Creator / Julia Child
Julia Child (1912-2004) was an American chef and author or co-author of a number of cookbooks. She became a celebrity in the 1960s and beyond, and is the subject of many an Affectionate Parody. Episodes of the French Chef are available on YouTube. Just as a warning, American chefs and cooking professionals hold Julia Child to a level of respect and admiration that borders on religious. It is better for you to badmouth Fred Rogers on 4Chan than it is to badmouth Julia Child around a chef, especially if you are badmouthing her in his restaurant.

Works associated with Julia Child include:

  • Julie & Julia: A combination fantasy and biopic aligning Child's experiences in Europe while she attended the Cordon Bleu school and co-authored her first cookbook, and author Julie Powell's attempt to cook all 524 recipes in the book in one year. Child is played by Meryl Streep.

Tropes associated with Julia Child include: