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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Epic Rap Battles of History

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    Future rap battle ideas, go! 

    Confirmed guesses 

    Jossed Raps and Characters 
Matchups or characters that has been more or less been jossed by people in the ERB crew.

    Unlikely ideas 

Inanimate objects

Cartoon vs. Cartoon

Obscure characters


Fanfic characters

Characters that would be hard to pull off costume-wise

Lesser-known versions of already used characters

Characters who have nothing but the name in common

Honey Boo Boo

Actors/voice actors whose characters already appeared in ERB

Mediocre/little-known actors

Recent video game characters against each other

Minor or one-shot characters

Battles with too many people on one side

Characters from the same team

Characters who can't talk

Characters who already crossed over

Actors agains a character they played or voiced

Characters from the same fictional universe

2 different versions of the same person

Gods or goddesses

Battles with the announcer

Groups including a previous battler

Related people

Characters from unpopular or much-maligned series

Superhero or supervillain

Characters known primarily for the killing of one particular person

Battles involving a parody or comedy character

Battles involving a jossed rapper

    Why are these guys battling again? 
  • John Lennon vs. Bill O'Reilly: John's taken offense to something Bill said about the Vietnam War. He elects to show this using the area of his expertise.
  • Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader, Round 1: Hitler, through some fluke, has taken over Coruscant. Darth Vader is sent to reclaim Coruscant for the Empire. Then it gets weird.
  • Abraham Lincoln vs. Chuck Norris: Lincoln discovers the internet! At first, he is fascinated, but then a certain something drives him to go to Chuck Norris's cosmic plane and rip into him.
    • Alternatively, Lincoln stumbles cross "facts" memes for people like Mr. T, Clint Eastwood, and Morgan Freeman. He becomes fascinated and decides to try taking a shot at making up facts about himself. Unfortunately he's not very good at it so Chuck Norris takes it upon himself to show him the ropes.
  • Sarah Palin vs. Lady Gaga: Palin, an established conservative, meets Lady Gaga, a supporter of homosexual rights, at a cocktail party. Insult-slinging ensues.
  • Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage vs. Kim Jong-Il: The President has been kidnapped by communists! Are Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage bad enough dudes to shame Kim Jong-Il into releasing him?
  • Justin Bieber vs. Ludwig van Beethoven: Justin Bieber's tired of being the Internet's Butt Monkey! Maybe if he challenged Beethoven to a rap battle, he could gain some respect? No, not really.
    • Or Beethoven listened to Bieber's music, and hated it so much that he interrupted Bieber's rehearsal to challenge him to a rap battle.
  • Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking:
    • Einstein hates cripples.
    • They're both good friends-they just had to shut the raging debating scientists up with a rap battle.
    • Einstein is worried that Hawking's discoveries will diminish his place in history
  • The Easter Bunny vs. Genghis Khan: The Easter Bunny places eggs underneath Genghis Khan's pillow, giving him a hard night's sleep. Khan catches him and curses him out, and the Easter Bunny responds in kind.
  • Napoleon vs. Napoleon: Bonaparte watches Napoleon Dynamite. He is so disgusted that he forgets he's not actually French and short, and tears a hole in reality just so he can lay into Mr. Dynamite himself. He gives his opponent the first verse, because he's cocky like that.
  • Billy Mays & Vince Offer vs. Benjamin Franklin: Benjamin finds Billy's voice to be a tremendous pain in his ears. Unfortunately, Billy's already scheduled to face down Vince, but that's okay, he can always make room for a Founding Father.
  • Gandalf vs. Dumbledore: The two old wizards decide to give the nerds a fight, just to get them to stop bitching and moaning. They're very good friends: Gandalf's comments about Gringotts are more vulgar jokes to somebody he knows can take it than actual attacks on Dumbledore's character.
