Awesome: Botchamania

  • Maffew posted a tribute to Bison Smith on the Botchamania website after Smith passed away. The first commenter must have posted with something incredibly disrespectful, because Maffew removed it and replaced the text with an unbelievably tactful Take That at the poster:
    My name is Steve, and my parents never taught me proper etiquette or compassion. That is why Botchamania was forced to edit my comment, due to sheer ignorance on my own behalf.
    • Unfortunately, Steve didn't get the message, so his second comment had to be changed as well.
      My name is still Steve, and I still struggle with my social skills and emotional sensitivities. So here Botchamania comes again, having to save the day from people like me who feels the need to educate other people about the well being of a person I never met or had any real experience with.
  • Maffew's show has gone from a little YouTube series to being popular enough to where he has a lot of fans among pro wrestlers, even in WWE, including one Mick Foley.
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