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YMMV: We Are Our Avatars
As with many Online Roleplays, the reactions of the Roleplayers in this RP differ sometimes, so take these with a grain of salt.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation - Many roleplayers use this thread as a way to experiment with giving their characters different personalities.
    Several characters who began almost completely faithful to canon have changed and in many cases even gained new powers due to their interactions with other character.
  • Anvilicious: While some viewpoints of homosexuality from Caped Luigis Yoshi can come off as such, his Rockurtle's Nightmare mini-arc badly suffered from this trope.
  • Arc Fatigue - The Incarnates Arc dragged on for quite a bit; before that, the Hell Arc dragged on for quite a while before ending.
  • Archive Panic - Averted. Several new participants have expressed concern over having to read the 20,000+ page long conversation to fit in, but it is in no way necessary.
  • Author's Saving Throw: In an attempt to get rid of Bass's rather unsavory ability that's been mentioned before, a literal retcon was used to (almost) remove the ability forever. There were no regrets.
    • Clumsily done by Psyko Reaper, who started a fight using Dr. Doom planning to jumpstart an arc. However, players were annoyed by the spontaneous fight scene, and he retconned it into being All Just a Dream.
    • Anytime a character is killed for having a bad impression on other players or just being hated by the original player, this is usually regarded as incredibly lazy, bonus points if the character in question was killed anticlimatically or offscreen.
  • Badass Decay: Hydronix, who only got worse since he evolved. The Graysons, Carter/Catherine moreso. Started out as a badass, then degenerated into, for the most part, a whiner, a far cry from his/her source material.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment - Sometimes these happen.
    • The random appearances of Genghis Khan just before the thread was moved to RP.
    • Earlier, the Anti-Spiral appeared and forced the cast to do the Caramelldansen.
    • A Death, Tails, Osaka, Mega Man and two different Tenshi Hinanai play a game of Battleship, which Death turns into one awesome game, Tails even lampshades the trope.
    • Salad Fingers randomly appears and develops an unhealthy obsession with Mega Man's Buster.
    • Mammon's literal blowing up of Deathwing's shit. The less said of that, the better.
  • Bizarro Episode: The Genre Shift Arc.
  • Canon Defilement: Many characters have gone off of their source, and not always in a good way.
  • Character Derailment: This tends to happen with Original Characters.
  • Character Rerailment - At times, players will notice mistakes, and attempt to fix it.
  • Complete Monster - Johan, true to form; Tails' Other has his moments, yet Apos managed to top them all, though. In and out of her appearances, Slur seems to be this. Hydrogod manages to somehow enjoy the entire fight against Apos, including the Mind Rape done to him. And then there's Kasei, who seems more interested in torturing his test subjects than actually doing science.
    • This character type is criticized a lot nowadays, due to the characters with this mindset having staggeringly little characterization other than "For the Evulz". Nowadays, this character type is mocked and not recommended.
  • Crazy Awesome - Katsuun's version of The Grinch, after learning the true meaning of Christmas. One example? He wields a freaking Katana into battle against those who wish to harm Christmas.
  • Creator's Pet - Depending on your opinion, the Grayson family. Although players admit they're somewhat decent.
    • As an inverted/averted example, though, Victoria in particular was this to her own player for a time. Other players found her decent or interesting. Said player eventually regretted ever throwing away any possible (and positive!) characterization due to her hating the character so much.
    • Another inverted example is Andros. Some players loved his jerkass attitude, The Rant notwithstanding. The player herself loathed him, especially his canon attitude, to the point where she saw him as a whiny, self-centered jerkass—exactly the kind of characterization she was mostly going for.
    • This was Midna's opinion of 3Dee (semi-clone of Dee) and Anne (giantess introduced to throw Sapph a bone at first, due to not getting Mana, before becoming her own character). Nobody agreed with these statements.
    • Deanna became this when her pet cat shilled her as being a goddess and how amazing she is.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Estella Fury. Her descriptions are grotesque but cross into funny.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome - Nearly the entire group blows up the Marathon.
    • The entire battle against Yukari's Incarnate. (starts here).
      • Apos' fight was just as good, several characters returned to beat the everloving crap out of him.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: The more or less incredibly dark arcs tend to get this treatment.
  • Discredited Trope - Arcs involving Multiversal takeovers, conquerors, or plots that are just fighting an enemy are mocked and rarely used anymore, the plot type having grown stale either after the Incarnates Arc or even before that.
  • Dork Age: The Incarnates Arc gets a lot of flack. Despite how morally Grey it tried to be, it ended up being one of the arcs with the most Black and White Morality. In addition, the characters were handed an Idiot Ball a few times, and the schedule problems became frustrating.
  • Fan Nickname: There's a few, but "Raven" refers to Yuki as Mini-Metis because of her costume.
    • The Multiverse has several, one of which is "Whateververse" for players who don't care about what it's called.
    • Doomtrain is referred to often as Doomy, Diabolos(female) is sometimes called Dee, and Hydronix calls Shao Kahn Kahnny out-of-game.
