Funny: Botchamania

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    Botchamania 1- 10 
  • #5: Sandman's drunken attempt to do a promo for's XMV (full promo here, Botchamania here)
  • #8: The now-legendary definition of a "windjammer":
    Al: Can I ask you a question first of all?
    Lance: Go right ahead.
    Al: You know the definition of a windjammer?
    Lance: No I really don't—
    Al: It's the agonizing screams of a trapped turd.
    (Beat, followed by raucous laughter)
    Lance: ...shit!

    Botchamania 11- 20 
  • #11: Dave "The Redneck" Schultz's misadventures in San Francisco:
    Schultz: Last time I was in San Francisco, I went downtown lookin' for a woman. You know what I'm saying?! I wanted a woman! I couldn't find a woman! (Mean Gene, conducting the interview, corpses) I found a lot of men that LOOKED LIKE women! (camera zooms in Schultz's face as Gene turns away) Now YOU, Hulk Hogan, you belong in San Francisco—What's wrong with you, Gene?!—I'm tellin' it like it is, baby! You belong in San Francisco; that's your kind of place, that's your kind of people, because you've never had a woman, baby!
    • Also, Sid Vicious says the following with an entirely straight face:
      Sid Vicious: You know and I know that you are only half the man that I am! And I have half the brain that you do!
  • 15: The Rock appears to be suffering from a bout of laryngitis, much to Mankind's amusement.
    • The Rock loses his glasses. And then Mankind retrieves them for him.
    The Rock: The Rock thanks you for that.
  • 18: The Rock + Coach + Broken Microphone = Hilarious.
  • 20: Roddy Piper dropping an F-Bomb and Gene Okerlund's reaction.
    • "Hower Power". Period.
    • A Japanese wrestler (Milano Collection A.T.) has technical difficulties:
      Wrestler: Oi! (mic isn't functioning properly, starts tinkering with it)
      (Audience laughs)
      Wrestler: (to someone in the crowd) <HEY! STFU>
    • Lex Luger goes berserk.
    Lex Luger: I'm pissed, now!

    Botchamania 21- 30 
  • 23: Sandman does a shoot interview which quickly turn's into a laugh fest as seen here
  • 24: Look out! Flying beverage!
    • Look out! Flying monkey!
  • 26: Kevin Nash is mistaken about how Ric Flair's Catch Phrase goes.
    Nash: So while you guys decide to do the limo-flyin'...
  • 27: Dragon Dragon, the most agile reptile in wrestling history. Or maybe not.
  • 28: Look out, Vince! Flying sweatshirt!
    King: Morons!
    • The "Chicken Incident".

    Botchamania 31- 40 
  • 31: Triple H gets the giggles.
  • 38: Brock Lesnar finally snaps after multiple tirades from the audience.
  • 39: The infamous Super Dragon incident, where one fan keeps on chanting a wrestler's name and runs it into the ground to the point where the crowd start a counter-chant of "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" and Super Dragon himself decides to take matters into his own hands.

    Botchamania 41- 50 
  • 44: Orton vs ECW Fanboys.
  • 45: After his match with Triple H at One Night Stand: Extreme Rules (the one that injured his collarbone), a legitimately angry Randy Orton tells off a booing crowd.
    • Mick Foley offers up this gem during a TLC match
      "They're sliding in not one but two Tables ladders".
    • JR calls Umaga's spinning sideslam to Jeff Hardy a Black Hole Slam, while technically not wrong it looks rather awkward considering the implications.
  • 46: Million Dollar Mania, Rick-Rolling and all.
  • 47: Gene Okerlund vs. Alfred Hayes. Who will corpse first?
    • The "UnderCasket". If you thought Paul Bearer was funny when he wasn't flubbing his lines...
  • 50: Rottweilers Gone Wild.

    Botchamania 51- 60 
  • 51: The Giant goes down at the end of a title match via a belt shot to the face...and stays down for 6 minutes afterwards. They must've replaced the gold with lead.
    • Gene Okerlund vs. Prankster Cameraman.
  • 52: "He got a BICYCLE!!! He got a BICYCLE from somebody, who would be ridin' a bicycle in this arena?![...]Speakin' of gibberish, Bubba went over and got him a bicycle, I don't know where the kid is that was a-ridin' it, but he ain't on it when he brought it to the ring!"
  • 58: Randy Savage singing along with The Village People (no points for guessing which song).
    • "CHYYYIIIPS!!!"
  • 59: Randy Savage going overboard at the Royal Rumble and having to be restrained and dragged back into the The Undertaker.
    • 'Who do you think, you are kidding Mr Hitler...'
  • 60: Jake Roberts titillates the audience by playing with his, erm, snake.

