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  • Harry Potter in the Harry Potter and the Grand Trainer Tournament. He ends up falling for Jasmine Kenway, the daughter of revolutionary Jack Kenway. Jasmine is older, taller than him, and absolutely loves violence and fights; fighting Voldemort's Agents causes her to moan like she's having mindblowing sex.
    • She gets it from her parents: her adopted father Jack fell in love with Clair, a tall beauty who at one point jumps into a fighting pit and lashes out at Jack, cutting his face and striking him with a bo staff. Jack sees it as foreplay.
  • Brock in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, falls for Pike Queen Lucy, who is tall, has attitude and is an incredibly talented Pokémon trainer.
  • Forum of Thrones: Davith is notably attracted to the skilled fighter Samantha Ducard, among other things because of her ability to kick his ass.
    • Samantha herself is very much into women who are good fighters. There are her implied feelings for Sasha, as well as the fact that she compliments the looks of Nymeria Aspys, who is an Amazonian Beauty.
    • Her physical abilities are also outright mentioned by Irving as one of the reasons he is attracted to Maya.
  • In Total Drama fanfic Unbreakable Red Silken Thread Heather and Cody both have admitted on several occasions that they are attracted to Jasmine, though not for the same reason. By default Cody was this before his growth spurt because of how short and scrawny he was during the show's run in relation to almost all of the female contestants.
  • In My Huntsman Academia, Izuku has an Imagine Spot where Yang is flexing her "guns" for him and immediately turns into a blushing mess. They do end up dating.
  • In Rivalry, even though Astrid in this continuity is much more hostile to him, Hiccup still holds some level of infatuation with her.
  • The Discworld of A.A. Pessimal sees the canonical policewoman Precious Jolson get a lot of this sort of attention. Precious is a girl with family roots in Howondaland. She is big, possibly around six foot four tall, and, in the words of a watch colleague, "that girl's got the muscles of a troll on her". On visits Home to rediscover her roots, she gets away with things like petting wild leopards as if they were domestic cats - the leopards take one look at her and decide not to protest. During a brief border war, in which she ends up fighting against her own peoplenote , she punches out a native soldier who is pointing a spear at her. He wakes up, gazes upon her, and is immediately in love. Alas, the despotic insane Prince in charge of the hostile army also becomes enamoured of her, for the same reasons.


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