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The Pantheonic Indie Gaming Brotherhood

Authored by Super Mafia!

Don't underestimate us just because we're small,
we are Indies and we like to go-go!
Our larger friends may have it all,
but we can create waves in gaming, even down low!
— The Motto of the Indie Gaming Brotherhood.

Ever since the advent of video games, there have been many great clashes with the world's greatest game characters. Mario rescuing Peach from Bowser's clutches, Megaman's adventures to save the world from Dr. Wily and his Robot Master champions, Link and his never-ending quest to save Princess Zelda from the clutches of Ganondorf, Sonic's speed-filled adventures to teach old Eggman a lesson. There are so many memorable adventures, many different conflicts, whether against beasts, mankind, or even the forces of nature and the gods that weave it. The stories and adventures these characters face are not necessarily the most well known or most epic of gaming's greatest, but they serve a delicate role of balance, far larger than most people would expect.


The Indie Gaming Brotherhood is a Lesser Alliance composing of Indie game characters, whose role in gaming in the modern age has been paramount in both showcasing mortals different iconic characters from lesser-known companies and to bring balance between itself and far larger game companies, like Nintendo or EA. Despite this, there's no animosity between either groups or the characters, since the balance they maintain is double-edged: Indies wouldn't exist if it wasn't for AAA companies, but they can also serve as a good alternative to AAA games. That being said, membership is limited to Indie characters only, and there are currently over 16 Core Members of the Indie Gaming Brotherhood. While they don't have overall bearings on GUA matters, the Indie characters all represent the trend, from one-man teams to smaller companies.


There is one major problem: There are numerous Indie characters who are evil as well as good. And with some members directly opposing each other, they elected to separate into two "houses". The Protagonist House represents protagonists, primarily heroes of the Indie scene, fighting for what's right, making sure their world is just right, or to survive/thrive against all expected odds in hostile environments. The Antagonist House represents antagonists, mainly villains as they aim to conquer the world, defeat their sworn nemeses, or to just leave after not washing their hands. As such, the houses are locked in a Forever War of pranks and general mishaps. There may be an occasional cannon ball fired in Protagonist House's direction or a thrown Throwing Anchor headed towards Antagonist House, but their connection as Indie characters cannot be understated and pissing off both Houses (mainly by an outsider attacking a Core Member unprovoked, protagonist or antagonist) can result in a temporary alliance of both Houses followed by the perpetrator being left on the ground badly hurt. Unless they either provoked an outsider to attack them or they are just that hated, in which case they are left to their own devices.


While not out on his normal job, The Inspector does some duty at the IGB, primarily just to make sure the people are who they say they are. He has no strong feelings towards anyone, protagonist, antagonist, or leadership, though any trespassers risk either being detained or getting shot. While mostly unnecessary due to the members' powers, his word is final and no one wants to get shot by a pencil pusher.

There is a board post in between the two "houses". This post tells all the alliance members about the rules as well as an "Archenemy Board", where the two marked as Archenemies are not allowed to interact with each other out of courtesy for their other members (and to primarily keep the pranks going).The Archenemy Board has the following members, left being Protagonist and right being Antagonist:

Shantae — Risky Boots
Cuphead and Mugman — The Devil and King Dice
Sash Lilac — Lord Brevon


The three Commanders are as follows, as elected by the membership of every member, first for overall Leader, then for their House Leaders. Everyone has respect for Steve and, unless stated, is Medium-High by default due to his immense influence on how Indies became what they are today.