    Botchamania 61- 70 
  • 61: One of the most iconic scenes in the series involves Road Warrior Hawk walking in on Vader's promo accidentally.
  • 63: John Cena seems to be just a wee bit too excited about tag-teaming with Trish Stratus...
  • 64: WCW hammering the final nail into their coffin with that remark.
    • Also some more calls by 'the greatest commentator in the history of our sport'... cue Ric Flair, Lex Luthor and Willy Wonka.
  • 65: Maffew goes overboard pointing out the error in "the tenth annual Starrcade '92".
    • Pat Patterson walking in on The Rock's promo.
    • Hey Flair, watch out for that- (clunk)
    • Set redesigns. Gotta love 'em.
  • 66: Bobby Heenan hates this place.
  • 67: Announcing a match between Chris Jericho & Jeff Hardy.
    Stephanie McMahon: Furthermore these superstars will be in action against each other. You will see Triple H...Well, I pulled an Adamle.
  • 68: On an episode of ECW during a match between Jack Swagger and Christian:
    Todd Grisham: Our main event continues next, Swagger vs Striker and Finlay & Hornswoggle are here too.
    Matt Striker: I'm not wrestling!
  • 69: Jim Cornette's Dusty Rhodes impersonation. Also, the origin of the Cornette Face (though the classic use would originate in BM 84).
    • A wrestler doing a promo keeps getting distracted by a sign behind him falling, so they solve the problem by having someone hold up the sign. The wrestler asks, "Have you been on camera, brother?" The man responds, "I've been on too many times." Turns out the guy is a pedophile that was caught in a local To Catch a Predator-style sting that got news coverage. For a split second, his image appears alongside that of Pedobear.

    Botchamania 71- 80 
  • 71: The Undertaker's bizarre facial expression during his WrestleMania 25 match. What's he thinking about, anyway?
    • War Games 95', featuring Lex Luger ... SELLING.
  • 72: How much does this guy weigh?
  • 73: Shawn Michaels' costume gets stuck to the ramp during his entrance.
  • 74: The Slim Jim rap.
    • Note to all wrestlers: Always wear undertights. Because you never know.
  • 76: Do not botch your lines if you're an announcer and Raven is in the ring.
    announcer: And replacing Raven tonight, this is... CONCUSSION
    Raven takes mic away from the announcer after he somehow botches his line again
    Raven: 'MORON, he's replacing Sabu. I'm Raven, you JACKASS!''
  • 79: CZW: When Airhorns Attack.
  • 80: Madusa and Meng, the true bookends of the Monday Night Wars.

    Botchamania 81- 90 

    Botchamania 91- 100 
  • 91: Raven vs AJK. The winner: the table they tried to use in numerous spots that absolutely REFUSED to break.
    Audience: Let's go, table! *clapclapclapclapclap*
  • 92: *sells like death*
    • *sells like super death*
    • The intro to that match deserves mention, despite it being barely audible.
    Mick Foley: What you are about to truly hideous.
    ''[Cuts to match with Sojo Bolt, Awesome Kong and Sharmell]
    The Iron Sheik: FAK! FAK! FAK! FAK! FAK!
  • 94: Kevin Nash tries his hand at commentating.
  • 96: A fan craps on Randy Orton's promo.
    Randy Orton: Unfortunately, something else is a part of me. Something that I have been living with for quite some time.
    Fan: HERPES!!!

    Botchamania 101- 110 
  • 101: Gene Okerlund corpses. Again.
  • 103: Cactus Jack and Terry Funk face the wrath of the flying chairs.
    Joey Styles: Please do not throw the chairs into the ring! Stop the chairs!
  • 104: Yet another promo walk-in.
  • Botchamania 109 opens with a high-energy intro to Survivor Series set against Guilty Gear music. In the middle of it all is a quick "Send For The Man" cutaway that goes against the tone so hard it's just hilarious.
    • The following exchange between a random fan and Jericho.
    Fan: Go back to Toronto!
    Jericho: I'm from Winnipeg you idiot!
    Dusty Rhodes: It's a toilet lid! He's got a toilet lid! Look, a pizza pan!
  • 110: Trish Stratus and "Polly Walnuts".

    Botchamania 111- 120 
  • 112: Chris Jericho vs. Flying Glowsticks.
  • 116: A wrestler loses his pants, much to the commentators' amusement.
    Commentator: We just saw his weiner!
  • Look out! Flying NWO t-shirt!

