie "Marcia" Marcina Shyneet (Duel Monster: Slacker/Downerd Magician)

Marcia Shyneet is an alchemist from a world of Duel Monsters. They call her Slacker Magician because they think she's a slacker. Unfortunately, she didn't like that name.

  • All of the Other Reindeer: Picked on by her village because she does not have a job by their standards.
  • Alchemy Is Magic: Marcia's specialty is potions and she spends most of her time mixing them. Also, Marcia's world classifies their alchemists as magicians.
  • Barefoot Poverty: Since she doesn't have a stable source of income, she only keeps one set of clothes, but no socks.
  • Clark Kenting: During a trip to Silver City, Marcia dressed up as the Magi Magi Magician Gal. Unfortunately, she was exposed after the lawsuit sent to her.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: She believes that Slacker Magician is an embarrassing nickname, but Seth and Kohaku thought it was interesting. They also give her a little pep talk.
  • Meaningful Name: Shyneet is Marcia's last name. She's an introvert who does not want to get a real job.
  • Only Friend: Marcia is willing to put up with Levin because he showed her how to be a Hunter. In fact, she was sobbing when she heard that Levin died.
  • Shrinking Violet: At first, she does not like talking with the group. But she warms up to them and becomes more friendly over time.

     Katalus Talrius 


A fox/wolf person-thing who carries around two bokken, and has now found himself running about with a rather odd assortment of figures...

Originally from Feccius, a city renowned for its swordsmanship, Zeke is one of a select group known as Feccian Bladesmen. His main training complete, he must now accomplish a (pre-approved) task of his choosing as part of his graduation rites. He chose to reach 12 pubs on a list a fellow Bladesman left behind before departing on his own journey, which somehow brought him to Silver City, and thus began his adventures with the WAOA crew.

Embarrassingly, while every other Feccian Bladesman's weapon bears a unique ability, fate decided Zeke's weapons to be a pair of ordinary bokken (one katana-length, one wakazashi-length). Tradition dictated that he couldn't be given a different weapon, and so he's been stuck with those two for more than a decade. He's gotten damn good with them, though.
  • Badass: Par for the course with the WAOA crew.
  • Blood Knight: Shows some traits of this. He once showed up with a random bruise and some scratches, and explained that he'd gotten in an accidental barfight with a superhero. Not only is it implied that he won in a Curb-Stomp Battle, but his comment on the experience?
    Zeke: That was fun.
  • Character Tics: Tends to tip his hat as greeting to friends. When introducing himself, he adds in a bow.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Half this. Things like his speed, reflexes, and technique are all due to his Training from Hell. For the other half, see Super Serum.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: For now. According to Word of God, Zeke isn't going to find Mister Scratch's Alehouse for a little while, at least. Not that it'll stop him from trying, of course.
  • Fish out of Water: In his first several appearances, due to being from a fantasy world that relied mostly on limited Magitek. He does this less nowadays, though, if only because his creator is sick of having to invoke this trope every time an unfamiliar technology or term arises.
    • Hand Wave: At one point, he mentions how he's been reading, so it's likely he's caught himself up on a lot of what the group talks about.
  • Flat "What.": Often his reaction toward the group's sillier antics.
  • Future Badass: According to Word of God, Zeke is someone who "could one day be the best swordsman alive, but still has a long way to go."
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Not just his philosophy, but the entire Feccian philosophy as a whole. Technically, though, they believe that Heroes Prefer Blades, as several Bladesmen go out with weapons like wind and fire wheels, gaundao, battle axes, etc.
  • Humble Goal: All he wants to do is make it to twelve pubs scattered about the land. Is that so wrong?
  • Lightning Bruiser: He's as strong as any other Bladesman (read: surprisingly strong), but what makes him truly powerful is his speed. In his first fight seen in the RP, he managed to sever at least two of Anne's limbs before she saw him coming, and before most of the others in the group could even land a strike. A few of the others lampshaded this.
  • Made of Iron: Of course; his Training from Hell wouldn't have left him any other way.
  • Nice Guy
  • Nice Hat: Wears a lime-green fedora wherever he goes.
  • Only Sane Man: Somewhat in the beginning, as he'd yet to adjust to the inherent weirdness that followed the WAOA crew. He's since adapted and participated in it, a bit.
  • Running Gag: He often asks new people he meets if they know where to find Mister Scratch's Alehouse.
  • Shout-Out: His hat is one to Mr. Nancy, of Anansi Boys.
  • Super Serum: Downplayed. As part of his training to be a Feccian Bladesman, he was given alchemical infusions that increased his strength and durability (and, by proxy, a certain degree of his other physical attributes) to preternatural levels. Both were already heightened by the training itself, however, with his infusions simply raising the bar further.
  • Training from Hell: Every Feccian Bladesman's training was this to some degree; for Zeke, it was this Up to Eleven. Justified, for if he was going to have any chance of going toe-to-toe with another Feccian Bladesman, he'd need all the advantages he could get.
  • Wooden Katanas Are Even Better: Played With. He's clearly not happy with his weapon of choice, but tradition didn't allow him another option. He's trained well enough with them that they're basically this trope, though.
    • It also helps that they're unbreakable, although that's not a unique trait; through means kept secret, every Feccian Bladesman's weapon is rendered indestructible.


Aurora Van'el

"I was bored, so I bought General Motors."