     Steve (Minecraft) 
Steve, God of Sandbox Games (Mr. Minecraft), Leader of the Indie Gaming Brotherhood
  • Greater God in Creative Mode, Demigodnote  upwards to Intermediate Godnote  in Survival Mode
  • Alignment: Depends on player
  • Symbol: A Diamond Pickaxe
  • Reason for Joining: Shovel Knight and the Snatcher approached him, citing his immense influence, even back when he was Indie.
  • Loyalty Towards the Group: Medium-High. He's more of an aloof leader whose silent, but he appreciates the Core Members for allowing him to lead.
  • Threat Level: Medium-Low, up to High with Creative Mode enabled due to his Nigh-Invulnerability and wanton spawning of any weapon with any enchantments
     The Snatcher 
The Snatcher, God Of Creepy, Demonic Voices, Second-in-Command of the IGB and Leader of Antagonist House
  • Greater God, Overdeity when invoking his Death Wish Contracts, Quasideity as The Prince
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil to his debtors, Chaotic Neutral otherwise
  • Symbol: His Contracts
  • Reason for Joining: He and Shovel Knight thought it was a good idea to create the Alliance, with a little help from a Contract.
  • Loyalty Towards: Steve; Medium to Medium-Low, Antagonist House Members; Very Low to Medium Low. While he'd rather be the head honcho of the entire group, he does commend Steve for his influence, he would also prefer not to be rubbed with blue dye. Due to his status as leader in Subcon Forest, he also sees most of his core members as mooks, more often than not, though he does note certain stand-outs, like with Lord Brevon or Crow.
  • Threat Level: Immense, even moreso when forced to serve him.
     Shovel Knight 
Shovel Knight, God of the Shovel Strike (The Ghost of Shovels, A Shining Example of the Code of Shovelry, Butt Butt), Third-in-Command of the IGB and Leader of Protagonist House
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Shovel Blade
  • Companion Member(s): Shield Knight, Specter Knight (uneasy with Shield Knight around)
  • Reason for Joining: He and the Snatcher created this organization based on being some of gaming's most influential Indie characters.
  • Loyalty Towards: Steve, Protagonist House Members; High. He is naturally trustworthy by most of his peers due to his chivalrous nature, and serve as a sort of Team Dad
  • Threat Level: Medium to Medium-High. He's been a Determinator in saving his beloved Shield Knight from the Tower of Fate's influence, and he will not stop until he fulfills his mission, even against similarly powerful or more powerful opponents.

Core Members

     Protagonist House 
Whether we dance through the danger
or steel thy shovel,
we will fire tears
or run fast towards trouble!
The Protagonist House's Motto

The Protagonists of our story, these Core Members are the face of the Alliance. Steve is commonly agreed upon to being the leader of both Protagonist House and the Indie Gaming Brotherhood by both houses, due to his immense influence and power he wields in Creative Mode. On the off-chance Steve is in Survival Mode, leadership skills usually falls to Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight, Isaac, Shantae, Hat Kid, Curly Brace and Quote, Cuphead and Mugman, Hollow Knight, Sash Lilac, Frisk, The Bard and Madeline are the Core Members who make up Protagonist House. They usually host get-togethers, often inviting other Indie characters to come eat, drink, and just relax from the Pantheon world. On an odd occasion, Shantae hosts a sleepover with the Core Members, occasionally even inviting Antagonist House members (and is one of the only times a limited exception to the Archenemy List is made). On occasion, Crow may attempt to try to bring a kidnapped victim into Antagonist House, though usually Shantae and Shovel Knight are able to stop him. If he's in a machine, Sash Lilac and Hat Kid joins in and helps the two out. Mike Schmidt became a Core Member by the request of Shovel Knight after Antagonist House received the Fazbear Gang (that isn't to say anything about the nightmare that is Springtrap), though he gets himself involved in both Protagonist and Antagonist House as a Watchman.

Despite the amount of goodness in this house, some members will not antagonize their own allies who live in Antagonist House, as such with Shovel Knight and an Order of No Quarter Knight.

Shantae, Goddess of Belly Dancers (Half-Genie Hero, Guardian Genie of Scuttle Town)
As Nega Shantae 
  • Intermediate God, rank varies on whether she has magic or not, ranging from Lesser to Greater
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Evil as Nega Shantae)
  • Symbol: Her Genie's Lamp
  • Companion Member(s): Rottytops
  • Reasons for Joining: She heard of the up and coming organization by Shovel Knight and decided to join right then and there.
  • Loyalty Towards: Shovel Knight; Very High. Shovel Knight and she are more or less best friends due to their many common connections with one another. She's also jealous about how heroic he is, at least compared to her own feats of heroics.
  • Threat Level: Medium-High normally. Her magic, transformation and non-transformation based, isn't anything to sneeze at. It's at its highest (Very High) if she masters her magic or comes back strong, or turns into Nega Shantae.

