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  • In Anatolia Story, even though Yuri Suzuki doesn't fit the usual Amazon image (she's a rather scrawny teenage Japanese girl, for starters), she is very good at combat and even better at planning, to the point where everyone believes that she's some sort of avatar of the war goddess, Ishtar. Kail absolutely adores his "Ishtar", and the two often fight alongside each other in battle.
  • Mikasa Ackerman and Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan both have their fair share of admirers (or potential admirers), partially because they are two of the biggest badasses around. Since the cast are soldiers, it's entirely justified that they would be attracted to physically and mentally strong women that can hold their own in battle. Eren in particular is immediately drawn to Annie because of her formidable skills, though the exact nature of their feelings for each other remain ambiguous.
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  • In Baccano!, Professional Killer Claire Stanfield falls in love at first sight with Knife Nut Chane Laforet after seeing her knife-fighting skills against Psycho for Hire Ladd Russo using a SHOTGUN. He even buys her a dress with knife holsters.
  • In Berserk, Guts fell in love with Casca because of her being able to fight and kick ass just as much as he can. He confessed to Judeau that he would never go for a woman unable to defend herself unaided. This makes her both physical and mental rape at the hands of Griffith during the Eclipse that much worse. Later on, after what happened to her, Guts' Enemy Within uses this to try to convince him that Casca is not the woman he fell in love with anymore and that he should forget about her and return to pursuing revenge.
  • While not as pointed out or commented on (usually), Rock of Black Lagoon seems to be more than happy to be around Revy during the later parts of the series. Just don't ever point this out around the latter, even if you are a "friend".
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  • In Blue Seed: Computer expert and all-around geek Yoshiki Yaegashi openly admits in one of the last episodes of the series that he's fallen for heavy weapons expert Koume Sawaguchi. Koume's initial response is to reject him, but after he protects her from an attack at his own physical expense and later demonstrates to her an inner strength of self which she herself lacks, she comes around. They end up getting engaged in the OAV.
    Yaegashi: I was just thinking what a strong woman you are, Koume.
    Koume: Huh?
    Yaegashi: But that strength is what makes you so attractive!
  • In Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa Keigo suddenly decides to try and "catch" Mako after he sees her beat up a group of muggers trying to steal her mobile telephone.
  • In Claymore, Raki falls in love with Clare because he appreciates the fact that every day she fights against man-eating monsters to protect the humans. And it does not take long until Clare falls in love with Raki.
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  • In Code Geass, Worthy Opponent Gino is smitten with Fiery Redhead Kallen in large part because she's the best all-around female fighter (i.e. both as a mecha pilot and martial artist) in the series.
  • The page quote comes from Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, wherein Spike is inspired to ask a cute Mars Special Forces officer on a date... while she's attempting to beat the crap out of him, and, considering that he's basically Bruce Lee, doing a damn fine job. The Lab Rat is also smitten with the same lady, and asks for a date in exchange for her help. She appears somewhat squicked by the thought.
  • Cross Ange:
    • Embryo expresses his love for Amazon types, though he prefers to have them broken first. He quickly fixates on Ange, who represents the cultured yet untamable nature of humanity he so desperately wants to see in everyone. In his own words, he'd rather have a world ruled by "strong, intelligent women".
    • Tusk falls for Ange for her fierce passionate nature, even if she frequently beats him up for his Accidental Pervert moments.
  • Dance with Devils: The student council first become interested in The Protagonist, Ritsuka Tachibana, was when she stood up for herself to them in the first episode.
  • In Detective Conan, Shinichi doesn't seem very put-off by Ran's karate skills... unless she's directing them at him.
  • In Devilman Lady, Jason Bates says he would have liked Jun more if she was stronger than him.
  • Dragon Ball:
  • During the fantasia parade in Fairy Tail, when Erza was presented on the platform, a man from the crowd says, "Marry me, Titania!"