Skilled sorceress, former hitwoman for The Mafia and also Max' wife. She, like her husband, was sucked into a dimensional rift after defeating Baal. Sadly, she and Max were separated by that for a few months, but they finally reunited during the Gondor Calls for Aid moment during the fight with Apos. Since then, she and Max decided to stay with the Avatars.

During their 10 days of vacation,s he and her husband participated in and passed the auditions to become greek gods.

Grinning General/"Chuck" Weiss

"A shovel? What about the one you are currently holding?"

GG, for short, is a Reality Warper from Bremen, Germany. Even though he has a slightly... loose grasp of reality sometimes, he managed to become a founding member of The Club and stayed with them since. Except for a short period in which he participated in auditions to become a greek god. He passed. And then his title was revoked, his memory whiped and he met the regular group.

William "Will" Palakiko

Caroline Parton


Suika Ibuki

An Oni from Gensokyo. As a Deva of the Mountain, Suika is one of the strongest and drunkest you can find! She's been hanging around with the Avatar-group for ages, drinking sake with a lot of different interesting persons and fighting a couple of them. Suika has the power to control density and can shrink, grow, change her weight, multiply and create white and black holes, coupled with the great natural strength of the Oni. Three accessories hang in chains from her arms and hair, and they are incorporated in her fighting-technique. Also, in the long history of WAOA, she has never been seen sober.

Yuugi Hoshiguma

A fellow Oni and Deva of the Mountain, Yuugi comes from the Hell of Blazing Fires in Gensokyo. Appears now and then when there's fighting or drinking going on and is a close friend of both Suika and Parsee. Yuugi has the power to control supernatural phenomena, which she uses for various strange things. She too is crazily strong, and has been known to crush mountains with her fists. She is usually the drinking and boisterous type, but she's known to be quite cunning and seductive when she wants to. She might have her own agenda...

Komachi Onozuka

The Reaper of Gensokyo. Komachi has bumped into the Avatars, her Others and herself on Time Travel while trying to slack off from her duties. Has the power to manipulate distance along with her Reaper-powers. When activating her Reaper-side, her voice changes and another personality seems to take over. She once had a major fight with Elly, which ended in a tie. She often appears to do Ozbourne's immortality-check, as Ozbourne's Reaper usually is busy.

Yukari Yakumo

The Youkai of Gensokyo's Boundary. Yukari has appeared at various times and in various incarnation to assist or employ the Avatars. After the Father-arc, she became something of their patron goddess. She assists them with fulfilling their wishes and travel between worlds, and in return she asks of them to help her with her own goals. Yukari is as good as omnipotent, with her power to shift any boundaries, but she prefers to have others fight for her. She has officially blocked the Avatars' entry to Gensokyo due to the great dangers they seem to attract wherever they go.

Yukari Yakumo (Other)

The Yukari Yakumo of a different world. This Yukari (often called Other!Yukari or the evil Yukari) has been paying close attention to the Avatars, using them to develop her own power. She appeared somewhere during the Tepes-arc as an ally of Tepes, but did not reveal her identity to the group before the Cupid-arc. She is cunning and powerful, but she has never lied. Is a bit younger, carefree and experimental than her Other.

She appeared before the Avatars in the past, trying to make them agree to different deals. She betrayed Tepes and left him to his doom. After Matt's death, she arranged it so that she could have his body. She showed great interest for Deidre, and did her best trying to make the Avatars kill Deidre so that she could harvest the Omnisource from the body. However, Xenos destroyed the body and regained the Omnisource before Yukari could take it. In return, she vowed to kill Xenos, Yuri and Zawman and take the Omnisource from them instead.

A long time went without the Avatars hearing anything from her. But suddenly, Xenos received a letter where he was told that an old friend of his was under her care, and he was invited to visit him. This friend turned out to be the body of Matt. Yukari had taken the Retconinator from Deidre and fused it with the body with the help of a cyborg-body made by the scientists of Dee's homeworld. Now, the Retconinator was under Yukari's control and hunting down the Omnisource.

In the Final Battle, the Retconinator was destroyed, and Yukari revealed that she wanted the Omnisource so that she could create her own world; she had come into being in the reaches of Oblivion without any place to call home. After her defeat, the Yukari the Avatars knew appeared and asked them to spare her. She took her Other under her wing, and they found her a new world.


A small clan-less vampire from Makai, Elis first met the group on Hawaii. She met Flandre and was at first deadly afraid of getting killed by this feared vampire, but was accepted by Flandre as a member of the Outcasts. Afterwards, she followed Flandre around or visited her friends minus and Maria. Flandre's death shook her hard and she seems not to be her former cheerful self. When Flandre was resurrected after the first Ozbourne-arc, Elis was overjoyed, and followed Flandre when she started walking the Omniverse.

Cheerful and childish, Elis is a sweet girl who tries her best to keep up with the older Outcasts. She's very good with illusion-magic and has been learning Dark Magic, but she's nowhere near her elder brothers and sisters.

Remilia Scarlet

The sister of Flandre Scarlet of the Outcasts. Lost her mind after almost being killed by her sister's rampage ( she got better). Built the Shin Scarlet Mansion to help vampire children with special needs after Flandre died and is a highly respected member of the Outcasts.

When the Outcasts became the largest Vampire Clan in the Omniverse, she was elected their queen. First, she refused, planning for the position to go to Alucard, but when he refused, she accepted the position. She was the one to lead the wedding ceremony of Alucard and Maria in their Castlevania.

