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  • After the less than impressed look on the other's faces when Barbara proposes they form a team, Wonder Woman comes to her aid and gives a Rousing Speech while clasping Barbara beside her. The blissed-out look on Barbara's face is priceless!
    • And before that, when Wonder Woman and Kara are fighting, while everyone else is visibly worried, Batgirl just looks at them with awe, even forming hearts in her eyes.
  • During their fight, Wonder Woman is throwing DVDs at Kara while standing in front of a poster that says "Learn 2 Love".
    • When Zee casually tells the other girls that the teacher is coming backnote , Kara repeatedly slams half of a bookcase on top of the other half trying to fix it.
  • When Wonder Woman is getting everyone to introduce themselves, Barbara goes into a rambling spiel about who she is and what she does while trying to fish her costume out of her backpack. It takes about a minute before the Amazon finally blurts out "You lack focus" and walks to the next heroine.
  • To help Wonder Woman/Diana Prince fit in, the team starts at a clothing store. Everyone, except Zee, bombards her with their favorite clothes, and the result is... well, a hodgepodge.
  • Diana is also introduced to the cellphone by Barbara, with a demonstration on why it's a teenager's best friend, leaving her dazed.
  • Jessica tries to explain figures of speech to Diana.
    Jessica: For instance, if you were hungry you would say; "I would kill for a burrito." Go on, you try.
    Diana: [takes a breathe, shows confidence... then races towards the Burrito vendor] I would kill you for a burrito! [The vendor runs away in terror. Diana chases him waving a handful of cash] Accept my payment or die!
  • Diana is introduced to teen romance movies, with the girls showing her one called Just Before Dusk.
    Diana: Teenage males are very confusing.
    All her friends who are already used to seeing boys every day: Tell me about it.
    • Well, not all of them react. Kara was snoring away. The contrast between Kara, who's the only one asleep, Diana, who just stares at the screen confused, and the rest of the girls, who are completely invested, is worth a chuckle.
    • Diana ends up slashing the screen due to misunderstanding some dialogue.
  • When everyone is at Sweet Justice, Diana tries ice cream for the first time and is instantly aroused by it. She then proceeds to eat her ice cream very sloppily, and then promptly eats everyone else's dessert as well. Jessica pushes hers towards Diana, not wanting to get in her way. She ends up entering an ice cream coma.
    Karen: Uh, Diana...? [pokes her]
    Diana: [immediately jolts awake] SISTERS! This food is more delectable than ambrosia! This place more perfect than Elysium! I declare we must celebrate every future victory here and thus! (beat)
    Barbara: [cheerfully] Sweet Justice for the win!
    Diana: [equally cheerfully] I do not know what that means!
    • Diana meets a cute boy (Barry Allen) and we find that you shouldn't learn romance from watching chick-flicks.
      Diana: It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I shall await your text message in three day's time!
    • "Diana will have the Death by Chocolate." [Diana holds a mace in the frame before Zee pushes it off with her finger] "Figure of speech, Diana."
    • "Huzzah! Let us earn more chocolate!"
    • During the fight against the Demolition Bots, Zatanna blasts one out of existence, prompting her to showboat that nothing can get past her... as a bot rolls right behind her.
  • Barbara shutting the door for Karen as she keeps opening it to apologize.
  • Barbara gives a dramatic Rousing Speech to bring the team back together... over the cell phone.
    Barbara: Hello?
    Kara: Yeah, you cut out there. Could you repeat all that?
    Barbara: (groan, headdesk)
  • When Batgirl reveals to Diana (being dragged home by her mom) that her friends came to save her...only to see that they were immediately caught by the Amazons and are being dragged around by their ears like little kids.note 
    • And then Supergirl's realization a second later.
      Supergirl: Oh, wait. (punches the Amazon out of sight until a microscopic splash is seen)
  • During the fight against the Amazons, the two sides repeatedly stop and continue at Diana and Hippolyta’s commands until they get too confused to go on. Supergirl and one Amazon paused during an arm-wrestling match and Supergirl pins her opponent while she awaits orders.
  • Meanwhile, another is having a Wimp Fight with Zatanna.
  • After Diana stands up to her mother and gives an excited squee to the other girls, they are shown to be injured and give her a halfhearted "yay".
  • All the ways the Big Bad with a giant Mecha can taunt the superheroes, how often ever is it with neeners?
  • When Batgirl's modifying the amp they use to defeat the robot army, she draws an 11 at the end of the dial.
  • While at Sweet Justice, the team talks about how glad they are that everything is back to normal. Babs randomly stands on one knee on the table and says "Blegh, normal is overrated" and drinks her shake, to the confusion of her friends.
    • The way she then reveals the secret hideout is exaggeratedly extra and hilarious.