  • William Shakespeare vs. Dr. Seuss: Shakespeare stumbles upon Dr. Seuss bringing drawings to life and mistakes him for the old witches of lore. He opts to ward him off using his version of an anti-magic charm.
  • Mr. T vs. Mr. Rogers: This is not the real Mr. Rogers, but is, in fact, an imperfect clone of the original Mr. Rogers. Mr. T recognizes this, and attempts to prove the charlatanry of the clone by whipping it out of its state of tranquility, because Mr. Rogers is always chill.
  • Christopher Columbus vs. Captain Kirk: The Enterprise gets tossed back in time to the era of colonization. Kirk takes this opportunity to voice his displeasure towards the Indian-dooming Columbus.
  • Nice Peter vs. Epic Lloyd: Nothing out of the ordinary, it's just how the two settle creative differences.
    • Peter mentions a similar theory as a joke in the behind-the-scenes of Gandalf vs. Dumbledore.
  • Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader, Round 2: This was already given a story.
  • Leonidas vs. Master Chief: Master Chief challenges Leonidas to show him some of that laconic wit his people are known for.
  • The Mario Bros. vs. The Wright Bros.: The Mario Bros. have gotten themselves into more time-traveling shenanigans! To get a certain MacGuffin, they have to beat the Wright Bros. in a contest of wit.
  • Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley:
    • As the fabric of time unfurls and unwinds, Jackson and Presley take this opportunity to see which one of them is the better wordsmith before everything really goes to crap.
    • They had an argument about black culture, and mostly stuff about Elvis's daughter, so they did a rap battle to see who won.
    • As there is only one crown they're fighting to see who is the "One King" of music.
  • Cleopatra vs. Marilyn Monroe: The grandest beauty contest of all time is held! Only Cleopatra and Marilyn are left, and there's only one way to settle this score...
  • Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates: Bill coaxes one last competition out of Steve before he ascends. Unbeknownst to him, somebody is watching the two duke it out...
    • Watch the video again. Steve jumps in before the announcer can name Bill's opponent; I think it's more likely that HAL-9000 is Bill's official opponent, and Steve just wanted one last battle with his rival before he turns a profit in heaven.
  • Frank Sinatra vs. Freddie Mercury:
  • Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney: The debate system has gone through a massive upheaval.
  • Doctor Emmett Brown vs. The Doctor: Let's You and Him Fight scenario, with Brown being "loaned" a Dalek to even the odds. The Doctor realizes Doc Brown isn't a bad guy due to his immediate defense of Marty and ends the battle before it begins.
    • The Doctor is tired of companions comparing him and his time travel to Back to the Future.
  • Bruce Lee vs. Clint Eastwood: The two have teamed up to eliminate a bunch of shape-shifting troublemakers, but it's so damned easy that they've taken to working out their differences between and during ass-kickings.
  • Batman vs. Sherlock Holmes: All-Star Batman, being the extremely loose cannon he is attacks the detectives for no reason. Robin is dropping in from an Alternate Universe and has no idea what's going on.
  • Moses vs. Santa Claus: Moses believes Santa Claus is pushing people further from God, thanks to the creeping secularization of what was supposed to be Jesus's birthday. Santa first tries to reason with him that he isn't trying to make people forget about Jesus's birthday but spread cheer. As it's clear Moses won't budge, Santa makes fun of him in response, taking the time to teach him some manners in the meanwhile.
  • Adam vs. Eve: The first ever married couple bickering.
  • Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King Jr.: They're playing a friendly game of the Dozens.
  • Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla: They're doing a rap battle to finally see who wins, because they really, really, hate each other.
  • Babe Ruth vs. Lance Armstrong: The ghost of Babe Ruth shows up to mock Lance Armstrong for his foul play. Armstrong, who doesn't want to deal with this right now, decides to fire back at Ruth and hopefully get him to go somewhere else.