Nue Houjuu

A Nue from Gensokyo, who loves to prank people with her shapeshifting powers. She appears at random points, usually to mess with the Avatars. She is in love with the Author Avatar Hilarity Ensues, but as she is a Nue, she courts him with pranks and tricks, which is not always received very well. The last time she appeared, she made him think he had been fed cyanide-laced ice cream, when she had just spiked it with almonds. Hilarity, a God and thus a being of Belief, really thought had been fed cyanide, and thus collapsed. He woke up once Nue revealed that it was just almonds, but because of what had happened, they were very angry with Nue. Nue left, laughing all the way.


A cursed traveller from a strange Gensokyo. Many hundred years ago, Kotohime was cursed to travel through the Multiverse, never spending more than one day and one night in one place or one week in one world. She met the Avatars at several points in their adventures, but she could never stay for long due to her curse.

She became a very close friend of Catherine, and fell in love with her. As often as possible, Kotohime would visit Catherine, but every morning Kotohime would be gone. Once, Kotohime met an Other of Catherine, who had lost her memory. Kotohime thought she was the Catherine she knew, and they travelled together for a while. However, when they met the Catherine Kotohime first had loved, Catherine thought Kotohime had left her. When Kotohime realized the truth, she broke up with Other!Catherine, but couldn't make herself meet Catherine again. She left for her travels again, having found the last place she had to go before she could break the curse and become mortal again.

Catherine followed her to the top of an icy mountain, overcoming various difficulties on the way. When she finally reached Kotohime, she was just in time to see Kotohime's curse being lifted, and they got back together. After that, the two have been near inseparable.


Was a maid/nurse at the Shin Scarlet Mansion. She became Queen Remilia's personal secretary after Remilia became the Queen of the Outcasts. Not much more is known about her.


A young vampire staying at the Shin Scarlet Mansion. Her entire family were killed by human vampire hunters, traumatizing her. Briefly met Irene and Eris when they snuck into the Shin Scarlet Mansion and had a mental breakdown.


A young girl from Soletre, City of the Sun, Elanor was born into the greatest of the Solar Families. She is the grand-daughter of the current High Priest of the Temple of The Sun and is a potential candidate for the role as Priestess when she becomes older. She has inherited the Power of The Sun Goddess and she has the potential to become the strongest High Priestess in history. Akane is her personal servant and closest friend. Elanor has learned to respect and cherish all living beings and she doesn't understand why that shouldn't extend to magicians.

One day, when planning to have a picnic, they stumbled across the world the Avatars were visiting. There they met minus and Elanor asked her to help them with fighting the prejudice against magicians. minus unlocked Elanor's powers and gave her full control of them. Elanor was ecstatic and promised that she would absolve slavery as soon as she became High Priestess. Elanor used these powers to look into their pasts, and discovered that they were in fact reincarnations of the Flandre Scarlet who had formed the Outcasts and the Utsuho Reiuji who'd killed her. This revelation stunned both of them, especially Elanor, who was forced to come to terms with the fact that as Utsuho, she'd slaughtered countless people under the influence of the Scarlet curse and even killed Flandre Scarlet, who'd been reborn as her faithful servant and friend Akane. For a long time, Elanor shut herself up in her room, until Akane convinced her to return to see Minus once again, who helped her convince Elanor not to worry about repeating her past mistakes. The two now again plan to make Elanor High Priestess of the Sun and to free Akane's fellow magicians from slavery and restore the people's trust in magic.

The Writer/ Lemurian

The Writer came into the story by making strange word-assassins try to kill some of the Avatars. He tried various ways of killing them and even tried to make Yukari revert some of the wishes she'd granted for them. He contracted The Eastern Company to kill them. However, it turned out that the Writer was suffering from some type of multiple personality and he gave the Avatars a book that they could use to kill him. By using the Tectrixalibur on it, he would die.

However, even when the Tectrixalibur was destroyed, there was a way to stop him. Led by the Author Avatar Lemurian, the Avatars plunged into The Writer's mind through the book to defeat him. They made a deal with Yukari so that she would take care of the Writer, if they could stop his Thoughts. By defeating his Rant, his Sadness and his Hate, they found his true form...the Author Lemurian. He thanked them for calming him by defeating the Thoughts and they forgave him the things he had done under the influence of the rampant thoughts.

Incarnate Writer

The Writer has always had a special connection to Gensokyo. So, when the Incarnate Avatars opened the Pandora's Box in Gensokyo, the dark energies corrupted also his mind. His thoughts were warped into madness, and he succumbed to his obsession of a "perfect story" and used his powers more and more.

He never tried to stop the Avatars, as he regarded the wasteland Multiverse as necessary and he was planning to write several new worlds for new stories once the calamities had passed. However, when the Avatars sought passage into Gensokyo to kill Incarnate Yukari, he stood in their way. When they called upon him in his mansion between worlds, he challenged them. He wanted to kill them, so that he could write more perfect protagonists.

In the battle against him and his assistants, the Incarnate Writer drew upon powers from beyond the Fourth Wall, making it one of the more frustrating battles. After the Avatars had killed five of his assistants in different arenas, he surrendered, and let them kill him.

His assistants were brought back by Arceus, Dialga and Palkia, but they retain no memories of their time in his service.

The Retconinator

The Retconinator, formerly a piece of Deidre, formerly a weapon of the XYZ. After Other!Yukari got hold of it, she placed it in Matt's body. It had the power to retcon any attack, making it essentially indestructible. The only way to stop it was to warp it away, something only Yukari had the power to accomplish. Carried a black sword as well as different firearms. It was defeated by Matt's ghost performing a Heroic Sacrifice.

