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2019 Series

Character backstories
If any backstories are explored, they'll likely be fairly different from the comics. So here's what they might be in this series:
  • Batgirl: Barbara will be revealed to have become Batgirl on her own to help her dad, Commissioner Gordon. Her main opponents are versions of Killer Moth and the Penguin, as a Mythology Gag to the Yvonne Graig version of the character in Batman having fought the two in a promotional short that first showed her and her first appearance in the series proper. They could be the ones who she needed to catch to help her dad, since Batman and Robin aren't anywhere to be found (though they wouldn't be mentioned by name). Before this, she was a bookworm at the library whose main interest was women's rights, something she retains as a superhero.
  • Wonder Woman: Her origin will be similar to her classic origin, with her having been made by Hippolyta out of clay. Steve Trevor is reimagined as a teenage castaway who washed up on Themiscyra, where he met Diana and told her about the concept of a superhero rather than being her Love Interest. Thinking that she'd be a great superhero, Diana convinced her mother to let her leave their island to become one, as well as to be a positive representative of the Amazons.
    • Jossed. She ran away from home to discover the outside world.
  • Bumblebee: Karen will simply be reimagined as a Teen Genius who built her suit to become a superhero after being inspired by other superheroes, with no connection to the Titans.
  • Zatanna: Largely unchanged, though here Giovanni Zatara is alive and well and has trained her to be able to do spells she couldn't in the comics due to coaching her since a young age. She goes to Super Hero High to develop a more heroic identity, since her dad is less super heroic in this continuity (though still approving of the decision to become one of course). Zachary Zatara is reimagined as her toddler cousin who she would sometimes babysit.
  • Jessica Cruz: Jessica will be a traditional recruit of the Green Lantern Corps instead of a victim of the Ring of Volthoom. She was recruited after her predecessors, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and Simon Baz, were all assigned to other parts of the universe so Earth could have an active Green Lantern operating there in their place.
    • It is currently unknown how she got her ring, but it's been confirmed that she still has her Dark and Troubled Past. We don't know who the other Green Lanterns were, but Hal got his ring before her and is still active on Earth.

Most of the villainous characters will be villains once again
In contrast to the Adaptational Heroism of the web series, the show will have characters like Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn back to being villains, albeit lighter versions, like juvenile delinquents, who may even become Friendly Enemy types. The teachers at Super Hero High will all be older heroes who weren't made into teenagers, possibly largely consisting of Golden Age characters.

Possible Casting Choices For The Characters

In the video mentioned under Role Reprisal, Grey DeLisle Griffin mentioned that while she will reprise the role of Wonder Woman, Batgirl will be voiced by Tara Strong instead of Mae Whitman (main series) or Ashlyn Selich (Lego projects). This means that not everyone will reprise their roles from the main series. With that in mind, what are the role reprisals and other casting decisions that you think will happen. My guess is that we at least get Cristina Milizia as Jessica Cruz, Teala Dunn as Bumblebee, and either Nicole Sullivan, Anais Fairweather, or Jessica DiCicco as Supergirl. Zatanna could be either Jennifer Hale, Lacey Chabert, or Kate Micucci. Tara could also reprise Harley.


Other DC heroines, villainesses, and other female characters who could appear
This can include any female character in DC Comics lore, no matter how obscure, whether they appeared in the web series or not.
  • Heroines
    • Voodoo
    • Batwoman (Kate Kane)
    • Judomaster (Sonia Sato)
    • Shiny Happy Aquazon
    • Doll Girl
    • Maxima
    • Windshear
    • June Robbins
    • Dolphin
    • Gloss
    • Pantha
    • Phantom Lady
    • Celsius
    • Mirage
    • Tigress (Artemis Crock, based on her Young Justice incarnation because people are more familiar with that version)
    • Arrowette
    • Speedy (Mia Dearden/Thea Queen/Emiko Queen)
    • Miss Martian
    • Raven
    • Starfire
    • Elastigirl
    • Negative Woman
    • Black Orchid
    • Gypsy
    • Hawkwoman (Shayera Hol)
    • Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders)
    • Jade
    • Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance)
    • White Canary (Sara Lance)
    • Power Girl
    • Batgirl (Tiffany Fox)
    • Batgirl/Orphan (Cassandra Cain)
    • Batgirl/Robin/Spoiler (Stephanie Brown)
    • Batgirl/Flamebird (Bette Kane)
    • Samurai (Asami Koizumi) (based on her Young Justice incarnation)
    • The Question (Renee Montoya)
    • Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)
    • Vixen (Mari McCabe)
    • Katana
    • Fire
    • Ice
    • Platinum
    • Queen Mera
    • Saturn Girl
    • Triplicate Girl
    • Dove (Dawn Granger)
    • Robin/Catgirl (Carrie Kelley)
    • Catgirl (Holly Robinson)
    • Halo (based on her Young Justice incarnation as Muslim representation)
    • Traci Thirteen
    • Rocket
    • Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark)
    • Wonder Girl/Troia (Donna Troy)
    • Bekka
    • Big Barda
    • Insect Queen (Lana Lang)
    • Aquagirl (Mareena)
    • Aquagirl (Tula)
    • Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez)
    • Thunder and Lightning
    • Secret
    • Kole
    • Aya
    • Crimson Fox
    • Doctor Light
    • Stargirl
    • Gypsy
    • Black Alice
    • Solstice
    • Red Arrow (Emiko Queen), who will resemble her comics' incarnation, but won't be Shado's daughter if Shado is depicted as teenage like other heroes and villains.
    • Arisia Rrab
    • Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld
    • Mary Marvel
  • Villainesses
  • Others
    • Alysia Yeoh
    • Sasha Bordeaux
    • Mattie Harcourt
    • Martha Kent
    • Lois Lane
    • Barbara Kean
    • Daria Hernandez
    • Ellen Yin(del)
    • Maggie Sawyer
    • Mercy Graves
    • Etta Candy
    • Linda Park
    • Victor and Rosa Vasquez
    • Vicki Vale
    • Alex DeWitt