    Botchamania 121- 130 

    Botchamania 131- 140 
  • 131: *cock-flip* *Yeah! Sell my cock!*
    • 12-year-old in the audience: "Fuck you!" Damn Cena fans...
    • The Dixieland Destroyer, proud graduate of the Raja Lion training camp
    • Ian Rotten corpsing? SEND FOR THE MAN!
  • 132: Big Dick Dudley finally snaps and takes it all out on a young fan.
  • 133: ROH + Broken Microphones = Hilarious.
  • 135: Perhaps the most awesome use of this Full Metal Jacket line ever, when two wrestlers fall on each other in a... suggestive pose:
    You're the kinda guy who'd fuck a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around. I'll be watching you!
  • 136 A wrestler suplexes his opponent onto some light tubes Maffew decides to play the character of the referee who got a piece of glass in his eye.
    Ref: My eye Lawler, you SOB Lawler, my eye. Damn you Lawler.
    • TNA Bookers vs. WWE Bookers:
      (A meeting room taken from AKIRA, with the caption TNA Booking Meeting)
      Elderly Booker: The colonel suggests that we plan ahead and have RVD beat AJ on PPV for the belt, instead of having it on Impact! for free with no build.
      Asinine Booker: WHAT?! Is he taking the piss?! If we do that, the spotlight would be off Hogan! If we have the athleticism and wrestling emphasized, this'll make Hogan look bad! Doing it on TV won't give the fans the chance to think that!
      Crazy Booker: Can The Nasty Boys be involved in the finish? They need the rub.
      Half-Hit-in-the-Ass Booker: Nah, we fired them. What about Bubba the Love Sponge? He could squash Generation Me.
      Level-headed Booker: I fired him already! The bastard called me a black bitch!
      Crazy Booker: You are a black bitch!
      Level-headed Booker: WHAT THE FUCK?!
      Only Sane Booker: ENOUGH! Can't we push someone the fans want to see?!
      Asinine Booker: Of course! We can have Rob Terry beat RVD for the belt!
      Only Sane Booker: (seething) FUCK THIS COMPANY! (storms off) I bet the McMahons aren't like this...
      (Jump Cut to a picture of the NERV emblem with the caption WWE Booking Meeting)
      Narrator: Meanwhile...
      Head Booker: Ah, fuck it...just give Swagger the belt.
  • 138: The explanation of Eric Young's heel turn, cue Brother Ray face, cue stickman Cornette Face, horses (and one dolphin) leaping over a rainbow set to carnival music.
    • The legendary shooting star press that resulted in the wrestler landing chest-first on the same turnbuckle.
  • 139: Look out, Booker T! Flying bottle!
  • 140: Ladies & Gentlemen "Jumpin" Jeff Farmer.
    • Endings courtesy of MS Paint.

     Botchamania 141- 150 
  • 141: The discovery that John Cena is in fact... Shane Douglas! Now cut the fucking music.
  • 143: "Magnificent" Don Muraco sure loves doughnuts.
  • 144: An announcer botches Raven's entrance, and it's all downhill from there.
  • 145: Lawsuitmania.
    • Sabu wrestles well (while with Bald of Awesome), leading to the conclusion that he's either the reverse Samson or he botches botching. Just when you think you have all the answers, Sabu changes the questions.
  • 146: 'And Kidman, bring your squack!'
    • The Sheik and a love letter
  • 147: The Japanese Table strikes again.
  • 149: The return of the Impact Cardboard Zone. ("All we need now is Tom Baker.")
  • 150: The Botchamania Tribute Match, which included...
    • Blown spots!
    • Tables that would not break!
    • Insane Dusty Commentary! The guy who sent in the match, "Spike", went and grabbed a bicycle to use as a weapon; 1) he shouted "HE GOT A BICYCLE!", 2) the crowd started a Botchamania chant, and 3) the commentator ran down Dusty Rhodes's infamous commentary from that moment, right down to the lisp and inflections Dusty used.

     Botchamania 151- 160 
  • 150: The lead-in to the CZW segment is a clip from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, where the Mask Salesman is about to get really pissed off at Link:
    Mask Salesman: Don't tell's CZW...AGAIN...isn't it? (pissed-off face)
    • The first promo. It would have been funny even if it hadn't been botched.
  • 151: "Cattle Mutilation".
  • 152: "Are you asking for a no-disqualification?" To quote a comment from one of the uploads (they keep getting pulled), "Mae Young wipes her ass with the PG rating."
  • 153: Bret Hart gets his opponent in a sharpshooter and Earl Hebner almost counts it as a pin.
    • Fcuk This Compant.
    • Sting gatecrashes a match ... or does he?
  • 155: What do you get when you take a Sabu match with blown spots and other botches and set it to to the theme of Andy William's "The Impossible Dream"? Hilarity.
  • This ending to Botchamania 156, which equates Cena to a certain Super Mario character...
  • 160: The very beginning, and repeating theme throughout of The Iron Sheik having a raging boner right before he put the camel clutch on Hulk Hogan.