Hat Kid, Goddess of Getting Rewarded In Clothing (Some girl, Darling, Cute-As-Heck)
  • Intermediate Goddess, Greater Goddess with her friends sacrificing themselves for Health Pons
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Symbol: Her purple top hat
  • Companion Member(s): Mustache Kid, DJ Grooves and The Conductor (shared with The Snatcher), The Mafia of Cooks
  • Reasons for Joining: She wandered into the meeting and, upon seeing the Snatcher, demanded to join in immediately to be with her best friend.
  • Loyalty Towards: Shovel Knight; Medium. As far as Hat Kid's concerned, he's a pretty nice knight. Though she'll object to any plan she's involved if she has to target the Snatcher directly, due to her friendship with him.
  • Threat Level: Medium. An acrobatic kid with an umbrella can be pretty scary to fight against. If she were to weaponize her Time Pieces, she'd be hitting Unbelievably High levels, due to the hourglass' effect on time.

Cuphead and Mugman, Sibling Deities of Classic Cartoon Animation (The Cup Bros, Little Mugs)
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Symbol: Their heads
  • Reasoning for Joining: Upon hearing the Devil joining by Snatcher's side, they decide to run and join Shovel Knight's side to keep them in check.
  • Loyalty Towards: Shovel Knight; Medium High to High. Shovel Knight is like the knight in shining armor to them, kind to a fault and loyal to his friends. It also helps that they can occasionally cause trouble with the Devil.
  • Threat Level: High. They may be fragile little cups, but they still beat the crap out of their Devil and his lackey, King Dice.

Sash Lilac, Goddess of Informed Species (Lilac the Dragon Girl, Little Miss Heropants)
  • Lesser Godess
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Symbol: An orange leaf, or alternatively her Dragon Boost
  • Companion Member(s): Carol Tea, Milla Basset, Commander Torque
  • Reasons for Joining: Sash Lilac was invited by Shantae to join Protagonist House, noting on how she was a successful Indie character with her Sonic-like mechanics.
  • Loyalty Towards: Shovel Knight; High. She sees a lot of heroics and determination in his actions. Someone who will never give up is someone she can relate with.
  • Threat Level: High. She was able to stop Lord Brevon from taking over Avalice by utilizing the Kingdom Stone to instigate a civil war. And despite all the suffering she and her friends have endured, they eventually recovered and finished their quest against the galactic conqueror.

Quote and Curly Brace, Conquerors of the Bonus Level From Hell (Quote: Mister Traveler, Soldier From the Surface | Curly: Mimiga Ally, Ally of the Mimigas)
  • Lesser Deities
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Symbol: The Polar Star/Spur and Curly's Machine Gun crossed and placed next to Quote's hat
  • Reasons for Joining: After hearing about the myriad of characters, especially conquerers in Antagonist House, they insisted on being a part of Protagonist House to make sure they won't cause any trouble. Shovel Knight agreed and allowed them membership.
  • Loyalty Towards: Shovel Knight; Medium-High. Anyone whose able to wrestle control of the land out of evil's hands are pretty cool people by their books, especially with what's to them nothing more than a glorified gardening tool. Plus, they have dueled Shovel Knight and Isaac.
  • Threat Level: High to Very High. Despite being robotic in nature, they are not needing to comply with the Three Robot Laws and, as such, can fight and kill if they need to. Plus, as their status of being able to defeat a Greater God equivalent after going through what are essentially Bonus Levels from Hell, they can take action and fight off opponents far stronger than they are without breaking a sweat.

Hollow Knight, God of Non-linear Action Adventure Platformers (The Knight)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with shades of True Neutral
  • Symbol: His Helmet. Alternatively, the Void Heart Charm.
  • Reasons for Joining: He stumbled into Protagonist House after traveling for a while and rested inside. Shantae, out of seeing similarities between them and her, decided to grant him membership with Shovel Knight's approval.
  • Loyalty Towards: Shovel Knight and Shantae; Medium Low and Medium High, respectively. They have no bad opinions on Shovel Knight and consider him to being a kindred knight soul, though compared to Shantae, they prefer her company as a fellow Metroidvania platformer character, even if she does dabble more into Megaman-like platforming from time to time.
  • Threat Level: Medium-High. Their quest to fight the Radiance and free Hallownest from her influence and plagues isn't necessarily what makes them threatening. Fighting every boss they previously fought while they were in their (non-infected) prime, as well as the most perfect incarnation of Radiance and defeating them all in a single boss rush is what makes them threatening.

