Wrestling: Goldberg


The destroyer of 173note  wrestlers in a row!

Bill Goldberg was one of the most popular professional wrestlers in WCW during the Monday Night Wars.

Goldberg became famous for having the longest winning streak ("The Streak" as it was known) in WCW history, having won 177 consecutive matches, and in the process, winning the WCW United States Heavyweight Title, and later, the WCW World Heavyweight Title before the streak came to an end at Starrcade 1998; he also became infamous for being the man responsible for retiring Bret Hart, giving him a concussion with a kick to the head that - coupled with other concussions suffered around the same timeframe - forced The Hitman out of the ring for good. (At least until 2010.) Nowadays, Goldberg has retired, and spends time doing television shows centered around motorcycles and automobiles, as well as serving as an MMA commentator.

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Alternative Title(s):

Bill Goldberg