  • Mozart vs. Skrillex: After getting on Santa's naughty list for being too loud, Mozart sets out to find someone who makes him look downright meek by comparison. Before long, he finds Skrillex, and needles him with verbal barbs until he explodes at him.
  • Rasputin vs. Stalin: Rasputin magically rises from the grave to berate Stalin for being a murderous dictator. However, the reality-warping nature of his spell has some unintended side-effects.
    • Lenin drops in to berate Stalin for betraying the revolution. Gorbachev tries to break the tension. Putin just wants to brag.
    • Alternately, the "Proletariat Masses" get hold of a book of spells owned by Rasputin and decide to use it to try and summon Lenin's ghost, but they accidentally bring back Rasputin and Stalin so they decide to have some fun by putting them in a rap battle. Unknown to either of the contestants, the Proletariat manage to finally get the spell right and bring back Lenin. Lenin then listens to them rap and gets angry after hearing what Rasputin has to say about Stalin (the nature of which Stalin himself openly confesses to), and joins in. However, something goes wrong with the spell and the group gets accidentally transported into the future. Gorbachev gets word of the battle and tries to resolve the situation before things get out of hand by showing how he improved things. Putin accidentally stumbles across the battle in progress and decides he wants in.
  • Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader, Round 3: Like the second round, this was already given a story, shown starting from the third season's trailer and continued in the actual episode.
  • Al Capone vs. Blackbeard: Blackbeard constantly makes fun of Capone for getting caught by a minor crime, instead of going out in a blaze of glory like he did. Capone bets he couldn't out-insult him, since he just rags on him for the same thing over and over again. Blackbeard takes the challenge.
  • Miley Cyrus vs. Joan of Arc: Joan comes across a video of Miley's performance at the VMAs. Disgusted, she time travels to confront Miley in person. Miley has a good idea of what she wants to do and so gets the first verse.
  • Bob Ross vs. Pablo Picasso: Somebody offers a bet that no-one could get Bob to raise his voice. Picasso eagerly rises to the challenge.
  • Michael Jordan vs Muhammad Ali: The two have a beef to settle, but they can't play any of their sports of choice to finish things. To compromise, they go at each other verbally.
  • Ebenezer Scrooge vs Donald Trump: This already has an explanation.
  • Rick Grimes vs Walter White: The zombie apocalypse hit before Walter White's death in the Breaking Bad chronology and Rick's group runs into him. Having heard of Walter's deeds to his family from his Albuquerque colleagues, the eternal family man Rick Grimes can't help but to lash out. Having his infinite pride insulted, Walt responds in turn.
  • Goku vs. Superman: Superman's being more dickish than usual, so Goku makes a bet with him over a fight. If Goku wins, Superman stops being a dick, but if Superman wins, Goku can't eat anything but lettuce for the next month or so. They hype themselves up through the rap battle and start clashing for real at the end.
  • Edgar Allen Poe vs. Stephen King: Poe is frustrated by the ending to one of King's works and starts badgering him about it.
    • Alternatively, King wanted to prove his work was greater, and travelled back in time to settle it, arriving at the time when Poe was writing The Raven. Poe, having very little time to prepare, begins by reciting a variation of what he has on hand.
  • Sir Issac Newton vs. Bill Nye: Newton gets set up with a mystery opponent, but is very disappointed when it turns out to be Nye. When he proves too much to handle, Tyson warps in from the Ship of the Imagination to help out.
    • Also, the mystery opponent was set up on request after he saw an Epic Rap Battle Of History.
  • George Washington vs. William Wallace: The difficulties of life have gotten to Washington and set him a bit off-kilter, compelling him to go to Scotland. He hallucinates William Wallace and attempts to put him down.
  • Artists vs. Turtles: During a convoluted adventure that leads them to Florence, Italy, the Turtles are forced to summon the ghosts of several Renaissance artists to help them on their journey. The artists, irritated at being awoken from their slumber, start hurling insults at them first.
  • All the reasons can be found here.