     Botchamania 161- 170 

     Botchamania 171- 180 
  • 171: Diego "The Strangler" Corleone takes a tumble.
  • 172: The "Muffler Incident". Nothing more needs to be said.
    • Robert Roode cuts a promo involving a knock knock joke on Matt Hardy and his mystery tag partner Chris Harris (who left TNA to go to WWE and was renamed Braden Walker).
  • 173: Mean Gene Okerlund winds up mixing up the name of Daffney, a female wrestler, with Crowbar, a male wrestler.
    • Randy Savage, the gift that keeps on giving.
    • Vuvuzelas are the new airhorns.
    • CZW commentators should look behind them every once in a while.
  • 174: The Miz is ... AAWWWWWWFUUUUUL!!!
  • 175: MY NAME IS CHAD.
    • Tony Chimel announcing the, uh, "Woman's" Championship.
  • 176: Drew Galloway starts a promo by saying, "Unlike Drew Galloway..." Whoever corrected him off-screen was clearly displeased.
    • Fans taunt King with a Burger King crown. And actually get it on his head!
    King: McMahon! I'm about to punch somebody's lights out right now!
  • 179: "What are these doing here? Here we come, Botchamania."
    • Hey Mr. Anderson, watch out for that- (thud) ...microphone...
    • A.R. Fox deliberately makes mistakes to try and make us think he's human.

    Botchamania 181- 190 
  • 181: It was a given that Maffew was going to add Triple H calling CM Punk a "skinny fat ass". What was not expected was superimposing Scott Steiner yelling "FAT ASSES!" on Triple H's forehead.
  • 182: The New Age Outlaws mouth off.
  • 183: "He just left a skidmark on that boy!". For once, Michael Cole is speechless.
  • 184: A match from the Raja Lion Training Academy, with the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 version of Zero's theme from Mega Man X 2 blaring in the background.
  • 185: All of Booker T's commentary from the episode could count, but this little gem stands out:
    Booker T: Hip bone connected to the leg bone!
    Michael Cole: What?!
    • A CHIKARA wrestler kicks a man dressed in a bear suit in the head. The head turns 180 degrees. Hilarity Ensues.
  • 186: This CZW clip setup:
    Cornette Face: (superimposed on Conan O'Brien's Walker, Texas Ranger lever) Dear Maffew: Please stop using CZW clips. Sincerely, Cornette Face.
    (Conan pantomimes grabbing something and then punching it, sending the Cornette Face away. He then pulls the lever)
  • 187: "Big Show can't climb the ladder because he's fat; Mark Henry with Evan Bourne on his back can climb the ladder."
  • 188: Angle suddenly returns from his convalescence and buries Roode. Reaction? Cyborg Smoke blows up Maffew's head.
    FATALITY this company
    • Mr. Anderson has finally had enough with the microphone bloopers.
      Mr. Anderson: AAAASSSHOOOOLLES!!!
    • More CZW clips?! NOOOOOOOO!!!
      Mick Foley: Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to truly—
      SFX: Jeezus!
    • (Belch)
    • Abdullah (the Butcher) vs. Sabu (the Botcher)
  • 189: The Hangover - style ending, featuring everyone from Cody Rhodes and Kelly Kelly to Hornswoggle to New Jack and The Iron Sheik getting absolutely shitfaced at a party and being all different kinds of stupid.
  • 190: Glass Jaw Referee to the extreme.
    • CZW is introduced with the help of Yzma and Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove:
      Yzma: Pull the lever, Kronk!
      (Kronk does, and a trap door appears underneath Yzma)
    • "Stop living in the past, you idiots!".
    • And yet another corpsing fit courtesy of Gene Okerlund.

    Botchamania 191- 200 
  • 192: Kane scares Coach right off his chair.
    • Hit a dropkick, land on head—that's Ric Blade's career in 10 seconds."
    • Introducing the British Table.
  • 193: Booker T discusses the "We comin' fo' YOU, nigga!" moment.
    • A typical CZW setup is turned on its ear when it instead cuts to Chuck Norris at Survivor Series '94 superkicking Jeff Jarrett; cut back to Conan O'Brien, only with Vince Russo's head superimposed over his, with "SWERVE" as the caption. It then goes into CZW as normal.
  • 194: Mick Goddamn Foley's intro: "Hello, this is the Hardcore Legend, and you watching Botchamania, and I sincerely hope I'm not on this." He is.
  • 195: Samoa Joe legit K Os his opponent in a match. Since he can't wrestle anymore, his partner has to drag him back to his own corner and tag his unconscious body.
  • 196: "FISH BATTER!"
    • Sandman's cell phone goes off.
      Sandman: Hey! (to the crowd) Tell my mom—am I'm in the middle of a match?!
      (crowd cheers)
      Sandman:, I'm not in a bar!
      • Someone in the crowd imitates The Iron Sheik, knowing full well this is going in Botchamania.
    • Another random garbage match.
  • 197: JR-Roonie, anyone?
    Jim Ross: I never said I was a rapper!
    • An XPW announcer mouths off.
    De hot dog give me diarrhea for 3 week!
    CZW Lever: JYAY-ZUS!
  • 198: It's Iron Sheik Appreciation Night at CZW, apparently.
    • The CZW clips are setup with Randy Orton's theme playing (specifically "I Hear Voices in My Head, They Counsel Me, They Understand, They Talk to Me). Before Conan pulls the lever, the phrase "PULL IT" blinks in and out repeatedly around him.
  • 199: "And now, TNA Wrestling and Direct Auto Insurance present Genesis." Or as it's known in Europe... Ah who am I kidding? If TNA were a Sega console, it sure as hell wouldn't be the Mega Drive. TNA 32X ("Door into Summer" plays)
  • 200: A fan yells, "Kick him in the dick!"—repeatedly—which leads to, "Carlito corpsing? SEND FOR THE MAN!"