  • Zee leaves her two bunnies with Kara and asks where she can put them. The latter says anywhere since her room is a mess. Cue Zee using her magic to clean the room while laying some ground rules. She does the same thing at the episode's end.
  • Right before she leaves, Zee remembers one important rule:
    Zee: This is the most important rule of all! [sudden closeup on her face] You are not, under any circumstances, to put these two together. Do you understand?
    Kara: [beat] Whatevs.
    Zee: [immediately goes cheerful again] Ahhh, thank you, Kara!
  • Then she actually leaves, leaving Kara alone with the bunnies. One glance at each of them later and she immediately goes all lovey-dovey on them.
    • A majority of the humor in this episode comes from Nicole Sullivan gushing over how cute the bunnies are.
  • Kara leaves the room for a second to get carrots and comes back to the rabbits innocently hugging suddenly with three small baby rabbits sitting near them.
    Kara: Harry Houdini! [overjoyed] You're a MOM!
  • A double layered example is with Supergirl's line "Time to take out the adorable trash" line, due to succumbing to her adorable tendencies again, and much like how Rainbow Dash also said it. Both episodes also share the same writer.
  • Zee's not happy after seeing that Supergirl broke "the only rule that matters".
    Zee: I told you to keep them apart!
    Supergirl: I did! I totally did, for like, at least ten minutes! [cuts to Zee's unconvinced face] Five... [cut again] Three minutes, I... [cut again, then Kara sinks down into the sea of bunnies] One minute.
  • After hearing that Supergirl had renamed her rabbits from Blackberry Hazel von Owsla III and Dandelion Pipkin de Hyzenthlay to Merlin and Harry Houdini, Zee's furious.
    Zee: Harry WHAT?! How dare you! Those rabbits are purebred magical creatures with carefully selected names! They are not to be mentioned in the same breath as MERLIN AND HARRY HOUDINI!!
    Supergirl: My names are way better than yours!
  • After everything that's happened, Supergirl actually hesitates to separate the two bunnies, seeing that they still love each other. Zatanna is not amused.


  • Hal sees his "greatest enemy" come off the bus from the Hamsters' rival team and points her out to Jess.
  • And she turns into a violent Pink Lantern and starts attacking the field, pining for him.
    Jessica: What's going on, who is this girl?
    Hal: She's called Star Sapphire! And she's super clingy.
    Jessica: I can see that! Is she some super, evil, maniacal, space princess or something?
    Hal: Worse! She's... my ex-girlfriend.
  • Hearing how Hal broke up with Star Sapphire/Carol.
    Star Sapphire: WORST. TEXT. EVER!!
    Green Lantern: Wait! [stops the lantern force hamster ball, smacking Hal's face] You broke up with her over TEXT?!
    Hal: I put a smiley face in it! I'm not the Joker.
    Star Sapphire: Now there's a frowny face on my heart!
  • Green Lantern doesn't believe in violence but is still disgusted enough with Hal to repeatedly slap him upside the head anyway.
  • Green Lantern's He Is Not My Boyfriend moment concerning Hal. She repeatedly says "no" for about ten seconds straight, going from confused to hysterical to disgusted.
  • Star Sapphire and Green Lantern bond over dissing Hal.
    Green Lantern: The only book he's ever read is a playbook.
    Star Sapphire: I tried to get him to read Pride and Prejudice once and he asked where the pictures were!
    Green Lantern: He's a smelly, freakish nincompoop.
    Hal: Hey Star, hit her!
  • Jessica eventually talks Carol down by convincing her that Hal isn't good enough for her and that she needs to learn to love herself. Carol initially agrees...then declares that she'll make Hal good enough for her one day.
  • Jessica makes Garth take off his clothes and puts them on Hal, to try to make him less attractive to Carol. Hal pretends to act like a "loser-y nerd" in front of Carol, angering Garth.


  • Barbi poses dramatically with the cheetah idol and recites the incantation to invoke the Curse of the Cheetah while suspenseful music plays in the background. Then the music cuts out and there's an awkward pause as nothing happens. Extra amusing is Barbi trying to get the idol to work by shaking it (while still holding the dramatic pose) before angrily throwing it down.
  • After Karen says that she doesn't know how to dance, Diana tells her not to worry, "...for I possess dance moves that are rich with fleek! You are welcome to study them!"
  • When the girls stumble upon the torn up dance flyers and posters, Kara tries to joke about it with puns and pisses off Jessica.
    Jessica: KARA!!!
  • Barbara proves to be as much as a detective as her idol when she figures out who attacked Diana - and then goes full Motor Mouth when explaining everything. Even funnier since this is the first DC cartoon to handle Cheetah's origin story before Wonder Woman 1984's release.
  • The girls' Angels Pose is interrupted by Cheetah slashing out the power lines to blackout the school. Cue all the girls looking briefly flabbergasted.
    Wonder Woman: We have much territory to cover. Let us split ourselves!
    [beat, with eye shifts]
    Supergirl: ...Split up.
    Wonder Woman: Yes! That!
  • There's a certain irony in the Green Lantern initially lighting the library with a candle construct.


  • The Villains' Dramatic Entrance is spoiled by Harley's capering. There is much facepalming behind her.
  • Karen's attempts to alert her team about Harley Quinn's plan to blow up the bridge don't go as planned:
    • Diana still doesn't know how to use a cellphone, accidentally ending their call short.
    • Kara is too busy rocking at the Lazarus Pit to even hear her. Karen is also accidentally tossed out via stage surfing.
    • She goes to Barbara at her job, who subtly reminds Karen of the line of people she accidentally skipped. A little while later, she finally makes it... only to find Barbara on break, though she did leave her something.
    • As Karen walks out with two buckets of burritos, she notices Jessica protesting against the Burrito Bucket. She does get her to listen, but she misinterprets everything, thinking Karen's coming up with new protest slogans. She then proceeds to chase after a man holding a bucket of burritos.
    • Karen finally gets the message out to the only hero left: Zee. After a full-blown Motor Mouth explanation, Zee heroically claims that the two of them will take the villains down. ...As soon as she finds her cape. In her currently messy room. Karen understandably flies away in frustration.
  • The team's Big Damn Heroes moment has a little levity.
    Zatanna: [as she flies across the frame] Found my caaaape~! Oh, and I found these guys too!
  • Oh, and there's the reason Harley's even blowing up the bridge in the first place.
    Harley: Try giving me that math test now, Mr. Johnson! He's gonna be stuck in traffic all day! (cue Evil Laugh)


  • Supergirl and Superman (who's more of a Smug Super Glory Seeker in this setting) start brawling due to her getting sick of being constantly upstaged. It's quite impressive... until it devolves into an airborne Wimp Fight.


  • The various memes Leslie made in the start of the first half, especially "#RISEOFSTARRO".
  • During the montage of Livewire humiliating the girls, she takes control of Batgirl's scooter and chases her down the street with it, then takes control of Bumblebee's suit and forces her to dance.


  • Karen stuffing herself in a locker, saving Doris and Leslie the trouble.
  • Barbara being Karen's hype woman as she presents her new suit, doing drumrolls and fanfares.
  • Zee and Jessica were not able to help Karen with her suit due to their schedules: For Zee, it was doing a magic show with her father. For Jessica, it was protesting against the use of animals in said show. Zee delightfully says that they can share a cab.
  • Diana mastering the "mechanical staircase" (escalator).
    • But she doesn't realize that "nerd stuff" isn't supposed to be flattering.
  • What sets off Doris' transformation into Giganta is the condescending sports store employee offering her pink five-pound weights.
  • Batgirl's eyes puffing out when Giganta grabs her, complete with a dog toy squeaking.
  • After getting Giganta dizzy by flying around her, Bumblebee finishes her off by finger flicking her off the second floor, sending her crashing through the mall floor... and several parking lot levels.


  • Supergirl ignoring Wonder Woman's plans to simply go Leeroy Jenkins on the threat they are facing. Eventually, the others just give up and wait for her to do all the work before deciding to hit up Sweet Justice.
    • Basically, she's just uppercutting bad guys into starpoint.
  • "Here, kitty, kitty..." "Here, dummy, dummy..."
  • Catwoman slashes the lines holding a model of the Earth, making them fall on Supergirl. She proceeds to do this to the other planets... and then she comes across Pluto.
    Catwoman: Pluto, planet or no... ah, who cares! [slashes it]
  • "The family resemblance is uncanny..."
    • For bonus points, Supergirl's forehead knits into that of a Neanderthal's.
  • Voice-distorting gasses aren't supposed to work on Supergirl, but just for the sake of the funny, she gets a helium-voice and then a sulfur-hexafluoride voice during the chase.
  • Supergirl succeeds getting her phone within reach by using her brain! ...And then gets beaned in the face by it. Cue Skyward Scream.
    Supergirl: Why does pain hurt so much? How do people live like this?!


  • Barbara intercepting a call from Batman to her dad. She styles her hair to look like his and uses a comb for a mustache to help sell the impersonation. Over the phone.


  • In general, Diana's crush on Steve Trevor renders her a lovestruck dum-dum for most of the episode.
    Diana: [dreamily] That's crazy, Steve! I like vanilla too!
    • A majority of the humor in this episode comes from Diana Prince, Princess of the Amazons, being flustered by a boy. The nauseatingly silly love song that recurs is the cherry on top.
      Jessica: The Amazons prepared her for everything... except talking to boys.
      • Face it, this entire episode is one crowning moment after the other. Though, the icing in the cake has to be Kara slapping the daylights out of Diana while imploring that she's "LITERALLY a symbol of female empowerment!"
  • Monday: Diana completely dominates the volleyball game, with the girls saying that there is practically nothing that can stop her... then Steve walks in. Diana just keeps staring as she "attempts" to play, resulting in her getting hit in the face with the ball.
    Kara: Way to jinx it, Karen!
  • Tuesday: The debate. The subject: whether toilet paper should be used in the over or under position. Jess is confident that she and Diana have this in the reusable bag. Turns out Steve was in the debate too. Her look as she realizes what's going to happen is priceless!
    Steve: Well, gee, I guess I don't really have strong opinions on how you hang your toilet paper. If you're an "over" kind of guy, who am I to judge? But if you're an "under" dude, well, you know, that's okay, too.
    Diana: [after clapping and giggling dopely] Oh, Steve, I have never heard such eloquence. You are so smart! Is he not smart, everyone? [long beat, then in a calm voice] I concede. [Jessica's jaw drops]
  • Wednesday: The science fair with Karen, studying the Philosopher's Stone. Steve walks by. The result: a chemical explosion, but Diana doesn't seem to care.
  • Thursday: Diana leading the school's marching band. Steve on a bicycle shows up. She keeps following him with the rest of the band behind her, street after street. Barbara's response: A soft ding! on her glockenspiel where, judging by her expression of absolute rage, she wants an expletive to be.
  • Friday: Zee's "directing debut" in Romeo and Juliet, with Karen as the stage manager and Diana playing Juliet. Oliver, the Romeo, quits and Garth, the understudy, is out sick, which leaves Steve as under-understudy. Pretty sure you know the rest. Zee's request makes it even better!
    Zee: Remind me to banish Garth to the 27th dimension. [Karen, looking angry herself, nods in agreement]
    • To emphasize the disaster, when Steve goes as far as to kiss her, Diana got SO flustered, her head morphs into an exploding volcano!!
    • Even before this, Steve just reads directly off the script, making him sound hilariously wooden.
    • And Zee really just went all out to dress up as le directeur, only missing a megaphone, a riding crop, and the chair with her name stenciled on it.
  • Saturday: The team tried to take Diana to different places, but everywhere they go, Steve is there. After seeing Diana so lovestruck, even after they try to get her mind off Steve, the rest of team realize Diana isn't going to get over him, so for her sake, Barbara says that they need to "take him out." Everyone else immediately agrees.
  • Sunday: Supergirl, Green Lantern, Bumblebee, and Zatanna prepare to strike at Steve as he's walking... until he gets a phone call from the military academy he applied to, who told him that he got in after all. Pan over to Batgirl on her computer.


