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Sugar W Iki: Rule Of Sean Connery
"Sean Connery elevates everything he's in... Except like, you know, that one movie we don't talk about. And Zardoz, I guess."
The Spoony One, The Spoony Experiment

A subtrope of the "Rule of Cool". This is about actors who make movies cooler or better just by their mere presence in them.

Sean Connery:
A = Movie's Awesomeness Factor without Sean Connery
B = Awesomeness Multiplier of Sean Connery = 100
C = Movie's Actual Awesomeness Factor
If Sean Connery is in the movie then C = BA = 100A, otherwise A=C.

Nicolas Cage aka The Great Variable:
A = Movie's Awesomeness Factor without Nicolas Cage
B = Awesomeness Multiplier of Nicolas Cage = 5
C = Movie's Actual Awesomeness Factor
If Nicolas Cage is in the movie then C = BA = 5A, otherwise A=C


Connery Factors (Your mileage WILL vary with all of these)

Cage Factors

... and let's not forget he who works in any work he's in, namely Chuck Norris.
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alternative title(s): Rule Of Sean Connery
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