Isaac, God of Multi-Purpose Tears (Cain, Maggie, Eve, Judas, Samson, ???, Blue Baby, Azazel, Lazarus, Eden, The Lost, Lilith, Keeper, The Forgotten, Apollyon)
  • Lesser God (Maybe Greater God or Quasideity, depending on continuity)
  • Alignment: Best estimate is Neutral Good
  • Symbol: His crying face
  • Reason for Joining: Was personally invited by Shovel Knight.
  • Loyalty Towards: Shovel Knight; High. They were fighting buddies, and still are to this day.
  • Threat Level: Starts out Low, but can escalate quickly to High. He always starts out with pitiful damage and okay tear firing rates, but with specific synergies, his abilities can allow him to fire numerous high-damaging tears as incredible rates, flood the room with medium damaging tears, or send missiles incoming.

Mike Schmidt, God of Tactical Door Use (Michael Afton(?))
  • Quasideity (Demigod or even Lesser God if the rumor of him being Michael Afton is true)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Symbol: A googly-eyed cupcake
  • Reason for Joining: Requested by Shovel Knight after the Fazbear Gang was delivered to Antagonist House. In actuality, it's so that he, alongside Freddy, can keep an eye out on Springtrap.
  • Loyalty Towards: Shovel Knight; Medium-Low. He is more about keeping an eye out on the Fazbear Gang and Springtrap so they won't cause any more death or injuries on anyone, Protagonist or Antagonist.
  • Threat Level: None. He doesn't usually fight his enemies and, more often than not, he simply watches over the Houses to track the Fazbear Gang and Springtrap. That being said, his watching skills have saved the bacon of many IGB members.

The Kid, Divine Survivor of Platform Hell (The New Guy)
  • Intermediate God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Symbol: His hat
  • Reason for Joining: The Kid platformed his way through Hell and High Water just to come into Protagonist House.
  • Threat Level: Medium-Low. He's an absolute One Hitpoint Wonder and even most glancing attacks will cause him to explode in spectacular fashion, but his agility and trusty fire-arm is able to make short work of various opponents, such as Mike Tyson, a giant green Zangief dubbed "Kraidgief", and ultimately, his own father, The (Former) Guy.

The Human Child/Frisk, Divine Avatar of Golden Endings (The Human, My Child [by Toriel], Kid, Buddy, Pal [the latter three by Sans], Paci-Frisk)
  • Demideity, rank increases with Determination
  • Alignment: Neutral everything (Neutral Good on Pacifist, True Neutral on Neutral, Neutral Evil on Genocide)
  • Symbol: A four-pointed star, a simple red heart
  • Companion Member(s): The Underground Monsters
  • Reason for Joining: After hearing about it, Sans told them about the group and how it'd be "kinda cool to meet other guys from different universes".
  • Loyalty Towards: Shovel Knight; Medium. They don't necessarily see him in a good light if they're pacifistic, though they are understanding of the trials he went through and see his love towards Shield Knight and his determination as being extraordinary.
  • Threat Level: None physically, Medium mentally as Pacifist. They don't want to fight, but their uncanny ability to stop any conflict through their actions and their determination makes it hard for their opponents to go through with trying to defeat them. Inverted in Genocide, where they don't care about the results and aim to kill. Low physically and mentally in Neutral, they will fight, but if they surrender, they'll leave them be. Very High if they're True Pacifist and their Determination is at maximum.

The Bard, Divine Bard Of Jumping at the Call (Lil' Bard, Lil' B, Bardling, Bardlet, Kiwi)
  • Lesser Deity. Can be an Overdeity if leading, keyword being LEADING, the world in the Wandersong
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Symbol: The bard themselves in the middle of a rainbow wheel.
  • Reason for Joining: Upon hearing the Bard sing, Shovel Knight thought the Bard from his home world ascended. Upon finding out it was a different bard, he extended the invitation to hang out with other Indie heroes here.
  • Loyalty Towards: Shovel Knight; Medium to High. The Bard sees Shovel Knight as a true blue hero, and while they don't want to throw a punch themselves, the shovel wielder is more than respectful to the singer for his dedication to pacifism.
  • Threat Level: Absolutely none in terms of physical attributes. The Bard is a pacifist first and foremost, and refuses to throw a single punch. However, thanks to their Magic Music, it could change the enviroment and mess with some fights.

Madeline, Goddess of Mountain Climbing Journeys and the Air Dash (Celeste)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Symbol: A strawberry with wings
  • Companion Member: Badeline (her dark self)
  • Reason for Joining: Tried her hand in scaling the path to the Indie Gaming Brotherhood, and after so many deaths and quick revives, she made it in.
  • Loyalty Towards: Shovel Knight; Medium. She does practice with him and Steve from time to time to improve her archery and is still thankful for his heroic services, but that's really all.
  • Threat Level: Low to medium; she does have some experience as a archer, she is nowhere near as competent with a bow and arrow as she is with traversing tight spaces that seem like death traps to normal people, which can still be useful; just not in terms of actual combat prowess.