    Botchamania 201- 210 
  • 201: Mark Haskins landing on his neck after a botched Shooting Star Press. What makes the comedy of this moment is that Brock Lesnar's entrance music is playing during the clip! In case you don't get it, Brock Lesnar's most famous botch was nearly exactly like that of Haskins'.
    • Suddenly, NINJAS! Thousands of them! Hey, Mr. Ninja! Watch out for that—(crash)
    • A joshi wrestler does a big splash off the top rope...and her mask flies off.
    • The very fact that Kurt Angle made light of the fact that he could say whatever he wanted and get cheered was hilarious enough, but what do you think it was the setup for?
    Kurt: Truth be told, I'm not a fan of "the black people." And if I would go back in time, the one person in history I'd want to make tap out would have to be...
    (Conan O'Brien and his Walker, Texas Ranger lever are superimposed over the face of Daivari)
  • 202: The setup for CZW is heralded by game footage from Star Fox 64. As in, hitting the eight locks and shooting the rail switcher to make the Forever Train crash into a fuel bunker and explode:
    Peppy: Okay, now shoot the switcher!
    (The tank then shoots the switcher)
    SFX: (as a communique from Conan O'Brien and his Walker, Texas Ranger lever) JEEZUS!
    Peppy: Good going, Fox!
    (Game footage of the tracks switching, and the remains of the Forever Train crashing through barriers before hitting the fuel bunker)
    • Zack Ryder comes into the ring in crutches...yet he seems to be using both feet normally. The dopey music really sells this bit.
    John Cena: [Thinking] Which one of Zack's feet hurts? He's limping on both of them. [Zack climbs the steps to the ring painfully] Wait, you don't need crutches now? [Zack heads back] Why didn't he use the wheelchair anyway? Wheelchairs work on ramps.
  • 203: The Ace-Team! And David Otunga
    • Adam Pearce and his manager argue with a fan to the point they start doing breath exercises, but it backfires spectacularly with "Scrap Iron corpsing? SEND FOR THE MAN!"
  • 204: In "Sing Along With Ex-Drew Gulak Fans", the CZW crowd really gives it to Drew with chants of "Whit-ney Hous-ton", "Brook-lyn Braw-ler", "Bar-ry Hor-o-witz", "Giiiiiillberg", "S.D. Jones", "Cena sucks", "Turtle-neck", "Su-per Dra-gon", "Fuck this shit", "Wife-beater", "You screwed Bret", "H-B-K" and "Under-taker". The commentators nearly lose it while Drew is understandably pissed.
    • At TNA Victory Road '12, Jeremy Borash holds a cell phone and tells us that "Victory Road" is the No. 1 Twitter trend in the United Kingdom. Maffew then reminds all that "There's no legal way of watching TNA PPVs live in the UK. Be careful what you brag about."
  • 205: An extremely heavy man makes his debut for an indy promotion, leans back on the ropes during his introduction... and breaks the ring. Maffew even works in the losing horns from The Price Is Right to add insult to injury.
  • 208 takes a swing at the graphics used for the debut of Brooke Hogan in TNA, with voiceovers provided by The Simpsons:
    [cue airbrushed TNA graphic of a younger Brooke]
    Homer Simpson: Yeah, that's one fine-looking barbeque pit.
    [cut to Brooke actually on TNA, age not doing her any favors]
    [Wario pulls a lever] Zandig: Awww!
    [Mario pulls a lever] Zandig: Ohh, ma!
    [Yoshi pulls a lever] Zandig: Awww!
    [Donkey Kong pulls a lever] Zandig: Doo-ah! [Levers reset]
    [Wario pulls a lever] Zandig: JYAYZUS!
    Wario: Oh, I missed!
    Zandig: YAWWW, YOU'RE GONNA DIE! YOU ARE GONNA DIIIIE! [Blows up Wario] This is CZW!
  • 209: Samoa Joe: "Tonight, you are an ENDS... to a means!" Cue six pictures of face-palming wrestlers filling the screen, followed by, all in the center, Christian with a goofy grin, covered by a smirking Stephanie McMahon, covered by the classic Kevin Nash grin.
    • What better way to showcase the "highlights" of TNA Destination X 2012 than to overlay on it the goddamn opening theme to Thomas the Tank Engine?
  • 210: Really Insipid Taz Commentary.
    • A stagehand pulls a Hawk and walks in on a promo.
    • Two Robbie's corpsing?!