Dan Bull will guest star in the series at some point.
Dan Bull is easily one of the most acclaimed Youtube rappers ever. It would be insane not cast him as Darwin, Churchill, or someone else who just so happens to be ridiculously British.

Season 2 will feature some sort of plot.
We've already seen that Hawking is some sort of Dragon to Vader. As the series continues, more connections will be made. Oh, and FYI? Hitler totally survived the Rancor.
  • Jossed, though some of the battles themselves have a plot of some sort.

The Rancor Pit had Vader's homeboy from Israel instead of an actual Rancor.
Furthermore, Vader was always planning to send Hitler to the Rancor pit. He just wanted to have some fun first.

Hitler will survive the Rancor pit, only to be subjected to worse and worse punishment every season.
Because why not, it's Hitler.
  • Possibly confirmed. The crew alluded to the possibility of Hitler re-appearing for a match in Season 3.
  • The trailer for season 3 seemed to imply that they would more or less pick up where they left off after the re-match, i.e. with Hitler in the Rancor Pit, just as the door is opening... but we'll have to wait until the video to find out what's on the other side.
  • Confirmed. Hitler gets chopped in half at the end, but hey, if Darth Maul survived it...
  • From the way they've been done so far, one might get the impression they're going to work their way through the entire plot of Return of the Jedi. The last season began with a loose recreation of the scene of Han's awakening from that film followed by dropping Hitler into the rancor pit; Season 3 has Hitler nearly being thrown into the Sarlacc Pit with the lead-in to the fight scene from the film recreated very closely (except with the main cast replaced by previous rappers and a CGI'd monstrosity in place of the Sarlacc). This would suggest that Season 4 will either take place on Dagobah, Endor, or the Second Death Star, each time starting by re-enacting the lead-in to a notable scene from the movie.

Beethoven will return
  • If the early bird cameos are anything to go by, Beethoven was seen with along with Master Chief and the Mario Brothers. Plus, he needs better competition.

The Announcer is a shapeshifter.
In the first ERB News, he was portrayed as a llama. In the latest, he was a bear.
  • In the one where Teddy Roosevelt hosted, he was a hippotamus, And now, when Issac Newton was hosting, he's a giraffe.

The Season 2 Trailer implies:
  • There will be a Russian character, as per request by Vladimir Putin. Possibly Vladimir Putin himself.
    • Confirmed: The finale is Rasputin vs. Stalin. Lenin, Gorbachev, and Putin himself show up too.
  • The Mario Brothers will show up, with NicePeter as Luigi and EpicLloyd as Mario.
    • Confirmed, and they battled the Wright Brothers.
  • Socrates will show up.
    • Jossed for Season 2.
  • Beethoven will return, played by NicePeter, for a better match, instead of his Curb-Stomp Battle against Justin Bieber.
    • Jossed for Season 2.
  • So will Ben Franklin, who also commented on the second season.
    • Jossed for Season 2, but in Season 1, he did go up against Billy Mays.
  • Steve Jobs will have a battle, as his comment on the series was "pass the mic".
    • Confirmed on NicePeter's channel; he went up against Bill Gates and died.
  • King Henry VIII will appear.
    • Possibly both confirmed and Jossed. A battle between Henry the eighth and Hilary Clinton was planned and written, but Peter and Lloyd disliked how it came out and scrapped it.
  • Master Chief will have his own battle.
    • Confirmed; he went up against Leonidas, to many a fanboy's delight.

Season 2 will end with the ever-requested "Barack Obama VS. Osama bin Laden" match.
  • Come on. It's easily the most requested match since the series began. Why not turn it into the Season Finale?
    • Probably Jossed by Nice Peter on his channel, where he said he didn't ever want to do an Obama vs. Osama fight, because he felt uncomfortable joking about Osama Bin Laden. He did, however, express interest in Obama vs. George Washington.

The ERB universe's version of Stephen Hawking is a technopath.
Which is how he manages to play Angry Birds without using his hands.

Vader and Hawking teamed up based on their shared hatred of ableist Germans.
Einstein kept slinging the cripple-jokes, and Hitler made a few shots against Vader's cyborg status.
  • This would become an unfair fight, since there's no way in Hell the Jewish Albert Einstein would be in a 10-mile radius with Hitler.

Season Two's Russian character will be Putin himself
Makes most sense.
  • Alternately, it'll be Ivan the Terrible or Grigori Rasputin.
  • Confirmed.

De Storm will play a character in Season Two
He shows up a lot in the Making Of Michael Jackson vs. Elvis, despite having his own channel to worry about and not being all that involved with ERB since his appearance as Mr. T.
  • Jossed.
    • However, he did play Kanye West in Season Three.

HAL's appearance is foreshadowing a future battle
He came out of nowhere and left right at the end with no hints as to him ever coming in. More likely than not, he'll be in a future battle, possibly even the very next one.
  • Aaaaaand the first possible match-up between AIs could very well be HAL vs. GLaDOS...

Toby Turner and Jack Douglass might appear in future videos
Youtube personalities/comedians/singers living in LA, where the rap battles are made.

