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  • The Ben McYellow "franchise" is a series of videos done by a couple of teenagers in Florida (as in literally four), telling the adventures of a supposed "action hero" named Ben McYellow...with no sets, all filming taking place outdoors in what is very clearly the same woods behind the creator's house, costumes that consist mostly of colored t-shirts with a prop weapon or two, a deliberately cliched plot, acting that is either set to zero or absolute maximum and a complete nonexistence of any special effects whatsoever. And it is very, very self-aware.
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  • "Crumbling Centurion", a troll/parody who initially pretended to be a DeceasedCrab hater, with his "LETS PLAY MININGCRAFT". Deliberately horrible recording quality (using a camera to record the video off the computer screen), misinformation and lag...
    minecraft is a game where you take blocks and then make other blocks and then make a mine or a house out of blocks it is very fun
  • Chuggaaconroy's Mega Man 2 LP. Made for April Fools' Day 2009 as a parody of crappy Mega Man LPs on YouTube.
  • ChipCheezum and General Ironicus' LP of No More Heroes had one video like this, specifically for a Crossover with Retsupurae. It Makes Sense in Context... no, it doesn't.
  • Decker: Most of the jokes on the show boil down to this.
    • The White House was replicated by chroma-keying the actors and a few props onto a photo of the real White House. Constant pans and zooms make this painfully obvious, as the foreground slides around on the background image. In Season 2, the real President Obama is frequently clearly visible behind Davidson.
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    • Most of the actors, especially Tim Heidecker, flub their lines frequently. Tim is even shown repeating his lines when he messes up in several scenes.
  • In Taco-Man Plays Mario Paint, Taco-Man produces a cartoon which boasts more amateurish animation and voice acting (provided by Mike Peterson rather than Sam T. Nelson) than normal Taco-Man cartoons. This carried into three other shorts. Also, in the live Halloween specials, this incarnation of Taco-Man visits the normal Taco-Man while trick-or-treating, much to the latter's confusion.
  • H2ODelirious deliberately uses a low-quality microphone because he finds his voice to sound weird when using a higher-quality one.
  • This cover of "Hot Problems"
  • Return to Dormalcy was pretty bad, as the characters of Dorm Life can attest. Josh's earlier play, Come (Out) Today, was also pretty bad but the characters all loved it.
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  • The Free Fraps Series with Generik B, Luclin, and Wolv 21 made a show which was exactly as it sounds: a 120-part series with 30 second episodes that uses the free trial version of Fraps. Luclin also has a horribly distorted microphone to help add to horribleness.
  • Trap-Deezy is white "Noise-rap virtuoso supreme" alter ego of Jalix/Vivisectionist Exhibitionist and is pretty much the musical equivalent of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff who works with his partner Nigga-kid. The majority of their music is recorded with a microphone plugged into a guitar amp, held up to the guitar/keyboard/drums/whatever the fuck they're using and recorded through a shitty laptop mic, edited on Audacity and then compressed to hell on Sony-Vegas, regardless of whether it's actually coupled with video. The videos are glitchy, repeat themselves and commonly use godawful camera angles that don't actually remain for more than two consecutive seconds and don't match up with anything, the lyrics are almost beyond incomprehensible save for a few lines and even then what's actually said is questionable. The music also consists of distorted literally everything and chaos. Also, anything Nigga-kid says manages to be even more incomprehensible than the rest of the group. Yeah.
    • If you think their other stuff was bad enough, they made a "Grindcore EP" which is everything they did before but even worse somehow.
      • Trap-Deezy's solo videos are usually awful and confusing, but the two actually recorded themselves making bacon sandwiches for the entire duration, and ridiculous arguments happen throughout the video and the camera keeps getting steamed up because Nigga-kid turns the camera around specifically to shout words that Trap-Deezy has said before into the camera.
      • Their song titles are also pretty awful; "Flaming Black Children Exploding Out of The 9/11 Towers 1246780 No Scope 427"
      • Trap-Deezy himself has a twitter now, and...
  • Doom House, an amazing video from the geniuses at Something Awful.
  • Pretty much the entire Show Within a Show in Echo Chamber sucks pretty bad. But the opening titles for the fourth episode were clearly made to be as obnoxious, discordant, and unwatchable as possible.
  • The aborted student film Marble Hornets looked to be... less than great. But then, there's the events surrounding it...
    • The series 2 DVD includes a trailer for the student movie. It is horrific.