     Antagonist House 

We're no small fries
for your trouble has just begun
we will await you, so you will cry
when far away, you are flung!
The Antagonists House's Motto

The Antagonists, they represent the types of people the protagonists' often have to fight to complete their quest. As of right now, The Snatcher is the leader of Antagonist House, though he's often in conflict with the Inkwell Devil, with King Dice helping the latter. Otherwise, the Necrodancer and his Golden Lute, Springtrap, Plague Knight, Lord Brevon, Crow, The Radiance and Risky Boots are currently present as the Core Members of Antagonist House, though rumor has it that a wild goose lives in Antagonist House's pond, making both houses miserable, but Antagonist House slightly less miserable. They usually hold their get-togethers, inviting other Indie antagonists and having workshops on how to be a villain, though sometimes there are dances and demonstrations. Out of all the Antagonistic Indie Characters, Springtrap is easily seen as the most hated among his peers, with consideration of his wanton murder spree of children for no other reason. Sure, they may use soul contracts, commit to galactic conquest, and attempt to corrupt the genies via polarized magic, but to needlessly kill kids for pleasure is nothing short of nauseating to them. The Fazbear Gang, composed of Freddy Fazbear, Foxy the Pirate, Chica the Chicken, and Bonnie the Rabbit came in via a delivery to Antagonist House. In actuality, Shovel Knight and the Snatcher invited them in to keep an eye on Springtrap, alongside Mike Schmidt.

Despite the amount of (undeniable) evil in this house, some members here won't antagonize their own allies who live in Protagonist House, as such with the Snatcher and Hat Kid.

The Devil, Pantheonic Provider of the Demonic Job Offer (The Devil of Inkwell Isles, Satan)
  • Greater God
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Symbol: His Trident
  • Reason for Joining: He was "invited" (note: forced in) by the Snatcher, seeing his higher authority as a plus.
  • Loyal Towards: The Snatcher; Very Low. He didn't take kindly to being the Snatcher's towel boy, and if given the chance, he would try to take over the Snatcher's position as the leader of Antagonist House.
  • Threat Level: High, Very High when in debt to him. He is the Devil and, in spite of being beaten by his archenemies, he's still a threatening figure with a lot of power behind his trident and magic.

King Dice, Harbinger of the Boss Bonanza (The Gamest in the Land, The Devil's Right Hand Man)
  • Intermediate God
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Symbols: Chips, Cards, and his Dice
  • Reason for Joining: He joined by the Devil's side as his Right-Hand Man without prompting from the Snatcher, after the latter took the former to Antagonist House.
  • Loyal Towards: The Devil; Very High. He couldn't care less about the Snatcher, and it's reflected towards his loyalty for the Devil instead of his House Leader. He serves as the Devil's Right Hand Man, and no one else.
  • Threat Level: Medium-Low, Medium High with his Quirky Miniboss Squad. By himself, King Dice is not a fighter by nature, he's more of a manipulator, someone to get them towards his own boss if he's not mad. With his Miniboss Squad, he stands a slightly better chance at defeating his opponents, but admittedly by not much if the opponent is skilled enough with the dice.

Lord Arktivus Brevon, God of Cause-and-Effect Villains
  • Intermediate God, Bordering on Greater God
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, sees himself Above Good and Evil
  • Symbol: His face in the shadows, with a nasty-looking evil grin.
  • Reason for Joining: He crashed into Antagonist House one day, looking to take it over. However, while the Snatcher stopped him, he joined upon hearing about Shovel Knight inviting Sash Lilac into the Pantheon.
  • Loyalty Towards: The Snatcher; Medium-Low. He sees the Snatcher as just a big, cocky purple ghost, though he can't help but admit just how powerful the spirit's power is, especially when he's able to bind them in his Contracts.
  • Threat Level: Very High to Horrifyingly High. He's able to beat Sash and torture her. He knows his ways to getting heroes in vulnerable positions and capitalizing on that opportunity to strike. And that's not to say of the gouged out hole that was in the Main House when he came in.

