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Recap: Epic Rap Battles of History
These are the episodes of Epic Rap Battles of History. The match-ups so far have been the following:note 

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    Season 1: 
  1. John Lennon vs. Bill O'Reilly
  2. Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler
  3. Abraham Lincoln vs. Chuck Norris
  4. Sarah Palin vs. Lady Gaganote 
  5. Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage vs. Kim Jong-Ilnote 
  6. Justin Bieber vs. Ludwig van Beethovennote 
  7. Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawkingnote 
  8. Genghis Khan vs. The Easter Bunny
  9. Napoleon Bonaparte vs. Napoleon Dynamite
  10. Benjamin Franklin vs. Billy Mays and Vince Offernote 
  11. Gandalf vs. Dumbledore
  12. Dr. Seuss vs. William Shakespearenote 
  13. Mr T vs. Mr. Rogersnote 
  14. Christopher Columbus vs. Captain Kirk
  15. Nice Peter vs. EpicLloyd

     Season 2: 
  1. Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler (rematch)
  2. Master Chief vs. Leonidasnote 
  3. The Wright Brothers vs. The Mario Brothersnote 
  4. Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presleynote 
  5. Cleopatra vs. Marilyn Monroenote 
  6. Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs vs. HAL 9000
  7. Freddie Mercury vs. Frank Sinatranote 
  8. Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney vs. Abraham Lincolnnote 
  9. Doc Brown vs. Doctor Whonote 
  10. Bruce Lee vs. Clint Eastwoodnote 
  11. Batman vs. Sherlock Holmesnote 
  12. Moses vs. Santa Clausnote 
  13. Adam vs. Evenote 
  14. Mahatma Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr. note 
  15. Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison note 
  16. Babe Ruth vs Lance Armstrong
  17. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart vs Skrillex
  18. Joseph Stalin vs. Rasputin The Mad Monk vs Vladimir Lenin vs Mikhail Gorbachev vs Vladimir Putin note 

     Season 3: 
  1. Darth Vader and Boba Fett vs. Adolf Hitler (Round 3)note 
  2. Al Capone vs. Blackbeard
  3. Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc note 
  4. Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso
  5. Muhammad Ali vs Michael Jordan note 
  6. Ebenezer Scrooge vs. Donald Trump, JP Morgan, Kanye West, and The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Comenote 
  7. Walter White vs. Rick Grimes
  8. Goku vs. Supermannote 
  9. Stephen King vs. Edgar Allan Poenote 
  10. Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tysonnote 
  11. George Washington vs. William Wallace
  12. Artists of the Renaissance vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesnote 

     Season 4: 
  1. Ghostbusters vs. MythBusters vs. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man note 
  2. Romeo and Juliet vs. Bonnie and Clyde note 
  3. Zeus vs. Thor note 


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