Urien the Understanding

A Welldrawer of the Well of Worlds (The Omnisource). Channels the Stream of Understanding (Power). Together with Verity and Waleria, he met the group while they were participating in the tournament in the Dragon Ball-world. He admonished Yuri for using too much power in her fighting, and after the tournament was done, he became her teacher. He has continued to reject Yuri's romantic advances, but he cares greatly for her.

Verity of Memories

A Welldrawer of the Well of Worlds. Channels the Stream of Memories (Knowledge). Appeared for the first time together with Urien and Waleria in the Dragon Ball-world.

Waleria the Willful

A Welldrawer of the Well of Worlds. Channels the Stream of Willpower (Omnisource of Courage). When she first appeared, she duelled Zawman because she felt he was too cowardly to be a Courage-user. However, after losing to Zawman, she got more interested in him. After Zawman lost in the tournament against Yuugi, Waleria took him out drinking. One thing lead to another, and they spent the night together. After the tournament, Waleria went with Zawman to Korin's Tower to train together with him, but she left partway through, because she had been feeling strange. Before she left, she asked Zawman if he would marry her if she was pregnant. He said yes.

After checking with Verity, it was confirmed that she was pregnant. She went back to tell Zawman, who by then was training in Heaven with Popo, and he took it in stride. However, Waleria felt that he did not want the child and left him. Zawman followed after her, and told her he wanted to help, like he had promised. But Waleria asked him if he loved him, and to tell the truth.

He answered no. Waleria told him to leave.

After a couple of months alone, Zawman got a letter from Waleria, saying that she wanted to talk to him. Zawman came to the place she specified, where Waleria told him that she was pregnant with triplets, and was afraid. She would not marry him, while he did not love her, but she was very glad to have his help.

Waleria's birth was uncomplicated, and their three children were named Alexander, Blaine and Celeste.

The Philosopher/Creator

A strange ethereal being that channels all three aspects of the Omnisource to create new worlds. While wandering the fabric between worlds, he (or she) began to ponder upon the nature of the Multiverse, and has since then concentrated on finding the true nature of the Multiverse.


Archdemon of Hell, Keeper of the Seal of Earth, and loyal servant of the late Ashborn Lord, the god. Ba'al was introduced to the group during The Second Ozbourne Arc, when she had been framed for the crime of attacking innocent villages. When he first saw Ozbourne, he at once fell head over heals in love with her. Ba'al was also trying to find the perpetrator, but refused to believe that Ozbourne was the one. Instead, he began investigating the source of the bounty.

However, he was caught imprisoned and tortured by the person responsible, the Archangel Abaddon. His butler managed to find Ozbourne and her friends, and they defeated Abaddon and saved Ba'al. Ba'al was very grateful, and swore eternal service to Ozbourne, who he also believed to be the Ashborn One reborn.

In the time afterwards, Ba'al would call upon Ozbourne again and again, lavishing her with flowers and hand-crafted presents made with his Earth powers. His feelings were not returned, but that did not stop him. When Ozbourne was convinced by Lilith to reject him once and for all, he was devestated. Lilith picked him up on the rebound, starting The Third Ozbourne Arc.

When Ba'al and Lilith had been married, and he had made their palace to live in, she bound him in his sleep and sealed him away in a statue for an Elder Dragon God. The statue sapped his powers, working as a sacrifice to the Dragon God. Luckily, the other Keepers had contacted Ozbourne and her friends, and they saved him and defeated Lilith's new draconic form. After the battle, Ba'al and the other Keepers made Ozbourne the Keeper of the Seal of Air, as Lilith's replacement.

Rei the Dusclops

A girl who died under mysterious circumstances, and who thus became an amnesic ghost. With Raidou's help, she remembered that she had been murdered while in hospital, and that the killer was none other than the vice-captain of the Cheerleading Club she had been part of.

At a party, the vice-captain's boyfriend had drugged and kidnapped Rei, because of her beautiful looks. However, his car had crashed, and he died in that crash. Rei, who had been bound in the back, survived with some broken bones. That was why she was in hospital. The vice-captain held Rei responsible for the boyfriend's death, and strangled Rei while she was confined to her bed.

After regaining her memories, Rei opted for not moving on to the afterlife just yet, choosing instead to act as a Spirit Helper for people like Raidou. She found the Spirit Seeker, and joined him on his travels.

Sally the Salamence

A Salamence-gijinka that the group have run into at several times. First, they encountered her in the middle of a city, where she was hunting humans for food. Yanmie and the group tried telling her about how she should not eat humans, but Sally protested and said that she needed meat to survive. Yanmie suggested going for pigs and cattle instead, which confused Sally. Why was pigs and cattle okay, but humans off-limits? For her, there were no differences except how they were hunted. She flew off before they could try to fight her.

The next time Sally appeared was in the Incarnate timeline. Sally, being a long-lived Salamence, had hardly aged, but did not recognize the group at first. She could tell that she knew Tengen from before, but it had been a long time ago. Sally did not try to eat anyone in the group, seeing as they had saved her life from freezing to death in the storm raging outside.

While on the group's airship, Sally met Deviot, who again tried to talk her out of eating humans. She raised the question of how they could know that fish and cattle could not think or speak, and could not understand why humans were so different from other animals. Finally, Deviot gave her his powersource in the form of a ring. This ring would give Sally all necessary nourishment without her having to kill anyone or anything. Deviot then collapsed, and Sally could not understand why he would sacrifice his powersource for someone like her.