  • They briefly go WALL•E on us with a dialogue-less sequence where Pamela Isely navigates around her sandwich, getting the bread out of the way because it was plant material once, giving the lettuce its final rites... and then eating the ham like an animal.
  • One of the ways Jess tries to befriend Pam is using the "Roses are red, violets are blue" poem, which angers her since that's what they say, but it just isn't true.
  • Pam decides to step out of her shell and join Jess in protecting an ancient tree... though she's quickly put off by the latter's protest songs. Upon realizing that the construction crew is arriving in the morning she moves to the other side. Then at night, she finally cracks after hearing Jess sing her version of the "Star-Spangled Banner".
  • Though the tree was not saved, the two did find a seed it left for them. As they plant it, Jess says, "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Pam tells her not to go there yet.


  • Babs and Harleen skipping & dancing happily across Gotham City — which is just as much a crime-infected eyesore as ever — in a joyful musical sequence. A SWAT team the girls pass start dancing along, and Babs and Harleen even pose with homicide-scene chalk outlines which also dance!
  • Harleen is so furious when Robin humiliates Barbara that she attacks him as Harley Quinn, only for Batgirl to stop her in spite of herself:
    Harley: Robbie-boy's got what for comin', and I'm gonna give it to him!
    Batgirl: Well that sounds awesome, but I'm gonna stop you anyway!
  • Harley's various attempts to kill Robin, including disguising a grenade as a microphone (with Batgirl putting the pin back in time), putting a dynamite stick on a hot dog (which Batgirl douses with condiments) and pushing Robin in front of a crowd rushing to a booth of rare collectibles.
  • Batgirl and Harley Quinn are playing Grenade Hot Potato with a bomb, and the latter has the idea to stow it in the bank safe exhibit. Until she notices it's from a heist done by her idol, the Joker, and opts to not risk damaging the safe.
  • Harley, having come to the assumption that Babs is a Robin fan, gets an autograph for her... by cornering Robin in an alley, threatening him with her sledgehammer and shouting, "SIGN IT! SIGN IT NOW!!"


  • Green Lantern uses a binoculars construct hung on her neck, and then Batgirl subjects her to that old gag of "borrowing the binoculars without asking and letting the owner remove it first". And the binoculars don't disappear while Green Lanterns's neck is getting pulled at, until Batgirl's done with them and lets go.
  • Batgirl is overjoyed to tears at seeing the Metropolis slums because it looks just like her hometown of Gotham.
  • Green Arrow recognizes Zatanna as Zee, his Sitcom Arch-Nemesis, due to seeing her act so "bland and overly dramatic". He then removes his mask to expose himself as Oliver Queen as dramatic music plays... which comes to a complete halt as she says that she has absolutely no idea who he is.
    Oliver: Seriously? How can you not remember me?!
    Zee: What? Batgirl is Barbara Gordon?!
    • When he acts "bland and overly dramatic" a couple of moments later, Zee snarks that she remembers now.
  • When Supergirl uses her x-ray vision to identify Garth as Aqualad, he asks how she could tell it was him. Humorously, the fact that his costume, which is only gloves and an "A" shaped belt buckle added to his civilian clothes, doesn't actually cover his face has nothing to do with it. It was because, much to his irritation, his mother writes his name on the inside of his clothes.
  • Steve Trevor returns, and so does Wonder Woman's love trance, which persists throughout the episode.
    • While the two teams are racing to the site of the next graffiti tagging Diana manages to keep up with Hawkman, which carrying Steve with him. Diana insists that there is nothing Hawman can do to stop her, so he throws Steve at her. When she catches him, she's naturally immobilized.
    • Hal manages to snap her out of it by sending Steve for donuts.
    • After Steve has left, she starts recovering by slowly lurching back up with her hair in front of her face, like a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl from Japanese horror movies.
    • In the end, when everyone is eating donuts atop a skyscraper, Wonder Woman falls off due to admiring Steve so much. Supergirl carries her back up a moment later.
    • Also the position Hawkman is in. Like a real hawk.
  • Aqualad's attempt to slow Supergirl down involve him manipulating water from his bottle and sending it her way. She evaporates it in under a second.
  • Supergirl tries calling Superman so he can join the fight against Zod. But apparently, this is not the first time she's told him General Zod has appeared, so he hangs up.
  • Zatanna and Green Arrow distract Non with a magic show, with the classic arrows-in-box trick. When Green Arrow reveals that he is not, in fact, hurt at all, he's actually disappointed in this, causing Zatanna to try to stick an arrow in him for some gore.
  • Batgirl just roasts "Ursula" and her fashion sense, as the former rides on the Flash. This actually works.
  • Zatanna's method of incapacitating Non with Kryptonite: using the "What Have We Ear?" trick.