    • After his revelation/return as a cyborg ninja, Michael Grayson was bestowed the nickname "Die Graysonator" by Etheru. Later became an ascended nickname.
    • Andros' rant about the Touhoumons has affectionately been nicknamed "The Rant" by Arcadiarika.
    • The Ninja characters and Evil Counterparts are often referred to as the "Ninjavatars" and the "Dark Avatars"/ "Evil Avatars" by several people, particularly Icarael.
    • "Lemplots" are by the player Lemurian, which are self-explanatory. Similarly, "Ajbplots" are named after the player, but it's synonymous with "Generic Whateververse Plot" in that he barely comes up with anything else.
    • Levin is used as a nickname for Gilgamesh, as they both have very arrogant personalities.
  • Fetish Retardant: The Fanservice dimension. It would give Freud a field day. (TV Tropes is not responsible for any mental scarring you go through, but do not click this link unless you have a fairly high tolerance for what could be considered "Fetishtic".)
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment/Hilarious in Hindsight: Midna said that he was going to take a break due to losing his temper over current goings-on (guess). A day later, Midna was banned for harassment.
    • Cyber Amy gave out gifts to Dai's characters: tunics for the guys, and dresses for the girls. Too bad it was mistyped and it went the other way around. What's so funny, though? Daisuke might as well be The Chick of the group, and is the only male member at the time.
    • Midna's final posts had Osaka telling Hilarity that he needed to become a god (you can guess the circumstances). Much, much later, Hilarity is the God of Order.
    • At one point in the Discussion thread, Etheru said he was thinking of making a Valveverse Mega Man from Portal, saying he'd be different from Chell because death would have been cheap for him. This was before the revelation about P-Body and Atlas.
      Another one relating to Portal is that, in WAOA, there were Anthropomorphic Personifications of concepts. One of them was "Bad Ideas", and Rai remarked about that in the Discussion thread after someone played Wheatley. Wheatley was designed to make terrible decisions, much like Bad Ideas was designed to have bad ideas.
    • Tama Saisei, an Eyebot, tends to be a bit of a pervert, usually recording women in secret and usually try sell DVD copies of it at least once. Months later, the Lonesome Road DLC was released and it was revealed that ED-E is also a perv too.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: When the group first appeared in the Naruto world, Michael hated it for...reasons unknown. Said world had ninjas in it, so why is it harsh? In Castlevania, where he took a break, he had to fight against Maria and Legato, and the resulting battle caused him to gain a cyborg ninja body in order to survive.
    • In the The World Ends With You arc, among other things, Victoria was wangsting about the possibilities of the dead members of the group becoming reincarnated. Enter Alyx Grayson months later, who would later be revealed as the failed reincarnation (due to him losing his memories and becoming a different person) of Carter Grayson.
  • Les Yay: Nearly all of Cly's characters, non-stop. Others include Catherine, Cyber Amy, Cryshell, and Gabriella. Last one wasn't played with much, in fact, she didn't want people to know it!
  • Magnificent Bastard - Yukari.
  • Mary Sue/Marty Stu: Sometimes this happens to some characters, if making a character too powerful and/or is talked about often occurs.
    • Deanna is by far the worst example of this trope, as she seems to be a reincarnation of a nature spirit, something that the player never even told the other players about. Hydronix is a lesser and debatable example, even though that was in backstory at least. And then there's Wren...who constantly talks about his achievements. However, he's getting better, at the very least, because his flaws are becoming somewhat more apparent.
    • Xene became one of these because Dreigonix didn't notice until it was too late. When Dreig finally did get the chance to bring him back and redeem him, he was only around for a bit before Dreig just lost his passion and forgot Xene.
    • Anti-Sue: Carter/Catherine, in spades.
    • Sympathetic Sue: Some notable ones are Ty, and Skirt.
      • Hydronix has admitted to being this as well. As for his characters, they sometimes are, but Char!Hydronix is the most notorious offender.
  • Memetic Mutation: PROGRESS, once used in response to the Arc Fatigue that is the Incarnates arc.
  • Memetic Molester: Seth, who is all but confirmed to be having sex with her few-month-old artificial maid. The pedophilia implications have not been lost.
  • Moral Event Horizon - Carter/Catherine doesn't just cross this after becoming a Team Rocket member, s/he leaps directly over it, starts running, and never looks back. This eventually leads to hir getting kicked off the team and re-defecting to the rest of the group.
    • Duo mentions an incident with Slur involving seven planets being destroyed. He notes that five of those planets may not have been infected with Evil Energy in the first place, and that Slur may have done it just because she could.
    • Cyber Amy(A.K.A. Amy being fused with her father Deviot's soul) rapes Black Mage.
    • Deviot revived Kasei. Worked out till Saturn's version of Him decided to give Kasei his power back.
  • Nausea Fuel - At one point, Hansel and Gretel swam in a river of blood, in swimsuits. If you ask at least one troper, you get a confirmed case of him nearly throwing up.