The last time the group met Sally was back in the normal timeline. Sally still had the ring, which hinted to that she had been brought back from the Incarnate timeline by Dialga and Palkia. Now, Sally was on the lookout for more rings like the one she had, because she had finally understood that it was wrong to eat humans. However, she extended that to include all life, because there was no sure way to know if something was sentient or not. She knew some likeminded Gijinka that shared the same view, and tried to find more rings so that they also would be exempt from eating living things. Max volunteered, and made thousands of them for her, seeing as she was part dragon. Sally left, now also with another ring that she and Raven had bought the day before. It was very cheap, and the stone is just coloured glass, yet she treasures it dearly.

Tyra the Typloshion

Ty's older sister, and something of an adventurer. A cheerful and energetic woman, with a great...fondness for men. Is famous within the family for being in a sexual relationship with Charlie the Charizard while the two families were in the middle of a feud. She has been forgiven since then, but she still spends a lot of time travelling the various worlds.

Kari Weiss

The mother of Chuck Weiss, the Grinning General. A successful businesswoman, who also has her hands full at home with GG's father. She is a very patient and open-minded woman.

    Multitasking Mimi 

Yanmie the Yanmega

"Hiya! I'm Yanmie the Yanmega! Nice to eat you! I mean meet!"

Yanmie is what you'd get if you had a Yanmega as a human. With her Speed Boost she tends to move fast and speak fast, but she is clumbsier with her tongue than she is with her feet. Has been travelling the Whateververse for a few years before meeting the group, having left home because of a "minor dissagreement" with her family.

Having gotten used to the stuff the group deals with on a daily basis, she has lost most of her silliness and is a bit more serious than she first was when she showed up. She passed a tryout for the Greek Panthenon and became Hermes.


"Hee hee~ You are so silly Pit!"

Rota was living as much of a normal life as a ghost could, until an angel with amnesia was found unconcious on her floor whom she named Sereph. She ended up in the digital world where Sereph got his memories back and found out his name is Pit. Now she is traveling the multiverse trying to see if she can remember her life.

She has gotten her memories back learning how she died and her real name is Kia. She has gotten a magic notebook, a robotic body, and a magical item that lets her change what type of things she can possess.

  • Cute Ghost Girl: Rotoms are Ghost Types
  • Haunted Technology: As a Rotom she can possess electronics. She likes to sleep in fridges.
  • Magic Skirt: No matter how Rota moves, she won't flash anyone.

  • Robot Girl: She got a robotic body when she was in Mega Man's world from Doctor Wily's lab. It looks almost identical to her ghost form.
  • Tear Jerker: Kia's death caused several Players to cry, not just the characters.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The fact that she probably died in only in her sweater brings up some bad thoughts.
    • To be fair, Pit might have been wrong about it.
      • Proven true when her memories came back.



A green haired adventurer from Dokapon Kingdom. First showed up as a Robo Knight lost in the Gaol in the land of One Piece and made friends with Punk, Ballade, Protoman and Roll, then got her humanity back. Tends to be greedy and always on the look out for loot, but has been focusing on her cooking. Being able to ome back from the dead, along with the ability to copy people stats has made her a vary powerful warrior. Though unless you mess with her, her friends, or her loot, you won't have to fight her.

  • Catch Phrase: Loot? and Loot? Y/N?
  • Death Is Cheap: Though she hasn't died since she joined the Avatars, she will be revived in Dokapon Kingdom in one to three days after she is killed.
  • Five-Man Band: With Punk, Ballade, Protoman, and Roll.

  • Gender-Blender Name: While her name is Erik, she is actually a girl.
  • House Wife: Erik's goal in life. Which is completely different than what she is doing now as a warrior and an adventurer.
  • Quizzical Tilt: This is pretty much what she does whenever she asks for loot. Which is often.
  • Robot Girl: She was this when she first came to the group. She was then given the ability to change from this to her original human form.


"Uue? Tepig is confused!"

Best friends with Oshawott and Snivy, she was turned to a human Pokemon hybrid by Professor Juniper. She didn't notice at first and went to where the Professor said her friends were without realizing that she wasn't a little piglet anymore. Is with the Avatars with her friends whom have been traveling with them longer than her. Tends to not be that bright and is pretty childish.


"Ahaha, I am the most beautiful girl here!"
"B-But Apala-nii-chan and I were just joking around!"

First showed up as a Snorunt Cathrine saved from a burning building, she showed up again and joined the group as a Froslass. After failing to get a "Victim" and befriending Apala, who she named, she gave up on that and became a bit lost as to what to do with her life. During the Incarnates Arc she was horrified at what her Incarnate had done and asked to be turned into a Snorunt so she wouldn't have to worry about ever doing that. She then settled down to be Apala's little sister.

  • Bratty Half-Pint: As a Snorunt, when she isn't being cute, she's this.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Starting to lose her selfishness thanks to Apala.
  • Deliberately Cute Child: Might be one as a Snorunt. Noone agrees if she has the mentality of a child when she is one, or she keeps her adult mind.
  • Femme Fatale: She tries to be one, but she gets rejected by most guys.
  • An Ice Person
  • Meaningful Name: Yuki means "Snow" and the Japanese name for a Froslass is "Yukimenoko" and the Japanese name for a Snorunt is "Yukiwarashi"
  • Really 700 Years Old: Noone really knows or really cares how old she is.
  • Snowball Fight: One of her favorite activities. But she tends to just eat the snow if she's hungry.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Gained the same shapeshifing ability the Animorphs have during the Incarnates Arc.
  • White Mask of Doom: Her skull mask that she puts on her face if she wants to fight. Otherwise it is on the side of her head.
  • Youkai: Froslass is a Pokemon version of a Yuki-Onna and Yuki tends to act similar to one. Or have a similar goal.

