Heartwarming / Goldberg

  • His return to Raw on October 17, 2016 was one continuous CMOH and a CMOA:
    • First, as he was on his way through the hallways, he walked past a good portion of the Raw roster, all of whom were cheering and/or vigorously applauding him as he went by.
    • Then there were the fans. The Denver crowd, which had been hot all night, worked itself into an absolutely insane frenzy when he got into the ring. Chants of "welcome back," "holy shit," "this is awesome," and "yes" echoed throughout the arena. The outpouring of love from the fans was enough to move Goldberg to tears and he thanked them for their never-ending support, even now, twelve years after his last wrestling match.
    • There was also Goldberg's connection with the kids. Before and after his promo, he walked around, shaking hands and hugging all of the children who were ringside. And one of the reasons he gave for coming back was because he missed giving the kids a superhero to cheer for.
    • But perhaps the most heartwarming moment of all was when Goldberg pointed out that, for the first time in his career, his wife and his son were present at ringside for his appearance. Once he finished delivering his (awesome) promo, he went to ringside and hoisted his son up on his shoulder.
  • The crowd's reaction when Goldberg finished Brock Lesnar in 84 seconds at Survivor Series '16 is a particularly special CMOH considering that it took place in Toronto. A while back Goldberg was considered a pariah among Canadian wrestling fans due to accidentally ending Bret Hart's career (Which Hart has repeatedly vouched for and defended Goldberg for it), and fans were concerned whether the Canadian crowd would end up ruining the atmosphere of the match. Yet as soon as his theme hit, the entire Air Canada Centre broke out into chanting his name.
  • His farewell speech (at least for now) from after the post-Wrestlemania Raw on April 3, 2017, where he broke kayfabe to thank the fans for his second run in the WWE. Even after losing the Universal Championship to Brock Lesnar the night before, he remains humble even in defeat.
  • His reaction to Asuka finally surpassing his legendary undefeated streak, then paying him tribute on Twitter.