    Botchamania 211- 220 
  • 215: The CZW intro consists of Conan O'Brien pulling the lever over and over again while various images of Jesus are displayed. When the proper "JYAYZUS" hits, it's along with an infamous botched portrait.
  • 216: Ryback becomes Rick James.
    • Who is Lord Tensai wrestling?
    • CM Punk socks a fan in the mouth. Set to Chumbawamba.
  • 217: A montage of Kofi Kingston repeatedly legit kicking The Miz in the face.
    Jim Ross: The danger zone these men are in!
    Picture of Randy "Macho Man" Savage: [lowers into frame] I've been in the danger zone!
    • A certain mysterious man wrecks CHIKARA's set with a rocking horse.
    Please be careful! *clap clap clap*
    • Bully Ray confronts D-von on the goings on.
    Ray: We hit our finish! We hit the 3D! You covered Chris Sabin, and he kicked out! Nobody has ever kicked out of our finishing move! Nobody! In 15 years! In ECW, in WWE, in WCW, in Japan, not one single wrestler ever kicked out of our finish!
    [cuts to footage of Masato Tanaka kicking out of their finish from 1998]
    Ray: You're a lying sack of crap and you know it!
  • 218: In the original version, Zandig sees you ridin' 'round town with the girl he loves and he says "FUCK YOU. HRRAAAAAGH."
    Princess Toadstool: Where are you taking me?
    *The princess starts sneezing, which annoys Koopa*
    Zandig!Koopa: I AM GONNA KILL YOU! *pulls lever* JEEEEEEEEZUS!
    *The princess is dropped out of the car, screaming*
    Zandig!Koopa: FUCK! YOU! I'M OUTTA HERE! *drives off* HRRAAAAGH!
    • The ending features a glitch from WWE '13, showing a floating Kane slowly descending upon a bicycle.
    • This was actually a glitch from newLegacyinc
  • 220: Yet another remix involving John Zandig causes trouble with YouTube, this time, mixed in with Chris Rock. Ladies and gentlemen: There Is No JYAYZUS in CZW.
    Chris Rock: Don't go to clubs with {THE WIFE BEATER!!!} Sure it feels safe inside, but what about {THE HATE CLUB!!!} waiting outside with guns? They know you ain't got none. {I GUARANTEE IT!!!} If a woman tells you she's 20, and looks 16, she's {FIVE!!!}. If she tells you she's 26, and looks 26, she's {ROBBIE MORENO!!!}. Young black men, if you go to {CZW...} and someone steps on your foot, {I AM GONNA KILL YOU!!!}

    Botchamania 221- 230 
  • 223: The commentary starting at 9:30.
    Announcer: After seventeen minutes of talking, at least, between Hardcore Kid and young Tedward Hart, we have the match, finally. The Hardcore Kid, versus the gayest thing since gay came to Gaytown, Lit and Deranged.
    • It just gets funnier from there.
  • 225: FACK! Ahh-ahh, Savior of the universe...
  • 229: Maffew goes through the entire Mongo introduction, but at the very end...
    Smithers: He's not available, sir.
    Mr. Burns: Then get me his non-union Mexican equivalent.
    *rolls footage of TNA's Gut Check contestant Magno*
    • The "American Table" is voiced by the villain from The Muppets. "Maniacal laaaugh...maniacal laaaaugh..."
  • 230: Maffew adds WWE subtext to the caucus race from Alice in Wonderland, with John Cena as the Dodo, the WWE Title as his campfire, and everyone else as the animals circling him. Cena enjoys his title while everyone else jobs to him repeatedly.
    Cena: You'll never get over that way!
    Alice: Get over?
    Cena: You have to run with the others! First rule of a caucus race, you know...
    Alice: But how can I... [Jobs]
    Cena: That's better! We'll have you over in no time!
    Alice: No one can ever get over this way!