Kelly Distasio

"Wuah~ Can I eat it?"

Full name is Matter Power Android Model 758-WTM "Kelly", she first appeared in the second And Now for Someone Completely Different Arc in Amise City. She is pretty naive but is nice and good person who likes almost everyone.

    Mr Kirb 

Major Adam Longram ("II")

An Enclave Commander stationed at Post-War Chicago who was born and raised in Vault 60. He used to be loyal to the Enclave until he discovers their true intentions, resulting in deserting them. He joined the the group when Mitch and Nova's drones rescued him from the Midestern Brotherhood of Steel.

Sergent Saru Bracks

Longram's close subordinate and resident demolitions expert. Saru is considered the oddball of the 1st Hellfire Battalion, an eccentric blonde who doesn't think straight sometimes and has a massive obsession with bombs.

  • Afraid of Needles: Used to have this fear until Zoe helped her overcome it.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: A soldier with a ditzy mindset of a teenage girl but she's not called a demolition expert for nothing.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: She may be a bit ditzy and the least soldier-y of the bunch, she knows a lot on know explosives work.
  • Cyborg: Like Longram, she has certain body parts replaced with cybernetics.
  • Defector from Decadence: She defected from the Enclave because she finds their methods monstrous.
  • Everyone Has Standards: She may an obsession with all things going boom however, she will never use them on innocent people.
  • Fangirl: Of Mister Torgue and his weapons. Also has a fondness for Hack and Slash and fighting games.
  • Genius Ditz: Know damn well on how use, build, and disarm explosives and is surprisingly know how to mathematics and to some extent, chemistry. Everything else, not so much.
  • Genki Girl: Behaves like this on her good days.
  • Mildly Military: Saru is considered unfitting for a soldier due to considering standard military protocol as a suggestion/guidelines rather than rules to follow and is often behaves like a teenager. However, when she's on a mission, she puts aside those whimsical behaviors to do her duty efficiently.
  • Military Moonshiner
  • Older than They Look: She looks around 20 or even younger but is over 50 years old.
  • Powered Armor
    • Nose Art: As with all 1st Hellfire Battalion Soldiers, she has the right red shoulder on her armor but what's distinct from the rest is her armor is a chimera of various power armor parts and painted hazard stripes, her personal warning to others she's using explosives.
  • Rollerbade Good: Like most of the Hellfire Brigade, she uses gliding coils to skate across the battlefield.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: Her weapon of choice when she's not using explosives.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Her main trait.

     Neon Moon 

Zelgadis Graywords

From a young age, Zelgadis was apprenticed to his great-grandfather Rezo. Zel asked Rezo for power, in order to seek out the Philosopher's Stone, and Rezo transformed him into a 1/3-golem, 1/3-brau demon chimera. Zel performed a Heel-Face Turn and has been trying to restore his human body ever since. He is retired.


Ozbourne Gina

An Author Avatar. Ozbourne was a regular player for a while before the thread was moved. She is a bored, 598-year-old immortal. Through the course of traveling through various dimensions and realities, she unlocked her latent PSI abilities and gained some form of reality warping that she has yet to figure out how to control. Left the group for a while, but made a reappearance (then unnoticed) before the Evil!Tails fight. She had somehow accidentally petrified herself, but was restored somewhat later by minus. This experience hasn't seemed to effect her much, but not much does.

She has since resumed following the group on their adventures, coming out of her shell a bit more and showing her warmer side instead of cold stoicism. She is especially fond of and good with children, and has started taking care of Wrath and Mika as if they were her own.

As a result of her long lifespan, she tends to change her name every few decades, and has in-game changed it to "Gina".


Cynthia is the Champion of the Pokemon League. She had originally appeared before the shift to a more organized roleplay in the thread, and returned a few times after the thread move. Despite not knowing either, she brought a gift to the wedding of Xenos and 3Dee; a Togepi egg. She returned again during the Pokemon arc (naturally) and is working with the group to help the legendary Pokemon.


Amber showed up during the Pokemon arc, having appeared from a random portal. At first, she seemed to be a kind and friendly young woman who simply sought to regain control of her magic powers. However, once she got her abilities back, she revealed her true colours. She turned on those who thought her a friend, perceiving innocent comments and accidents as insults and getting her revenge by petrifying several members of the group. Joat petrified Amber, and she was later smashed to rubble. However, Helmut brought her back, and she worked for him for a while, but was re-petrified and smashed again during the battle. Whether or not she is gone for good this time remains to be seen.



An easily amused, artistic computer geek from "some boring small town", Chrissy appeared via a portal she created herself while the group was in a hotel in the Marvel Universe. She's quite friendly to everyone, but tends to spend any time she can either creating pictures in her laptop's graphics program or sketching. She tends to laugh a lot; either as some sort of nervous tic or due to finding most things rather funny. She didn't have any weapons so didn't take part in battles, until Hilarity gave her a sword when the group was fighting some random Mind Flayers. How effective she'll be in combat remains to be seen. She used to talk to her friend Terri online, until Terri showed up and joined the group.


"You have issues."

Chrissy's best friend from back home, she joined the group after Chrissy talked her through adjusting the same portal Chrissy had used herself. She was rather taken aback to discover that the things Chrissy had told her were all true (and by Hilarity shifting into her duplicate to greet her). She seems to be adjusting though. Has a fondness for playing The Sims and similar games, and shows a talent at dueling.