If there's a Rap Battle starring Nikola Tesla
His dance at the end will be the Electric Slide.
  • Nikola Tesla battles with Thomas Edison in Season 2. Not sure what dance he does at the end though.

An idea about the upcoming 12/10 rap battle...
  • The in-universe explanation of why there's 6 rap battles being released from 10/1 to 12/10 every two weeks is that Theodore Roosevelt, mad that there were no ERBs during the summer, forced NicePeter and EpicLOYD to get off of there asses and work. ...wouldn't be an epic Brick Joke to have the 11/10 rap battle be the guys vs. Teddy in as an act of vengeance?
    • Jossed.

The announcer will eventually be in a rap battle.
Tell me that you don't want to see that voice rapping. It would be epically meta.
  • If it happens, it MUST be against Rod Serling.
    • And this is my well-researched argument on why this must happen.

The Season 2 finale is gonna be Mythbusters against Ghostbusters, but with a twist...
    This is long. If you read all of this, you really deserve a cookie. 
I mean, look at how many votes that one got on the Michael Jackson Vs. Elvis Presley-video. (Around 28743 votes now, and only rising from here). So my idea is that they'll have an entire ensemble featuring a big part of the guest rappers so far in the same battle. From the top:

NOTE: Inside these note  brackets, I listed who they orginally appeared as, as to not cause any confusion with all the names.

  • Adam: George Watsky note 
  • Jamie: Link note 
  • Grant: Mike Diva note  (With Timothy Delaghetto note  making a brief appearance as a younger Grant building robots)
  • Tory: Rhett note 

Cameo from Kari by Kimmy Gatewood, note 

  • Peter: Mickey Meyer note 
  • Ray: Alex Farnham note 
  • Egon: MC Mr. Napkins note 
  • Winston: De Storm note 

Cameo from Dana by Lisa Nova, note 

Other cameos featured would be Jesse Welle note  as Walter Peck, Alphacat note  as the President (Obama, duh), Angela Trimbur note  as Michelle Obama and if they want to go that far, Bentley Green note  crossdressing as one of Obama's daughters.

These guys will duke it out in a long and epic battle that'll be the crowning awesome moment of all rap battles, but then, a third team will emerge, in a My God, What Have I Done?-moment.

This team is:

And so, the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny will be ON.

  • Jossed... But something happens in this department, see the suggestion above.
  • Why should Kari only appear in a cameo? She is just as important as the rest of the team and would more than deserve her own verse.

Fidel Castro will appear in a future rap battle.
In the "Behind the Scenes"-video for Bruce Lee vs. Clint Eastwood, someone dressed suspiciously like the former Cuban dictator is seen on a phone.

If Dr Wily is ever in a battle, he’ll be played by MC. Mr Napkins
Self explanatory.

Mozart will eventually appear in an episode
He's the only one on Santas' list that hasn't been on the show yet. Fore Shadowing, perhaps?
  • Also, Beethoven is likely to make a return, so maybe they will battle?
  • I’d prefer if Beethoven came to help Mozart to battle someone instead of them facing each other.
    • That actually makes sense, because Mozart TAUGHT Beethoven. So it would be Beethoven repaying the favour by stepping in to help his teacher. Oh, and it's Mozart vs TAYLOR SWIFT.
  • Confirmed — he's rapping against Skrillex.

They're going to make an official version of Michael J. Fox vs. Chucky.
Come on. You know that this needs to be done. (And yes, an unofficial one exists.)

Counter-WMG: There will not be any AI vs AI matches.
Realistically, do you think Lloyd and Peter will want to make a match completely in computer monotone or other cybernetic voice? On one side, and played subtly (HAL, Steven Hawking), it's okay. Two AIs would just be annoying, and it'd be too hard to differentiate between two AI voices. Not to mention using most computer characters would necessitate either the use of static graphics (boring; HAL was very impressive, but there's only so many ways you can tweak one static image) or fake holograms (too hard even for their special effects?).