  • Just as the girls were about to send Starro away from their world, Batgirl gets a phone call from Harleen. She's takes the chance to let go of Starro and walk away, saying she has time. There's a brief moment of relization from Starro before he gives chase to the other girls, while Batgirl just keeps talking in the foreground.
    • The situation is reversed in Part 2 with Harley walking off and talking to Babs just as she was about to smash the heroes, who were tied by Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth. As Catwoman objects, the rope falls off and the fight continues on as Harley just keeps talking in the foreground.
  • Babs initially wants to show Harleen the hideout. The rest of the Super Hero Girls (not knowing that she's Harley Quinn, just that she's annoying) try to suggest that they can't because there...aren't enough chairs. Cue Kara immediately leaping into the air and destroying all the chairs with her heat vision.
    • Immediately afterward, Babs uses the Lasso of Truth to get them to tell her what they really think. They all admit that they think Harleen is the worst, and Kara says possibly the most elaborately brutally honest thing...except she's the only one who wasn't actually roped by the lasso.
      • And when they all realize this, she immediately tries to throw the lasso over herself in an attempt to save face.
  • Barbara tries to storm out of the hideout, but can't climb up the slide. Karen walks up to help her, but Zee holds her back, as if to say "This Is Something She's Got to Do Herself."
  • When the villains offer Harleen the chance to knock over mailboxes, she has a better idea: blow up the post office.
    Harleen: And THAT's how ya smash a mailbox!
  • The beginning of Part 2 starts with a villain crime spree.
    • They come across a museum where everyone is using they powers to deface or smash things. While Poison Ivy is seen knocking over a vase without her plant powers. Harley Quinn also blows up a statue using a giant bomb
    • After that, they open all the cages in the zoo, letting all the animals run rampant, which includes a shot of Harley Quinn happily riding a camel.
    • Then comes the Mid-Spree Lunch Break, where they all dine in a fancy restaurant. They have some completely idle and normal conversations about Harley's life back in Gotham City, asking her questions like what they call fizzy drinks and drinking fountains over in Gotham...and then go to wrecking the restaurant.
  • Zee's reaction to seeing the villains running the streets and being called nerds along with her friends at Sweet Justice? "Check, Please!"
  • When the police suddenly arrive, the Super Villain Girls decide to cheese it by getting in their getaway car, which Giganta then lifts up and runs away with.


  • The group decided to see the movie Exploding Ninja Pirates from Outer Space 4 because of having something for everyone. A good story for Jess, special effects for Karen, costume design for Zee, action for Kara, and Babs doesn't care what they see as long as she can sneak in as many burritos as her bag can carry.
    Barbara: [cuddling her bag and kissing it] Soon, my pretties...sooooooooon....
  • Tatsu's introduction to the other girls includes her hair blowing in a Dramatic Wind... and only hers. The others stare around her as if to say "Where's that wind coming from?"
  • As Diana is sparring Tatsu, she notices her down in the dumps and says this in an OOC Is Serious Business sort of way:
    Diana: Is something wrong, Tatsu? You have not punched me in the face once!
  • When the girls find Catwoman with her soul taken and try to get her body to a safe place:
    Batgirl: Oh, so you need to hide a body? No problem! I grew up in Gotham. Besides, it's just one measly body—
  • Then the girls find Harley, who was in the middle of writing "Batman drools" graffiti on a wall when her soul was taken; she only got to "Batman droo".
  • Green Lantern is concerned about hiding the supervillains' bodies in her car, then immediately turns to reprimand Supergirl for drawing a smiley face on Catwoman using Zatanna's lipstick.
  • As Supergirl drags the soulless Catwoman and Harley into Jessica's van, Babs says that at least they only have to deal with two bodies. Then suddenly, a soulless Giganta falls on top of the van, crushing it.
  • The Running Gag of Karen saying "Now what?", adding another "Now" each time.
  • When the soulless Star Sapphire is sitting at Babs's vanity, Supergirl uses hair spray to style her hair into Goku-esque spikes.
  • After the girls arrive to Babs' house with the soulless villains, Green Lantern realizes she left Poison Ivy on the roof of the van (which she had to recreate with her ring). She retrieves Ivy, and then activates the alarm on the van (despite it being a ring construct).
    • As she runs, rather than the usual foley, you can hear Stock Sound Effects of running that sound straight out of the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons.
    • Later, the noise of teeth chattering also sounds just like it came from those same cartoons.
    • And also, when Diana kicks Tatsu away, she flies back in slow motion and with the sound-effect rhythm that both came from the old Bionic Woman (and related) series.
  • To keep her father from getting suspicious, Babs rigs the villains with pulleys so that it looks like they're all having a slumber party and giving each other makeovers.
  • Diana clearly still has trouble using her phone. When she calls Tatsu from the library, it starts playing very loud music, as well as calling for information and giving directions.
  • When Diana and Tatsu start fighting, the librarian shushes them and points to a sign reading "NO LOUD FIGHTING". The two point out the absurdity of the sign. After the below line, rather than leave the library to fight, they simply try to fight quietly.
    Librarian: [shrugging] It's Metropolis. It's the best we can hope for.
    • The titles of the books that Tatsu hurls at Diana — who frantically catches and reshelves each one — are: (1) GOOD CATCH! A Book About Catching Stuff, (2) KNOW YOUR OPPONENT YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW, (3) The Odyssey, (4) B-BAM! A Memoir, (5) THE ART OF DISTRACTION FOR EVERY OCCASION By Luke Aup ("look up" or "look out").
    • In trying to stop a bust from crashing down, they end up knocking down the book shelf, which in turn knocks over all the other shelves. They get thrown out and apologize before resuming the fight.
  • After everyone's souls are returned, the girls awake to find the villains still covered in make-up.
    Supergirl: So...
    Catwoman: [beat] Let Us Never Speak of This Again.
    Supergirl Works for me.
    Batgirl: Uh-huh! Great idea!
    Giganta: Yup, yup, great call.
    Star Sapphire: [regarding the spiked hairdo Kara gave her] Ooh, I don't hate this.
    Catwoman: [facepalming] Ugh.