  • Face Palm (Usually to Chrissy, but she tends to do it a lot in general)
  • Fish out of Water (At first, anyway; she's adjusting well now)
  • Improbable Weapon User (Before she bought some magical knives, she had a tendency to poke or whack things with sticks. She's also used a towel.)
  • Spock Speak (Tends towards this sometimes, especially during serious conversations.)


An Other of Ozbourne. She had been petrified by Amber at some point about a year before her introduction and sold to a museum. When her statue was stolen (and Ozbourne had coincidentally been petrified and taken away by the police that were investigating this incident), she was switched with Ozzy, with Ozzy being sent back to the museum in her place. Casey tried to convince the group that she was Ozzy, afraid that if they learned the truth she'd end up as a statue again, but has let the group get to know her real self once discovering this would not be the case.

Jade and Ruby Hawthorne

Teenaged twins who showed up for the And Now for Someone Completely Different arc. Though it has not officially been revealed in the game, they were chosen by their world to be priestesses to the twin gods (which represent the twin suns of their homeworld). They are human, just from a different world than the other human characters in the game. Jade is more outgoing and impulsive, while Ruby is more reserved and cautious. Each has a unique ability; Jade can knock people unconscious for up to several hours by touching their foreheads (this does not harm them, and they wake up feeling like they've had a full night's sleep no matter how long they've been out), and Ruby has the ability to heal non-fatal injuries.

Tavros Nitram

A troll from the world of Homestuck.

(Further details and tropes coming soon)

Rose Lalonde

Also from the world of Homestuck.

(Further details and tropes coming soon)


(Further details and tropes coming soon)


Showed up during the second And Now for Someone Completely Different arc.

Nichole is a young woman who enjoys acting, and has a tendency to get really into the characters she plays. At one point she was transformed by Hilarity into Vriska Serket and developed a strange on-and-off obsession with wanting to be (or just look like) Vriska. (Fortunately, she does not share Vriska's tendency to do horrible things to her supposed "friends".) During her most recent transformation into Vriska, she acquired the ability to steal luck as well as at least some of Vriska's mind control abilities, although she really only makes use of the luck-stealing.

(More tropes to be added later)


Showed up during the second And Now for Someone Completely Different arc.

A friend of Nichole's from high school. Donna is a shy, quiet girl who speaks with a lisp and is very self-conscious about it. As such, she often tries to avoid words with "s" sounds and thus speaks rather awkwardly until she's comfortable around someone. Returned for the second The Bus Came Back arc with a bit more self-confidence.

(More tropes to be added later)


A young, friendly woman with purple hair who enjoys baking. Her goal is to become a pastry chef and open her own bake shop, and she practiced by baking a variety of cakes, cookies, and pies for the group.

(More tropes to be added later)


Another friend of Nichole's from high school. Jacky has a fondness for dogs. She also has the tendency to talk in her sleep and sleepwalk, having said and done a variety of odd things while sound asleep. At one point Hilarity turned her into Terezi Pyrope, complete with the mixed-up senses (blind, but with the ability to smell and taste colors). Much like the real Terezi, she preferred things this way, and kept Terezi's senses even after changing back to human. Also like the real Terezi, she thinks that red is the most delicious color.

(More tropes to be added later)

Lucrezia, AKA Lucy

A rather mysterious young woman with the ability to turn herself invisible. She did very little that was notable aside from her participation in the Rota's Memories arc.

(Further details and tropes coming soon)


She was initially rather freaked out by the random weirdness surrounding the group, particularly the transformations (which she thought were OK as long as they didn't happen to her.) Was briefly transformed into Karkat Vantas. Returned during the second The Bus Came Back arc.

(Further details and tropes coming soon)


A friendly, nature-loving girl who has the ability to astrally project to other locations in her dreams. She has also shown the ability to possess others when in this state, although thus far she's only used it on a Prinny. As a result of her enjoyment of traveling around in her dreams, she has the tendency to sleep whenever she's bored or traumatized. Became a Celebi gijinka during an evening of random transformations.

(Further details and tropes coming soon)


A polite young woman with a large vocabulary. She seemed surprised at first at how accepting and hospitable the group can be. In the tradition of the group members undergoing random transformations, she had been transformed into Rose Lalonde by Hilarity and had to deal with being a teenager again, as well as being contacted by some of the horrorterrors. She has since been changed back to her usual self.

(Further details and tropes coming soon)


A friendly, mostly upbeat young woman who wants to be a veterinarian. As tends to happen in the group, she underwent a transformation, turning into Feferi Peixes. During that time she had a tendency to prefer to be underwater, and shifted Out of Focus to go swimming offscreen. She has since returned to human, but with an amulet that will let her become Feferi again when she wants to.

(Further details and tropes coming soon)


A rather quirky young woman who seems to say and do things to get a reaction, such as originally introducing herself as "Angelina Jolie" and claiming to want to adopt an alien baby. Despite these eccentricities, she is friendly and harmless. She has a tendency to give people nicknames that only she understands; most of these are friends from home but she's started doing it with the group now and then. After seeing all the troll transformations she asked for one of her own, becoming Nepeta Leijon.

(Further details and tropes coming soon)


A friend of Jennifer's from back home with a fondness for playing games.