The Necrodancer and the Golden Lute, Co-Gods of Playing the Level's Music
The Golden Lute's True Form 
  • Intermediate Gods together (Lesser God as Necrodancer, Intermediate God as Golden Lute's True Form)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil Chaotic Neutral, lean towards Evil with the Golden Lute
  • Symbols: A dancing skeleton mook, the Golden Lute, its own Dragon Form
  • Reasons for Joining: The Snatcher went and liked how the Necrodancer plays his lute and invited him to being a sort of "bard" for Antagonist House.
  • Loyalty Towards: The Snatcher; Medium. He sees the Snatcher as someone who could be potentially taken over with his Golden Lute, but he otherwise respects the ghostly being recognizing his skills.
  • Threat Level: Medium-Low to High. While it depends on the amount of dead things near him, the Necrodancer's power stems from the Golden Lute's ability to resurrect anything. Very High with regards to the Golden Lute itself, due to its soul-stealing abilities and its Dragon form.

Crow, God of Villains Who Triumph (Broomstick, Pencil Man, Crowley, Crow Beans, Purple Pipsqueak, Purple Friend)
  • Intermediate God by himself, Greater God with his machines
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil Actually more Chaotic Neutral
  • Symbol: His Cool Helmet
  • Reasons for Joining: The Snatcher heard about a villain whose able to completely foil his enemies' schemes, and had Hat Kid get Crow for him. He accepted being a part of Snatcher's house on principle of being a villain.
  • Loyalty Towards: The Snatcher; Medium-Low. He may be able to respect Snatcher's powers, though he doesn't see why he had to send Hat Kid to fetch him in the first place. Plus, friendship is just straight-up gross to him, especially when a hero and villain are friends, though the Snatcher denies this left and right. Alongside with becoming Mayapple's best friend (much to his chagrin), and especially after confessing his feelings to his secretary, Becky, and sealing their relationship with a Big Damn Kiss, he's willing to just view Snatcher with Medium loyalty. He still isn't paying him and he suspects he may need some weaponry to paint him blue in case he tries to attack him, but he is still impressed by his powers.
  • Threat Level: Medium, High-Very High with his Machines. He's living proof of villains being able to achieve victory and, with his machines at the ready, he's all set with dominating Protagonist House and possibly kidnapping some of their members.

Plague Knight, God of Plague Doctors (Plague Butt, Dyna Knight)
  • Intermediate God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil/Chaotic Neutral
  • Symbol: His Plague Doctor Mask
  • Companion Member(s): Mona (Shovel Knight)
  • Reasons for Joining: Shovel Knight decided to give him an invite, though he decided that he'd rather brew with Antagonist House, because they're more tolerant of his shenanigans.
  • Loyalty Towards: The Snatcher and Steve; Low and High respectively. Even though they're both antagonistic, Plague Knight does what he wants to and occasionally disregards the Snatcher's orders. He actually sees more of himself in Steve, especially when the latter crafts his Splash Potions, though he's disappointed he can't craft a more explosive potion.
  • Threat Level: Medium to Medium-High. Just like Shovel Knight, he's absolutely determined to his goals. That being said, it wasn't to save Shield Knight, but to brew the Ultimate Potion for Mona's heart. Make no mistake, though, he also sees his goals to the end, even against countless deaths and opposition.

Risky Boots, Goddess of Dressing Like a Pirate (Queen of the Seven Seas, Captain of the Tinkertub, First Mate of the Pirate Master)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral if forced to ally herself with Shantae
  • Symbol: Her skull bra and hat
  • Reasons for Joining: Seeing Shantae being invited by Shovel Knight, she made her explosive entrance by dropping an anchor while the Core Members of Antagonist House were in a meeting.
  • Loyalty Towards: The Snatcher; Very Low. She actually doesn't like the Snatcher, because his power and ability to bind his minions with contracts reminds her all too well about the Pirate Master's domination of her while she was his first mate. She begrudgingly respects his authority and power, but made it no secret that she'll blast both him and the Devil if it'll mean becoming the Leader.
  • Threat Level: Medium-High to Very High. Despite her Lesser Goddess status, she's effective with her machinery, with one occasion even allowing her to corrupt Shantae and turning her into Nega Shantae due to her effective skills with deception.