There will be no animated characters in rap battles
This mostly goes for popular suggestions like Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin, where it would be difficult if not impossible to create the battle without animating the battle. Not even mentioning the voice acting that would go with it.
  • To be fair, the Mario Bros. made it in.
    • Goku made it in too.
    • So did the [1].
  • This seems to have some support in that Peter said that they didn't want to go with the direction of having a fight between Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson - though he did acknowledge that it was a highly-requested battle.

The special guests in Rasputin vs. Stalin will have their own rap battles.
Because it's kind of unfair to have them rap against the other battlers without letting their targets have a chance to fire back. They might be spread out, though, since there can be too much of a good thing.

The reason why Stalin is so much more sinister than Hitler is because of Peter's heritage.
According to the video description of Rasputin vs. Stalin, Peter is of Russian descent. It's possible that he might have gone to the Motherland and heard stories of what it was like under Stalin's rule, or maybe even had relatives who escaped from Communist Russia. The closeness of these accounts may have forever colored how he thinks of Stalin, resulting in the dark portrayal in the Season 2 Finale.
  • This is supported by the fact that Rasputin and Lenin, both portrayed by Peter, had some very unkind things to say about Stalin. It could be viewed as a form of catharsis.

Eventually, they will get a well-known celebrity or politician to appear as themselves.
They already got Snoop Dogg to play Moses. They could probably get Christopher Lee or George Takei. Maybe even against each other...
  • Confirmed, in a sense. Skrillex played himself for a portion of the battle for the ERB presentation for the Youtube Comedy Week special.

Gordon Freeman will be in Season 3.
Putin said the phrase "half-life". By itself, it doesn't mean much, but he said it in a way that really didn't make much sense in context and even as a joke it felt forced. Possibly thrown in as a spoiler for season 3?

If Neil Armstrong appears in a rap battle, their will be a scene with him moonwalking on the moon.
You know it's too awesome to pass up!

The announcer is The Pyro
He does sound like the Pyro sometimes, and the loud voice is generally The Pyro shouting under his mask, or doing animal impressions.

Alternatively, the announcer is a Time Lord

All the rap battles happen in his TARDIS. He basically travels around time, and likes to take various characters from different periods and make them rap against each other, usually giving them each some basic information about their opponent that they can exploit in their verses and a partial introduction to modern pop culture. The announcer has a particular grudge against Hitler so he likes to come up with ways to mess with him.

Hitler's third opponent for the Season 3 premiere will be?
  • Vader again?
    • Confirmed.
  • Emperor Palpatine. They have expressed interest in putting him on the show in one of the epic makeup of history episodes.
  • The Galactic Empire vs The Third Reich.
  • Joseph Stalin, or possibly Winston Churchill.
  • No one, that gunshot heard at the end of the trailer is Hitler killing himself, similar to his real life counterpart (cyanide pill optional?)
    • That could just mean that Adolf Hitler has a rap battle in Hell. Who with? Kaiser Wilhelm, aka the other Evil German. The former would blame Wilhelm for World War One and his Start of Darkness, and the latter would blame Hitler for...a lot.

The Season 3 premiere was a Writer Revolt; Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd are sick of doing Vader and Hitler, and will NOT do it again next premiere.
  • I thought there was some serious quality slippage going on, especially in Hitler's rhymes; Vader kind of overcame it by calling in Boba Fett and adding Rule of Cool, but his lyrics themselves were also definitely weaker. I think it was partially the creators being out of ideas, and partially Stylistic Suck to show they were sick of the pairing.
  • Furthermore, Adolf Hitler gets pretty explicitly killed - onscreen. It's still possible for him to come back, as the above WMG shows, but his death is a lot more explicit and No One Could Survive That than his past two Disney Deaths.
    • As mentioned in the below WMG, he was killed in the exact same way as Darth Maul, and Darth Maul survived, so why not Hitler? Also... he died standing up, with his eyes open, and speaking. Fair bet he's not really dead.
  • Finally, Hitler says "I am Adolf Hitler," right before the end of the match. This is Book Ends to his first line in the first rap battle, which was also "I am Adolf Hitler,".
    • For what it's worth, he also technically ended the second battle with "I am Adolf Hitler" — he says it quickly while falling down the Rancor pit.
  • Alternatively, Hitler will return one last time in the next season, but this time he'll finally prevail against Vader or, at the very least, drag Vader down with him.
  • During the "YOU DECIDE!" at the end of the video, there's a circle of screenshots of comments. Not all of them are suggestions for the third match, one of them in particular is someone saying "Vader vs hitler is getting kinda old, no offense." [sic] — The real question is whether or not they tossed a complaint about the idea for laughs, or if it's hinting at something else...