    Botchamania 231- 240 

    Botchamania 241- 250 
  • 241: In the unification match between Cena and Orton, the graphic announces the new Heavyweigh champion.
    "If some cunt can fuck something up, that cunt will pick the worst possible time to fucking fuck it up cos that cunt's a cunt." cue Sin Cara showing up in the corner.
    • Mick Foley on mangling Bray Wyatt's name: "@RealMickFoley OK OK, I messed up! How many #1 NY Times best-sellers have YOU written?"
    • Everyone talks...TOO LITTLE
      '' First Vinnie Mac segment has nae audio. Second one has nae volume. (apart from the commentators sniffing.)
    • PWG Matt Rushmore: A wrestler pulls off a moonsault to the outside...and clips one of the low hanging ceiling lights mid-jump.
    • The ending: "Machop! Use Giant Swing attack!"
  • 242: The entire episode was based on the 2014 Royal Rumble.
    • Borrowing from The Simpsons for Royal Rumble ideas:
      (A censor, rebranded as Vince McMahon, is going through a script labeled List of Ideas for the Royal Rumble.)
      "Vince": (on "CM Punk to win") No... (on "Bray Wyatt to win") No... (on "Anything other than Cena/Orton") No... (on "Daniel Bryan to win") Ha Ha Ha No... (on "Duggan and The Iron Sheik to travel together") Hmmm...I think we can do without the crack pipe...oh! Hi! As the FOX censor, it's my job to protect you from reality.
      • Wade Barrett has some bad news for you: before the Rumble match itself, you're gonna suffer through one of the worst matches in history...(cue graphic of Cena vs. Orton)
      • The fans were in full revolt from the Cena/Orton match onward; e.g. chanting for Daniel Bryan (repeatedly), Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, the Undertaker, and even straight-up "Boring!", "You both suck!" "End this match!" and "This is Awful!" chants during the Cena/Orton match. Even Li'l Naitch (Charles Robinson, who was the referee) got more chants than Orton or Cena!
      • When the fans prefer The Divas to your match, you're turning in a bad performance.
      • The crowd gets excited, thinking Danielson's gonna enter at #30. But when Mysterio enters instead...
        Hades: What was that name again...
        Megara: (sound byte of Rey's theme as it plays "REY MYSTERIO")
        Hades: (Freak Out)
      • Batista wins the Rumble...
        Mr. Burns: ...Smithers? Are they booing me?
        Smithers:! They're saying boo-(TISTA!!!), boo-(TISTA!!!)
        Mr. Burns: (in front of an ad for the WWE App): Are you saying boo or boo-(TISTA!!!)?
        (Crowd starts pelting him with garbage)
        Hans Moleman: (the actual Ric Flair) I was saying boo-(TISTA!!!) (not animated)
      • Politics in ten words: "Two guys you don't want to win. The shittiest wins."
  • 243: A clinic between Rob Van Dam and Chris Benoit is diverted thanks to the crowd's attention drawn to a fan getting ejected from the arena.
  • 244: Wade Barrett manages to downplay the fact that his "BNB" podium isn't working—first by chewing out the tech guys, but then...
    Wade: I have come down to your level to deliver some bad news to Daniel Bryan fans.
    Caption: Good Save!
    • Wade Barrett has some bad news for you: before the Elimination Chamber match itself, you're gonna suffer through one of the worst matches in history...(cue graphic of Batista vs. Del Rio). Said match is spiced up with various forms of Buu and Yes graphics for booing and cheering respectively.
      *points to his dick*
      Babyface of the year 2014
      ** cue shots of the completely apathetic audience* The moment when you realize they're actually doing Orton vs. Bootista.
    • Maffew has always taken to using "No Easy Way Out" from Rocky IV for the Elimination Chamber pay per views, but when the verse comes to the lyric "I just wanna know why", that's when Batista makes his entrance.
    • Mark Henry vs. panels:
      Mark: Well, my son Jacob has briefed me on how these panel things work, so I think I got it down tonight.
      Caption: He Lied.
    • The self-serving history of Michael Cole in regards to Jack Swagger, and the New Age Outlaws.
    • One of the endings invokes Poochie, of all things:
      CM Punk: Let me tell you a personal story about Vince McMahon
      Very clumsily redub voice: I have to go now; my planet needs me. (The animation cel with CM Punk on it is clumsily edited to look like he's flying away)
      Note: CM Punk died on the way back to his home planet.
  • 245: Chris Hero's story about how he got Mistaken for Racist on YouTube thanks to some black fans instigating with him and even attacking him; Chris laments that they weren't ejected for starting shit with a performer.
    • A CZW match is hampered not by shitty wrestling, but by rolling blackouts.
      • Rory Mondo gets a badass makeover...and his entrance crashes and burns when the sound guys accidentally cut off his theme during his entrance. Cue Botchamania chants!
    • Hulk Hogan's WWE Network promo.
      Hogan: History is being made right now with the launch of the WWE Universe. (beat) The WWE Universe has now launched the WWE Network. That's why history is being made right now with everybody in the WWE Universe.
      (cue a goalie in soccer/football deflecting a shot from halfway across the field)
      Caption: Good Save Hogan!
    • Legendary lucha libre star (and notorious Small Name, Big Ego) Mil Mascaras steadfastly refuses to sell any of Cactus Jack's offense. The cameraman feels so bad that he sells for Cactus.
    • The ending: Bart at the Rumble (Kamp Krusty) believing Daniel Bryan (Krusty) will come, only to be treated to Barney Gumble in a shitty Krusty getup (Rey Mysterio).
  • #246: Goldberg vs. Tigger (that is, a fan randomly decided to dress as Tigger while sitting in the front row)
    • "This is boring!" "SHUT THE FUCK UP" dueling chants! (in all fairness, the match was bad)
    • Brock Lesnar throws a monitor into the crowd and wallops a fan with it. Including fan-cam footage to prove it. Some "Lawsuit!" chants briefly pipe up, too.
  • #247: Kurt is told he's lost his hearts.
    Caption: Both of them?
  • #248: X Pac talking about the Ding Dongs—two masked wrestlers with an overbearing bell ringing gimmick.
    X Pac:'re not buying it, are you?
    • At the end of the match they showed, even Jim Ross is snarking that their gimmick is horrible.
  • #249: Colt Cabana does the intro...with Maffew! And he even calls him, too; "He's right over there!"
    • Each of the first group of botches is intercut with the shocked reactions of people having seen the end of the streak, to make it look like they've seen how bad the flub was.
    • Hulk Hogan thinks he's back in WrestleMania 3. Cue Stone Cold and The Rock giving him grief for confusing the Silverdome with the Superdome.
    • The Divas match follows the Undertaker vs. Lesner match. Cue chants of "NO ONE CARES"
    • At the Hall of Fame:
    *screen goes off* *crowd starts chanting for it to come back* *Rey doesn't know what to do* *so he just grins awkwardly*
    • The trophy for the André the Giant battle royal is GIANT GOLDEN HOMER SIMPSON
  • 250: Kane gets his own burning table used against him. The crew at ringside are naturally worried about Kane's safety...but get a little carried away with the fire extinguishers...
    Okay, enough spraying! *continues to spray* *Kane runs for his life*
    • Lilian Garcia gets cut off. Cue crowd booing.
    • When Daniel Bryan has to bring Kane back to the ring to actually count the pin. He does so with a fork lift.
    JBL: I've never seen anything like this!
    (Cue footage of Brock Lesnar bringing The Big Show back to the ring at a prior pay-per-view via forklift)
    Mike & the Bots: This is the song written for the trail chase / This is the chase, Rocky and Ken / He tried to kill me with a forklift~ / Ole!
    At Botchamania 200, I said I'd consider ending the videos at 250.
    Am I ending Botchamania?
    I will answer that question...
    when we hit Botchamania 300. Until then...