The Fazbear Gang Members , Quadrumvirate Deities of Dangerous Animatronics (The night shift delinquent, DJ Freddy Faz)
Left to Right: Bonnie, Freddy, Chica
  • Lesser Deities
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil possibly Chaotic Neutral
  • Symbol: Their faces
  • Reasons for Joining: They were delivered into Antagonist House, with a note citing their importance to indie gaming. In reality, it's to keep a closer eye on Springtrap under the orders of The Snatcher and Shovel Knight.
  • Loyalty Towards: The Snatcher; Low. They typically do anything they want, which usually translate to haunting either House. They are more friendly towards the leaders, though they aren't exempt from being ready for Freddy.
  • Threat Level: Medium Low to High, dependent on AI Level set on the Gang that day. There's no skirting around it, they are killing machines and, if someone get spooked by the Fazbear Gang, it usually results in the spooked getting mutilated into an animatronic suit. However, Frisk, Hat Kid, and the Goose are often excluded from their target list due to them being children for the former two, and being too tricky to catch for the latter.

Springtrap, God of Artificially-Living Zombies (Golden Bonnie, Spring-Bonnie, Salvage, Scraptrap, Not Freddy, The Murderer, Purple Guy, Vincent, Dave Miller, William Afton)
  • Lesser God, used to be Quasideity
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Components of the Neutral Evil man and a True Neutral Spring Bonnie
  • Symbol: His head, with a mummified head with a still-attached eye beneath it
  • Reasons for Joining: He is undeniably one of the most evil Indie characters, and while it pains them to do it, they extended an invitation to him.
  • Loyalty Towards: No one, not even Steve. He considers everyone else as nothing more than meat puppets who judge him way too hard when they are enslaving little children, conquering galaxies, trying to take over the Genie Realm, many of which kills far more people than he ever could in his lifetime. Though considering his schtick of being a serial killer who murdered children, most other members ignore him or threaten to dismantle him on the spot.
  • Threat Level: High. He is well-known for killing and, with the Spring Bonnie suit, he's able to hone into a target with scary precision.

The Radiance, Goddess of Macabre Moth Motifs (The light, forgotten)

     The "Pet" Goose 
One day, during a meeting, there emerged a goose who stumbled into the grounds of the IGB. During most of the day, most of the Core Members had at least one run-in with the goose, whose response is to steal an item. Whether it'd be a Brimstone power-up or Shovel Knight's Shovel Blade, or even the Snatcher's Contracts, chaos befell the organization. At the end of the day, there was an emergency meeting held among all the Core Members and the result of this theft was to give the goose a pool and a park for it to rest in to try to stop it from being more annoying. It didn't do much, though now it may just occasionally go into Protagonist House or Antagonist House and annoy them.

The Goose, Divine Deity of Untitled Works (The Terrible Goose)
  • Demideity
  • Allignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Symbol: A Goose warning sign
  • Reasons for Joining: They just came in one day. Then they made their home in the Antagonist House's backyard, converted into a park and a pool.
  • Loyalty Towards: No one. They do whatever they want. No one, not even the Leaders are safe from the Goose's shenanigans, though Creative!Steve can often retrieve his item back with the least amount of trouble.
  • Threat Level: Low. The most they can do is honk loudly and chase you, like a real goose. However, it can scale up to World-Ending if they manage to steal anything like Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet (albiet, if only for the fact that this can lead to other people to steal these items. The goose really doesn't do much with these items anyway; he just hoards them away.)
  • The list of what it has done to each individual member is recorded here, as a reminder how not even Overdeities can outpace this feathered fiend. Here are its misdeeds thus far.
    1. Get a wish granted. Pull on Shantae's ponytail
    2. Follow the rules. Steal Quote and Curly's guns
    3. Dig a hole. Steal Shovel Knight's Shovel Blade and use it to dig a hole
    4. Clean yourself of sin. Take Inkwell Devil's Trident and whack him with it.
    5. Win the lottery. Replace King Dice's loaded dice with fuzzy dice
    6. Eat some pizza. Knock out Springtrap with a metal pizza sign
    7. Plunder some booty. Take Risky's Hat
    8. Scare some poor sod. Freak someone out by presenting a Snatcher Contract to someone
    9. Chase a kid away. Chase Isaac by charging at him
    10. Join the band. Honk along with the Bard's singing.
    11. Become a Superhero! Honk at Crow until he just leaves out of sheer annoyance
  • After returning to Antagonist House Park with Shantae's Genie Lamp in tow, they go into their grotto to drop their treasure...' Among a small pile of other genie lamps it stole from days past
    • "HONK!"

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