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Nightmare Fuel / DC Super Hero Girls (2019)

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There's a Fade Around the Eyes too.
Little Lauren's already had experience with dropping terrifying moments into seemingly colorful shows... and this one is no exception.


  • This episode introduces the Cheetah, and being a stealth villain, one can expect a lot of atmospheric scares.
    • First off, the fact that the entirety of the second half takes place in the dark. It more or less resembles a horror movie after a while.
    • Each of the girls (except Wonder Woman) get taken off one by one. Especially since it seems like the Cheetah isn't even there... until she strikes. Batgirl's tracker, for example, keeps showing a red dot approaching her. Everywhere she seems to come from, she's not there until she gets caught.
      • How does Diana find Bumblebee in the climax? She sees Cheetah biting her wings when in tiny mode. Yikes! If that doesn't show how bloodthirsty she is, what will?
    • After everything seems said and done, we are given one last shot of Barbi.
      Barbi: Let go of the Green-Eyed Monster, eh, Diana? And why would I ever want to let go [eyes and teeth shift briefly] of this? [starts laughing evilly, facing the screen, while the scene fades]


  • This episode as a whole is pretty disturbing, especially if you've been a victim of cyberbullying. To put this in perspective, the girls (sans Diana) were so embarrassed after their fights with Livewire that they were unwilling to even fight (at first).
    • It only gets worse in the climax where Livewire was outright willing to murder Diana in front of a whole crowd, who immediately stop laughing and realize how serious the situation is.
    • Also, Livewire hammering in the fact that everyone (initially) found her pain funny. Doubles as a Tear Jerker when it seems Diana is actually thinking that she may be right.
      Livewire: See, Blunder Woman? The people love me! Hear them laugh? Laughing at you? You're just a joke to them!


  • The very ending of the first part reveals an iconic villain making his debut: General Zod!
    • Before the credits, Kara experienced a traumatic flashback on the destruction of Krypton.

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