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Fanfic / Gravity Falls Rule 63

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Meet Dana Pines, Dipper's female counterpart.

Gravity Falls Rule 63 is a storyline created by Stinkfly3. It features genderbent versions of various Gravity Falls characters, although some of them are slightly different from the originals.

Gravity Falls Rule 63 provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Personality Change:
    • While Silvia Pines has the Deadpan Snarker and Comical Overreacting habits of Stan Pines, she is much nicer towards her customers and at least tries to run an honest business.
    • Jennifer Gleeful is a genuinely nice girl and eventually turns against her mother Bonnie (the real villainous Gleeful). If anything, she is a Composite Character of Gideon Gleeful and Pacifica Northwest.
  • Alternate Universe: This is an alternate universe to the Gravity Falls canon as confirmed in The Alternate Dimension.
  • Gender Flip: All of the characters from Gravity Falls have their genders reversed, i.e. Dipper being a girl and Mabel being a boy.
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  • Scenery Porn: Gravity Falls is a beautiful place. Dana lampshades this in "Tourist Trapped".


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