  • Babs convinces Barry to take her back in time to spare herself the humiliation of farting in public, with predictable results. When they get back to the present and see what's happened, Babs immediately accuses Barry of causing it by putting an extra exclamation point on a birthday card, rather than the extensive meddling she herself has done in the past. Barry, being the Nice Guy that he is, takes full responsibility.
  • Upon going back in time yet again and erasing the extra exclamation point, they find out the Bad Present is even worse.
  • Barbara goes back in time to the original time travel point, only to find two armies of her future selves there. One side wants to make sure the fart happens while the other wants to prevent Babs from restoring the original timeline, leading to an all-out brawl. Naturally of their respective Barrys are there watching the whole thing and get along just fine with eachother.


  • After Supergirl is presumed dead after a fight against Livewire, Clark texts her, asking, "U DED?" When Supergirl replies, "no", Clark texts a thumbs up in response.
  • As the others watch the news about Supergirl on TV, a heavily singed Kara walks behind them to the fridge to get a soda. They are so busy mourning her apparent death that they don't notice she's there until she sits down on the sofa next to them, then instantly crowd her with a group hug.
  • Requesting that Zee give her a new costume style that says "super teen", Kara is first given various outfits of every "type" of high-school girl (hipster, goth, sports, nerd, marching band, prom queen, cheerleader) before they get to the Mythology Gag set.


  • This episode centers around Mr. Chapin assigning different pairs to take care of their egg. Hijinks will ensue.
    • Diana and Karen were the first to go, accidentally dropping their egg after coming up with a plan. Probably the funniest part is Karen's reaction, a subdued "...crud."
    • Tatsu and Leslie were next, after the latter tricked the former into shaking her hand. And this was after Tatsu gloated that she has a chance to beat Diana as valedictorian.
    • Pamela and Jessica being paired resulted in the latter talking about how fun it's gonna be doing the assignment, just the two of them. Pamela quickly eats the egg... raw... shell and all.
    • Barry and Carter had the former thinking it would be easy with Carter being Hawkman and can just sit on the egg. Of course, not...
    • Kara and Harleen are forced to work together or risk summer school. They grudgeingly agree, deciding to buy protection for the egg at the Fed-Ex expy... not realizing that they left it there. And from the start, those two turn out to be Not So Different at all, in contrast to their previous episode interaction.
    • Hal and Selina, much to Carol's obvious dismay. Selina gets annoyed with Hal's sexism and breaks the egg on his shirt.
    • Barbara and Garth. Even after Garth asked Babs not to take their egg on a joyride to make sure it stays uncracked, Batgirl just couldn't resist. And guess what happened to it.
    • Carol (who was supposed to have Doris as her partner, but she skipped class "as usual") ends up enlisting her egg, which she named Hal Jordan Jr., to Hal, who accidentally uses it for his protein shake.
    • Carol's face when Mr. Chapin declares that she's destined to be alone.
    • Zee and Oliver spend the whole episode arguing Like an Old Married Couple, up to and including Zee boiling the egg as her means of "sharing custody".
  • Everyone sulks outside of Sweet Justice, wondering how they were going to take their failing grades... but then Kara and Harleen's egg was revealed to still be intact, resulting in everyone fighting for a passing grade. Long story short, only one person managed to get the egg in the end: Pam. The next day, she's shown eating an egg sandwich.
    • Before Pam got the egg, the last person to get it was Garth, who immediately got what must be the most epic Oh, Crap! moment in the series as all the others came at him like a rampaging stampede.
  • The real teacher, after discovering what the assignment was, is actually not happy with it, calling the egg assignment overused and outdated, so she ended up dropping it... and doing a new assignment involving hamsters, with the same pairs as last time. Everyone can only think "Here We Go Again!..."
  • Barbara notes how handy it is that Garth has a baby carrier to keep the egg safe. Garth laughs awkwardly and agrees that it's great that his mom kept all his old baby stuff. In his room. For him to use. Instead of getting new stuff.
  • Harleen convinces Kara to steal another egg so they don't fail the project and end up in summer school. When it comes time for Kara to actually steal the egg, her morals kick in.
    Kara: I can't steal. There has to be another way. [beat, then pushes Harleen in front of her] Like you doing it.
    Harleen: Okay!



  • It borders on being a Jump Scare, but when the secret's out between them, Barbara looks away from Slade for a moment and suddenly he's in the chair in full "Deathstroke" gear.