  • Getter Robo: Armageddon—Kei takes a page from Ryoko and Mao and turns it up to eleven by defeating a Metal Beast (which had just finished utterly owning the rest of the army) while completely naked. The first things she's greeted with afterward are the simultaneous nosebleeds of all but two of her teammates.
  • In Getter Robo Go misogynist Jerkass Schwarzkof falls for Lady of War Shou (as does Linda) due to her piloting skill, strength, and strong character.
  • In Gintama:
    • Kagura's father, Umibozu, was attracted to her mother, Kouka, because his instincts (and his crotch) told him that he could possibly die if he got involved with her. (But then again, he also got a Raging Stiffie at an inappropriate moment when he was facing Utsuro...)
    • Kondou is not an open masochist like Sarutobi, but he pines after Otae, who beats the tar out of him several times a day.
    • It's up in the air if Tatsuma & Mutsu have romantic feelings for eachother, but Tatsuma was persistently determined to have the pavement pounding Yato pirate queen girl at his side.
  • The antagonistic Mafia boss Goldie of Gunsmith Cats is a rare Psycho Lesbian version of this, lusting after first Rally Vincent herself and then Misty Brown for their respective statuses as Action Girls. At least with Rally, it seems to be a case of I Love You Because I Can't Control You.
  • When Houli confesses his love for Leo at the beginning of How To Treat A Lady Knight Right, he openly declares that Leo's muscular abs are one of the many things he loves about her and that he has no interest in sheltered girls raised just to be pretty. His sister confirms this is his type when she notes that, if you ignore his habit of ogling girls with nice muscles, he's an amazing big brother.
  • InuYasha:
    • Sango is a demon hunter who wields a bone boomerang bigger than she is. While she doesn't receive much romantic attention throughout most of the series, both her canon love interests Miroku and Kuranosuke Takeda certainly appreciate that she can beat them all the way around the block and back. Takeda is the bigger example of the two; he fell into starry-eyed infatuation-at-first-sight while watching her beat the crap out of an enormous demon with the aforementioned boomerang.
    • Kagura is worth noting because the one girl to become Sesshomaru's Implied Love Interest was also the only one who dared to shout insults to his face.
  • The pure hero Bell Cranel from Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? falls in love with the girl who saved him from a monster.
  • In Kimagure Orange Road, Kyōsuke Kasuga definitely prefers Aloof Dark-Haired Girl Madoka Ayukawa over clingy, sweet Hikaru. However, he is the only one in his school attracted to her; all of the other guys are shit scared of her for her bad reputation. The rivals he worries about are quite a bit older (and mostly in his head)... And despite that, no one would dispute that Madoka is very beautiful.
  • Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic: Alibaba eventually falls in love with and later proposes to Morgiana, who did most of the heavy lifting before Alibaba Took a Level in Badass, and fights mostly with Good Old Fashioned Fisticuffs in world where most people fight with magic.
    • In the prequel series, Mystras starts dating Hinahoho's little sister Pipirika, and even says that he finds the fact that she's bigger than him "cute".
  • Maken-ki!:
  • Naruto:
    • It's Implied that Sasuke is this with Sakura. In Chapter 632, he gives a rather flirty smirk when she first shows the power of her Yin Seal by demolishing a bunch of Ten-Tail clones in the War Arc. Later in Naruto Gaiden, when their daughter Sarada demonstrates a chakra-enhanced punch like her mother, Sasuke sports that same proud smirk. Bonus points because while Sasuke has that smirk on his face, Naruto looks absolutely terrified of her.
    • Naruto plays this straight with Hinata. He admits that he "never knew Hinata was this incredible" when he finds out that she adopted his nindō and he sees that she refuses to give up in her "fight" with Neji in Chapter 80, he reassures her that she is strong when she doubts herself and has a proud smile when he recalls how she defended him from Pain in Chapter 559, he sports another proud smile when he sees that she's leading his defense in Chapter 629, and he comments on her strength twice in The Last: Naruto the Movie—first was when he's confused over Sakura's request to have him walk Hinata home, with his reasoning being that he feels no one in the village would dare mess with Hinata because she's "really strong"; second was in The Stinger, where he playfully warns Boruto and Himawari during their snowball fight that their mother is "super strong" when she gets serious.