    • This is also Lampshaded in the series itself: Tim starts growing more and more suspicious of Jay's claims that he wants to finish the movie since he knows it was terrible.
    • Elsewhere in the The Slender Man Mythos, we have the Everyman HYBRID crew attempting a health/workout routine and an in-universe parody of the mythos, and Damien's attempt at his own Slender Man-blog in Dreams in Darkness. Both, unsurprisingly, are gatecrashed by the genuine article.
  • In the Whateley Universe, the television show "Tales of the MCO" is deliberately done to be stilted, with bad special effects and poor storylines (and anti-mutant), so that the mutants who are watching it at Whateley Academy are actually spending all their time MSTing it.
  • On another part of Rooster Teeth, their Achievement Hunter division has AWHU (Achievement Hunter Weekly Update). This show is where the AH crew announces weekly video game news in front of a camera rested somewhere in their office, has numerous Jump Cuts, is edited out of sequence, and begins and ends episodes with mostly lousy episode-specific intros provided by their fans, most of which is just the person using their cameraphones saying the latest episode number at a famous and/or scenic location.
  • The Spoony Experiment/Atop the Fourth Wall crossover that covers the first issue of the Ultimate Warrior comic book features several parallel universes. In one of these, both Spoony and Linkara are portrayed as horrible actors who blatantly read from the script in monotone. In the commentary, Linkara jokes that some fans are sure to not notice much of a difference from normal.
  • Have you tried James Bruxton's wine yet?
  • The Game Fucking Fuck Fuck Fucker Fucking Fuck Fucker, a parody of Caustic Critics, lives and breathes this trope.
  • The RedLetterMedia show Half In The Bag is a shining example of this trope, as a parody of both cheesy Sitcoms from The '80s and other Video Review Shows. Whenever the stars of this review roundtable are called upon to "act", this is the inevitable result. (We know it's Stylistic Suck because these are the same people behind Mr. Plinkett).
  • Quite a few sites offer up parodies of webpages written poorly usually older html, with garish colors, bad formatting, broken jpegs and links and pointess looped gifs, often the page is purely of the "Hey look. I can write a web page. Wanna see a picture of my pet?" that was more common before sites like Facebook came along to handle the design needs for these people.
  • Henry's Kitchen is a YouTube comedy series with the concept of a guy's self-made cookery program. Except the guy can't cook. Or edit videos. It's hilarious.
  • 80's Dan is this to sitcoms of The '80s.
  • After Eddie Lebron's Mega Man fan movie came out, ScrewAttack decided to make a fan movie of Kid Icarus with zero budget. The result speaks for itself.
  • Waverly Films' "Dino" series is simply a thrown-together mishmash of science-fiction and fantasy elements.
  • "Connor and Jason's crazy super video for class".
  • Adventures of Kim Jung Un is meant to look like extremely cheap propaganda that the nation is (in)famous for.
  • From Super Academy, Power Kid's supplementary video is terribly edited and shot on a webcam. In addition, his "superhero outfit" consists of a T-shirt, sweatshirt and jeans, which earns him no end of derision from his classmates.
    Dark Cop: It looks like half of a pajama. That just might be the worst piece of clothing ever conceived.
  • Blingee is practically tailor-made for generating humorously garish images. An example.
  • This 1995-style intro to Game of Thrones, complete with VHS artifacts and cheesy music.
  • Much of TedCrusty's humor comes from exactly HOW cheap the visuals are.
  • GamerGod88 is full of this. The whole show is purposefully ridiculous, and is at its heart an Affectionate Parody of Lets Players.
  • The Adam 1995 made a parody of veryinvalid's mega man 9 review (which he hated). The whole point of it was to exagerrate his traits to unbelievable levels. It can be viewed here.
  • GradeAUnderA's videos consist of two crude drawings made in MS Paint that talk about different issues and he edits them with Windows Movie Maker. Grade's said that he will stick to those programs because he doesn't want his videos to look too good.
  • The Ben Heck Show invokes this trope on purpose to ham up scenes.
  • This is the whole point of "Deep Fried Memes" (most notably "Real Nigga Hours", "Hey Beter", and "Whomst"), which are typically run through a vast array of filters and badly compressed to the point where they are completely washed out and laden with artifacts, often with gratuitous emojis plastered throughout for good measure (particularly "crying laughing", "fire", "OK", "100", and "letter B").
  • Googlebrains has quite a few of these on his channel.
  • ster wers the frce awake and wtf shovel knight, by gokuu9000.