  • Never Live It Down - Cyber Amy is a huge target for some players, due to the whole "raping Black Mage" thing, usually not caring to actually ask if she was punished for it. Yes, she was punished for it and it was acknowledged, but nobody feels the need to ask, or use the common sense to know that nobody would allow something like that to be unpunished. The same goes for The Great Pies Alt and his other raping moment, only he had far more unlikable characters.
    • Midna, if he ever is able to return to the game, however unlikely it may be, will likely never live down the fact that he's incredibly... OBSESSIVE over characters like Mana or Dee.
    • Subverted with Arcadiarika and her characters' Wangst and/or the Writer on Board moments. Most people are actually willing to let Arcadiarika live them down especially now that she's calmed down a bit: she's just not willing to live it down herself.
    • DaionusThe23rd caught a lot of heat for his (often vitriolic or just plain rude) opinions, usually expressed in equally vitriolic or rude rants. They range from actually having a point to being just plain nitpicky. He got better about it, but these rants did a number on Daionus's reputation in the game.
      • He's also had something of a reputation for hypocrisy and ego. And flaming the players.
    • Dreigonix is probably never going to be able to live down the Xenocide incident or his tendency to overreact to his perceived mistakes.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Incarnates arc could get downright terrifying.
  • Relationship Writing Fumble - When the ships aren't intentional, this tends to happen.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap - Invoked, players will sometimes play characters with negative to bad reception in their original work with different qualities or attempt to develop them out of their roles. Players also use feedback to avoid their own characters becoming Scrappies.
  • The Scrappy: The lich king, due to Godmodding, the user playing them seemingly not knowing that there was a "Shift" button, and generally being annoying. Invoked a Crowning Moment Of Awesome on two seperate occaisons, wherein Leeroy Jenkins and the rest of his guild appear to fight the lich king—and win.
    • Midna. Especially with his obsession with Dee, Mana, and the Graysons, Catherine in particular. He also refuses to improve on his mistakes and pretends that there's nothing wrong—while he acknowledges his problems.
    • DJ Marred's character, "Drifter". Due to a combination of New Powers as the Plot Demands and Railroading, Drifter soon got a reputation for being not very well liked. Even after being reduced to a skull, Drifter continued being an annoying Jerkass. Eventually, DJ Marred got fed up and killed Drifter off for real. DJ Marred still considers the character an Old Shame.
    • Sploosh, a jerkass creature introduced by a newcomer. He overdid the jerkass gag to the point where it irritated the rest of the players. His player also didn't follow the usual format, making his posts hard to read.
    • Suke Sho/Saturn finally reached this status. His utter misunderstanding of women led to playing extremely offensive characters. Besides that, he has the Sympathetic Sue status, which only worsens the players' opinions on him. Lastly, he does nothing but argue in the Discussion and fail to see the point of what people are saying.
    • Katsuun's witches. Guilty of railroading, godmodding, and an Omniscient Morality License that's very annoying. Their gloating doesn't help. They're getting better, apparently, but Katsuun's Author Avatar is taking the blows due to being annoyingly meta and self-deprecatory.
  • Scrappy Mechanic - Fighting. However, several roleplayers have made rules to make fighting less so, such as only allowing one attack at a time.
  • Seasonal Rot - The Hell arc, which began promisingly but engaged in far too much railroading to be enjoyable for quite a few people; this was the fault of the players themselves, who noticed this and promptly made corrections.
    • Arguably the Incarnates arc. See "Dork Age".
  • Squick: In a drug-induced trip, GG cuts open his hand and offers his "skittley blood" to a demon with Blood Lust and a vampire, with predictable results. The in-universe and out-of-universe reaction ranged from Bile Fascination to Nausea Fuel, but either way...
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel - The second And Now for Someone Completely Different arc; there was less of an action-based plot, character interaction and lampshading took center stage, and the characters themselves were just as fun to interact with as in the last time.
  • Tear Jerker - The deaths of Flandre and Bit. The Group's reaction makes both deaths particularly heart-breaking.
  • That One Boss: Marietta, as seen in Yggdra Union and Knights in the Nightmare.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The treatment of some of the female characters can be polarizing.
    • This sometimes comes the other way around for the male characters as well.
  • Villain Decay - Sometimes done.
    • Kasei was a dangerous threat when he was alive. When he was brought back to life by Deviot and promptly escaped his position, Hazama became a train the next day and ran him over, killing him.
  • Wangst - Hydronix (or his other forms, to be exact) does this to the point that makes Shadow look downright happy.
    • The Grayson family frequently suffered from this, but they got much better. Especially Catherine/Carter, the parent who was so prone to this. The rare exceptions to this trope are Carter's Other, Matt, who was so focused on redemption and revenge, and pre-adoption Arcadiarika, who Took a Level in Jerkass to make up for it.
  • The Woobie - minus, Parsee, Dee, Mika, Irene, Eris, Lip, Megan, and Mara.

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