    (Cue footage of Mr. Bean driving down the road and flipping off everyone he passes set to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's theme)

    Botchamania 251- 260 
  • #251: The intro is done as a loving tribute to Booker T. Including We Coming for You, Nigga as well.
    • Maffew had a grande olde time mocking the TNA's latest awful ref bump.
    • Billy Reil vs. Thomas Suede—WE'RE BOTH FUCKED.
    • Mood Dissonance abound as TNA botches are set to Mabe Village from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.
    • Shocking Debutsnote  set to Wrecking Ball!
    • Kurt Angle shoots about an incident where Bob Backlund was suppose to put a "stage hand" in his Crossface Chickenwing finisher, but screws up on-camera and resets while the camera is on. While Angle looks on in shock and alarm.
    • Trying and failing to light a table on fire for a spot is bad enough. Doing so with "Jeopardy!" Thinking Music playing is oddly hysterical. Especially when the fire goes out anyway.
    • Yzma and Kronk vs. Levers Part II:
      Yzma: (points to the right lever) Pull the lever!
      Kronk: Er...this lever?
      Yzma: Eh, I worked out the bugs.
      Kronk: Just checking. (pulls lever)
      SFX: Jeezus! (the ground turns and they both fall through)
    • Stone Cold's Cluster F-Bomb to a backhoe driver who can't work the backhoe in a Buried Alive match (to bury The Undertaker—literally).
  • 256: Brock Lesnar repeatedly German suplexing John Cena. Set to Rammstein.
    • Working Lesnar's "Blood, Urine, and Vomit" threat into the intro and putting "vomit" over the Totino's ad logo.
  • 257: What happens when a ladder match's only ladders break? You improvise. The results are honestly kind of stunning.
  • 258: During a Hell in a Cell match, one wrestler narrowly avoids getting impaled by a post from the descending cage; Maffew dubs over the clip with dialogue from the "Jill Sandwich" scene in Resident Evil.
  • 259: Cole refuses to play ball during another Hornswoggle segment.
    • WWF Metal commentators mock the crowd for their poor literacy...and immediately forget which country they're in.
    • cm punk is overrated
      Zeus Carver: You got about 10 seconds before those guys see you, and when they do they will kill you, do you understand?
  • 260: Dean Ambrose finds a hidden Light Capsule.
  • 261: JBL, closeted DC fanboy, claims that Bruce Wayne has to do everything that Batman tells him to do. Or was it Albert?
    Maffew: ALFRED. [displays picture of the wrong Alfred]
  • 262: The Raw GM's Laptop singing "Daisy" after it gets pushed over and smashed.

     Botchamania Specials 
  • CZWamania 2006: Sonjay Dutt called Jigsaw "Halloween," which everyone started calling him, even the announcer. After Jigsaw corrected him, the announcer followed up with this:
    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed that Jigsaw does not have a comeback, but he thinks you're a dick.
  • Steinermania:

  • After subscribing to the WWE Network, one of the first things Maffew did was "road test" it. In that he cued up the infamous Harlem Heat promo wherein Booker T goes, "Hulk Hogan, we comin' for YOU, nigga!" In the past it was clumsily dubbed over if not bleeped out altogether; here he wanted to see if it was left unedited. It is.