  • Michael P. Between him eating his mic the whole time, the poor spelling, the Unregistered Hypercam 2 logo, and him screaming at the top of his lungs whenever something bad happens, he fits this trope perfectly. However, the style of it being like an old YouTube video can make it count as Retraux.
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared:
    • Used at the end of the fourth episode. Red Guy stumbles upon a poorly made set for a Don't Hug Me I'm Scared episode, featuring crude renditions of the characters and very little colour.
    • The Food Band’s song is blatantly half-assed and sounds improvised, with a repetitive melody and several lines of lyrics being nothing but “doo doo, da doo-doo”. Although it could be due to the mysterious phone calls that keep interrupting them...
    • Dream Lamp can't sing and the creators know it. His song also seems to consist of nothing but "You can have a dream about ABC, or you can have a dream about XYZ..." (and never anything rhyming as the two dream-ideas) ad infinitum once the first few lines are over.
    • invokedTakes on a new intensity with the unused teachers' songs in Episode 6. We only hear snippets of their songs, but each sounds even more repetitive and less coherent than the Food Band’s and one of them claims “planets live inside the moon.”
    • In the bar Red Guy goes to in Episode 6, the music provided is by another Red Guy just stiffly mashing the keys of a piano. The original Red Guy's cover of the Creative Song sounds monotone and off-key as well, and the other characters are 5-minute hand puppets
  • Jonathan Pie works for a disreputable news organization who prefer to film footage from warzones using Skype rather than their camera crews, because it looks more authentic. Even though it's not authentic at all, Jonathan isn't even in the same country as the warzone he's reporting on.
  • Tom Fawkes uses an animation evoking this style to get around copyright issues for his Pokémon Moon playthrough for when his Primarina uses Oceanic Operetta.
  • The Feed Dump jingles for various segments are sung without rehearsal and deliberately badly. In one they accidentally do too well and have to try again, exaggeratedly out of tune this time to be sure.
  • Chris Stuckmann says in his Nine Lives review that, had it not been directed by Barry Sonnenfeld nor starred Kevin Spacey, he would have thought it was a deliberately bad movie like Sharknado, but he notes that the film is made by people actually trying.
  • In It Makes A Sound, a story of a fictional amateur radio show, host Deirdre Gardner doesn't necessarily seem to have planned out the production very well, as she interrupts and corrects herself, appears to freestyle segments on-the-fly, and hasn't soundproofed her workspace, so that environmental animal sounds (likely from an open window) and fellow residents of her house can be heard. At the end of her first episode, she stumbles over deciding on an official email address in real time.
  • A lot of the skits in Mega64 use this:
    • The "Gamer Warz" skits depict two utterly terrible films. They are badly acted, horribly edited, annoyingly shot, the audio goes out of sync, and the second one has ridiculous amounts of Padding.
    • "THE DEADPOOL MOVIE!!" is about a cheap Make-a-Wish parody hiring amateur filmmakers to fulfill a child's dying wish to see the Deadpool movie. Naturally, it ends up being everyone's worst nightmare of how the real movie could have gone.
    • The live-action Dragon Ball skits condense hours worth of story into five minutes whilst having a nonexistent budget, with predictable results. Amongst other things, the actors all have terrible wigs to replicate Anime Hair, alien characters are depicted using goofy-looking spandex suits (or, in some cases, action figures on strings), Freiza's costume is constantly falling apart, everyone screams their dialogue, numerous characters are Adapted Out, and at one point, the cameraman is accidentally hit by a thrown prop.
  • Rank 10 YGO's "War of the Worthless" tournament has Street Fighter IV-style title cards, complete with music, for all of the matches... with one exception, the primary bracket's Neos vs. B.E.S. match. The title card for it is drawn in MS Paint, the archetype names are replaced with crude nicknames in Comic Sans ("noos" for Neos, "big enema swallower" for B.E.S.), and the music is just Rata doing mouth noises. The duel itself is prefaced with Rata announcing with disdain "This is the worst one..." and the music for the match itself is Jaunty Gumption, which is a huge tonal shift compared to the music of all the other matches.
  • Cybershell's Let's Play "so ya lets play half=life: 2" is deliberately created to be as terrible as possible, with atrocious English, "screenshots" taken with a cheap camera, and with the author knowing nothing about the game (to the point of not knowing what game he is actually playing).