  • Fashionable Asymmetry (Likes one-shouldered tops and mismatched hair ornaments)
  • The Nicknamer (though hers are based on a person's actual names and not random like Jennifer's)

(Further details and tropes coming soon)


Another friend of Jennifer's and Heather's. Has a fondness for fire, and since joining the group has received pyrokinetic powers courtesy of George.

(Further details and tropes coming soon)

Pokemon Trainer Vriska

An Other of Vriska Serket from a world that is a hybrid of Alternia and Johto. Her main Pokemon is an Ariados, and she has been shown to have a Galvantula as well. The rest of her team remains unseen so far. She has collected all of the badges from all of the regions (all of them), and is now working on collecting ribbons. While she is generally more friendly than her comic counterpart, she still has a fair bit in common with her Other.

(Further tropes coming soon)


Raidou Kuzunoha the 21st

I have got to start paying attention to my surroundings more often...

Raidou Kuzonoha the XIV in all but name. He managed to find his way to the group while stumbling into a tear in space and time on the advice of Pokabu. His job as a Demon Summoner is to talk to, capture, or exterminate supernatural threats to the universe. So far, he doesn't do much other than talking with the others or attempting to avert the occasional apocalyptic nightmare with varying results.

Hikaru Jomon

I wanna duel you. That okay with you?

Just your typical battle-crazy, alien-loving, happy-go-lucky kid. He joined the group to hang out with his friend Raidou more after Raidou temporarily left to join Hikaru for an off-screen Tournament Arc.


A rouge AI program borne from the mind of Aigis that managed to manifest itself one day and severely annoy the other Avatars. Was given a body by Kelly made by Dr. Disasto to enjoy her life.


I have to get going. There's someone I have to kill...

Vivian (more commonly Vivi) is a four armed assassin who was originally hired by Inspector Gentile to murder Akazukin. She's referred to as an "artifact" by other worldly beings. The title "artifact" is given to certain people who were failed experiments in creating an artificial host for the being Mr. Wolf. Vivian's name and occupation are contradictions in that her name means "vibrant and full of life" while her job is to take life. She would represent the hunter in the original story. Eventually, she was hired as A bodyguard.

Asagi Wysperwind (nee Asagiri)

It is, right? It’s my time to shine! Here comes Asagi!

The intended heroine of Nippon Ichi's next game following Makai Kingdom, Makai Wars, Asagi's game was dropped after Zetta defeated her, and was reduced to being a vagrant Bonus Boss, wandering from game to game in the attempt of plugging her own disowned game or trying to commit hostile takeovers to put herself in the main character spot.

Then she wandered into this game by accident. After some massive misunderstandings, she operated for a very long time under the pretense that she is the main character of an extremely intricate and unusual Dating Sim...until she "won". Now she continues to travel the multiverse alongside her husband and wife Imca and Falken, trying to be the bumbling heroine she's always aspired to be.

Seine Miyazaki

Miyazaki Seine is a 300 year old girl with an immortal body who Tatsuya invites to live in his home; before that she lived in a cardboard box in a park. In the first episode, Seine looks like a masochist because she seems to like being bullied. Actually, she becomes close to people who are infected by "mushis", a kind of parasitic, mind-controlling bugs, in order to hunt them. Her hunting ways go against the kind and pacifist Tatsuya's beliefs. Her motive is to avenge her foster father Simon's death by killing the people of sea, the mermaids. She controls a black snake called Aion that lives inside her. Her weakness is her inability to swim.

The ex-RED team


Fido is a Houndoom gijinka girl. She came from a Crapsack World and tends to behave like a dog.

  • Combat Pragmatist: One moment in particular.
    Latias: So who wishes to fight me?
    (Fido kicks Latias in the face the instant his/her sentence is finished. Hard enough to send a normal man through the wall.)
    Fido: ...If Eve doesn't mind, I guess I'd like to.
    Latias: Always a Dark Types's Tactics.
    Fido: Hey, that's racist.
    Latias: Not when you literally used a Dark Type move.
    Fido: No, I didn't. It's called "strategy". This would be a "Dark" type move.
    (Fido tries to bite into Latias's wing. Hard. In other words, " Fido used Crunch!")
  • Dark Is Not Evil
  • Furry Reminder: Tends to slip into dog-like habits from time to time.
  • Obsessed with Food: Tends to focus on eating food whenever she gets the chance.
  • Official Couple: With Vincent
  • Our Demons Are Different
  • Playing with Fire
  • Rage Against the Heavens: Her Arceus isn't the kindest of gods, after all. It created the world she came from.





Francis is a 13 year old boy. Little is known about him except his dimension's walls are thinning and that he is documenting the dimensions for his "people". Was tortured by Flandre and then sent to a pocket dimension by Oryx to heal his wounds

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie is a party pony from Ponyville. She decided to follow Twilight and Applejack's example and go to other dimensions to bring cheer. This goal isn't simple, however, especially after Francis's near-death and banishment.

Derpy Hooves

Derpy was another pony from Ponyville. This Pegasus is known for her cross-eyes, her clumsiness, and her love of muffins. She was originally brought in to help Francis's party, but is staying to help Pinkie to get over his near-death and banishment

  • Ascended Meme: Hard to believe Underwood only brought her in as a gag for an arc...

    Retired Players & Bussed Characters 
  • The first sheet covers Tropers whose names start with "A".
  • The second covers those whose names start with "B-D".
  • The third only covers those whose names start with "E".
  • Fourth? "F-J".
  • Fifth, "K-L".
  • Sixth, "M-R".
  • Seventh, "S-Z" and Pies.

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