There will be another Hitler rap battle, either as a Season 3 Finale or a Season 4 premier.
  • Hitler was "killed" exactly the same way as Darth Maul was. However, in Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Animated Series, Darth Maul was shown to have survived and now has robotic legs. Therefore, Hitler will return with robotic legs as well. However, rather than rapping against Vader again, he will instead have to fight the Chessmaster who has been orchestrating Vader and Hitler's battles since Vader vs Hitler 2: Stephen Hawking.
    • Hawking might even rap against both Vader and Hitler at once, and it would be AWESOME!
    • That would actually explain why Hawking seemed to change loyalties in both rematches. In the first rematch, he is clearly working with Vader, sitting in the background watching the whole time (you can see his silhouette in the opening shot) and only coming into view to inform Hitler he's standing over the rancor pit... yet he's the one who gives Hitler his lightsaber (though that doesn't do much to help since Hitler never thinks to try using it).
      • He doesn't give him a lightsaber, he gives him a microphone.
      • So he does. My mistake.
    • I could also see one of two alternative scenarios: either the next rematch will involve Hitler getting back at Darth Vader for reals, or crazy robot legs Hitler will become a Big Bad that threatens the rest of the ERB universe and requires a number of different rappers to defeat.

Edward Kenway didn't kill Blackbeard's crew members.
In the actual game he came from, he's actually on pretty good terms with Blackbeard. It's possible that the two plotted some sort of scheme involving Kenway being a double agent, pretending to be betraying Blackbeard for Capone, when in reality, he's helping Blackbeard somehow.
  • Or, simply, Blackbeard had some crew members that had dubious loyalty to him, and they needed to be "taken care of" before they could cause any harm.

Tatooine is where all of the characters hang out in between — or even during — raps
Based on a comment on the ERB wiki. Hence why Leonidas, the Fourth Doctor, and Randy Savage were flying by in the intro to Hitler Vs Vader 3.

The "or even during" is because both of the latter Vader Vs Hitler matches show that the backgrounds in the raps are not indicative of where the characters actually are. Those are also, so far (Peter vs Lloyd and Romney vs Obama possibly being two exceptions, but it isn't clear if the mountain top from the former or the forest from the later are the "real" locations), the only battles that have had their "real" settings revealed. So who knows how many raps are actually taking place on a planet from Star Wars?

If there ever is a Marvel vs DC battle...
    This is really long. 
(Self-jossing this, as there are way too many people on each side and several of the characters aren’t well known enough to be featured)

The rappers will be: First and Second Verses:
  • DC
    • Peter as Shazam
  • Marvel
    • Lloyd as Deadpool
      • Key and Peele as the voices in Deadpool’s head

Third and Fourth Verses:
  • DC
    • Lloyd as Superman
    • Peter as Shazam
    • Rhett as Green Arrow
  • Marvel
    • Lloyd as Wolverine
    • Peter as Spiderman
    • Link as Bruce Banner

Fifth and Sixth Verses:
  • DC
    • Lloyd as Sinestro
    • Peter as the Joker
    • Tay Zonday as Lex Luthor
  • Marvel
    • Lloyd as Magneto
    • Peter as Doctor Doom
    • Zack Sherwin as Loki

Seventh and Eighth Verses:
  • DC
    • Lloyd as Superman
    • Peter as Batman
    • Angela Trimbur as Wonder Woman
    • De Storm Powers as Green Lantern
    • George Watsky as the Flash
    • Alex Farnham as Aquaman
    • Ray William Johnson as the Martian Manhunter
  • Marvel
    • Lloyd as Iron Man
    • Peter as Captain America
    • Colin J Sweeney as Thor
    • Link as the Hulk
    • Dante as Hawkeye
    • Jessi Smiles as Black Widow
    • Alphacat as Nick Fury

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