  • "The Penguins of Madagascar Obtain the N Word Pass" is pretty much made of this. If the fact that literally everybody has the exact same digitized voice doesn't make this abundantly clear, the blatant Special Effect Failure of Barack Obama's talking animation certainly will.
  • Epic Rap Battles of History has a spinoff series titled Flash in the Pan Hip-Hop Conflicts of Nowadays, where they take long-awaited requests (kick-started by fulfilling PewDiePie vs. T-Series)... and then just having them portrayed by Peter and Lloyd without any costumes or special effects. Even the announcer sounds off — moreso than usual — with some quirk such as sounding bored or being very high-pitched.
  • From the bad editing, Bad "Bad Acting", liberal use of stock-footage, poorly synced in sound effects, Roller Samurai Vampire Slayers is made of this. Even if Phelous and Lupa (who are known for their 4th wall humor and cheesy acting) did not make it, one could tell that its awfulness was done out of love.
  • The Weather: One segment features three Robby Rackleffs at a restaurant. The background is blatant green-screen of an ever-changing stock photo, to the point where the characters are outright pixilated when they move; objects they interact with are clip-art images, and the dialogue is stilted and awkward. Even the background noise is done poorly, being distorted and repetitious. And it was oh-so intentional, giving the whole thing a surreal, unnatural vibe.
  • "FAMILY GUY PARTY ROCK ALBUM" emulates the poor quality associated with late 2000s videos by running Family Guyclips, slapped with an "Unregistered HyperCam 2" watermark, under obvious Windows Movie Maker effects and text, "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO in the most horrendous quality, and a Gag Sub of the lyrics trying to make them related to Family Guy. In fact, this is pretty much the creator's, Kippykip - 2009, shtick.
  • Ahoy's video's are normally animated to a high standard. "The First Video Game" is a sober, well-researched documentary that looks like a series of monochrome microfilm images being shuffled in and out of shot by hand.
  • Kelly, The Onion's local political cartoonist, is a thorough mockery of everything about aging conservative political cartoons. His artwork is simplistic and unappealing, he obsessively labels everything and is sure to have his Author Avatar explain the joke in the lower right with a bad pun, and many of his views aren't just conservative, but border on Insane Troll Logic (for instance, he's in favor of a border wall because it would make the Chinese feel inadequate). Plenty of his cartoons don't even mention politics, and are instead just him complaining about his life. It's less a comic about politics and more about giving you a vision of Kelly's self-centered, egotistic, horny, phenomenally screwed-up head.
  • Drew Gooden:
    • Drew claimed that one Vine, in which he walks into a lake and turns into two ducks, was intentionally shitty; he made it while being filmed by a news reporter, and being put on-the-spot meant he couldn't make anything genuinely funny, so he went out of his way to make something bad, complete with a sudden, jarring cut and awkward narration.
    • The Paint-Art he keeps in the background of his videos are intentionally crude, meant to poke fun at whatever he's talking about and being very simplistic in style, many times just being hand-drawn text on a solid background.
  • Sheriff Domestic looks like a low-quality romhack of Petscop, and it knows it. The sprites are wonky, completing any objective wastes several seconds of time with a cutscene, the game is riddled with spelling errors, and its "dramatic" scenes are full of Narm.
  • H.Bomberguy: In contrast to the generally highly polished style that is common across much of "breadtube" (including several channels, like Philosophy Tube, Contrapoints, Folding Ideas, Lindsay Ellis and Shaun, who could be considered Harris's friends), Hbomb goes for a much more deliberately clumsy and goofy style: he'll leave in flubbed jokes and clumsy mistakes (like his attempt to kick away a globe in his Flat Earth video), include metaphors that he never quite works into something coherent (such as his soup metaphor in the Bloodborne video), and generally wring a lot of comedy from his style being intentionally a little bit cheap and slapdash.
  • Neil Cicierega is fond of this, with a stunning example being "Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away (lyrics)", a pitch-perfect recreation of old lyric videos on Youtube. Windows Movie Maker effects being used constantly, random Google images appearing to try to match individual words, and the video quality dipping at random. Part of the remix also deliberately makes the opening guitar riff sound considerably worse. Even the thumbnail is a picture caught between transitions, making it look like Kravitz has a bizarrely warped face. As the video goes on, the quality noticeably improves—and this is also when the remix starts getting weird.
  • In Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues, Crispin Hayward's book is panned as trashy despite being a best-seller.
    Luna: It's just really bad. I'm talking baaaaad. Like those stories you wrote when you were a kid? Those are much, much better.


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