Race Lifts from previous incarnations of characters will be carried over into this show
Which could mean any of the following examples could be used if these characters appear:
  • Lois Lane will be Asian-American, like in Superman: American Alien.
    • Given that Lois is dark haired, it's hard to tell with the series' art style.
  • Jimmy Olsen will be black, like in both Supergirl and the aforementioned American Alien.
    • Seems to be Jossed.
  • Etta Candy will be black, going off the incarnation introduced in the New 52.
  • Raven will be Native American, like in the Earth One continuity.
  • Two-Face (long shot, I know) will be black, as a reference to Billy Dee Williams almost getting to play the villain and later getting to do so in The LEGO Batman Movie.
  • Iris West will be black, like in the Arrowverse and the DC Extended Universe.
  • Mercy Graves will be Asian-American, going off the versions of her in the DC Extended Universe, the New 52, and The Batman.
  • Maggie Sawyer will be Latina, like in Supergirl.
  • Huntress will be dark-skinned, like she currently is in the comics.
  • Black Canary will be dark-skinned, like her actress in Birds of Prey (2020).
  • Halo will be an Arab Muslim, like in Young Justice.
  • Aquaman will be (part) Polynesian like the version in the DC Extended Universe.
  • Deathstroke (possibly just called Slade like in Teen Titans) will be either Maori (like in the Arrowverse) or Latino (like in the Titansverse).
  • Vicki Vale will be Asian-American in reference to her aunt being played by Jamie Chung in Gotham.
  • Inspector Henderson will be African-American like in Black Lightning and his earlier appearances in Lois & Clark.
  • Beast Boy will be (half) Japanese like in Titans...if we can even tell due to his green skin.

Superman, Batman, and perhaps others, are only slightly older than the main characters at most
In order to have the gap between them and the Super Hero Girls be too drastic if they appear (it'd be kind of...surreal to have a teenage Wonder Woman in a world where the other members of the "Trinity" are nearing forty), any superheroes we meet, or at least Batman and Superman, who aren't teens are instead in their late teens or early twenties, just enough to explain why they aren't in high school like the others, but still interact with them on occasion.

Supergirl will Become a red lantern at some point
Maybe after a rough week or just one bad day will make supergirl flip her lid and become a red lantern

Hal and Barry will be major supporting characters going forward.
Seeing as how they're apparently the only other heroes around the girls' age. They may even become unofficial Sixth Rangers with shades of The One Guy (or, well, two guys) and a gender-inverted Two Girls to a Team.
  • Seems likely.

Batgirl and Harley Quinn will stay friends as civilians.
In a case of Liking Barbara, Hating Batgirl, Batgirl and Harley Quinn will become each other's Arch-Nemesis on their respective groups of heroes/villains, while Barbara and Harleen stay good friends, ignorant of their secret identities.

Donna Troy will appear as the Sixth Ranger or a replacement for Diana.
  • It's more likely that she'll be a Sixth Ranger, though she'll probably be aged down to a child, and with a different personality. I mean, Lex Luthor is a teenager in this series, and Lena Luthor is now a child in this series, with the latter also having a different personality.
  • Any additional members to the main cast would probably be someone who isn't too heavily similar to a current member. My money would actually be on Katana, Black Canary, or somebody like that.
Jessica’s pacifism and love for animals stems from her trauma.
Since she still has her same tragicbackstory, it was said her friends were brutally killed by men for accidentally stumbling upon the burying a dead body, while on a hunting trip. She wasn’t as peace loving and animal loving in the past, but going through such trauma of death with her friends being killed like animals, she developed a more kinder and peaceful attitude, towards both people and animals.

Lex will form a group of villains to fight the Super Hero Girls
He knows that having all these heroes around would get in his way some day. Since he's from the Superman mythos, he'll take on Supergirl. Cheetah will naturally be recruited to fight Wonder Woman. The others are a bit more "up in the air"; perhaps Jinx would be used to counter Zatanna, Bug-Eyed Bandit to counter Bumblebee, Bleez to counter Jessica, and Scarecrow to counter Batgirl. It'd still be a one episode thing though.

There will be an episode where the Superhero Paradox gets discussed.
Using Cheetah, and Livewire as prime examples.

Future episodes will involve alternate universes.
With Earth-3 being the most likely candidate, featuring Crime Syndicate versions of the main heroines. Earth-2 is another possibility, giving the show a chance to introduce Power Girl and the Helena Wayne version of Huntress.

If she returns, Amanda Waller will act more like her comic self.
She'll be the principal of the school like she was in the web series, but her personality will be more in-line with her original portrayal in the comics. A lot less reasonable and more of an abrasive, manipulative hardass, possibly having some sort of shady agenda for the school and it's superhero students. She might even know some of the heroes' secret identities and use it to her advantage.

If Plasmus ever appears, he'll have a crush on Bumblebee
As a reference to the Crack Ship in Tiny Titans.

Batman selected Robin as his assistant because his personality would annoy villains
Said villains will then leave Gotham so they never have to lose to the asshole instead of just Batman.

Robin is actually the second to hold the title.
Specifically, he's Jason Todd. Because who else is that big of a jerk?

Dick Grayson, the original Robin, does exist in this universe, but he'd already graduated to Nightwing by the time series began.

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