  • Babs seems to hate Bruce Wayne's reality show "Make It Wayne", and Karen asks confusedly why she watches it. Babs claims she doesn't...except for the poor sweet little orphan Dick Grayson.
  • Jess attempts to connect with little preteen Raven. This is the result:
    Raven (appearing suddenly behind her): In the dark realm of Azarath, my babysitter was a deceitful eight-legged spider gorgon.
    Jess: ...Okay! Enough bonding; who likes party games?
  • Robin takes the opportunity to swing the piñata bat at the other Titans. It surprises Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven, but Cyborg excitedly shouts "Do me! Do me!" before the group dissolves into a Big Ball of Violence.
  • Raven and Jess, again:
    Jess: First, we've got to clean up this mess; right, kids?
    Raven (appearing suddenly behind her): In the dark realm, children who make messes are fed to the demons.
    Jess (singsong): Sounds like someone's volunteering!
  • Jess and Karen run outside to find Cyborg standing on the roof, preparing to cannonball into the pool. Since they're not using their powers, Jess and Karen have to use the elevator, which naturally requires halting the hard rock score for smooth jazz elevator music.
    • Cyborg also launches himself into the atmosphere, and his cannonball is so powerful it empties the pool, causing a tidal wave ridden by all the Titans. Special mention goes to Raven, who is riding the wave while reading her book.
  • Alfred previously told them not to give Kory any sugar, as "it doesn't sit well with her". We find out after she eats her way out of a multi-tiered birthday cake that "not sitting well" means "becoming her own personal starbolt explosion".
  • After Starfire's explosion the girls attempt to use their powers, but Karen's necklace and Jess's ring have both been pilfered by Beast Boy. Karen is so fed up that she declares it's time for a TIME OUT—declared so forcefully that it sends out a shockwave.
    • The Titans look shocked at first, and Karen is pleased with herself that it worked. Smash Cut to Jess and Karen tied up and hanging over a demon pit while the Titans wreak havoc.
  • Among the things Jess laments are that they're going to spend eternity in a demon realm, Cyborg will probably fly the kids into the sun, and her rating on the MetropoSits babysitting app will tank.
  • The Titans are finally put to bed, only for Jess and Karen to realize that the manor has still been completely trashed. Their assistance comes from an unlikely source:
    Raven (appearing suddenly behind them): In the dark realm, displays of affection are considered symptoms of sleepwalking. Azarath Metrion -yawns- Zinthos...
  • The manor is cleaned, the kids are asleep, Jess and Karen look none the worse for wear, and Bruce handed them a giant stack of money from Hammerspace. Alfred is overjoyed, asking if they can book their services for next Saturday. Jess and Karen immediately drive off, Alfred chasing after them pleading for them not to leave him.


  • The Superhero Girls (minus Kara) are all glued to the thinly veiled Twilight rip-off... but so are Garth, Barry, and Hal, of all people. The latter is even an expert at the romance based game derived from it.
  • When Hal finds out Karen is a fan of Up Past 8, a boy band popular with tween girls like Karen:
    Hal: I can't believe you listen to that boy band garbage. What are you, fourteen?
    Karen: Um...yes.
  • If the premise of the League of Shadows as a hard rock band wasn't hilarious enough, the fact that Ra's Al-Ghul is still out to cleanse the world... but he's a music snob, so he's starting by taking down mankind's worst sin - bad music. As in, boy bands, such as In-Universe example 'Up Past 8'.
  • To thwart Ra's evil scheme, the Superhero Girls and half the Invincibros kidnap and replace the three-man boyband. And it turns out that the Invincibros are... actually kind of good at it. Especially Hal. Who has spent the entire two-parter dissing the band.
    Zatanna: ... is it me, or is Hal really into this?


  • Hal's complete failure to learn from his mistakes drives the entire episode and by the end of the episode, much to Jessica's frustration, he still hasn't learned anything, but succeeds in making Sinestro and Carol and Dex-Starr forgive him anyway.


  • Skeptic-about-ghosts Kara just keeps on missing seeing the ghost activity Barbara and Tatsu see, only to see the Silver Banshee in the kitchen, and realizing the ghost is real.
  • At one point Tatsu and Babs are glimpsed doing the comedy Jump Scare, except it's the undefeated warrior Tatsu who leaps off her feet and into Babs' arms, and even though she's about a head taller than Babs.
  • At the end, Barbara gets to give a scare to Kara with a "BOO!"


  • Ember's entire reaction when she discovers that Zee is not a real princess.
    • Zee's indignant outrage at Ember's revulsion adds to it. First with an angry eye twitch, and later:
      Zee (while covered with pig filth): So, I taste "barf-tastic", do I?!!
  • At the end, Zee attempts to deliver An Aesop about how there are lots of different ways to be a princess, only for Diana—an actual, legal princess—to interrupt and remind her that, no, being the daughter of a ruler is the only way to be a princess.

    #Super Shorts 


  • Karen's having trouble getting her suit off, so she ends up requesting Barbara's help. When she makes it to Babs's locker to find she isn't there, she notices Kara and attempts to get her help. Kara interprets her as some bug and responds by swatting her, which Babs walks in to notice.
    Barbara: You just smushed Karen!
    [Kara gives a shocked expression]
    Kara: I what? Uh-oh.
    [Kara's locker breaks open to show Karen's suit fall off of her]
    Karen: Did the bell ring yet?


  • Concerned with Babarbra's hoarding, Diana and Jessica try convincing her to get rid of some of her stuff.
    Barbara: Oh sure, there are no sharks now, but the day you run into one you'll wish you had a can of Bat Shark Repellant!
  • "Kittens. Can't. Brush. THEMSELVES!"


  • Kara spends the whole short utterly failing to make a basket — Barbara tried to warn her that the game was rigged — while Barabara wins a Whack-A-Mole game with ease. She does win in the end... but she only got a keychain of a seal. note  Not that she had a problem with rubbing it in Barbara's face.
  • Diana meanwhile spends the short obsessed with an automated fortune teller game there (which, strangely enough, wasn't plugged in...).
    Diana: [in a Troubled Fetal Position holding a fortune] Yes, yes I see! Now it is all so clear!
    Child: Mommy, what is that lady doing?
    Child's mother: Just keep walking, dear. Don't make eye contact.