    • Naruto's father, Minato, was this with Naruto's mother, Kushina. Kushina was a tough lady, and Minato became smitten with her after he realized that she could fight off her bullies without any help.
  • One Piece:
  • Ranma ½: For much of the anime's first season, Akane starts each schoolday being assaulted by all the guys at Furinkan Highschool. Each of them declares their love for her and asks her to go out with them as she's moping the floor with them, in quick succession. That's because Tatewaki Kuno used his authority as upperclassman to decree that he'll allow no one to date Akane unless they can defeat her. Since the guys know they're outmatched, they gang up on her to try to even the odds... and they still lose pitifully. Usually in seconds. They finally stop trying once Ranma enrolls at the school, since he's the first guy Akane couldn't beat but mostly because of their Arranged Marriage.
  • In a manga omake, Ryuu-oh's father in RG Veda specifically tells his young son that he fell for Ryuu-oh's mother because she's "macho, strong, wild and cool". Amusingly, his wife says says she loves him for "being a good cook, sweet-tempered, clean and handsome". Ryuu-oh's conclusion? "YAY, I WANT A MACHO WIFE!"
  • In the Sailor Moon prequel Codename: Sailor V Ace admits he's in love with Sailor Venus since their past lives in part because of her strength (he's even among those who refers to her as the Goddess of War). Unfortunately, in this one he's also Danburite, Kunzite's Dragon, and he dies at her hands.
  • Ophiuchus Shaina from Saint Seiya was liked by her student Cassios because she was the fiercest and most beautiful woman he knew. Seiya himself is enticed by her beauty and her strength, despite his initial refusal to fight her full force because she's a woman. Shaina did not approve-and so he started refusing to fight her at all if he has any alternative because he's terrified this time nobody will stop her from killing him.
  • Samurai Champloo: Mugen is hot-blooded enough to go for any attractive woman he comes across but the ones given any characterization are unusually self-assured (for the setting and time) who turn out to be a lot more trouble than he anticipated. Either they are crafty enough to outmaneuver Mugen or they are capable fighters so skilled that they give him a run for his money. Notably the woman the show and Mugen spent the most time following was one who embodied both types to whom Mugen proudly announced how much he liked "tough chicks".
  • Sgt. Frog: Giroro fell for Natsumi after she handed his ass to him in battle. She's now the only Earthling he doesn't want to destroy. The two even act as an unofficial Battle Couple and work incredibly well together.
  • Shakugan no Shana: Eita's introduction to Margery was her beating up thugs. Afterwards he has a goofy look on his face and asks for permission to call her 'elder sister'.
  • Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross (aka season 2 of Robotech) has known player, Charles de Etouard, chasing after the Ace Pilot Mary Angel — one of the three female protagonist of the show. Unlike the other women whose hearts he played with, Charles falls pretty hard for Angel.
  • Maximilian Jenius from Super Dimension Fortress Macross (aka season 1 of Robotech) takes an immediate interest in Millia because she's great at playing Valkyrie combat simulator. He asks her to marry him right away after he realizes she's a Lady of War from a proud warrior alien race who takes her losses against him seriously.
  • Sword Art Online: Kirito is often stunned speechless by the sight of Asuna in action. He's described her as "an angel" and her combos as "pure beauty".
  • TenjhoTenge has Souichirou Nagi nursing a crush on the elder Natsume sister Maya for the better part of the story. Her strength and beauty captivated him when she knocked him out of a third story window with one move. This is after he had beaten his way through over a dozen students just before that. Love struck indeed.
  • In Urusei Yatsura the second test for a beauty contest is a strength test, and the third is a wrestling match.
  • Hak from Yona of the Dawn is an unusual example. He fell in love with Yona when she was a sheltered, ladylike princess and she is still far weaker than him, but he clearly considers her increased level of badassery a turn on.


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