  • Kara takes Diana to a rock concert and Diana claims that she's looking forward to having her face melted off, not understanding it's an expression.
  • Diana also becomes convinced that she and Kara entered a demon pit (to be fair the place is called the Lazarus Pit)note , believing everyone there is possessed by Hades. She mistakenly gets the idea to blend in from Kara, which, after observing everyone's dance moves, has her move in a fashion recalling "#SweetJustice". Hilarity Ensues as she's done being pushed around by the other patrons.
    Diana: [as she keeps hitting random people] Release these people from your fiery grip Hades! You are a worthy foe, but I am worthier! [as Kara notices what she's doing] By the power of ZEUS!
    • "I am very much enjoying my first face-melting!"


  • Remember when Diana gulped down all that ice cream in #SweetJustice? Well, #LetThemEatPie can be considered its sequel.
    Diana: [via Imagine Spot] This flavor... it tastes like... VICTORY!!!
    • Which leads to some good news and bad news. Good news: She then wolfs down all of her pies, even beating Doris and Barry. Bad news: She becomes too attached, eating every pie in sight, which leads to her being held back by Barbara and Jessica. And the last thing we see is her lunging at Lois Lane while she's holding a pie.
    • Made even funnier by the Funny Background Event of Diana crawling on the table licking up the crumbs before noticing Lois holding the pie that the camera is focusing on.
  • Doris is close to vomiting at her 94th pie. What does she do? She punches it down her throat!


  • Jessica's the only one of the girls to have both a driver's license and a car, but with her friends' antics, she's having trouble trying to keep her parents' van intact over the course of a week.
    • Monday: Barbara fiddles with everything, trying to find out which one shoots weapons. None of them do, and after Jess tells her to stop, she fiddles with the window, accidentally breaking the switch. She also apparently started putting grabbling hooks on her vehicles when she was five.
    • Tuesday: Karen acts like a backseat driver, constantly telling Jess to look out for every little thing. In the middle of a traffic jam.
    Karen: A SQUIRREL!!!
    • Wednesday: Diana attempts to prove that Jess doesn't need a GPS to know where she needs to go, preferring to use a paper map. Though Jess did have a little trouble trying to follow her directions.
    Diana: [as Jessica is trying to avoid crashing the car as she drives] Impressive skill! Have you ever considered chariot racing?
    • Thursday: The day that Jessica's nerves get pushed too far by Zee, Kara, and Diana fighting over what music to listen to, resulting in them breaking the knob. Her reaction is like an angry mother finally cracking.
    Jessica: If you guys can't settle down, I'll turn this van around and-
    Zee: Jess, look out!
    [Jess narrowly avoids colliding with the car in front of her]
    Jessica: Phew, that was close!
    [van breaks down anyway]
    Jessica: [after an eye twitch] THAT'S IT! EVERYONE OUT!!! [drives away after everyone leaves]
    • Friday: Coming after Jessica seeing that her friends fixed the van back up, she tries to start it. Everyone then pressures her on her methods, including an Are We There Yet? from Kara, prompting a groan from Jess.


  • This short proves that, once again, Superman sees Hal Jordan as an annoyance.
    • One of the incessant texts Hal sends Superman is "I think I lost my ring :("


  • The milk tanker explodes.


  • Zee and Oliver spend the entire episode at each other's throats to see whose 7:30 show can be promoted more. This escalated so much that Karen, Babs, and Kara just watch them duke it out while eating popcorn.
    Kara: So how long do you think it will take for both of them to realize it's 8:30 and they missed both of their shows? And we got to watch an even better show for free!


  • Hal was so hungry that he could only think about his favorite hot dog stand, even as he and Jess are trying to stop a meteor shower.
  • He even saves the day by imagining his favorite hot dog and launching all the meteors back into space... all except one, which destroys the hot dog stand.
    Jess: Sorry Hal. But you know, that salad bar is still open.
    Hal: Salad?... NOOOOOO!!!!



  • It's comical to see the different ways that Jimmy tries, and fails to get photos of heroes in action.


  • Harley Quinn gets her hands on Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth and using it on everybody. Two of the best being:


  • Babs and Harleen both refuse to buy the last issue of the limited-edition "Clowns Vs. Bats" comic out of respect for their friendship, and naturally Harley Quinn shows up later that night to steal it...only to find that Batgirl already broke in and is hunched over on the floor reading it, wearing a headlamp and eating candy.
  • When Harley charges at Batgirl, Batgirl immediately cries "WHOA WHOA WHOA!" and Harley stops and freezes in midair as Batgirl slooooooowwwly puts the comic in a resealable bag. Rather than be annoyed, Harley says "Good thinkin'!" before attacking.
  • Harley and Batgirl brawl throughout the comic book store until Batgirl is able to slip away, leaving Harley in a Big Ball of Violence with herself. Batgirl naturally takes the opportunity to continue reading the comic.
  • As Harley and Batgirl chase each other, Batgirl eventually starts sticking to the ceiling and running along anyway. Harley is confused by this, Batgirl shrugs, and Harley decides to just smack the floor with her mallet and shake Batgirl loose.
  • The store is eventually blown up by one of Harley's bombs, but Batgirl thinks that at least the comic is safe...only to see it promptly be blown away by a passing breeze, plastic bag and all. Harley just thinks the fact that they were fighting over a comic called "Clowns vs. Bats" is funny, but Batgirl has had enough and forgoes her usual gadgetry to punch her in the face.


  • The serious, straight-laced Katana has to get her sword back from Harley Quinn — which means at one point fighting her with a balloon sword. It works until she remembers it's a balloon and pops it.
  • The fight ends not because either of them beat the other, but because Katana took a mallet from a strength challenge at the carnival to fight with, and Harley starts gushing over its quality and exchanges the sword for it. Katana can only wonder what just happened.

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